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Doggy Kruger
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Default [KR] Kamen Rider Wolf Official Info

Moderator/Admin, can you close the old topic I made? I am going to post all the official stuff for my fanfic in this thread from now on. Thanks

Kamen Rider Wolf

Reports of missing civilians have spread throughout the city of Tokyo, warning travellers to be careful when going to the forest. Every fifteen days, a victim went missing and found the next day, half-eaten. The issue has sparked the interest of female journalist Nakashima, Mimiru who begins to investigate the crime scene with only a cellphone in hand and bravery on the other. A mysterious man who lives in a little cabin in the forest catches her attention as her curiousity grows and she begins to keep a close eye on him, but for what reason?

Kamen Riders
Kamen Rider Wolf
Kamen Rider Tora
Kamen Rider Taka


Nakashima, Mimiru
Actress: Suzuki, Emi

Age: 27
Occupation: Journalist
Hobbies: Reading and dating
Favorite Food: Pasta
Bio: A brave and curious beauty who takes on the job of investigating the gruesome death of innocent civilians in the forest. Each day of her investigation leaves her with new clues as she camps out in a tent where these deaths supposedly happen. She seems to have a declining romantic life which seems to bother her.

Tsukikage, Kazuki (Kamen Rider Wolf)
Actor: Ando, Masanobu

Age: 28
Occupation: Unemployed
Hobbies: Sleeping, Calligraphy, Travelling, and Cooking
Favorite Food: Japanese, Minoru's Korean BBQ, and Hamburgers
Bio: A man who lives in a little cabin in the forest where the deaths are occuring. Originally from the city, he decided to live a simple life where he can forget about all the struggles of living in the city. He is also very secretive and won't comment on Mimiru's questions.

Tsukikage, Rina
Actress: Kinoshita, Ayumi

Age: 20
Occupation: College student and Pet shop employee
Hobbies: Shopping, eating, reading manga, watching drama, travelling, learning different languages.
Favorite Food: Candy and anything but Japanese
Bio: The little sister of Tsukikage, Kazuki. She's very energetic and has a cute personality who seems to like anything dealing with entertainment. She lives with her friend now that her older brother moved out of their apartment and life couldn't be any better. She also follows every trend that's in Japan and designs her own clothes.

Ryu, Minoru (Kamen Rider Tora)
Actor: No, Minwoo/ Rose

Age: 22
Occupation: Culinary student and part-time waiter
Hobbies: Cooking, Guitar, Drums, Street Fashion, and Learning
Favorite food: Korean food and Fried Chicken
Bio: Rina's ex-boyfriend. He is half-Japanese and half-Korean who fell in love with Korean food so much, that he decided to live there so he can learn how to cook. He plans to open up a Korean-Japanese fusion style restaurant someday and uses Tsukikage Kazuki as his taste-tester.
(What's interesting aobut this character is that I actually based him off of a good friend of mine ^_^; )

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science experiment gone wrong
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I rememebred you KR Tokyo stuff, I enjoyed it a lot. You definately put a lot of thought into your characters and I'm looking foreward to the first episode of this one.

BTW, any chance of seeing any new Tokyo after you finished this one?
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Doggy Kruger
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You know, I'm actually glad you asked that. I really LOVED the idea of foreign riders and my story but somewhere along the road, I had no idea which direction to take it to which is why I sort of put it on hiatus... also because of my hectic SAT preparation class schedule. But now that you've mentioned it, I'll think about it but for now, I hope you enjoy what's coming your way for Kamen Rider Wolf.

However, If I do bring back KR TOKYO from a deep sleep, expect a total remake because I will most likely re-write it.
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Doggy Kruger
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Good news for those of you that are interested...

I started writing my first episode again so please wait for it!
I might post up the prologue later tonight or tomorrow afternoon
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