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Default Kaijumon - gotta catch em all

Ok heres the rule. You are allowed 3 Kaiju in your team and if you chose one with more than one form you are allowed to have it in all its forms.

Chose 3 Ultra Kaiju for your team

Heres mine

1.Z-Ton[all forms]
2.King Joe

Heroes Claimed by me: Ultraman Tiga, Kamen Rider Stronger, Knightfire, Change Dragon, Ultimate Ryukendo.

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1. Red King
2. Yapool (all forms)
3. Silvergon
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1. Gomora
2. Bogal
3. Salamandra
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1. Doragory
2. Aribunta
3. Snowgiran

Because Chojuh are the best!

[Jared P. Foust - DaiKamonohashi - Kiryugoji04 - Dark Faust]
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Chronotia Archzenom
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Zilla Jr.
King Ghidorah.

Thanks be to Nanami Tenkawa for this awesome siggy
Currently Watching: Kamen Rider Ryuki, 555/Faiz, W, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Gun X Sword and Tomica Hero Rescue Force.[/B]
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Basri RX
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1. Birdon
2. Hippolito
3. Yapool
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