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Black Ranger RX
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Default Ultraman is being BANNED in China

Dunno if this is old news but..


So I've learned that China is banning Ultraman and other Japanese kids shows because Chinese parents think their children are watching too much Japanese TV, and too little Chinese TV.

They also think that Ultraman is too violent (and I thought the Chinese were better than that) and as a bonus they also don't like their children watching other Foreign TV shows, such as America's Spongebob Squarepants.

Well, in true Allie RX style fashion I'd like to say that this is "BULL SHIT!!"

Or maybe in Spartaa style I should say

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The article says it's being boycotted by audiences. Not banned.
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I blame Chiayo for that.

Special thanks to Mach_Full_Force for avatar and Mikon for the Goranger GIF.
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They appreciate violent Kung Fu movies, but they can't stand a kids show like Ultraman?
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Kagayaki Power
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yay for xenophobia setting in! \^o^/
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Forever Knight
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Originally Posted by ForeverRed View Post
I blame Chiayo for that.
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in reality the ban only lasted a month, and the news is quite super old. Right now hong kong has their own ultraman like series in the making, currently airing Armor Heroes and dubbed Kamen Rider Kabuto
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I'm chinese and think most chinese people is pretty selfish and traditional. They don't want their people being affect by other countries, but think same goes for other countries even Japan if chinese shows get popular there, but there barely any.
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A simple passerby...
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They're STILL on stuck with their Isolation Policy!?

Lol it's a wonder what Social Studies teaches you.
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c'mon China, get over the stupid China-Japan war thing already.
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