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Default Kamen Rider Wizard, Ep 11 - "The Promise to Defend"

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 11
The Promise to Defend
Writer: Tsuyoshi Kida

While hunting down Gargoyle and having to deal with Kizaki, Kamen Rider Wizard appears to fall into a trap set up by Phoenix.

Preview: http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/wizard/next/index.html
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The return of CGI Dragon vs. Phantom fights it seems...........
Originally Posted by Bolt View Post
Also, some of you cry while watching Power Rangers. That just isn't right.

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Kai Yamato
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Well looks like WizarDragon is cooperating more than usual.
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Originally Posted by Kai Yamato View Post
Well looks like WizarDragon is cooperating more than usual.
Maybe dragon is trying to fool him?
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Well, I personally liked this episode quite a bit. There was some urgency to the final fight and some reason for Wizard to use the Flame Dragon form in order to end the fight post haste. However, I would have really liked to have seen him use the Slash Strike or Shooting Strike finisher as opposed to the usual Special one.

Kizaki's motivations were suitably justified. Though, now that his personal motives for wanting to defeat phantoms are gone, what would come of the Section's 'Phantom Task Force'? He gave up the Magic Stone pretty quickly and easily too. Will they be back? Only time will tell.

Also, I'm really liking the fact that the show is not shying away from showing people out-of-suit getting beaten up, blood and all. Pretty brutal stuff.

Hurricane Dragon (and a seemingly Shunpei-centric episode) next week! (^o^)
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Originally Posted by LawWind View Post
Maybe dragon is trying to fool him?
Wizardragon agreed to help Haruto mostly because he was amused when Haruto told him that he was his hope.
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the series is always fun to watch and this episode was no different

fun fight scene at the end with the dragon vs the phantom
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Maybe when Section Zero returns, they'll ask Haruto their help in something.
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Rider Kick
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After seeing this episode if Kizaki does not become beast I will be disappointed.
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I dunno I am starting to lose interest in this series. The guests of the week have really been boring and unlikable lately.
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