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Aoi Kurenai
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Default Sengoku BASARA - Moonlight Party - Talk Up!

The show's started! Hopefully it won't take too long before raws of it are up as it does look pretty awesome!


(and yes, it does start a bunch of Kamen Riders)
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I don't know if it's just me but...

The camera they use is really weird.
Originally Posted by HenshinSlayer View Post
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Savior Den-o
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I can't wait to watch this! I always liked these types of dramas.

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Over-Time is looking for RAW providers for this, so odd's are they'll Sub it.
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Originally Posted by MetalSymphony View Post
Over-Time is looking for RAW providers for this, so odd's are they'll Sub it.
If we ever find them, yeah. Pubraws are surprisingly scarce this time.

Worst case scenario, we'll just try again in September or so.

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Aoi Kurenai
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Here's a...really weird recording of the opening, but hey, it looks cool!
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You see, I was right when I was concerned about the lack of raws!
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Wow. That just looks like a fun show.
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Gackt did a good job to match Norio Wakamoto's voice based on that trailer. But still I'm going to miss Kazuya Nakai's voice on Date Masamune, it's going to feel different without him :3

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So O-T decided against subbing the show after seeing the 1st ep.

That's kind of unfortunate but it is their call to make.

Thanks to them though I did manage to find a link to the raw and have just finished watching.

Ofc I realize that this is just the 1st episode (albeit by logic should be the one that's supposed to reel in the viewers) and I am going in as someone who never played the games or seen the anime. So my opinion might differ greatly from Sengoku Basara enthusiasts.

If I had to describe this ep...Id say it's surreal.

Well, part of me wants to call it that but part of me also wants to call it cheap. But I never am too critical of effects or CGI (unless theyre beyond defending). Theyre jst means to an end, props the show uses to tell its story really. So this is not me complaining about the lack of background or the weird choreo, and that plain-odd horseback scene (wth). I knew going in to this not expect KR or SS production quality. Or even a GARO quality (I love GARO) production values. The white and black backgrounds do puzzle me and Im still torn as to whether theyre jst being cost-effective or theyre being stylistic. I can take it either way.

It feels like an anime using live-action almost. Like an experimental anime thats using live people. Of course, I dont have the slightest what in heavens theyre saying (I do love the Engrish guy a whole lot though). And it could very well be the novelty of seeing all those toku alums.

I didnt hate this 1 single episode, but I would b lying if I said it wowed me. Im still going to check out the next episodes to see if it picks up and maybe even get subbed so I could figure out what the hell is going on.

Also, I find it a little odd that I found the OP more interesting than the entire episode. Maybe I just really liked the roll call.

Id still set aside half an hour to watch eps to see if its any good. In the mean time, I can only encourage other ppl to check it out for themselves and see how theyd feel about this show.

GRIPE: Date better show up A LOT in flashbacks. That actor is too fun to be wasted NOT being seen.

COMPLIMENT: Id love to see Nao Nagasawa play a villain. I hope to see more of her too.
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