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    Default Uchū Sentai Kyuranger, Space 06: "Fly High, Dancing Star!"

    Kyu Kyu Tama, Tama Tama Kyu Kyu,
    Now it's in your head for days!

    This week: it's time to pick a leader (as if that wasn't a foregone conclusion), the horsey armour talks (a bit like Kintaros ), teamwork through dancing, Stingers faces off with some assassins, and it's only been one episode and Pega-san's starfield stickers are already battered and wrinkled.
    The obligatory watch list.

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    Quite honestly, I'm not fond of gimmicky episodes like this, especially the Teamwork thru dancing part of it.

    Do like the part where Xiao tells tales of his own adventures before joining Kyuranger, only for Naga to look at the viewers and say: "Oh, he's full of crap" XD
    Thanks to Aoi Kurenai

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    Two more episodes and still next to nothing is developed about Sparda, Gara, or Hammy. I guess I should be grateful we got one sentence from Hammy to tell something about herself, but how about just giving us a full god damn story dedicated to her instead of Lucky? Also, is it just me, or did the scene with the ending theme when everyone started to dance together just end so abruptly? Once again I felt the plot of episode 6 should have been a two parter. Why is Toei rushing this show when they have an entire year?

    Next up, episode 7 had that waste of time with Ex-Aid. I guess they didn't have enough plot to fill up this episode so they decided to just throw Ex-Aid into it because kids won't buy Kamen Rider gear if they don't appear in a Sentai show. I did like the scenes with Naga, but once again, he is completely under utilized as much as the aforementioned trio. THe two assassins look cool, but that is all they have going for them right now. This show is only 7 episodes in, but feels like it should be 15, and I'm finding myself bored. The best part of the show right now is its ending theme. Also, does the commander really think it is appropriate to spend time sending the rangers their upgrades through a game of pool? "I know your lives are in danger, but we need to make this shot first."

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