It's started. First rumor is a time based sentai

Granted. Once in a blue moon it's on the mark and we get something like Kyoryuger when the trademark was revealed on September 5th

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So I've been trying to put off posting the yearly thread until I had at least an interesting thing to post.

Here's what I've seen on 2ch. Please use your grains of salt, and if you are reposting this anywhere else, please IDENTIFY IT AS A RUMOR.

-The Villains of Sentai 2017 will "eat time."

-The collectible will be "clocks."

Previous discussion on the Japanese boards hinted at Time Bokan references for the next sentai, but as we are always talking about a bug sentai, I didn't post it.

If the reference in question was "Time" itself, then it's a little bit more interesting.

So what do we think? Are we ready for another time-based series. Maybe one this time that actually has time travel more than a few times?

As with the pattern after an anniversary season there's usually three rangers

Past, Present and future?

-There's definitely going to be a dinosaur in the series somewhere

-Have the 6th ranger be from the future?

Mirai(Future) Ranger?


-Have prehistoric ranger. The Dino Charge comparisons would run wild

Also the suits would have a time limit. Since the suits don't originate from the time period they are in.