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    Gekiranger vs. Boukenger:

    Ah, TV-Nihon, I missed you. In space we see DaiVoyager land, Pink looks around on an asteroid when a weird trap springs beneath her Red calls her via Accellular, but she is not there. At the Gekiranger base of SORTC we see Shizuka steal a red ball, thinking it is not a precious. The three main Gekirangers try taking it back when Boukengers Blue, Black, and Yellow show up to fight her. Some banter happens, GekiYellow dislikes them interfering. The teams bicker with each other, BoukenBlack telling them to piss off, GekiRed refuses, stare downs happen, and Shizuka has no idea what to do just as the intro happens. The narrator introduces both teams for some reason right before both trios run to fight each other just as the opening credits happen. This fight lasts well into sunrise, neither gaining an edge over each other. Apparently GekiRed can deflect lasers with those nunchucks. The Gekirangers manage to kick the Boukengers down long enough for Shizuka to flee- No, wait, Silver takes the red ball from her and gives her a pepper. GekiRed steals it from him, but sunlight hits the ball causing it to glow. Suddenly, sparks fly as BoukenRed shows up to shoot at everyone and uses his accellular to steal the red ball. After that both sides start talking when the Gekirangers are called back to base. BoukenYellow acts like a doofus while the Boukengers get their backstory explained, BoukenBlue even giving an explicit definition for Precious which their series was too vague on. Xia Fu walks in, BoukenYellow explodes with happy. Xia Fu explains the ball was used by a space kenpo user named Pachamac, TV-Nihon even noting he's named after the Peruvian creator god (wouldn't Incan be more accurate?). He fought the juuken founder Brusa E for a battle that lasted 200 days, Pachamac winning. For the efforts Pachamac presented a red and blue ball before returning to space. GekiBlue wonders where the blue ball is as we see DaiVoyager attack the Predator Fist temple. Mere dodges a direct punch when a beast man named Baka shows up, Mere noting he is legendary for rarely getting sick. Some antics ensue because Baka is an idiot before growing. He tries tickling the giant robot EVEN ON ITS CROTCH WHAT THE HELL!? BoukenPink gets into the temple to take the blue ball as fighting ensues, Bae doing commentary. Baka imitates Garubo Jikku from Ideon what with splitting and crushing and calling it a hamburger. DaiVoyager shuts down and falls, Baka celebrating as Mere wonders what the hell. Bae notices nobody is inside as BoukenPink nabs the blue ball. Rio shows up, she shoots, he deflects her shot, and martial arts ensues with BoukenPink clearly under mind control- Oh great Mere takes Rio's fight scene. BoukenRed shines a light on her, punches Mere, and fights Rio briefly followed by talking. He takes out the red ball as GekiYellow wonders what happens if both balls are together. Xia Fu replies he has no idea. Makino pops in with a binder filled with data Makino also references DinoHouse from Abaranger before getting down to business. The ball had space words which were deciphered, explaining Pachamac's great power. BoukenRed tempts Rio with more power, he replies that he wants to see it first so the controlled rangers offer to show him and Mere. Makino concludes something will happen on the Path of Darkness in South America, GekiRed acts like a genki. Also something called Wakiwaki is brought up. The autobots- I mean rangers roll out to the A-MA-ZON! (gigi), arriving to the base of a really tall mountain. The Predatory Fist members and the two controlled rangers show up to cause a hassle. GekiRed gives Rio a piece of his mind, the others walk off as Baka fights them. BoukenSilver offers to fight when GekiViolet and GekiChopper show up to help, leaving the other six to pursue. The three extra rangers get in each others' way and Baka falls asleep during battle until BoukenSilver insuls him.

    After that mountain climbing ensues, the Gekirangers struggle while the Boukengers do it easily. Loads of talking ensues for confidence. After that they come across a cave with carvings. The villains enter a shrine where the two balls are placed when the heroes show up- Wait is this the Org Matrix? The props look VERY similar! Rio and Mere fight the six of them as the balls are placed inside. A mouth opens up upon this happening, a white light causes BoukenPink to pass out to reveal she was possessed. The possessor walks into the light followed by Rio and Mere. Baka shows up to jump in too just before the mouth closes. BoukenRed turns to his team and says sorry just as BoukenPink wakes up in his arms. A campfire is made as she explains they were on planet Isa. They found a space kenpo user named Pachamac 12 who possessed her. BoukenRed had to take orders from the space martial artist or her body would be destroyed. BoukenBlue notes the hazard level of the balls increased near them. The others accept their apologies except for BoukenBlack, stating they are Boukengers after all. BoukenBlue tries lightning the mood. BoukenBlack eventually forgives him with sappy guitar music right before an earthquake happens which destroys the mountain just as they run out. Pachamac 12 comes out via green energy ball, proclaiming he has received his inheritence. He promises to display his power to the world as the Predatory Fist is under his control. He soon destroys a random city before landing in the rubble, mentioning that humans are like bugs. Super DaiBouken shows up with the eleven rangers, the main trio of Gekirangers trash talking him. All eleven of them transform to do intros and wow these are long, but at least there are back explosions. Pachamac 12 fights the reds, Rio, Mere, and Baka attack just as the eleven go down to fight. Rio fights GekiBlue, GekiViolet, and BoukenBlack, Mere fights GekiYellow, BoukenYellow, and BoukenPink, and Baka fights GekiChopper, BoukenBlue, and BoukenSilver. Pachamac 12 taunts the reds while assaulting them before turning his shoulder palms into mechanical arms. He uses it to form miniature planets, combine them, and hurl a green sun at them. BoukenRed gives GekiRed confidence to keep fighting as the Boukenger theme plays, the rangers able to overcome their various fights. While Rio and Mere are injured, Baka is destroyed. The green sun is hurled, both reds go into their super mode, the energy ball is cut in half, and they rush in for quick slashes. Pachamac 12 crashes through a wall as the Gekiranger theme plays- Oh Baka is still alive from that explosion. The GekiBazooka and Dual Crusher fire along with various shooty weapons at once. BOOM! Baka goes down while Pachamac 12 grows and flies to the moon. Rio throws a fit about being manipulated while the space martial artist prepares a giant energy ball. GekiTohJa, GekiFire, DaiBouken, and DaiVoyager all fly to the moon to fight him. DaiBouken fires and Ultimate Crusher, Pachamac 12 dodges it followed by the geki mechs being counterattacked. He wears down three of the four mechs, DaiVoyager nowhere in sight, when Rio and Mere show up to fire qi on Pachamac 12. They combine with GekiTohJa with Bae narrating. Pachamac 12's mechanical arms are chopped off, weakening him so various final attacks from the three mechs can be used to take him down. Pachamac 12 is in disbelief right before exploding. The three of the four mechs do a pose before heading back to Earth off screen where typical handshakes and last minute words happen. Juuken shows up to box with GekiChopper for no reason before he, GekiViolet, and BoukenSilver show on raw vegetables. Everyone else munches on curry with GekiYellow training the female Boukengers as well as GekiBlue teaching technique to BoukenBlue and BoukenBlack. Shizuka curses the Boukengers while GekiRed teaches BoukenRed to act like Tarzan. The movie ends with everyone posing.

    Baka: Powers include size changing, splitting in half to crush enemies, a hammer that causes energy surges upon striking, mucus waves from the nose, high jumping
    Pachamac 12: Powers include possession, flying via a green energy ball that can emit energy bolts, mind control, green energy balls and lasers from the palms, a mechanical arm in each shoulder, size changing

    So yeah, this is very much in continuity and it is so in continuity that Pachamac's son returns in Gokaiger. The movie itself was fine aside from mecha crotch tickling (seriously, what the hell?). Not much else to say, it was entertaining. With that said it is time to rank every sentai crossover I have seen (minus regular Kamen Rider episodes):

    Super Hero Wars
    Super Hero Wars Z
    Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger
    Kamen Rider Drive vs. Ninninger
    Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan
    Timranger vs. GoGo-V
    Boukenger vs. Super Sentai
    Carranger vs. Ohranger
    Kamen Rider Gaim vs. Toquger
    GoGo-V vs. Gingaman
    Boukenger vs. Gekiranger
    Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai
    Gingaman vs. Megaranger
    JAKQ vs. Gorenger
    Megaranger vs. Carranger
    Dekaranger vs. Abaranger
    Super Sentai World
    Abaranger vs. Hurricanger
    Ohranger vs. Kakuranger

    We have come to an in-pass, folks. I am exhausted, tired, and burned out. For the past two months I have held off on everything to get these out and I need a break. That said we'll return to the sentai take ons while I catch up on stuff that needs attending to including fighting Anime News Network's very obvious propaganda against the gundam franchise. If I had a web series I would completely rip apart Lauren Orsini's bad reviews and include stuff from Gabriella Ekens, Nick Creamer (I don't care what he says, Concrete Revolutio was a mess that deserved to bomb), Theron Martin, and James Theron (who watches sequels before seeing the first? And that's ignoring the atrocious Nobunaga The Fool review). I should make a YouTube career out of that, it worked for Mundane Matt as he covered the Ghostbusters remake. In all seriousness though, thanks to everyone that read this, to those that comment, and to the lovable schmucks on /m/ that whine about me.

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    The Den-O sentai is racing in also called Go-Onger.

    (finding a good image of the entire team was much harder than I believed)

    "You're back?"

    Sporadically, still catching up on stuff, but I figured I could knockout this decade so we can finally get to Gokaiger quicker.

    "Another double parter with the versus movie afterward?"


    "Any useful info on this series?"

    It was the last sentai not to be released on blu-ray as it was coming out/ending, I know that much.

    "Rip into this, I hate it!"

    Go-Onger in recent years is seen as a love or hate series. This will also determine if the "good sentai bad sentai per year" theory has any merit. I am just hoping it is better than Gekiranger.

    "And the movie?"

    Takes place between eps 24 and 25 so at the end of part one.

    "When can this be done?"

    I'll make finishing this top priority before getting back to other matters. Shinkenger should follow not long afterward.
    Shoukyaku Banki: Appears in episode 1. Powers include burrowing, a torso incinerator, two head smoke stacks armed with cannons, and teleportation
    Pipe Banki: Appears in episode 2. Powers include swimming, a sword for the right arm, a whip for the left arm, polluting body pipes, high jumping, teleportation, and emitting explosive cement
    Scoop Banki: Appears in episode 3. Powers include burrowing, shovel blade arms that fire energy cutters, and a scoop attack called the Landslide Blizzard
    Spray Banki: Appears in episode 4. Powers include acid mouth spray, explosive eye flashes, and a spiked broom
    Jishaku Banki: Appears in episode 5. Powers include a magnetic body, teleportation, and explosive magnetic bolts called the Flemer's Law.
    Speaker Banki: Appears in episode 6. Powers include a sound absorbing microphone, sonic blasts from the body sound speakers, a sound barrier except for the ankles
    Bombe Banki: Appears in episode 7. His only known power is a rust beam from each gun-like arm called the Red Rust Beam
    Boring Banki: Appears in episode 8. Powers include a neck piston drill and magma from the torso mouth
    Lens Banki: Appears in episode 9. Powers include a forehead camera that causes targets to teleport to Junk World, teleportation, constricting film strips from the tail, and explosive bulb flashes
    Kagami Banki: Appears in episode 10: Powers include a torso mirror that copies appearance and powers, teleportation, a polluted water hose o the right wrist, high jumping, circular saws from the right leg, spinning fast enough to create a tornado, dual shoulder fire ball cannons, and turning his left hand into a mace called the Mirror Bomb
    Antenna Banki: Appears in episode 11. Powers include manipulating television waves, spear-like antenna arms that can emit electric shocks, high jumping, laser rain from the arms called the Satellite Shower, and head lasers
    Hatsuden Banki: Appears in episode 12. Powers include head electric bolts and a left arm claw
    Hikigane Banki: Appears in episode 13. Powers include a gun for each wrist that fires bullets and pressurized water, high jumping, a hose in each foot for rocket propelled flight, a gatling gun on the head, dual pectoral missiles
    Kama Banki: Appears in episode 14. Powers include an internal hot bath that causes extreme pleasure, teleporting eye gas, explosive eye flashes, an abdomen furnace, a rake, high jumping, and hot steam from the nostrils
    Hiramekimedas Plane: Appears in episodes 15 and 16. Powers include flight, dimensional traveling, twin laser cannons, and four missile pods
    Oil Banki: Appears in episode 16. Powers include an oil nozzle for the left arm, speed, a right wrist sword-like nozzle, an oil gleaming beam from the head, flight wings, a lighter in the right shoulder
    Happa Banki: Appears in episode 17. Powers include dynamite sticks and teleportation
    Vacuum Banki: Appears in episode 18. Powers include a powerful vacuum for the right arm, teleportation, high jumping, and eye electric bolts
    Nokogiri Banki: Appears in episode 19. Powers include an extendable saw for the left arm, teleportation, a saw on the head and right arm, launchable circular saws from the shoulders, super speed, and explosive eye flashes
    Chainsaw Banki: Appears in episode 20. Powers include a chainsaw for each arm, high jumping, and launchable circular saws from the shoulders
    Fuusen Banki: Appears in episode 21. Powers include an inflation pump on the left wrist that doubles as a whip, smoke filled balloons, a rubbery body, hot steam from the nostrils, levitation via inflated balloons, and explosive balloons called Jet Balloons and Balloon Bombs
    Bouseki Banki: Appears in episode 22. Powers include a broadsword, body threads, teleportation, and electric shocks
    Detaramedes: Appears in episode 23. Powers include a broadsword, body rocket cannons, eye energy beams, bladed wings for flight and slicing, super speed burrowing, an extendable neck and head, and high jumping
    Bakki: Appears in episode 24. His only known power is a broadsword that emits explosive energy discs, fire balls, and energy triangles
    Raiken: Appears in the movie. Powers include speed, soul stealing energy balls, a chained kama with a mace, and palm fire balls
    Gokumaru: Appears in the movie. Powers include speed, soul stealing energy balls, left wrist claws, a wheel with eight spikes, and palm fire balls
    Maki: Appears in the movie. Powers include wrapping cloths, levitation, mouth fire balls and flames, a katana that fires energy blasts, and a shield
    Beastial Maki: Appears in the movie. Powers include seven centipede heads each armed with spear tongues, regeneration, and mouth flames
    Uzumaquixote: Appears in episode 25. Powers include a lance that emits energy cutters, a round shield, explosive eye flashes and energy bolts, absorbing objects and energy into his face, and spawning whirlwinds
    The first episode demonstrate Den-O style zaniness what with the main villains falling upwards, Yellow's compact mirror shattering into more pieces than an H-Bomb, and Red's energy extension of his rod. Like Boukenger no real character intros for the first episode, just jumping into the action (which I am okay with). The mini-cartoon eyecatches are a welcome touch as is the long awaited return of enemy fighter jets which have been absent since Ohranger. The amount of action in the first episode really is a treat considering how exposition heavy first episodes normally are, I dare say this is the best first episode in the franchise. EngineOh is similar to GaoKing from Gaoranger what with limb switching mecha and said mecha being alive and resembling animals. The idea of using a large van as a base is very similar to Kakuranger. Since there is a core three with the fourth and fifth joining soon after one could see Liveman and Hurricanger elements, just much shorter to occur. I have to admit the humor is legitimately funny for something so slapsticky and otherwise very try hard. For ranger balance Silver is down by two, Yellow and Green are down by one, and the others are balanced. Bomper reminds me of Peebo from Bioman, but is far less active and hardly gets dialogue, he likely has more in common with Kendo Robot from Dynaman. For the villains they seem fine, kind of a watered down version of the Baranoia from Ohranger with much more alcoholism as their excuse for not being logical. Why they still attack the Go-Ongers/Japan instead of other places on Earth is a mystery, but so far we still do not know where they are located specifically.

    Overall this series is awesome and the hate it gets is overblown, much like with Fiveman. Except Silver's helmet, those backside wings are just the worst.
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    Nyaa has died along with US healthcare right before entering part two! I do not have anything to add so lets just do this!

    Prince Nigooru: Appears in episode 26. Powers include a rapier that fires energy beams, size changing by water absorption, and summoning thunderstorms
    Dowsing Banki: Appears in episode 27. Powers include twin dowsing bars used as radar and emit electric bolts, magnetic waves, explosive flashes, and ground surges and high jumping
    Manhole Banki: Appears in episode 28. Powers include a manhole hat that creates dimensional portals and is reflective, a blade on each wrist, high jumping, retracting into his head, mouth electric bolts, flying manholes from the head manhole called flying manholes that can release geysers of sewer water
    Hammer Banki: Appears in episode 29. Powers include a hammer for a head and right arm capable of shattering cities in one hit, a mace on a wire for the left arm, emitting shockwaves by arm swinging, and reinforced armor
    Straw Banki: Appears in episode 30. Powers include liquids that give him powers via his straw mouth, explosive bubbles, straws that emit toxic gas once attached to human mouths, teleportation, super strength, an entrapping bubble, and ink spray
    Rombiako: Appears in episode 31. Powers include absorbing sound waves which cause growth, reinforced armor, and eye energy bolts
    Drill Banki: Appears in episodes 32 and 33. Powers include a large forehead drill that fires a spinning energy beam and burrows at high speeds, launchable circular saws from the right arm, a shovel claw on the left wrist, high jumping, diamond armor, two buzzsaws in each leg and sides of head, face electric bolts
    Heater Banki: Appears in episode 34. Powers include emitting heat from his head that deflects beams, twin burning coils used as clubs, and explosive eye flashes
    Horonderthal Banki: Appears in episodes 34 and 35. Powers include burrowing, eye laser beams, high jumping, sharp claws, eye electric bolts, emitting horon waves from the body, torso sonic waves, and body tendrils used for hijacking engines
    Engine Banki: Appears in episode 37. Powers include emitting smoke, a car form, high jumping, a pair of energy cannons on the head called the Roaring Cannon, and a 21-tube missile pod on the back called the Assault First Star Missiles
    Shower Banki: Appears in episode 38. Powers include emitting acid and hot water from the shower had on her scalp and teleportation
    Yatai Banki: Appears in episode 39. Powers include disguising himself as a festival with eight human forms, entrapping children in objects, magic masks from the body called Mask Boomerangs, energy blasts from corn kernel-like sticks, explosive noodles and sausages from the body grill, mouth fire balls, explosive eye flashes, constricting rings, and pinwheel bombs
    Chibi: Appears in episode 41. Powers include energy bolts from the head light, sonic screams, using his tail for bash attacks, and retractable teeth
    Bin Banki: Appears in episode 42. Powers include a pressurized hose for each wrist that fires lasers, boiling hot water from the mouth, and emitting magic circles that forces enemies to fight each other
    Dumbbell Banki: Appears in episode 46. Powers include carbon monoxide from the mouth, an energy ball cannon in the torso that also launches missiles, teleportation, and twin dumbbell fists capable of destroying buildings in one punch
    Chirakasoune: Appears in episode 47. Powers include eating and vomiting energy attacks, high jumping, explosive flashes from the right eye, a round shield on each shoulder, body shockwaves that can level entire city blocks, X blasts and rays from the torso, and summoning whirlwinds from the arms
    Shokyaku Banki: Appears in episode 48. Powers include a right arm chainsaw, a left arm drill with a circular saw, a pipe that emits smoke that can melt buildings, a torso flamethrower, sonic speakers on the left leg, restraining strings from the head, a 6-barreled laser gatling gun on the left shoulder, claw hammer feet, body heat waves, back lightning bolts, throwing manholes, sticky coal from the right knee, and acid spray from the right shoulder
    Kitaneidas: Powers include teleportation, turning into smoke, a clubbed staff, explosive smoke balls from the back smoke stack
    Kegalesia: Powers include teleportation, size changing upon anger, human disguises, a whip, and a dagger
    Yogoshimacritein: Powers include a double sided kanabo that emits electric bolts, an extremely powerful mouth beam called the Justice Dissolution, explosive flashes from all three eyes, reprogramming machines by touching them, palm energy balls, turning into a flying shadow armed with eye energy bolts, and reformation when not exposed to fire from the inside
    For ranger balance Red had one ep too many, Blue and Gold were down one, and Silver was down by two. The series remained consistently good and world builded quite a bit over its course. It is a shame we never get to see these dimensions aside from Junk World and Samurai World, but it does confirm the multiverse theory in Super Sentai lore. After Yogostein was killed off the villains felt directionless and just went for every idea no matter how it contradicted their ideal pollution of Earth vision. Yogoshimacritein could have been a better villain except there was hardly any build up and I am not going to lie if the ranger balance or the writing with the villains was spruced up better this would have easily made my top five. No joke, no irony, no sarcasm, it was that good. It also gave the ugutsus some personality which we have not seen since Gingaman and I will give the staff props for that. I also liked how they gave Bomper a chance to do something actiony even if it was late game. Something I did notice was the sheer amounts of destruction, there was much more city destruction than in a usual series including when Hammer Banki destroyed an entire freaking city which makes me wonder HOW ARE PEOPLE NOT FREAKING OUT OVER THIS? Did the last thirty one villain assaults made everyone so numb to epic disasters? Actually that would explain a lot. As for Horonderthal Banki supposedly destroying the dinosaurs this would be iffy with previous canon, but not enough to outright contradict events. Remember, Abaranger stated the asteroid impact split Earth at a dimensional point while carrying a malicious amoeba life form aka Dezumozorlya and most of him went to Dino Earth (which, given the Engines' context, is hidden from the other eleven realms). According to Boukenger the dinosaurs were consumed by Hyde Gene, who was likely on the same asteroid, perhaps even another strain of Dezumozorlya's ancestral cells. In Go-Onger Yogostein simply said the dinosaurs killed each other by Horonderthal's horon waves. The point? No one of these killed the dinosaurs outright (and it did not since Metal Heroes is in the same continuity and in Juspion a few dinosaurs survived/were the ancestors of Earth's megabeasts via underground tunneling, probably where Hyde Gene and horon waves cannot get to them). Rather all three of these events TOGETHER caused the fifth mass extinction. The dinosaurs could have teamed up on Hyde Gene, but Horonderthal Banki made them berserk and it is likely the former had no interest in the latter since he was not food and helped prevent them from teaming up on him. Also keep in mind the asteroid impact did not cause the extinction by itself, rather intense change in climate which lead to all the largest animals to die off which could have taken a few years. Complex but it works.

    Now to start ranking things! I swear the happy meal toy designs are grating, but hey, we still have more of the franchise to cover. For all we know that might be the theme of this trilogy, depends on how Shinkenger goes.

    Favorite Carriers and Mechanical Bases:
    DaiVoyager > DekaBase > Magma Base > Turbo Builder > Brachiosaurs > King Brachion > King Pyramider > Denzi Tiger > Battle Shark > Giga Bitus > Goggle Caesar > Sky Ace > Dyjupiter > Machine Buffalo > Jaguar Vulcan > Bio Dragon > Varidreen > Varibloom > Star Condor > Shuttle Base > Turbo Ranger > Dai Mugen > Nekomaru > Varikikyun > Gran Tortoise > Round Base > Gao Rock > Big Baser > Victrailer

    Favorite Mecha:
    DaiBouken > V-Rex > GaoHunter > Great Five > Grand Liner > Bio Robo > Kiba Daioh > Jet Garuda > Ohranger Robo > GaoGod > Sirend Builder > Victory Robo > Turbo Robo > Star Five > Gouraijin > DaiZyuZin > Jet Icarus > Dairenoh > Travelion > Gingaioh > Galaxy Mega > Oh Blocker > GaoKing > Five Robo > RV Robo > Delta Mega > Flash King > Tenkujin > Goggle Robo > SaiDaiOh > Live Boxer > GaoIcarus > Change Robo > DaiTanken > MagiKing > Engine Daishogun > Dyna Robo > GekiFire > MaxOhJa > Battle Fever Robo > Ginga Rhinos > Ginga Phoenix > GaoMuscle > VRV Robo > Sun Vulcan Robo > DekaWing > Red Puncher > DaiDenziJin > BakuRenOh > Liner Boy > Muteki Shogun > Time Robo Alpha > Sirender > Senpujin > Live Robo > Turbo Rugger > GouRyuJin > Kakure Daishogun > Dekaranger Robo > Victory Mars > WolKaiser > EngineOh > AbaRenOh > Mega Voyager > Time Robo Beta > Titan Boy > Land Galaxy > GanbirOh > MagiLegend > DekaBike > GaoKnight > Mega Winger > Time Shadow > SeikuOh > KillerOh > Bull Taurus > GekiTohJa > SaintKaiser > Go-Roader GT > Tsubasamaru > Sigma Project > Tackle Boy > Revolver Mammoth > Providus

    Favorite Series:
    Magiranger > Changeman > Timeranger > Fiveman > GoGo-V > Zyuranger > Go-Onger > Gingaman > Dekaranger > Denziman > Ohranger > Gaoranger > Bioman > Carranger > Dynaman > Abaranger > Maskman > Goggle-V > Boukenger > Turboranger > Battle Fever J > Flashman > Gorenger > Dairanger > JAKQ > Kakuranger > Jetman > Gekiranger > Sun Vulcan > Liveman > Hurricanger > Megaranger

    Favorite Openings:
    Turboranger > Bioman > Zyuranger > Ohranger > GoGo-V > Go-Onger > Gaoranger > Dairanger > Flashman > Denziman > Boukenger > Dynaman > Gingaman > Hurricanger > JAKQ > Magiranger > Goggle-V > Megaranger > Kakuranger > Jetman > Dekaranger > Timeranger > Carranger > Sun Vulcan > Battle Fever J > Liveman > Changeman > Gorenger > Fiveman > Abaranger > Gekiranger > Maskman

    Go-Onger vs. Gekiranger will be coming about and posted soon.
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    Go-Onger vs. Gekiranger:

    The Go-Ongers start things off by introducing the audience to the Super Sentai Festival, stating how there have been 32 series as all the versus movies posters appear on the right. The movie really begins with GekiRed fighting a guy named Nunchuck Banki before GekiBlue and GekiYellow show up to help. The Gekirangers beat him down although Nunchuck Banki holds his own. The Go-Ongers arrive what is going on before the banki uses a Space Cutting Wave that sends the Gekirangers to another dimension. Nunchuck Banki encounters the Go-Ongers and punches them all in the heart after stating he has no time for them and jumps into a dimensional rift. GekiViolet and GekiChopper show up, mistaking them as enemies for a few seconds. The other dimension looks like a Chinese palace where fighting resumes- Oh it is a subspace. In the van shenanigans ensue as GekiChopper acts nutty before getting to SCRTC headquarters where martial arts class happens complete with ki. This surprises the Go-Ongers as well as Sha-Fu being, well, a talking cat. Some talking ensues, Go-On Green met Miki at Dino House from Abaranger (what?). Meanwhile, GekiRed is POed they are missing Natsume's birthday. The others all assemble to where the trio was sucked in. Sha-Fu mentions the Ball of Lamentation where RyuLong still resides. Bomper detects dimensional distortion where Sha-Fu punches it open again. The trio keep fighting Nunchuck Banki who uses various powers to surprise and assault them until the Go-Ongers go gun happy on him. They jump down and introduce themselves. Nunchuck Banki wonders what the hell they are doing here and summons a bunch of ugutses from underground. Both teams run forward with the intro to Go-Onger playing with the title and grunt slaughtering. Just going to point this out, too many shots here someone left a purple filter on top/the left of the lens. Once the grunts go down, Nunchuck Banki gets a fistful of spirit animals that send him flying. The Gekirangers are happy and thank the Go-Ongers. The Engines say hello which impresses the Gekirangers. A wired claw appears and oh snap the banki is back, this time with the three Gaiark ministers along with some guy named Meka who is a Rinjuken beastman. He engineered Nunchuck Banki and- Oh that was a magnet. They have the souls of the engines, Go-On Red tries saving them which fails. GekiRed has an idea his teammates are unsure of while Mka demands his old boss. Red tosses the Ball of Lamentation to him and fighting breaks out- Oh snap Gamera homage! The rangers flunk hard, Yogosten states that if Gaiark technology combines with RyuJinKen's former master they will be unstoppable. The rangers are forced back to their own dimension with the villains laughing. Only GekiRed is upbeat as the remaining engines left express their grief. Ideas are spit balled until Go-On Red asks the Gekirangers to train them. The others ask too and the agreement is settled, Sha-Fu even sounding his triangle. The villains have a large banquet as Meka wonders how to open the ball, using his hammer to start with. GekiRed demonstrates cleaning the side of a building for Go-On Red's training. GekiYellow Chopper have Go-On Yellow and Black punch and collect leaves. GekiBlu and Violet have Go-On Blue and Green play the piano flawlessly with their toes which amazes them. After that the ball is turned into a soul cartridge which is inserted into Nunchuck Banki, making him super fast. After that the training does on, typical complaining begins- Wow Go-On Red survived a 75 foot dropp on his back! Bomper tells them Nunchuck Banki is destroying the city with extreme prejudice. GekiRed suggests Go-On Rd continue training as the Go-On Wings go into action. The training continues as the siblings head into action, both monsters being carried off and dropped onto a dam without a scratch on them. Go-On Gold fights Meka while Go-On Silver fights Nunchuck Banki. Apparently the siblings learned a little in GekiKen when they were little. After that more training pains, GekiViolet even mentioning Go-On Green drooled eve though he did not. The dam fight continues, the monsters overwhelm the two and send the Go-On Wings into the water below.

    Go-On Red gives up with GekiRed standing over him- No, wait, he is running off to save his Engine. The others eventually master their training, glowing with ki while the Go-On Wings are further trashed by the monsters. Go-On Red saves them and fights Nunchuck Banki, soon glowing with ki briefly during the fight. GekiRed applaudes him for finding his feelings and now a user of.... EngineKen? Nunchuck Banki uses explosive eye flashes and Red does a quick slash attack to take back the soul of his engine. The ministers show up to cause a hassle followed by everyone else. Fights break out to save the various souls via two against one. Nunchuck Banki goes down from the reds, the Go-On Wings feeling something is off. The rangers get happy and the ministers run off, leaving Meka to face all of them. However, Ryulong appears out of his seal, enraged by the Gekirangers. Sha-Fu spots the Go-On Wings, noting they sense his return as well. Meka bashes the rangers and bows before his boss who just ignores him and emits powerful mouth flames on them. Sha-Fu and the Go-On Wings unite their Ki while Ryulong grows in size to launch fire balls from his mouth, wanting them to writhe in pain- No wait, he is levitatning. The Go-On Wings show up with Rio and Mele. Also something about the two being in Hell instead of reincarnating? Go-On Red vows to protect the world as Ryulong possesses Nunchuck Banki to give him dragon heads. All fourteen transform to do intros. Ryulong dos dragon head mouth fire ball launching which only gets him and Meka fast attacks up the wazoo. The finishers are quickly used to blast them both to pieces although only Meka explodes. While Ryulong just grows to launch more mouth fire balls. Bomper sends in engines to form EngineOh G9 followed by GekiJinTouja formng. Bae even shows up for commentary from nowhere. Necks extend from Ryulong- I'm sorry "Long Banki". Ryulong wants his freedom restored by destroying the rangers as fire balls hurl, knocking the machines down hard. The train engines are summoned to help out, quickly stunning him as SaiDain appears to help out. AFter that EngineOh G12 is formed as suggested by GekiRed, mainly because G12 first premiered to kill of Yogostein although this can be retconned and assumed this was the first appearance in continuity as a first attempt. Bae gets excited as the Grand Prix is used from all the mechs at once, Damaging Ryulong and causing Nunchuck Banki's body to explode. At sunset the Ball of Lamentation is retrieved as Rio and Mele prepare for a brutal afterlife, the latter commenting on how Bae should survive DESPITE THE FACT SHE CURSED HIM TO BE EASILY KILLED. They fade away in a purple flash of light, the reds talk a bit before joining hands. That night everyone celebrates Natsume's birthday, Go-On Blue even surviving eggs. During the party everyone wonders about when GekiRed's birthday is when Miki brings up the birthday of Super Sentai. Some music plays, GekiBlue draws Go-On Silver, dancing happens, and the reds arm wrestle to end the movie.... Until the end credits, the Go-Ongers present a pair of songs from Go-On Live which was a concert during the summer of 2008. After the Go-Ongers send in previews of Kamen Rider Decade and Shinkenger. The reds of Gekiranger, Go-Onger, and Shinkenger bump fists to finally end the movie.

    Nunchuck Banki: Powers include high jumping, two pairs of nunchucks, mouth fire balls, space cutting waves, blue eye energy bolts, teleportation, turning into a flying head, siz changing, palm energy blasts, a magnet on a wire, and explosive eye blasts
    Meka: Powers include a thick shell, super speed, limb retraction to emit jets, forming an energy drill, a hammer called the Kamekame Hammer, eye energy bolts, and summoning turtle shell-like force fields

    This is pretty much canon if you consider this was EngineOh G12's first appearance instead of episode 35. The movie itself was entertaining and hit all the notes fine and I would put it somewhere in the middle. That said, see you all some time later when Shinkenger gets its due.
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