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    I really love the Fourze characters. This movie just confirms that. It was nice to see them all in action.

    If Rinko was that badass in Wizard I wouldn't have dropped it. Wizard part was as dull as the TV series, but the ending was amazing. I give em props for that ending.

    I think it would've been a lot better had they toned down the action. It went on way too long and just became boring and uninteresting.

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    Just finished this movie literally minutes ago. Couple thoughts:

    - The fight scenes lose their impact when you have SO many villains for the heroes to fight there's no WAY you can get a legit fight scene that's a one on one or even a 2 on 1. It inevitably devolves into "chuck all my special moves to everything's obliterated". Mega Max was, as I recall, MUCH better about making sure most of their fights had better impact and drama.

    - The use of these Ishinomori characters are, I assume, the reason why we didn't have room for W and OOO's. I'm not a fan of that. There's nothing wrong with these characters and I personally thought Inazuman's scene worked aside from Fourze throwing his belt away, but given the choice between these old school guys and a crossover movie featuring all the Neo Heisei Riders, I'd pick the latter.

    - Speaking of. There are few things I dislike more than voiceless cameos. Seriously, there aren't so many Riders that you can't at least get some brief scenes of them acting. At least, not yet. I'd rather you just work with the actors you can get over voiceless stunt scenes.

    - Someone get Koichi Sakamoto a girlfriend. Like, I don't care that you like your women to dress a certain way in your shows. But this time it actively interfered with your film. Seriously: Calm The Fuck Down. All the fanservice shots dragged me out of the fight scenes.

    - Also fuck all this slow motion. Boring.

    - I feel exactly the opposite from the internet with regards to these two Riders. You can keep Fourze *and* the "Kamen Rider Club", but I really liked the opening bits of Haruto's story and gun-toting Rinko could easily have made Wizard an awesome series if they'd let her exist in the television timeline.

    Overall, not a terrible movie but it doesn't touch MegaMax. Oh well. There's always...this year?
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    Well, this movie was very easy on the eyes. And by that I mean there was a lot of actresses that are easy on the eyes. Can't tell the same about CGI, especially near the end. Dat green screen was embarrassing. I saw Channel Awesome productions with less fake green screens.

    The action in general felt a bit too reliant on "giant attack that wipes out everybody, which took away from epic choreography. But still nowhere near horrible.

    Story... well it's a kamen rider crossover story with addition of older characters...

    It was kinda fun to see Fourze characters and glimpses of their life. I still think NozamaxRyusei look kinda cute together. JK new image is actually kinda cool, in fruity kinda way.

    What else to say? Oh yes. Young Manager is a trap I'd walk into willingly... yes I know the actress is female, I am talking in universe.


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