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    Quote Originally Posted by Kivat View Post
    Grey is boring and mundane for most things, to me that is. I like the change and all, trying something new and all that good stuff..but grey is still grey to me.
    Grey may not be the most interesting color, but going by the silhouette we have it seems like at least the helmet is going to be cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DecaEnd View Post
    Upcoming episode titles from Figure-Oh.

    16 - Let's Dig! It's My Treasure
    17 - Elegant! KyoryuGrey
    18 - You're Caught! Kung Fu Killing Technique
    Isn't this around the time where we know how many episodes Riku Sanjo has written 'cos i am curious to know how many episodes he has written up to this point ? :O
    Thanks Mach_Full_Force for the banner !

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    He's credited through episode 19, at this point he's taken the record for the longest consecutive string of episodes by a single writer in Sentai. That hope he had of writing every single episode is starting to seem a lore more realistic now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaenBurakku View Post
    I'm assuming they're only using Grey because they don't want to use Silver again?

    don't take my word for that
    Isn't Bragigas is partnered with a KyoryuSilver?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Fang View Post
    Isn't Bragigas is partnered with a KyoryuSilver?
    Well, then. There goes my idea. I did say don't take my word for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Fang View Post
    Isn't Bragigas is partnered with a KyoryuSilver?
    I don't think we have confirmation on the other colors yet, do we?

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    Hey, why are you hating Grey, he was awesome in Jetman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by komoo View Post
    Hey, why are you hating Grey, he was awesome in Jetman.
    But Grey was Black.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HurricaneDragon View Post
    I don't think we have confirmation on the other colors yet, do we?
    We have pics of the batteries and they already have pics and colors of each voltasaur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aikijou View Post
    Pretty much every character you just mentioned was a 1 or 2 episode character. DekaGold didn't even transform because she got hit immediately out of it. DekaSwan showed up for 5 minutes, and DekaBright was there for 2 episodes. MagiMother wasn't there for most of the season. HimeShinkenRed was there for 2 episodes. This is a show for boys (Kyoryuger especially). And, from what they said about why they didn't have a Yellow this season, your hopes are pretty much dashed.
    What the heck do you think the Spirit Rangers are going to be? The spirit rangers are totally 1/2 episode guest star characters, which just makes it even more likely. Ramirez showed up for 2 episodes and was henshined only very briefly at the end of the second episode. He didn't even have an actual henshin device like the others, just held up his battery.

    Quote Originally Posted by lazycoconut View Post
    What he said was:

    In other words, the guy thinks it's just not plausible that more than one woman could be strong enough to defeat a dinosaur. Even though the only Kyoryuger who exhibits superhuman strength so far is Nossan, and Gokaiger has just showed kids that male Yellows exist. They're about to release a Hurricaneger movie, so there's another one.

    What he SHOULD have said is the truth: "We were desperate to get sales up after Go-Busters so we wanted a macho-heavy show to make little boys want the toys."
    Pretty much, it was all about the toy sales. But with the Spirit Rangers I don't think it'll impact the toy sales that much. I mean there's no toy of KyoryuCyan, is there? So again, chance that we have a female spirit ranger that shows up only for 1 or 2 episode isn't that slim.

    On a side note. Why does Toei feel that girls don't watch Sentai? I mean, look at the ending song in the past 3 or so eps. With the little kids sending in their kyoryuger dancing. There were quite a few little japanese girls who seemed super into it.


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