And just to make this a challenge, comic books and graphic novels don't count. Not that they're not necessarily great literature and all books are-- I'll take The Dark Knight Returns over The Davinci Code any day-- but I want to see who's getting what *apart* from monthly comic book pulls. I'm making a separate thread for comics/graphic novels/mangas.

Anyway, in the last couple of weeks:

(birthday presents)
The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture
Chuck Palahniuk

(gift from a visiting professor who I helped out with A/V and computer issues)
The Architectural History of Venice

And the result of me and my wife wandering into a bookstore while we waited to be sober enough to drive home-- at least, my half of it:

American Gods, Neil Gaiman
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Michael Chabon
Strange Wine, Harlan Ellison
Angry Candy, Harlan Ellison (already had it, but wanted the hardcover. yay used books!)
Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk
The Brick Testament: The Ten Commandments (The story of Moses in Legos. FUCKING HILARIOUS.)