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    Default Omnitech GAIEA (A Sentai story)

    The universe has been created and destroyed many times, as so implied by the scriptures of many world religions. It was during one of these cycles that the Archons thrived. But as their civilization advanced, so too did their arrogance. Gods in their minds, they went out to conquer the universe to remake it in their image, only to be defeated over a small blue planet called Earth. There the Archons remained dormant, the remains of their mothership scattered all over the world.

    The late 20th century: The remains of Archon technology have been unearthed all across the world. It so marvelously surpasses anything created by humanity that it is dubbed Omnitechnology. The world powers are all too eager to exploit this technology to surpass their enemies. In response to the distrust of each other’s goals, the international Omnitech Project is secretly developed. Its objective: to analyze and utilize the Archon’s technology, allow each participant country to keep an eye on the other, and forever keep this knowledge from the public.

    The early 21st century: The disruption of Archon ruins in South America has reactivated this malevolent race to resume its conquest. The Omnitech Project recruits six soldiers from the world’s continents to counter them, but only five manage to be assembled. Together they are Team GAIEA (Germany, Australia, India, Egypt, America ; pronounced “Gaia”), an strike force whose powers are derived from Archon technology itself. Now they must come together to save their planet, but remain wary of each other’s true motives.


    The suits are made of Omnium, an extraterrestrial metal discovered in the Archon ruins. Its strength and lightness makes it the perfect armor for the potential military of the future. On the right arm is the flag of each member’s country, and on the left arm the head of their respective animals.

    The blue-green areas on the chests are the suits’ Core Power Units (CPU). When turned off, the Camo Mode is activated, allowing the wearer to blend in with anything in the environment. But since the CPU is off, this Mode can only be used for a few minutes at a time before the suit must recharge or deactivate completely.

    General Malcom Blane – Known for bluntness and a quick temper, this veteran officer is a senior member of the Omnitech Project and the mentor figure of Team GAIEA. He personally recruits Anthony Torres to be Red Eagle. Despite appearances, Blane remains ever sensitive to the needs of his troops and maintains his staunch faith is Torres’s abilities.

    North America
    Anthony Torres - Red Eagle
    Country: U.S.
    Age: 25
    Affiliation: Lieutenant,US Air Force
    Bio: A humble man content with his current position, Torres is surprised when he is suddenly recruited to lead a secret military team. While ready to perform his duty, he remains doubtful that he is the right man for such a challenging job. Poses as a construction worker.

    Omar Allam - White Gazelle
    Country: Egypt
    Age: 26
    Affiliation Major, Egyptian Border Guard.
    Bio: Omar’s family is one of the most influential in the Islamic world, such that they have been the subject of many a suspicious observer. An orthodox man of few words, he looks upon Black Wolf and Blue Snake with disdain while gaining a subdued respect of Red Eagle. Poses as a bodyguard.

    Sita Pandey - Green Tiger
    Country: India
    Age: 22
    Affiliation: Lieutenant, Indian Army
    Bio: Sita is at first the most cooperative of the Team and acts as their strategist. The second eldest in a family of four, her life has been one full of delayed gratification. As a dancer and user of various martial arts, her combat style is a combination of all these. Poses as a restaurant chef.

    Emma Harris - Blue Snake
    Country: Australia
    Age: 18
    Affiliation: Royal Australian Navy
    Bio: A new recruit to the Navy, she is the youngest member and the least experienced. An error in the Australian military’s GAIEA recruitment project has resulted in this rookie joining the Team. Her talent for diving and swimming makes her appropriate for underwater operations, but she suffers an undisciplined nature. Poses as a first-year college undergrad.

    Nikolas Von Trapp - Black Wolf
    Country: Germany
    Age: 23
    Affiliation: Lieutenant, Bundeswehr
    Bio: Considered an unreliable slacker by his peers, Lieutenant Von Trapp is sent by the Bundeswehr to join Team GAIEA primarily to get rid of him. His father, a veteran of a resistance movement in East Germany during the Cold War, is frequently at odds with him. His laid-back attitude and lack of seriousness provokes distaste in his teammates, particularly White Gazelle. Poses as a musician.

    ComUnit: Consists of a ComBrace and a ComPad. The Brace resembles an LG Watch Phone and is used for transformation. The Pad acts as a phone/computer that can scan and analyze anything.
    G-Arms: Sidearm swords (G-Blade) and guns (G-Pistol) that combine into G-Rifles.
    Archelon: A small tank/mobile-HQ used by the team. Has Jet, Tank and Submarine Modes.
    Dashers: Motorcycles stored within Archelon. Individually named Dash Wolf, Dash Snake, Dash Tiger, Dash Gazelle, Dash Eagle.
    VULCANS: Voltage-gated UniLaser CANnons - Heavyweight arsenal stored within Archelon. Has an unfolded Cannon Mode and a folded Laser Mode. The ComPad is attached to the latter as a safety.

    UFO: Unmanned Fortress of Omnitechnology. A massive carrier mecha shaped like a traditional UFO, created as a way to prevent any individual country from housing all Omnitechnology. It remains cloaked in the sky, deploying the Omnium suits, individual mecha and mecha arsenal when needed.
    Argentum Fleet: Team GAIEA’s highly advanced individual mecha reverse-engineered from Archon tech.
    Jet Soarer - fighter jet piloted by Red Eagle
    MuRoL Hunter - missile truck piloted by Green Tiger and White Gazelle
    Sub Prowler - submarine with a terrestrial tank mode piloted by Black Wolf and Blue Snake
    Silverado – giant robot composed of the three mechas. Equipped with A.I.

    The Archons are insectoid cyborg extraterrestrials. They have very limited individuality, instead existing as a technorganic colonial collective little different from indigenous insect species. Their long-term goal is to reformat the entire universe into a single uniform collective in their image. Their short-term goal is the rebuilding of their Mothership, with which they will use to join Earth to the interplanetary network created before their fall. There are three stages in Archon growth:
    Larva: Used as grunts.
    Nympha: “Monsters of the week” status
    Imago: The elites

    Ilya Pinkhasov: An ex-Soviet Union scientist who first used recovered Archon technology to maintain his decaying body. He sought out the Archons soon after their revival and has joined them for as yet unknown purposes.

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    Log 1: Revival! Eagle’s Flight

    At the edge of the Milky Way, dusk was falling on the third planet from the star Sol. A lone hominid casually looked up at the darkening sky, where two moons were hung.

    Two moons? No. One of the bodies was indeed the Moon. The other… a mechanical monstrosity.

    The latter was an immense otherworldly mothership. It silently hovered over the primitive blue planet. A few more hominids now stood witness to this strange event. The mothership opened and let out a swarm of smaller, spherical objects that started to descend to the surface.

    Suddenly a winged colossus flew in view to meet the mothership. The spheres changed direction and began to attack this godlike being. Blast after blast shot forth from their cannons. The giant absorbed them and effortlessly destroyed the spheres with four powerful cannons of his own. The mothership responded with its own firepower. The two combatants exchanged volleys as they flew around each other. Finally the colossus charged himself up with energy as he rose above the ship, folded his wings back and dive bombed back toward his enemy. The ship fired again and again, causing pieces of metallic armor to break off the giant and his body to endure continual damage. But he extended a great scepter as tall as a tree and fired a bolt of energy that seemed to paralyze the vessel. Faster he shot down until he rammed into and through the massive structure. When he emerged again his body seemed to crumble into as fetal position and he began to plummet uncontrollably toward the South Pole.

    The mothership meanwhile sustained irreparable damage. It too began to fall to Earth as explosions ripped through its body. Finally it blew apart in a last, great explosion that lit up the sky like the Sun. The wreckage rained down like a meteor shower all over the planet. One piece in particular landed in South America and buried itself deep within the bowels of the world…


    The folktales warned never to come there. The primitive tribesman and even the moderately Westernized natives heeded them; this was an evil place. But old superstitions would not deter the scientific team sent to investigate this anomalous place in the middle of the jungle. Hidden from civilization was something that could revolutionize the way we looked at ourselves and the universe, and propel mankind in the next stage of advancement.

    The ominous spot was a pit within the unlit jungle. At first appeaence it seemed like the entrance to a normal cavern. Characters from an unknown language were carved at various points around and at the entrance. The native guides had said these detailed the story behind the pit’s origins and forbade anyone from ever disturbing what was inside lest the world would be destroyed. They refused to go beyond the imagined boundary line that the team had crossed some time ago. Now they set up their gear and prepared to descend into the depths.

    At the bottom they carefully made their way through the untrodden floor. More carvings decorated the walls and stones at their feet. A chill wind filled the space and carried what sounded like a final lament to go no further. Eventually they reached a cold metal wall. Excitement grew. Quickly the scientists began to carve through the metal with their tools until an opening was created. They looked at each other, waiting to see whom would go first. Their leader volunteered and took the first gingerly step inside.

    He was in what appeared like a room. A room that had underwent millennia of neglect and now had become ingrained in its surroundings. His teammates followed him single-file. One laid her hand on something and gave a yelp when she felt a faint vibration. Then they came to an even bigger fright: a body. Anthropoid in shape, but not human.
    “Maybe it’s a Gray” one of them joked. He received little fanfare. The leader crouched and slowly edged toward the body. When close enough he hesitated for a moment and then lightly touched it.


    He gave a quiet sigh of relief, hoping none of the other caught it. But then…

    The eyes glowed. The head rose and turned to look directly at the one who had disturbed his slumber. The leader jumped back. His teammates screamed. The alien rose to its feet and began to stalk towards them. Whirring and clicking echoed from the shadows and some more of its kindred began to awaken.

    Far away in safety, the native guides heard distant screams coming from deep within the jungle. They started to tremble in fear and drove as fast as they could to the nearest town.

    The foretold curse had now befallen the rebellious world…

    * * *

    “In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

    - U.S. President Ronald Reagan, addressing the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 21, 1987


    *Opening Theme plays*
    (Choriki Sentai Ohranger OP Instrumental)


    US Air Force Lieutenant Anthony Torres flew his fighter jet over the barren desert with three others at his tail. It was mid-morning and he was in the middle of a training exercise for the beginner pilots when he received a message from the base.
    “Lieutenant Torres. There is a priority call for you from General Blaine. Please report back to base with your team.”
    Anthony frowned beneath his mask. Blaine, as in Malcom Blaine from the Army? Why would he suddenly call for him? He radioed the others that their exercise was cancelled and lead them back to the base.

    Once he exited his jet and parted from the pilots, he was greeted by a military official.
    “Lieutenant Torres.”
    “Yes sir.”
    “Please come with me. General Blaine is waiting for you.”
    “He’s here in person?”
    “He just arrived this morning. Come along.”
    Anthony continued to puzzle over this, as well as feel some apprehension. Blaine was known for a large temper with a short fuse. The official noticed this and smirked.
    “He’s not as bad as they say. Relax.”
    Anthony suddenly like he was a nervous student ordered to see the principal and, slightly embarrassed, assumed a dignified posture for him to acknowledge.
    “Can you at least tell me what this is about.”
    “It’s for your eyes only. I know as much as you do.”
    Wonderful, thought the pilot with a grimace…


    Soon Anthony was in full uniform and standing outside the office where General Blaine was waiting. When the door was opened, he saw a tall black man, at least in his late sixties, standing with his hands behind his back and with his side facing him. He made no acknowledgement, so Anthony decided to take the initiative.
    “Lieutenant Torres reporting as ordered, General - ”
    “Lieutenant Anthony Torres, U.S. Air Force, returned from duty over the Middle East, and currently performing flight training here on base.” Blaine announced in a commanding voice.
    “Yes sir.”
    Blaine now turned to face him. Anthony stared back at the pair of mean eyes and tight-lipped mouth. The man then suddenly relaxed his pose and gave a flicker of a smile. “At ease Lieutenant.”
    Anthony complied. The general now seemed inviting.
    “How is your grandfather?”
    Another surprise. Anthony paused before answering. “He’s well, sir… do you know him?
    “We served together in Vietnam. He never mentioned me to you?”
    “He might have sir… he’s talked about a lot of friends.”
    “Please give him my regards. I should like to meet him again sometime.”
    “I shall” All the while Anthony was wondering whether that was all. Surely such an important man wouldn’t summon him here just to say hello to his grandpa for him.
    “And now to why I have summoned you here. Have a seat.”

    He gestured to a chair. Anthony sat before him between a desk with several folders stuffed with photographs and documents. Blaine let the contents of some of these slide out on the table. Anthony saw plethora of supposed UFO snapshots, articles, reports of mutilations and testimonies of eyewitnesses and those who claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials.
    “I’m sure you know all about the conspiracies of the government knowing of and contacting alien life. A lot of it is nonsense, but some of it is true.
    “… I see” said Anthony skeptically.
    “How closely have you followed the news recently?”
    “I keep an eye on it” replied the pilot, trying to keep it vague.
    “There has been an increase in stories of disappearances and supposed UFO sightings. Not only on the Internet, but the mainstream media as well. Take a look at this.”
    He opened one of the folders and presented a large photo of white spheres dashing through the evening sky.
    “This was taken a few days ago over South Africa.”
    He showed some more photos of similar nature. “These are from Central and South America, and over the Pacific Ocean.
    Lastly he showed a photo of a large pit in the middle of a jungle. “And this is a picture of a pit in Venezuela that a team of scientists went to explore a month ago, and haven’t been seen since. The increase in UFO sightings and disappearances has occurred soon after they vanished. This is not a coincidence.”
    Anthony looked at Blaine. “So what do you want me to do?”
    “Let me continue. Decades ago the remains of an alien civilization called the Archons were recovered all across the world. The U.S. and other countries convened and created the Omnitech Project to safeguard and study these finds, and to keep an eye on each other so that no one could exploit the technology at the other’s expense.

    A few years ago I was placed in charge of the Project and of Team GAIEA. Team GAIEA was a contingency plan in case the Archons ever revived; a team of soldiers who could combat and defeat them before Earth could be dominated. I had hoped mankind would have the wisdom to leave well enough alone, but the expedition to the Venezuelan pit has awoken the Archons from their dormancy. So now Team GAIEA must be assembled…” He now pointed at Anthony. “And I have chosen you to be the leader.”
    Anthony could no longer hide his feelings. “Me?” he asked.
    “You have a distinguished record of service, like your father and grandfather.”
    “Like a lot of people, sir.”
    “Plus your performance in the recent Iran mission is of particular interest. I need someone like that to be on this team, and that is you.”
    Anthony shook his head. “With all due respect sir, I think you’re making a mistake.”
    “Are you questioning my judgment, Lieutenant?” Blaine’s voice now rose to the famed angry tone. Anthony couldn’t tell if he was genuinely mad or just trying to scare him.
    “No sir. I appreciate your confidence but…”
    “But what?”
    “Well…. I’ve never done anything like this before. I think there are more qualified soldiers you could find.”
    “I think you’re more qualified than you give yourself credit for.” Blaine now rose from the chair and gathered up the photos and papers. “My decision is made. Consider yourself drafted, Lieutenant. Now meet me at the helipad at 13:00; I’ll be taking you to headquarters.”
    “Is it a dreamland, sir?”
    Blaine stared at the pilot for a moment and then, getting the reference, suppressed a chuckle. “Try to take this seriously, Lieutenant.”


    A black helicopter was waiting for Anthony and Blaine. No one spoke during the flight. Anthony looked out the window as they flew over the land and then out over the marine desert of the Pacific Ocean. Nothing of note could be seen for some time, until a small island at last came into view.
    “Where is this, sir?” he asked the general.
    “What country is this?”
    “None. This is just one of many new islands the undersea volcanoes produce. Most people don’t know they exist, which makes them an effective cover.”

    They landed in a small heliport adjacent to a large mound of rock.
    “Within the rock had been hollowed out a hangar, where Blaine led Anthony and his people. Anthony saw what he thought was a plane in the corner of his eye before he was led into an elevator. The group slowly descended through layers of rock until they came to a stop far beneath the surface. When the doors opened, Anthony stood in amazement.
    “Welcome to Prometheus Base.”
    Anthony looked around speechless. The complex looked like something out of all the alien-centered video games in existence, which he wasn’t sure made it seem ridiculous or eerie. Blaine led him down a series of corridors while the others kept behind. Everything was dimly lit. Some areas had levels of scaffolding piercing further into the ground, indicating continued construction. Anthony tried to see what could be at the bottom of these pits but could only steal a glimpse of this and that. When they arrived at the end of another corridor Blaine put his hand to a keyless console next to a door. Above the door read a sign: GAIEA. Blaine traced something onto the console. The system recognized it and opened the door.
    “Don’t bother remembering it. You’ll be getting your own entrance.”

    They were now in what looked like a war room. A large screen hung to the right with a map of the world with each continent sans Antarctica color-coded. Blaine stood at the head of a large table and looked at the young pilot, expecting a reaction. Anthony came back to his first impression.
    “This doesn’t look real at all, sir.”
    “I’m glad you’re still a skeptic, but this is real. This entire facility was built in secret using the technology we attained from our alien guests.”
    “Figures” thought Anthony.
    “Like I said before, they have been named the Archons. According to the data gathered over the decades, they came to Earth several millennia ago, leaving their remains and technology. Some say they scattered and set up civilizations worldwide, others that they came in an enormous ship that crash-landed and scattered its debris everywhere. The Omnitech Project agreed to hide it all from the public.
    “To avoid a mass panic” said Anthony.
    “That is the general idea” said Blaine, nodding. But Anthony noticed a tinge of disapproval in the general’s face. He continued.
    “But after the incident in South America, it was clear the Archon bodies that were discovered were not dead, but deactivated. All were revived at once after the ruins there were disturbed. Team GAIEA is composed of soldiers from each continent organized to fight the Archons or other ETs should the need ever arise.”

    Symbols shaped like animal heads (an eagle, wolf, gazelle, tiger and snake) appeared on the continents North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia respectively. Blaine took a pointer and moved it across the screen.
    “Black Wolf from Germany; Blue Snake from Australia; Green Tiger from India; White Gazelle from Egypt; and Red Eagle from America.”
    Anthony now saw where the acronym came from, but noticed the gold South America had no symbol. “What about South America?”
    Blaine frowned. “You won’t be briefed on that until absolutely necessary.”
    The screen switched off and Blaine activated a hologram on the table.
    “Everything you will use was created from Archon technology. In effect you will be using their own weapons against them, which will probably be the only weapons that will do any harm.”
    An image of a red suit appeared.
    “This is Red Eagle, and it is yours.”
    A simple design, thought Anthony. He wondered what the large glowing symbol on the torso was. Blaine then handed to him a square brace shaped like a watch and a palm-sized rectangular pad resembling a Blackberry.
    “A thorough review of its features will be given once the other members have arrived. But right now you must engage the enemy before they start to attack. Put the brace on and follow me.”

    Not feeling at all comfortable about the rush, Anthony followed Blaine to a large hangar bay. There a giant fighter jet with a flattened shape was standing on the floor surrounded by machinery and workmen. It was standing, as Anthony noticed it had landing pads instead of wheels.
    “Final check completed, sir” said one of them to Blaine when he asked for a report.
    “Right on time” Blaine turned to Anthony. “Archon fighters have been spotted heading over the Rockies. Your mission is to intercept and eliminate.”
    It sounded straightforward enough. Anthony nodded curtly. Think of it like any other flight. He was lead on top of the jet and inside the cockpit. The controls were nothing like any conventional aircraft. They were, appropriately enough, completely alien.
    “We’ll be monitoring you from here” Blaine’s voice said through the ComPad.
    “Um, shouldn’t I learn how to fly this thing first, sir?”
    “Unfortunately we don’t have the time. For now place your Pad on the console and it will do most of the work.”
    The machines now withdrew and the work crew scrambled to a safe distance. Anthony now felt like the nervous kid in a roller coaster getting second thoughts as the ride started. He placed the Pad on the console and watched as veins of blue light flowed from the spot. The name “Jet Soarer” appeared on the Pad’s screen. Two circular ports with handles inside were placed on either side of him, and a helmet was prepared behind the seat.

    Anthony put the helmet on and grabbed the handles, steeling himself for the takeoff. The landing pads retracted and Jet Soarer hovered over the floor for a moment before shooting through a long ascending tunnel and out into the open. The Pad displayed a holographic map and pinpointed the location of the Archon fighters. Jet Soarer began pursuit…


    *BGM plays*
    (‘Hasshin! Thunder Wing (2)’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    Anthony was soon flying over the Rocky Mountains. The map indicated he was closing in on the enemy fighters, but he could see nothing outside. Were they invisible? Or cloaked? As he ran through the sci-fi possibilities, the icons suddenly flanked him. Anthony whipped his head left and right, looking for anything flying next to him.
    “You’re surrounded! Take evasive action!” barked Blaine.
    “No kidding” Anthony thought as the fighters, which now appeared as white spheres, fired upon the jet. It ducked down and away via autopilot but Anthony looked around for some way to gain more control. The Pad was flashing myriad data. He tapped his hand on the screen hoping for something to help him out, and to his surprise a holographic set of arrows and titles appeared before him, identifying the controls.

    Anthony found “Manual” and slightly increased the setting. He felt the handles give a little and began to influence Jet Soarer’s movement. As the fighters attacked again, he rotated left made the jet shift horizontally in that direction. Each direction could move the craft in such translational slides, thus cutting out the distance needed to make turns. Anthony next found the weapons system and began to target and fire. At least these felt somewhat familiar. The spheres were just as agile as his jet though, and the dogfight dragged on as they passed closer and closer over the mountain range.

    He at last managed to get some good hits in. The spheres dropped down and crash landed on a snowy mountainside.
    “Target down” he reported as an explosion decorated the white top.
    “Don’t celebrate yet. Zoom in on the crash site”
    Anthony fiddled with the Pad again and focused the camera image to the wreckage. Grayish-white beings were coming out and moving down the slope.
    “What are those?” he whispered.
    “Those are larval Archons. Now it’s time to suit up. The ComBrace will summon your suit. Eject and engage, Red Eagle.”
    Anthony had only ejected from a jet once, and it was an experience he had hoped never to repeat. He looked down at the Brace on his wrist. A red eagle head logo showed on screen.
    “I hope this comes with a parachute.”
    “You have something better. Call the suit once you’ve ejected. The code is “Build Up.”
    Still unsure, Anthony found the Eject control and activated it. Instead of being thrown out with his chair, he was dropped down with nothing but his helmet. For a second he froze in panic, then brought the ComBrace to his chest and pressed a large button on top.
    “Build Up!”

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Kansei! Chouryoku Mobile’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    From somewhere a beam of light came and engulfed Anthony. He felt his clothes and helmet disappear and be instantly replaced with a thin, flexible red suit. His decent slowed and he landed safely in the snow. When he got up he looked himself over.

    It certainly didn’t feel like any kind of armor. Thin streams of light flowed up and down the arms and legs. The chest shone a strong blue-green. Silver gloves and boots adorned his limbs, and felt highly durable for their softness.
    “How does it feel, Eagle?”
    “… Like I’m wearing spandex.”
    “Brilliant, isn’t it?”
    The Archons spotted the soldier and began advancing toward him. Their large black eyes and insect-like mandibles gave them an unsettling look. Whirrs and clicks emitted when they moved.

    He ran to meet them and, feeling the suit’s power flow through him, began to fight. A stream of data poured through his helmet’s visor and indicated the side arms on his belt as “G Blade” and “G Pistol”. He reached for the former, withdrew a thin sword, and with it began to cut and slash the mechanical aliens, releasing showers of sparks onto the snow. He managed to slice the forearm off one and watched with uneasiness as the severed limb twitched and wires and tubes from the body writhed like worms.

    Two Archons stuck out small proboscis-like turrets from their mouths and fired shots. Anthony rolled away from these as they struck the ground and took a position behind a rock. As they fired again he took out the Pistol and fired back, taking them down with shots to the chest. Leaving the rock he fired on the remainders, but one managed to grab hold of him. Anthony dragged it to the ground, kicked it away and then proceeded to impale the creature with the Blade.

    The body blew up in a small eruption, throwing Anthony back some feet. When he recovered he shook the snow off and surveyed the scene. Bits and pieces of mechanical parts lay strewn about, and the still-intact Archon bodies were almost camouflaged against the white ground.
    “Good work Lieutenant” Blaine commended. “A salvage crew will recover the remains. Return to base and I will get you ready to meet your team.”
    “Acknowledged” Anthony stepped away and looked toward the sun setting over the mountains. This was a lot to take in at once. And he was to lead this team? He only hoped he could live up to Blaine’s expectations, as inflated as he felt they were. As Jet Soarer came flying down to retrieve him, Anthony thought it did indeed resemble a majestic eagle soaring over Creation…

    *Ending Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Galveston’ by Glen Campbell)

    Next Time
    *Next Episode Promo Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Yokoku Ongaku’ from Choujinki Metalder)

    Anthony meets the rest of Team GAIEA to combat the Archon threat. However, they must be wary of each other’s possible ulterior motives.

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    Loved this. Excited for the next episode.

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    Log 2: Assemble! Team GAIEA

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Shinkou! Machine Teikoku...’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    From somewhere a beam of light came and engulfed Anthony. He felt his clothes and helmet disappear and be instantly replaced with a thin, flexible red suit. His decent slowed and he landed safely in the snow. When he got up he looked himself over.

    It certainly didn’t feel like any kind of armor. Thin streams of light flowed up and down the arms and legs. The chest shone a strong blue-green. Silver gloves and boots adorned his limbs, and felt highly durable for their softness.

    Two Archons stuck out small proboscis-like turrets from their mouths and fired shots. Anthony rolled away from these as they struck the ground and took a position behind a rock. As they fired again he took out the Pistol and fired back, taking them down with shots to the chest. Leaving the rock he fired on the remainders, but one managed to grab hold of him. Anthony dragged it to the ground, kicked it away and then proceeded to impale the creature with the Blade…


    *Opening Theme plays*
    (Choriki Sentai Ohranger OP Instrumental)


    Anthony was made to stay the night at Prometheus Base, a prospect he didn’t much care for. The quarters were crude even by military standards. He felt like a prisoner in a poorly kept enemy compound, and the strange sounds echoing from the bowels of the base kept him awake.

    In the morning he was greeted with an equally crude breakfast and the brought to meet Blaine in the large meeting room.
    “Morning, Lieutenant. Sleep well?”
    “To be frank sir, a trench would be more comfortable.”
    Blaine laughed. “We needed you kept here for one night while proper accommodations were made. But if it’s any consolation, I can’t stand it here either.”
    He bade Anthony sit and turned on the large screen before the table. The multi-colored world map was again displayed.
    “I’ve spoken to my counterparts in the select countries. Your teammates will be arriving here at 1100 hours, and we shall meet them on the surface.”
    That made Anthony feel a bit better. He was starting to like the underground less and less. Blaine however seemed less that enthusiastic about this news.
    “Have they been briefed on everything?”
    “Yes. They know you and each of them are. Now I’ll tell you.”
    “Something wrong, General?”

    Blaine didn’t answer. Headshots appeared from the four countries, starting from Germany and going east.
    “Lieutenant Nikolas Von Trapp, Bundeswehr. No recent combat history of note, but recently charged with insubordination and assault at a civilian establishment. Details withheld.
    “Major Omar Allam, Egyptian Border Guard. Returned from fighting Somali pirates off the North African coast. His family however is of particular interest to our government for certain… unsavory ties.
    “Lieutenant Sita Pandey, Indian Army. Learned in several languages, last saw action lending aid to the Sri Lankan government against the Tamil Tigers.
    “Seaman Emma Harris, Royal Australian Navy…” Blaine paused for a moment. “Skilled at diving, but still in training. No combat experience of note.”
    “That doesn’t sound like much of a team” said Anthony.
    “No it doesn’t. It seems our friends overseas don’t take this mission very seriously.” Blaine sat down at the head of the table and folded his hands together near his chin, elbows resting on the armrests. “Or perhaps they have something else in mind.”
    “It’s possible your teammates have been sent to spy on American activities regarding Archon technology. If so they have no doubt been warned of your ulterior motives.”
    “Sir, do you really expect me to lead a team like this under these circumstances? How are we supposed to operate?”
    Blaine looked directly at the pilot. “The Omnitech Project and Team GAIEA were created in the spirit of defusing any tensions between nations. For better or for worse we have make the most of what we have.
    “What we have is a mess… sir.”
    “This whole business is a mess, Lieutenant. Of our own doing. And now it’s our job to clean house.”


    Blaine and Anthony waited on the helipad as a helicopter arrived from the southwest direction. Another helicopter arrived from over the Indian Ocean, while several levels down on an airstrip a military plane had just landed. Another plane was coming in from the distance. A few moments later an Egyptian Arab man, an Indian and an Australian woman stood at attention. A German soon joined them and stood next to the Australian. Blaine and Anthony approached them.
    “Welcome to Prometheus Base” the general greeted after exchanging salutes. “I trust you have all been briefed on each other, so I will dispense with any formal introductions. You’ll all get to know one another soon enough. Follow me.”

    No one spoke as they were brought to the meeting room, nor when Blaine passed the four remaining ComUnits to their new owners. They all traded looks with each other and Anthony. Blaine continued explaining the mechanics of the suits.
    “….The suits are made of Omnium, an extraterrestrial metal discovered in the Archon ruins. The blue-green areas on the chests are the suits’ Core Power Units. When turned off, a Camo Mode can be activated, allowing you to blend in with anything in the environment. But being without any power, it can only be engaged for a few minutes at a time before you must recharge or deactivate completely.

    Any questions?”
    Everyone remained silent.
    “Good. The team is yours, Mr. Torres. I’ll go find a report on any Archon activities.”

    Anthony wanted to protest but the general was already out the door. He felt a bit silly as he looked at his new teammates. Now what? He groped for something to say, though nothing he felt was appropriate for a leader came to mind. Finally Emma broke the ice and, rather unprofessionally, slouched in her chair and pressed her feet against the table.
    “Well is someone gonna talk or what?” She glanced at Anthony. “Why does the Yankee get to be the leader?”
    “Because they’re always saying you guys when you’re in trouble” said Nikolas. “Plus we screw this up their heads will be rolling, not ours.” He flashed a grin at Anthony and shook his hand.
    “Nikolas Von Trapp, though you already know that.”
    “That’s about all I know about any of you” Anthony replied. “I… don’t really anything special to say. To be frank I got thrown into this just yesterday.”
    “None of us had much notice either” said Sita now. “It feels like they did a rush job, doesn’t it? Putting this all together.”
    “Either that or pure incompetence” muttered Omar. “Who puts a girl who no experience in a team of alien hunters?”
    “Hey, don’t blame me! I didn’t ask to join you.”
    “Is this how Aussies train their soldiers?” teased Nikolas. “Maybe this is all some simulation.”
    “It’s not a simulation” snapped Anthony. “I saw them myself. Fought them too.”
    “Really? What do they look like? Your standard Grays?”
    “Didn’t your people show you the pictures - ?” Anthony stopped and wondered. Was this an act? Or were they really in the dark?
    “I saw some blurry images anyone could have shot. Big deal.”
    “What about the incident in South America? Do you believe that?” asked Sita.
    “Come on, we all know everyone here has a hidden agenda. Everyone wants the alien stuff for themselves.”
    Anthony stiffened. He was outright stating Blaine’s warning.
    “Well as long as we’re here, why not see the rest of this place?” Emma jumped up. “You’re the leader, aren’t you? Lead us.”
    “First of all, Emma, the name is Anthony. And I barely know my way around her myself. I can tell you though, don’t spend the night.”
    Emma looked disappointed. “You don’t seem to know a whole lot, do you?”
    Anthony sighed. This wasn’t going very well. Why did Blaine think he would be a good leader?

    A siren suddenly activated throughout the base. A voice commanded Team GAIEA to assemble in ops. Everyone looked to Anthony. He waved them all to follow and tried to remember his way around the unsettling corridors. To his surprise they made it without mishap, and found Blaine waiting for them.
    “Archon fighters have been spotted over the West Coast.” A screen showed the white spheres flying over the cityscape. “Here’s your first team assignment.”
    “Great” Anthony looked around. “Unless Soarer has extra seats, how are we supposed to get there?”
    “Your team vehicle, Archelon, is unfortunately not ready yet. What we can do is use the Archons’ teleportation system we have managed to replicate.”
    “I heard about that” said Nikolas. “Why didn’t we use it to get here?”
    “It’s still being worked on. And we’ve had some…. accidents with its use.”
    “Accidents that you’d rather not go into?”
    “No. As such we only use it in emergencies, and this qualifies. Now, into the booth and get going.”

    Anthony now saw a change in the others’ demeanor. The slackness and doubt was gone, now all that remained was a professional resolve (or an attempt at one) as a soldier should have. They entered the booth and watched as the techs put in the coordinates. One of them crossed his fingers, which made Anthony more uncomfortable. Then a buzz filled the booth and they all felt a sucking sensation pulling their bodies.
    “Engage” Blaine commanded. The team raised their ComBraces close to them.
    “Build Up!”
    A flash, and they were gone…


    The Archon pod fighters began drawing peoples’ attention. They themselves showed no hostilities, but on the tallest buildings began to deposit Archon larva. People who saw this either panicked or excitedly spread the word to anyone who would believe them. The Larva silently surveyed the city landscape. The fighters now became more menacing. Police began to gather in an attempt to engage them, but they knew it would be a lost cause.

    Just then a blur of color streaked past the Archons and landed before them. A figure in black turned to face his opponents.
    “Black Wolf!”
    Another blur, this one blue, came from a different direction.
    “Blue Snake!”
    Three more blurs arrived. The Archons were surrounded on five sides along the rooftops.
    “Green Tiger!”
    “White Gazelle!”
    “Red Eagle!”

    *GAIEA Theme plays*
    (‘Zone no ikari’ from Chikyu Sentai Fiveman)

    They drew their weapons and prepared for a fight. The Archons spoke an indiscernible tongue.

    “**** ** ****** *!”

    It sounded like a series of clicks. The team was now engaged in individual battles, wielding sword and gun. As they fought, Anthony noted the different styles: Nikolas twirled his gun like a cowboy of old and used the sword sparingly. Sita on the other hand opted for a graceful blend of both, her style almost like a dance. Omar zipped between walls and rooftop structures as he shot his opponents, but for some he simply resorted to his fists. Emma at first appearance looked the least capable, getting some good kicks and cuts in, but not well adept with weapons. But eventually they got rid of all of them on their respective roofs and, leaving piles of mechanical parts in their wake, leapt to their leader’s roof in a single bound, much to their own surprise. The Pods answered with depositing more Archon larva before them.
    “We need to shoot those balls down” said Omar.
    “I’ve got it” Anthony brought out his ComPad. “Launch Jet Soarer.”
    Jet Soarer appeared from somewhere in the clouds (a fact that caught Anthony’s attention) and began to engage the Pods via remote. While it was busy, the team prepared to fight the new grunt horde.

    “Combine your weapons” Blaine announced from Prometheus. “The data should appear in your visors.”
    Pictures of the G Arms indeed appeared before their vision field and showed a simulation of the Pistol and Blade combining into a G Rifle.
    “Form G Rifles!” commanded Anthony.
    The sword contracted into the hilt and attached to the bottom of the Pistol. The barrel slid forward to cover this new extension, thus forming a small rifle.
    They fired several volleys, much stronger than the Pistols on their own, in one go. The Archons blew up into a clatter of parts and severed heads, rained on by a shower of sparks.

    Meanwhile Jet Soarer had driven the Pods to the outskirts of the city. Anthony was beamed inside like with the classic flying saucer and manually made short work of them. He felt a bit more comfortable with the alien controls… but only a bit. He made a flyby over his teammates and a bedazzled city populace. He wondered whether they should be more discrete and decided to voice his concern to the others, but they had already vanished from the rooftop. Anthony smiled to himself and took his jet far from the city and civilization…


    Anthony was forced to spend another night at Prometheus, but at least this time he was glad to share his misery. The next morning he saw Sita, Emma and Omar in unfavorable spirits, but Nikolas had a look of intrigued excitement. He half-wondered if he had even bothered sleeping and had a look around this secret base. Anthony wouldn’t admit it, but a part of him felt a bit scared of just what lay hidden here.

    Blaine did not meet them. Instead they were ushered into a helicopter, told their belongings would be taken care of, and flown to a city somewhere in the Mountain Time region of the U.S. From there it was an SUV ride to an apartment complex, and thence up to the top floor. They were brought to two large apartments on opposite sides of the hall.
    “You will stay here for your mission duration” their guide stated flatly. “Ladies to my right, gentlemen the left.”
    “Why do I feel like a dorm student?” Nikolas muttered to Anthony. The apartments were spacious enough. Nearly everything had been prepared for them with almost eerie prediction. The guide left before they could ask him anything more, so they stood together in the hallway.”
    “Now what?” asked Emma.
    “Now you pay your rent” said a voice. Blaine approached from the other end of the hall dressed in civilian clothes.
    “General!” Anthony exclaimed.
    “Pardon? I’m no general, young man. Just a humble landlord.” Blaine said innocently, but with a small wink to the five of them.
    “Well… thanks for the place, Mister Blaine” said Emma. “Very generous.”
    “You’ll need a bit more to blend in fully. Jobs for one. But for now, enjoy it here. I’ll be back a little later with a complete run-down of things.”
    “You can’t do it now?” asked Sita.
    “Now? I have to evict a tenant.”
    He gave such a grin as to make his sincerity uncertain. Anthony wondered if he was purposely leaving him alone like this to learn how to manage command. “Now if you’ll excuse me…”
    He gave a look to Anthony before he left, as though reminding him of what he had said: any one of these four could be a mole, and they would think the same of him. Stay alert.

    So he would, Anthony thought. But at the same time he would do what Blaine thought him capable of doing: lead a team to save the world.
    “I’m hungry” Emma announced. “Is there any food here?”
    “There’s some money” Omar said, finding a stash of bills and coins.
    “Let’s have American-style pizza” said Nikolas. Everyone now looked at Anthony expectantly. The pilot sighed.
    “I’ll order.”

    *Ending Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Galveston’ by Glen Campbell)

    Next Time
    *Next Episode Promo Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Yokoku Ongaku’ from Choujinki Metalder)

    The team takes civilian occupations to blend into society; the Archons begin abducting people for experimentation, with the aid of someone from Nikolas’s father’s past.

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    Log 3: Abduction! Father’s Enemy

    *Last Episode Recap Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Shinkou! Machine Teikoku...’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    The team was now engaged in individual battles, wielding sword and gun. They soon got rid of all of them on their respective roofs and, leaving piles of mechanical parts in their wake, leapt to their leader’s roof in a single bound, much to their own surprise. The Pods answered with depositing more Archon larva before them.

    “Combine your weapons” Blaine announced from Prometheus. “The data should appear in your visors.”
    Pictures of the G Arms indeed appeared before their vision field and showed a simulation of the Pistol and Blade combining into a G Rifle.
    “Form G Rifles!” commanded Anthony.
    The sword contracted into the hilt and attached to the bottom of the Pistol. The barrel slid forward to cover this new extension, thus forming a small rifle.
    They fired several volleys, much stronger than the Pistols on their own, in one go. The Archons blew up into a clatter of parts and severed heads, rained on by a shower of sparks…


    Evening. A young man in business attire waited impatiently outside an office building for his girlfriend to get off work. Hopefully the new bar that had opened wouldn’t close too early. Though when she did finally arrive, he hid the anxiety with a broad smile and ushered her along.

    But before they could get there, strange things began to occur. The streetlight went out, leaving them alone in darkness. Confused but undaunted, they decided to take a side route down an alleyway. Whirring and clicking noises seemed to follow them overheard. They looked up and around them but saw nothing. The woman became nervous. The man steeled himself against what he expected was a mugging.

    Instead something leapt down from above. The woman screamed as she was dragged up by a pair of mechanical hands. Before the man could respond he too was apprehended. The last thing they remembered seeing was a long proboscis stuck out in front of their heads…


    *Opening Theme plays*
    (Chouriki Sentai Ohranger OP Instrumental)


    In the newspapers, TV and Internet, Team GAIEA was the persistent topic. Who were they? Where did they come from? Conspiracy theories coupled with alleged photos of the Archons were rampant. “An international cover-up” some said, pointing out the flags on the left arms of the suits. One theory in particular, that the whole thing was staged to fool the people into accepting a totalitarian global state, made General Blaine both laugh and scowl at the same time, as though they had been found out. But he generally paid the media no mind and bade the team to do the same.

    He also informed them that they would be taking civilian jobs to go along with their cover. Thus far Anthony had taken a job as a construction worker, Omar as a bodyguard, Emma as a first year university student (“Who’d ever suspect?” she had boasted aloud) and Sita as a restaurant chef.
    “Now from what I hear Ms. Pandey’s culinary skills are without equal” Blaine had said to Sita’s slight embarrassment, “But don’t expect her to be the team cook. All of you should learn how to make something beyond a sandwich during your stay. Always learn something no matter what your purpose is, you never know when you might need it.” Nikolas was the only one who hadn’t yet found a job. He would do his patrol and then disappear when his shift ended. Yesterday Blaine summoned him to ask about it, but Nikolas caught him off guard by saying he had been following a lead on the recent disappearances of people over the past few days (“Abductions” some called it, feeding into the alien rumors). He had not followed up on it, so Anthony and Omar were sent to find him.

    They found him in the bar the couple had intended to go to. It had previously been a crude establishment catering to only the hardened and somewhat unsavory of clientele. New management bought the place and was now in the process of converting it into something a bit classier. Some of the old denizens though were seated around the counter staring at an object in someone’s hand. That someone turned at the opening door and revealed himself as Nikolas.
    “Hey! Just in time for a show! Come in.”
    Anthony and Omar looked at each other and approached. The German had set on the bar a clear case holding an eyeball. Omar blanched.
    “Relax” said Anthony “It’s - ”
    “Shh!” said the bartender/owner, a middle-aged man who looked like he had seen rough times and wanted to whitewash it away. He whispered to them. “It’s the ‘glass eyeball’ from those Western movies. Though I reckon these folks never saw any ‘cause he’s getting crazy offers.”
    Omar still looked puzzled but asked nothing more. Anthony now remembered seeing something like this in The Sons of Katie Elder where Dean Martin’s character auctioned off a glass eyeball and bought it back at a discount. He didn’t imagine Nikolas would be a fan of Westerns.

    One of the men finally handed him a handful of cash and took the eyeball as reward. Nikolas smiled and placed one bill down in front of the bartender.
    “There. Now I’d like some beer, if you don’t mind.”
    The man chucked and shook his head. Nikolas turned to the others. “Make that three, unless you fellows object?”
    Anthony thought to say that they were on duty, but then remembered their covers and shrugged. “Sure, why not? Wait… you don’t drink, do you?” he asked Omar. He figured as team leader he should know the needs and wants of his troops.
    “I don’t. But I will take a club soda.”
    All three were soon served. Omar got right to the point. “The General wants a report from you” he whispered.
    “I’ll give him one when I have something to report.”
    “He also wants to know your job. I hope you haven’t just been getting drunk.”
    Anthony elbowed the Egyptian, but Nikolas seemed not to notice. He only shrugged and took another gulp of his beer. “Well if you must know… there was an old Russian guy skulling around here last night. Didn’t drink anything but just stayed outside looking for someone.”
    “What time?” asked Anthony.
    Nikolas shrugged. “Early evening. One guy thought he recognized him from somewhere but said ‘twas crazy. Don’t bother looking for him, he wouldn’t talk to you. This is a rough crowd.”
    “It was a rough crowd” said the bartender, overhearing. “I’m trying to give the place some atmosphere. Maybe just enough to keep some young folk like you from jamming into those ridiculous nightclubs.”
    Anthony snorted. “Good luck.” Omar finished his drink and continued pressing Nikolas.
    “Are you following up on this lead?”
    “Take it easy, will you? When I have something worth reporting, you’ll be the first to know. Now is that all you wanted to ask me?”
    Anthony paused. “Well would you like some help?”
    “No thanks. I’ve got it covered. But not a word to the ‘landlord’ about this until I give the word.” He pushed his empty mug aside. “Excuse me, I need the restroom.”

    The two decided to wait for him but after he did not return they went to check on him. He was gone.
    “How the hell..”
    Omar frowned. “He has no discipline. And you let him override your authority.”
    “Remember, we’re just ordinary guys” said Anthony. “No pulling rank unless we’re on the job.”
    “We’re always on the job. Don’t trust that man.”
    Anthony cast a suspicious eye on Omar as he turned back. Who really was trustworthy among this bunch? But he couldn’t disagree with him; Nikolas clearly didn’t care for the chain of command. Small wonder he was held unfavorably at home…


    In a large abandoned hospital some Archons had taken residence. A series of tables were laid out in the rooms, and on these tables were the people whom had disappeared in the recent days. The larval Archons hovered over their catches, examining every inch of their bodies. Some of them were semi-conscious and looked back in terror, unable to move. The aliens were fixing these people with a menagerie of strange mechanical implants all over them. Overseeing them was a human male dressed in a black robe. He almost looked like a priest giving last rites as he passed through. Robotic arms welded and fastened pieces on. Alien hands passed over trembling flesh. From the robed man emerged a five-fingered claw, the replacement for an arm long lost. As he walked a loud clank followed his footfalls…


    “I can’t tell you more than I have already” Blaine told Anthony in private when he asked about Nikolas. “If you want to know more, you should ask him yourself.”
    “Is it really good for the team if I ask everyone about their past?”
    “They know all about you. Fair is fair. Besides, you are the commanding officer of this team, so you have a right to ask.”
    Anthony was still unsure. “I wonder if he really is as bad as they say. Why wouldn’t they have thrown him out long ago?”
    “Because his father is a rather influential politician. He was part of the underground anti-Soviet resistance in East Germany, so he’s quite the hero even outside his country. Throwing out his son for general incompetence would be… embarrassing.
    “Ah. Good ol’ nepotism.”
    “Actually I hear father and son aren’t on the best of terms.” Blaine turned sideways in his chair. “I can’t say I blame him.”
    Anthony thought of his own family. Both his grandfather and father had been Army men; perhaps his only act of rebellion had been joining the Air Force instead. Nonetheless he had continued a family tradition of military service with pride. Nikolas appeared to be the opposite.

    A vibration came from his ComBrace. The time disappeared from the screen and was replaced by a set of coordinates. They found Omar and the girls who had received the same notice.
    “It’s Nikolas” said Sita. Anthony took out and opened his ComPad, and entered the coordinates. A holographic map jumped from the screen and presented a 3D image of a large abandoned hospital off a freeway.
    “Something is going on there. Let’s go.”
    “Hold on” said Blaine. “You’ll need Archelon.”
    Anthony nodded and punched in the code for Archelon on his Pad. The five went down to the apartment building’s underground parking level and saw a large tank waiting for them. This was Archelon, an all-purpose, all-terrain vehicle shaped like the Commodore Vanderbilt streamlined steam engine, and housing Team GAIEA’s VULCANS and Dashers.
    “Was this teleported here?” asked Sita. The ‘out-of-order’ freight elevator in the building served as the transporter between here and Prometheus Base.
    “That elevator is quite spacious. And not so loud” Blaine shushed. “Next thing you’ll know the Base will have uninvited company.”

    The team entered Archelon and began to quickly move up the ramp above ground. A cloaking device concealed the tank as wings folded down from the sides and the wheels and treads drew inside. Once away from the building the cloak disengaged. Onlookers saw a strange object fly far above, but most of them thought nothing more of it…


    Nikolas had caught sight of the old Russian the bar patrons had mentioned. He was with another man, this one tall and lean. His face seemed pale and his eyes small and black. Nikolas found him peculiar. The two whispered to each other and began to walk together. Nikolas kept on their tail out of their sight.

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Attack!’ from Blue SWAT)

    Suddenly the two split up and went in opposite directions. Nikolas hesitated for a moment, and then followed the Russian. The other man stopped, did and about face and with inhuman-ability leapt forward and struck Nikolas from behind. He collided into some trash cans and looked around wildly. The Russian was gone but his partner was coming for him again. Showing no fear he tossed a lid at him and attacked in turn. The two fought hand-to-hand until Nikolas struck the man’s face with his palm and pointed, unclipped fingers, almost like a paw swipe. The man stumbled back, and he added a kick and punch to send him to the ground.
    “Who are you?!”

    The man rose again and faced the German. The side of his face that was struck was gone; a bluish whitenoise-like shape had taken its place. The rest of the body dissolved into whitenoise and then revealed the true alien form.

    It was an Archon, but not the larval type. From the briefings Nikolas surmised that it was the Nympha type, the next stage in growth.
    “Well, can you talk?”
    “** * ****** ***? ***!” The Archon rasped in its indecipherable tongue.
    “Not what I wanted” muttered the soldier. He dodged a blast and jumped before the explosion.
    “Build Up!”
    Now clad in his black suit, he tackled again. The Nympha was protected by a stronger armoring than the Larva; kicks and punches to the body affected it less. It dodged a stab and latched onto Nikolas’s arm in a painful grip, then dragged him through a window into a large garage where a Pod craft was waiting. More blasts sent him crashing into a wall and falling in a heap. The Archon clambered into the Pod and began to take off. Someone seemed to be with him. Not about to lose his chance, Nikolas daringly leapt after the Pod and grabbed onto it as it flew to the abandoned hospital. It swayed and zigzagged to throw him off but he kept his grip. Finally as it arrived on site, the two occupants suddenly abandoned ship. It self-detonated a moment later and Nikolas was sent plummeting down…


    Team GAIEA arrived on scene and exited Archelon. Black Wolf’s signal had disappeared from their sensors.
    “Be careful” Anthony instructed. They explored the lobby and upper floors and found nothing, then noticed their ComBraces indicating some kind of activity in the basement levels. With G-Pistols drawn they carefully descended the dirt-covered staircase.

    They reached a large subterranean storage area and beheld a great shock.

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Bakkasufundo Saishuu Sakusen’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    Large tanks and machines were spread out across the space. In the tanks appeared to be growing Archon spawn. Arms dipped inside the tanks and surgically implanted mechanical parts onto the bodies. The spawn, not yet full Larva, were gathered into clusters by the machines like frog eggs and placed onto pads. A Pod craft was then constructed around them. Full Larvae and three Nymphae were walking around examining each station. As Blaine watched the camera feed from the team’s helmts at Prometheus Base, he couldn’t help but be reminded of the Hatcheries in Huxley’s Brave New World

    “It’s like they’re building more troops” Sita whispered.
    “Breeding, to be more accurate. If you can call this breeding…” Blaine responded. “Destroy the whole building.”
    “What about the people who’ve been abducted?” asked Anthony.
    “And where’s Wolf?” added Emma.
    “You found no life signs. They have most likely been killed.”
    “But can we be sure?” asked Anthony.
    “You don’t have a lot of time, Eagle” Blaine was now curter. “That building must be destroyed before more Pods can be sent out and colonize more places. You’d best use the VULCANs for this.”
    Anthony paused and then replied. “Roger.” To his team, “Let’s move.”
    “Wait” said Omar, pointing to the other side of the room. “What’s that?”

    A commotion had broken out. Then an explosion tore through some large crates and brought down some Larva. Black Wolf, without any explanation of his survival, tumbled out after it while shooting more Larva that tried to catch him.

    *Archelon/VULCANs Theme plays*
    (‘Just Gigastreamer’ Instrumental from Tokkei Winspector)

    “It’s Wolf!” Emma cried loudly. The Archons nearer to them snapped their heads toward the noise and spotted the Team’s hiding place.
    “Idiot” Omar mumbled. They burst out as the aliens attacked and started a melee. Nikolas spotted them and whistled a greeting.
    “I was wondering if you’d show up!” he yelled as he nonchalantly shot some grunts down.
    “A little more warning would do nicely” Sita shot back. Archon parts littered the floor as Team GAIEA shot and slashed their bodies. In front of the others, Nikolas stood before a final group of charging Archons in a carefree manner, then in cowboy fashion drew his Pistol, rapidly shot them all down, and twirled it several times before returning to the holster. While the others stared at the stunt he gave them a thumbs up.

    But the Nymphae herded the five together and attacked in unison. Sparks erupted everywhere as the aliens’ armoring and the heroes’ Omnium suits took blow after blow.
    “Set G-Rifles!” commanded Anthony. Pistol and Blade combined. The team fired together and managed to drive them back. One took cover behind a Pod that was ready to depart. The ship targeted them and sent volleys their way, with some collateral damage thrown in.
    “Fire at will!” they found new spots and shot the Rifles repeatedly until the craft blew open like a cracked egg. Inside they could see the near-Larva Archons lying dormant. A final round took care of them too.

    The surviving Nymphae cursed the Team in their language and prepared another assault. This time Nikolas whipped out his ComPad and summoned Archelon before Anthony could give another order. The tank barged in via a driveway up to the surface and opened fire on the stations and Pods.
    “Let’s blow this place away!” he cheered. He ran before the others and opened a panel on the right side. Five large cannons with revolving turrets were set in place. The team took and unfolded them into Cannon Mode.
    “Lock on target.” They found their aim. “FIRE!”
    They pounded the large space with their artillery until everything was ablaze. The Nymphae perished in the flames and now the whole building was about to collapse.
    Back inside Archelon and raced out into the open as the building came down and was devoured in fire.

    Emma gave a cheer. Nikolas whistled, quite pleased with himself.
    “Target destroyed, General” Anthony happily reported. “Heading back - ”
    “No, wait!” Sita cried suddenly. She pointed forward at a mass of bodies coming toward them. These were not Archon though… but humans. The Team got back out and got a better look. These were the missing humans to boot!
    “It’s the missing people” said Omar. “They…. They’ve been altered!”
    Indeed, they all now bore cybernetic implants and prosthetics. A visor covered one eye, while the other stared blankly. They even walked strangely, as though they had forgotten and were now relearning.
    “General” said Anthony. “Are you getting this?”
    “I am” said Blaine. “Shoot them.”
    “What??” Anthony was shocked. “But sir - ”
    “They’ve been turned into drones. There is nothing we can do for them. Shoot them before they get you!”
    The team looked at each other with doubt. Anthony hesitated. The four looked to him.
    “Sir, I cannot. These are civilians.”
    “KILL THEM, EAGLE!” Blaine yelled. They jumped at the sound. Anthony drew a deep breath, raised his VULCAN, and gave the order.
    He averted his gaze as the mutilated victims were mowed down. In the distance another human figure, the Russian, watched silently. Nikolas caught sight of him and his mechanical hand. He ran his way but the man made a quick escape…


    Blaine was furious. He gave the Team nasty glares as he stood before them.
    “You never hesitate or question an order by your superior in the middle of a battle! One second can determine life or death and we cannot afford that! And you, Mr. Torres, should know that more than anyone here!”
    His reputation was certainly well-earned. Anthony decided to brave the storm.
    “So you are fine with any collateral damage as long as the enemy is destroyed.”
    “This is a war. You must do some very ugly things in war. Anyone who undergoes a cybernetic procedure by the Archons is already dead. Their minds have been wiped, they’re nothing but drones. You cannot save them, but you can try to save everyone else. I don’t like it any more than you, but it has to be done. A falter like today could be disastrous. I would have hoped all of you would have learned that long before you were given this job.”

    Anthony looked away. His teammates didn’t seem very encouraging either. This made him feel a tad bitter.
    “And lastly, Mr. Von Trapp, in the future it would be appreciated if you didn’t keep the Team in the dark about what you’re up to. When I want a report I expect to have it. Is that understood?”
    “Yes sir” Nikolas said quietly. He seemed distracted.
    “That goes for all of you. Cooperation is the key if we want to defeat the enemy.”
    They waited for more, but he then dismissed them. “You may go.”

    While the rest went, Anthony stayed behind and waited for the door to close before addressing Blaine.
    “May I speak freely, sir?”
    Blaine stood silently. Anthony went on. “I honestly don’t believe you found the right person to lead this Team. I… believe you can find someone more capable.”
    He waited for Blaine’s harsh rebuttal. But the general seemed to soften his posture.
    “We’ve been over this already. I wanted you because I know you have the ability. If there is one flaw in you it’s that you’re too humble. You should hear what people say about you, Lieutenant. You also have great compassion. A good soldier should have it, albeit used correctly and never to the endangerment of others.” Blaine now gave him a strange pitying look. He looked like he wanted to say something more but couldn’t bring himself to continue.
    “Nevermind. You have your own problems right now. Good night, Lieutenant.”
    “… Good night General”

    Anthony left the meeting room at Base and used the teleporter to return home. He decided he wanted to talk to Nikolas but he wasn’t in the apartment. No one had seen where he went.

    * * *

    The bar was having a music night. There on stage playing a saxophone was Nikolas. He looked and sounded like a relic from jazz’s heyday. The small number of new patrons applauded at the end. Nikolas gave a mock bow and returned to the counter.
    “Not bad” said the bartender as he passed him a drink. Nikolas drank slowly and patted the glass eye case, having bought it back from the man he had sold it to. Now ignoring the rest of the bar scene he thought to the Russian he had seen with the Archons. His helmet camera had zoomed in on his face. No doubt about it; this was the missing Ilya Pinkhasov, one of his father’s great enemies during his resistance days. What was he doing here? And what would Nikolas do about it? Why didn’t he come forward with this to the Team before?

    Nikolas laughed to himself. For a moment he believed he could in some wild way please his father. But little from him could please that man. He swallowed the rest of his drink and stared back at the glass eye…

    *Ending Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Galveston’ by Glen Campbell)

    Next Time
    *Next Episode Promo Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Yokoku Ongaku’ from Choujinki Metalder)

    Omar and Sita are sent to protect a Sri Lankan official making a clandestine delivery of Archon tech. When the Archons attack, Sita is left with his daughter in the hotel and must find a way of escape.

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    Log 4: Reminisce! Tiger’s Dance

    *Last Episode Recap Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Shinkou! Machine Teikoku...’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    “Target destroyed, General” Anthony happily reported. “Heading back - ”
    “No, wait!” Sita cried suddenly. She pointed forward at a mass of bodies coming toward them. These were not Archon though… but humans. The Team got back out and got a better look. These were the missing humans to boot!
    “It’s the missing people” said Omar. “They…. They’ve been altered!”
    Indeed, they all now bore cybernetic implants and prosthetics. A visor covered one eye, while the other stared blankly. They even walked strangely, as though they had forgotten and were now relearning.
    “General” said Anthony. “Are you getting this?”
    “I am” said Blaine. “Shoot them.”
    “What??” Anthony was shocked. “But sir - ”
    “They’ve been turned into drones. There is nothing we can do for them. Shoot them before they get you!”
    The team looked at each other with doubt. Anthony hesitated. The four looked to him.
    “Sir, I cannot. These are civilians.”
    “KILL THEM, EAGLE!” Blaine yelled. They jumped at the sound. Anthony drew a deep breath, raised his VULCAN, and gave the order.
    He averted his gaze as the mutilated victims were mowed down. In the distance another human figure, the Russian, watched silently. Nikolas caught sight of him and his mechanical hand. He ran his way but the man made a quick escape…


    Blaine brought the team together on Base for a briefing. Amidst the occasional loud and disturbing echoes from the lower levels, the general showed an image of the man that Nikolas had pursued with some information on the side.
    “We have identified this man as Ilya Pinkhasov. During the Cold War he was an official in East Germany who worked on various technological and military projects for the Soviets. Under his watch a group of underground resistance members managed to steal weapons and property from his people, and he became one of their archenemies.”
    “What did they take to make him that angry?” asked Omar.
    “No one is sure. Even today the former members do not speak of it.”
    Blaine cast a look at Nikolas, who pretended not to notice. He then went on. “Since the USSR’s collapse he has vanished… until now.”

    Anthony nodded. “Should we go look for him?”
    “Be on alert, but don’t make him your priority just yet. If he is working with the Archons, it could either be on behalf of someone or for some other purpose. Just carry on as usual.”
    “Yes sir” they replied. Blaine again looked at Nikolas as though expecting him to say something. Nikolas only shot a smile and departed with the others. Anthony looked between the two of them and wondered what was going on…


    *Opening Theme plays*
    (Chouriki Sentai Ohranger OP Instrumental)


    The next morning the men noticed the sound of a cable news report coming from the girls’ apartment. They knocked and, seeing the door was unlocked, slowly allowed themselves in. Sita was dressed in a blouse and long skirt, presumably her wear from last night, and watched the TV in concern. A large hotel in an Indian city had been bombed, and a radical Islamic group was taking the credit. They watched the chaotic images flash on screen. Emma entered in nightwear like a Western high school-aged girl, a direct contrast to Sita’s appearance, and helped herself to some food without paying much heed to the report. A group of pundits now appeared. It was brought up that one of the alleged perpetrators had had ties in the past to several influential families in Egypt, though the nature of which was not described. Omar showed no reaction to this. Sita turned her head sideways and glanced at him. Anthony feared and braced for a confrontation, but not a word was exchanged between them. Omar went back to the apartment.

    * * *

    Later that day the Team was training in the three Argentum Fleet mechas. When not in use they were stored within an immense flying saucer dubbed the Unmanned Fortress of Omnitechnology (U.F.O.), away from any one nation’s control. Red Eagle flew Jet Soarer through the sky, Black Wolf and Blue Snake pierced the sea with the amphibious tank Sub Prowler, and Green Tiger and White Gazelle drove the giant missile truck Murol (Mutiple Rocket Launcher) Hunter. Murol Hunter went across a field dotted with land mines and large turrets. It withstood the explosions and destroyed the turrets with its cache of rockets, fired from twin barrels that could raise and lower themselves from their bed.
    “All systems check” Omar reported to Base. Sita began a diagnostic for any damage and confirmed her partner’s word. She waited again for him to say anything regarding this morning, if he would try to defend or excuse the act. If her elder brother was in her place with his fiery temperament, he might have instigated something; Sita had to confess nervousness. Surely Omar was aware that his family, well-known among the political classes, would be under suspicion of possible involvement. The trust within the team, already not very strong, could crumble. Even she felt unsure. But the Egyptian remained silent on the matter.

    Was this a denial, a confession, or indifference?


    The next day Blaine gave them a new mission. A Sri Lankan official for the Central Bank was arriving to the U.S. under the guise of carrying out financial duties. In truth he was delivering a piece of Archon technology to his American counterparts. Team GAIEA was to safeguard the official and his young daughter traveling with him from a potential Archon attack. Omar and some Prometheus Base soldiers served as the official’s bodyguard team as he was picked up from the airport. On the way to the hotel his associates decided to have a meal and were “by chance” directed to the restaurant where Sita worked.

    Sita watched as the official and his party was seated at a table surrounded by the normal patrons, while Omar and his partners discreetly kept guard. She noticed the official’s daughter seated near the counter looking around nervously. It seemed this was her first time ever away from home. Memories of her time in Sri Lanka came back to her: India had sent a detachment to the north of the island nation to help deal with Tamil Tiger insurgents. In the time there she had both improved her Sinhalese and learned the rather obscure martial arts of Angampora and ‘Cheena di’. Both of these she had blended with her gatka and dance into a style all her own that could best even the most skilled men she sparred with. Even in a grim setting, there were happy memories.

    She smiled to herself and to the girl. Coming away from the counter she took a lollipop and gave it to her. The girl seemed unsure of what to say. She might not know English, Sita thought.
    Oyage namma mokodha?” What is your name?
    The girl lit up. “Imaya.”
    Lassana namma” That’s a lovely name.
    The girl was now at ease. Sita spent as much time as she could with her between her and her job. Omar watched them from his post and gave a ghost of a smile…


    The following morning the delivery was to be made. Omar and his crew kept pace with the official and his associates. Sita’s restaurant was catering an unrelated event, again “by chance”, in the same hotel and she kept watch from the inside. Outside Anthony, Emma and Nikolas took stakeout positions and monitored the sky and streets.
    “All seems normal” said Nikolas from his location.
    “Don’t assume anything” said Blaine. “Anyone you see could be an Archon imposter. At the slightest irregularity, be ready to move.”
    A group of Americans was there to receive the Sri Lankans. Omar then noticed one of them had green eyes. Wordlessly he pressed a button on his ComBrace to alert his teammates, but it was too late. The official was surrounded by Nympha Archons.

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Shuugeki’ from Choujinki Metalder)

    Omar and the bodyguards were thrown aside. People screamed and began to scatter, but larval Archons appeared from nowhere to attack.
    “Go in!” yelled Blaine. Omar fired a laser from his Brace at a Nympha and tried to wrestle the official away, but one of the aliens stole the briefcase he was carrying. With all these people he couldn’t transform. He saw Sita on the other side of the lobby fending off some Archons while people got to safety.

    In came Red Eagle, Blue Snake and Black Wolf to battle the enemy. Omar punched his way through to get the Archon with the briefcase, but suddenly Imaya came running in yelling for her father. Sita dove over and got her away just in time before an Archon could shoot her.
    Enna!” Come.
    Thatha athana!” My father’s there!
    Omar got her father out of the hotel away from danger, letting the briefcase get away. Some larval Archons blocked Sita and Imaya from joining them. Sita carried the child into an elevator and descended before they could catch them.

    Meanwhile Eagle, Snake and Wolf stood before the Nympha.
    “**** ** *!”
    Something threw them out of the building onto the street. Pods appeared in a ring above the hotel and activated a cylindrical barrier around it.
    “What the?” said Anthony.
    Lasers from the Pods threw them back even further. A news helicopter flying near the barrier and get zapped and fall from the sky.
    “Now what do we do?” asked Emma.
    “They got the suitcase” Omar reported to Base.
    “My daughter is still inside!” the Sri Lankan interrupted to Omar.
    “Tiger too” added Anthony to Blaine.
    Blaine’s brow furrowed. This was strange. Why go so far if they got what they wanted. Suddenly a message to the Base was intercepted.
    “It’s the Archons” said the one manning the station.
    “Can you translate it?”
    “It’s already in English sir.”
    “Then play it.”

    The message was plain: “We have the unit and we have hostages. If you want them freed, surrender all the technology you have stolen from us, or else we shall destroy this building. You have one hour to decide.”
    Blaine repeated the ransom to Team GAIEA. Now they needed a way to free the hotel and get back the alien tech, while Sita and Imaya were imprisoned beneath the surface…


    Sita and Imaya ducked into a hiding place in the hotel basement while the grunts continued to search for them. She dared not use her Brace or Pad to contact her teammates lest the enemy carried out their threat, but kept her Pad in one hand while cradling the child.
    Mutta bahyai. I’m scared.
    Sita held her closer like a comforting mother. With her Pad she scanned the entire basement and examined the small holographic map that appeared in mid-air. There was a staircase on the other side, at the moment free from Archon presence. If they were fast they could make it.
    Mage pitta te yanna” Get on my back.
    Imaya climbed on and wrapped her arms around Sita’s neck. For a moment the soldier recalled when she carried her younger sister around as a baby. Come to think of it, Imaya looked rather much like her. Sita stood frozen in place as precious time passed before remembering what she was doing. It was far too late to have second thoughts on this assignment.

    She snuck her way toward the door, past the entrance to a large swimming pool and gym. But when she opened it she found to her horror more Larvae coming through.

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Ookiku Naaten e!’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    Imaya screamed. Sita swung her around and rolled away from the aliens as they advanced, awkwardly fighting them off while shielding Imaya from their mechanical grasp. Despite this they managed to pry the child from her grasp. Sita yelled for her while kicked aside. Imaya cried and cowered under the aliens. One of them extended its proboscis, seemingly about to begin an on-field conversion surgery.
    Older sister, she cried. There was no other choice. Sita threw off an Archon and pressed the button on her Brace summoning her suit. Amazingly the signal pierced the barrier and was received by the U.F.O. high above. It beamed down a stream of Omnium particles back down which showered Sita and formed her green costume. Drawing her G-Pistol she shot the grunts and saved Imaya. A few more shots kept them at bay while they dashed up the stairs toward the hostages.

    * * *

    The remaining four Team GAIEA members remotely conferred with Blaine.
    “We can’t fly near it and there is no way underground” said the general. “The only way is to destroy the barrier from the ground. Then we can get back in and free the captives.”
    “I’ll take Hunter then” said Omar. “Archelon might not have enough power.”
    “Are you sure you can operate it alone?”
    “I think I can manage.”
    “I don’t need a thinker, Gazelle. Can you or can’t you?”
    “… I can, General.”
    “Then go. Wolf and Snake will man Archelon in any case. Eagle, you go up as soon as the barrier is broken and take care of any more Pods that might show up.”

    Soon Murol Hunter was deposited onto the street and carefully navigated along to avoid as much damage as possible. Omar in costume gripped the controls tightly. Without his partner driving the immense mecha was more difficult. Nikolas and Emma rolled in from the other side in Archelon. Anthony climbed to the top of an adjacent building and watched…


    Sita and Imaya jumped into a hallway on the floor she and her father were staying. Sita brought her to their room and told her to stay there.
    Akka coheda yannawa? Where are you going, Sister?
    The child was scared again. Sita took off her helmet so Imaya could see her face, and gave a reassuring look.
    Akka te ahana, hondadha? Oyage thatha ikmanata enna. Listen to Sister, alright? Your father will come for you soon.
    Imaya gave her a hug. Sita smiled and kissed her on the head. Then with a final pat she put her helmet back on and went back down to the lobby.

    There she fought her way to the large dining room where one Nympha in human form and a few Larvae guarded the hostages. The pale face and green eyes looked unimpressed.
    “One of you is still here” he said in English. “Your hour is almost up and I see no surrender.”
    “Let these people go” Sita demanded.
    “You don’t listen, do you? You dare take the fire of the gods and curse us for our response.”
    “Gods?” Sita snorted. “You’re just a bunch of giant bugs. What you must have done in a prior life!”
    “Fool! You will die with these worms. Or… we shall convert you for our use.”
    Sita raised her Pistol but the Larva fired shots at the people’s feet as a warning.
    “Drop your weapons or they die one by one.”

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Shoujo-ken Remi (1)’ from Chikyu Sentai Fiveman)

    Sita paused, then let her Blade and Pistol fall. But instead of deferring to her enemy she stepped closer and began assuming a martial arts pose. The Nyumpha scanned her body movements and cross-referenced them with data on Earth forms of combat. Finding a suitable counter he smirked mockingly at her and took a pose himself.

    Woman and alien semi-circled each other and began to duel. At first they seemed evenly matched but the latter had not anticipated the form that was a blend of forms. For his claims to godhood, he was like a computer outwitted by human ingenuity. Sita gruadually pushed him back with a series of graceful kicks until she managed to strike him in the head. His true alien face was half exposed. Sita finished him off with a strong palm strike to the face, and the without pausing retrieved her weapons, formed her G Rifle, and shot down all the Larvae.

    As the people cheered Sita reestablished contact with her team.
    “How’s the kid?” asked Eagle.
    “Fine. Any luck getting the barrier down?”
    “Gazelle is already on it.”
    Still weary of more Archons, Sita went to a window to see for herself.

    *Insert Song plays*
    (‘Superhero Sakusen’ by Ichiro Mizuki & Mitsuko Horie)

    Murol Hunter rolled near the hotel and raised its twin rocket barrels toward the Pods. Archelon spotted more Pods coming in to stop the mecha and attacked them first.
    “Firing missiles” radioed Gazelle
    A stream of missiles targeted to loop around the perimeter fired in quick succession. The Pods were destroyed and the barrier vanished.
    “The barrier’s down!” Sita yelled just as more Larvae began to appear inside the hotel.
    “Tiger, get inside Hunter! Wolf and Snake, take care of the Larvae!”
    Sita guided the people to a safe area and scrambled inside Murol Hunter. Archelon rolled into the lobby, crushing some Larvae in its wake and shooting others. Nikolas and Emma jumped out and began fighting the grunts. Anthony summoned Jet Soarer and began to dogfight the aerial reinforcement. Sita and Omar backed him up from the ground.

    Eventually the Pods were all annihilated, and the hotel lobby was strewn with Archon parts. As police and EMTs began to rush in Sita slumped back in her chair in relief. Suddenly Omar decided to speak.
    “What happens outside this mission is irrelevant.” He looked square at her. “The Archons are our enemy. Until they are defeated, that’s all that matters.”
    Sita stared back surprised. What he had said was true… whatever the feuds between peoples were, it wouldn’t matter if the Archons won. On the one hand he may be said to have dodged the issue, but on the other she felt a bit reassured. She nodded to him in reply…


    The Archons had gotten away with the technology but the day had been saved, so Blaine and the Team remained in relatively good spirits. Sita saw Imaya and her father off at the airport and, upon returning home, invited everyone to dinner at the girls’ apartment. The tantalizing scent of spices and curry soon wafted down the hall. Blaine himself invited himself to Sita’s kitchen and began to comment and advise on her cooking like an expert chef.
    “I used to be an Army cook in my younger days” he explained. “I know a thing or two about Asian cuisine.”
    “I never heard that said about you, General” said Anthony.
    “What have you heard about me, Mr. Torres?” Blaine asked with mock intimidation. Anthony raised his hands in surrender and recanted to the laughter of the others.

    As they ate and talked, everyone felt at ease. While their wariness of each other remained, the beginning of a sense of camaraderie seemed to be born among them. As Omar had said, they all had a common enemy, and only through unity was the chance to win...

    *Ending Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Galveston’ by Glen Campbell)

    Next Time
    *Next Episode Promo Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Yokoku Ongaku’ from Choujinki Metalder)

    Emma gets caught up in her college friends’ plan to infiltrate a military base supposedly housing alien technology; Blaine reveals the existence of the Mothership ‘Heart’ and the Archons’ ultimate goal.

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    Log 5: Break-in! Outback Rebel

    *Last Episode Recap Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Shinkou! Machine Teikoku...’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    Woman and alien semi-circled each other and began to duel. At first they seemed evenly matched but the latter had not anticipated the form that was a blend of forms. For his claims to godhood, he was like a computer outwitted by human ingenuity. Sita gruadually pushed him back with a series of graceful kicks until she managed to strike him in the head. His true alien face was half exposed. Sita finished him off with a strong palm strike to the face, and the without pausing retrieved her weapons, formed her G Rifle, and shot down all the Larvae.

    * * *

    “What happens outside this mission is irrelevant.” Omar looked square at Sita. “The Archons are our enemy. Until they are defeated, that’s all that matters.”


    Flesh wedded to machine. Prolonged life. It was the Archons that had saved Ilya Pinkhasov, or rather their technology so long ago. When he first came upon this miracle he was afflicted with a degenerative disease that slowly crippled his limbs. He studied the alien technology on behalf of his government, but in secret reverse-engineered it until he was able to graft it onto his hands. The procedure had worked. However Pinkhasov could not let this treasure go after this. He continued his research until some rogue members of the East German resistance stole some of the recovered Archon tech. From that poit he was their sword enemy until the collapse of the USSR, upon which he disappeared from the world’s eye.

    The Archons had found him living in seclusion and his body beginning to degenerate again. Thus had he made the exchange that put him where he was now…

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Kikai Teikoku no moui’ from Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan)

    Pinkhasov lay on a steel table by himself. A spotlight bathed him directly above. His black robe lay strewn on the floor. The old Russian scientist raised his arms to his face and examined them lovingly. He then rose to a seated position. Archon cybernetics were now woven into his arms, legs and chest. He felt younger and stronger than he had ever been in his prime. But it wasn’t enough… he craved more. Like Narcissus of antiquity, the scientist flexed his body in adoration. He only stopped when he heard the grating voices of his Archon partners demanding his presence.

    His dream could wait…


    *Opening Theme plays*
    (Chouriki Sentai Ohranger OP Instrumental)


    Muffled sounds were coming from Sita and Emma’s apartment one morning. The men came in and found a small group of young children playing and running around.

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Fukashiki hanzai’ from Tokkei Winspector)

    “There’s always something going on here” Nikolas joked. Anthony found Sita in the kitched and she waved good morning to them while shooing a girl away.
    “What’s going on here?”
    “Well…” Sita dodged a boy chasing a girl. “One of the neighbors asked me to baby-sit her kids the other day, and I guess word got around and now everyone is leaving their kids here.”
    “Are they that desperate for a babysitter?”
    “I didn’t charge the first mother… so they probably took advantage of that.”
    “Are you sure about this?” asked Anthony.
    “We don’t need the money.”
    “No – I mean, some side income wouldn’t hurt…” he lowered to a whisper. “This might compromise the mission.”
    “I spoke to the General and he seemed fine with it, as long as it doesn’t go too far.”
    “Define ‘too far’ ” said Omar as two kids suddenly started grabbing his ComBrace.
    “Don’t touch things without permission!” Sita scolded and moved them away. Nikolas suppressed a laugh.
    “Nothing… you just remind me of an old governess I once knew as a kid.”
    “I think you still need a governess” Omar muttered. “Maybe her too” he added, indicating Emma as she ambled in. She apparently had only now awoken.

    “Emma, you should have been up already” Sita reproached. “It’s the middle of the morning.”
    “So what? They’re no Archons around, right? And who are these kids?”
    “We’re babysitting, remember?”
    “You live here too, don’t you?”
    “Yeah, but this was your idea.”
    Sita watched Emma as she lazily got something to eat. With her wardrobe she looked rather like an overgrown kid herself.
    “Actually, don’t you have a class now?”
    Emma snorted. “Come one, those are just covers. I’m not really a college student, and you’re not really a chef. And Eagle Boy is not in construction.”
    “Having a cover means actually acting the part.”
    “Well think of it as skipping class then” Emma replied cheekily. “I’ll go in later.”
    This wasn’t exactly professional conduct Emma was exhibiting. Nor did she seem very adept at dealing with children, as she clumsily navigated around them.
    “I think you should reconsider” Anthony repeated.
    Sita sighed in reply. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea…


    The next day, Blaine found Anthony, Omar and Nikolas in the apartment building’s small gym.
    “General” Anthony was caught by surprise and jumped to his feet.
    “That’s ‘landlord’ to you” Blaine reminded him. Sita followed after and locked the door behind them. With his wardrobe and briefcase in hand, he looked like a vacationing businessmen. The old soldier paused a moment to look at the weight setting Omar had been using and raised an impressed eyebrow.
    “Has anything happened?” Omar asked.
    “I have had a meeting with both my counterparts abroad and members of the Pentagon who are aware of us. To put it nicely, they’re not pleased with the loss of the Archon tech delivered here.”
    “I can’t imagine they would be” said Anthony. “Are we to pursue them?”
    “It’s too late for that. By now they must have put it to its intended use.”
    “Yes, about that” said Nikolas, still handling a dumbbell. ‘You never said what exactly it was.”
    “Which is why I am here now.”

    Blaine opened the briefcase, which had a computer screen and keyboard latched inside, and brought up some images of peculiar spacecraft and robots.
    “While the Archon Mothership was destroyed when it first came to Earth, we have discovered its wreckage is… somewhat alive. Any substantial piece can remake itself into a giant machine or robot, almost like how a planaria or starfish can grow from severed body parts. The piece that was taken is thought to be part of a mechanism to activate such a machine.”
    “So they’re building a new fleet” said Sita.
    “Yes and no” Blaine brought up a new image of a yellowish sphere the size of a small asteroid.
    “This is thought to the Heart of the old Mothership. Various myths talk about a magical orb that could create and destroy almost anything, or anyone. We believe that the Archons’ goal is to find the Heart and create a new Mothership, which can destroy this planet. Your mission, ultimately, is to prevent that from happening.”
    “Do we know where the Heart is?” asked Anthony.
    “We are still searching. But even that can be dangerous. I wouldn’t want to be near such an object as that.”
    “If it doesn’t kill you, I bet the radiation will” Nikolas murmured.

    Blaine turned and spoke to the air “Did you copy that, Ms. Harris?” Anthony looked surprised.
    “Loud and clear” Emma radioed back a bit happily. She had been listening on via her ComPad from the university campus.
    “I hope no one heard with you” he added sternly. “I only allowed this because you couldn’t get away and this couldn’t wait.”
    “Don’t worry, General. I’m just a girl on a phone to anyone here.”
    “I hope so.”
    Sita thought Emma was being odd. Yesterday she was apathetic about going to class and now suddenly she couldn’t leave for an important briefing? Blaine seemed unperturbed though, and opened the doors again just as some of the other residents came in, wondering at the sudden closing.
    “He should talk about people ‘listening in’ ” Omar whispered as he eyed them. “Something could be going on at the Base he doesn’t want us to see.”
    Anthony said nothing.

    Meanwhile Emma twirled her Pad around while a group of campus friends waited expectantly for her to speak.
    “Well, did you get it?”
    “Of course. My source is very, shall we say, ‘deep inside’.”


    Emma had been born in the rural parts of Australia’s Northern Territory, but had moved with her family to Darwin a few years prior. Her untamed personality however did not suit her well for an urban world. She began associating with a wild lot and spent her high school years getting in trouble. In her senior year her father finally forced her to enlist in the navy. “Perhaps they can straighten you out, and you’re practically a fish with the way you swim.” Of course, Emma had instead been sent as Australia’s representative in Team GAIEA by gross negligence, someone with hardly any combat experience.

    While she didn’t care for her cover as a college student, friends had surprisingly been easy to come by. She found herself befriending some people in an amateur journalist group that investigated, of all things, paranormal and extraterrestrial events. They reminded her of the recalcitrant kids she had hung out with back home, perhaps in their own way of going against the mainstream current. And as they were “UFO chasers”, she thought this was an opportunity to learn rumors that Blaine might not be willing to divulge…. In exchange for “inside info” of her own.

    So it had been going on, until the other day when one of the group, a junior named Tim uncovered a story about a nearby military base housing recently recovered alien technology. Emma wondered if it could be related to the Archons, and whether Blaine or the whole Omnitech Project was hiding something from the Team. The rebel in her awoke again.

    * * *

    Emma returned home and began boiling some noodles, about the only thing she could cook without ending in disaster. Sita came out of her room.
    “Where have you been?”
    “You heard me. What were you doing all this time? You were supposed to go on patrol.”
    “Was I? Oh right!” Emma smacked her head. “Sorry, I got caught up in classes”
    “That’s just a cover” Sita replied, echoing the Australian’s earlier remark.
    “I’ll take your next shift, how about that?”
    Emma saw Sita continue to look critically at her. “Relax. Are you my keeper now or something?”
    “How could you not get away for a meeting like today’s?”
    “Look, what’s the big deal? I heard what Blaine said. Why do you keep hounding me?”
    “I don’t know. I feel something is going on with you.”
    “Well you’re wrong. Now let me cook this, I haven’t had a bite since morning.”
    Sita paused. “Are you sure no one heard you?”
    “Yes! I was all alone!”
    “You’re lying.”
    “What?! Prove it!”
    “I can tell.”

    Now Emma had lost her patience. She threw down her spoon and walked away. Sita followed after her.
    “You know, you’re acting like a child.”
    “And what are you, my sister? Or my mother? I don’t know how you do things at home, but you don’t boss me around.”
    “No. No one can boss you around.”
    Emma snorted. “I can read profiles too. Don’t let one of your skeletons slip out of the closet.”
    “If you did read them you’d know that’s an empty threat.”
    Emma ignored her. She checked her ComBrace for the time.

    “I’m leaving. Don’t wait up for me.”
    “Where are you going? Emma!”
    Sita then noticed the forgotten pot was boiling violently. She cursed under her breath and turned off the stove. So much for food.

    On her way out Emma ran into Nikolas who had been going to the bar for work and overheard the argument.
    “Where are you going in such a hurry?”
    “Oh out… somewhere. I’ll be back soon.”
    She brushed past him and disappeared. Sita came out to the doorway and looked after her.
    “She’s right, you know” Nikolas said. “You’re not her sister. Don’t act like one.”
    Sita was angry at first, but then reconsidered his words. She was used to acting that way, both with her younger siblings and her fellow soldiers. Clearly there were those that did not care for it. Still, she retained a feeling that Emma was up to something.

    Nikolas left the apartment building, but instead of heading to the bar, began to tail the young Australian…


    *BGM plays*
    (‘Koudou’ from Choujinki Metalder)

    Emma met her friends near a park and drove with them to the outskirts of the military base. The plan was to sneak in, get a few pictures and video footage, and sneak out as fast as possible. Afterward they would release their findings on their website and, hopefully, cause quite the stir. Emma led them down to an unguarded portion of fence and helped Tim slowly cut their way through. Their camerawoman Gillian swept the lens to and fro excitedly at the base while whispering into her microphone. Brandon the photographer kept watch for anyone coming by.

    Once inside they kept to the shadows. Emma dragged Gillian into a corner when she saw a headlight come on from a hangar. A large trailer truck crawled out and began to snail its way down a road toward one of the exits.
    “Good thing the flash is off” Brandon muttered as he snapped some photos. He looked for a license plate but found none.
    “You think it’s carrying that thing?” Tim whispered to Emma.
    “Maybe. You and Gillian go back to the car and follow the truck. Brandon and I will see if anything’s in here.”
    “You sure we should split up?”
    Emma smirked. “Don’t worry. I’ve come prepared.”
    What does that mean?” asked Gillian. But Emma was already dragging Brandon into the hangar. Gillian shrugged muttered something else into her microphone and mugged the camera for a bit while following Tim. Just then Emma and Brandon were illuminated by another pair of headlights and jumped away as another truck emerged from the hangar. The driver swerved violently to avoid them and knocked into a wall. The vibrations hit the cargo inside.

    “Who goes there?!”
    Guards flooded out of the darkness. Tim and Gillian began running in the opposite direction and were pursued by a chorus of yells. Emma shoved Brandon forward and tried to escape, but were soon surrounded by gun barrels. Brandon threw up his hands in surrender. Emma reached for her ComPad.
    “Put your hands up!” the commander shouted.
    “Emma” Brandon whispered. Emma then noticed the truck begin to shake violently.
    “HANDS UP!”
    The cargo broke out of the trailer. From the appearance it was some type of giant military drone. The soldiers turned their attention to this, so Emma took advantage and made a run for it. Brandon tried to follow but was recaptured.
    One soldier fired after Emma, but the loose drone began to steal the spotlight. It flew around firing on the soldiers and Brandon. He scrambled for a hiding place and was thrown forward by a shot at his feet. Shots flew everywhere. Sirens rang.

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Jack Dengeki Ouendan’ from Choujinki Metalder)

    Emma suddenly reappeared, now as Blue Snake and riding her Dash Snake motorcycle she had teleported from the U.F.O. She shot the drone with her G-Pistol and brought it down lower. Emma raced forward to attack again, but the drone did an about turn and shot her while flying her way. She fell off her bike and rolled on the ground. The drone fired some more all around the base and went back inside the hangar. Emma jumped back on and pursued. Meanwhile the commander radioed his superiors to report on what had happened. This was bound to be trouble.

    Emma followed the drone deeper underground until she arrived in an immense room with a water tank feeding into a lake at the center. The drone submerged into the water. Emma was no longer thinking; all this solo action had given her a sort of “high”; it had been so long since she had enjoyed herself this way. She dove in after it, grabbed hold, and began trying to cut at it with her G-Blade. The drone emitted a glow and shot a volley of projectiles, then dove even deeper. Emma was thrown out and landed on a platform above the tank. Undaunted, she began to dive in again but the drone went through a wide hole at the very bottom leading into an abyss. Pursuit was impossible.

    Suddenly the drone emerged again. To Emma’s amazement Sub Prowler followed the drone out and fired at it while submerged. The giant machine emitted nothing; it moved like a great sea creature silently stalking its prey.
    “So this is what you were up to” Nikolas radioed.
    “Wolf!” Emma exclaimed. “How did you know I was here?”
    “You didn’t notice me tailing you guys? You’re not very observant.”
    “Well, good timing.”
    The drone assessed that its attacks were not working and escaped the water. Emma formed her G-Rifle and hit it with several rapid blasts. The drone responded with another burst of bullets and energy beams, setting the chamber ablaze. More soldiers were running down the tunnel into the chamber. Some of the saw Blue Snake of Team GAIEA and shouted out her location.

    Discreetness had definitely gone out the window.

    Sub Prowler broke through the water’s surface.
    “Get in!” Nikolas commanded.
    Emma jumped inside. Nikolas aimed the large cannon at the drone and charged up for a final blast. The soldiers dealing with the drone saw the build-up and jumped clear. The submarine-tank hybrid fired and destroyed the drone in a brilliant explosion. It submerged and traveled back through the hole, down the connecting tunnel and into a wide, deep lake. Nikolas breathed a sigh of relief.
    “Well, that was exciting.”
    Emma then remembered her friends. They were still captive on the base.
    “Damnit, they’re still there. We left them behind.”
    “About that” Nikolas turned to her. “What the hell were you trying to do? You didn’t reveal anything about us, right?”
    Emma didn’t answer. Nikolas turned back ahead…


    News of the event traveled fast. Just a few hours later, past midnight, Emma stood at attention in front of Blaine. She expected him to rant and rave like he had before when the Team hesitated to shoot the mutilated humans. Instead the general was staring her down, saying nothing, his face blank. Emma wasn’t sure which made her more nervous.
    “Well, Ms. Harris? Please explain to me why I shouldn’t throw you out and reorganize this Team.”
    Emma remained silent. She had no answer, but she also retained the slight urge to not capitulate to her superiors.
    “I’m waiting” The voice grew more threatening.
    “I don’t have one, sir.”
    “Alright. Then let me understand what happened tonight. You and a bunch of college idiots obsessed with UFOs decide to break into a military base to see if it’s housing alien technology. A secret military drone gets activated in the commotion and nearly destroys the whole compound. You barely manage to escape, but not before dozens of witnesses spot you, or should I say Blue Snake, and your friends are now in custody being interrogated.”
    “What will happen to them?” Emma asked.
    “I don’t think you should concern yourself with them. Nor will you associate with them ever again, that’s for sure. But they’re getting off easy.”
    “Compared to me, right?” Emma blurted out, with the tone of one who had been through this before. Blaine caught this and flared his nostrils.

    “I don’t know you got on this Team, Ms. Harris. Gross negligence or sheer stupidity, to send a rookie with a record like yours to fight this enemy. But even you should have the brains to know not to get mixed up in this craziness. Am I correct?”
    “Yes sir.”
    “Instead, what do you do? You use your position to gain favor with civilians and encourage them to pull a stunt like this. And for what? To what end did you decide to risk the integrity of this Team? I can imagine all the media that will be stalking us 24/7 after this. ‘What conspiracy is afoot here?’ ”
    “Well sir…. To be perfectly honest - ”
    “I expect nothing less.”
    “With the rumors going on at that base, I thought it might be related to the Archons… and that something was being hidden from us.”
    “Is that all?”
    “That’s all.”
    “I’m sure you also didn’t want to taste your old, wild days again.”
    Emma conceded. “Maybe that too. Clearly I got carried away.”
    “That’s putting it quite mildly.”

    Blaine rose from his chair. He was even more imposing standing tall.
    “I still have no reason not to discharge you right now, other than the fact that no one else is available. And your government might not care to have their representative abolished from the Team. But I will make one thing clear and I hope this gets through to your head: one more breach like this, one more defying of orders, and you will be… disposed of.”
    “Is that what I think it means?” Emma asked quietly.
    “I’ll let you mull it over” Blaine’s look made Emma more nervous than ever. For the sake of this mission, who knew what the general would be willing to do? No one would even know of it.
    “Sir, if I may?” Emma started. “That drone didn’t appear conventional…. It felt alien.”
    Blaine said nothing for a moment. “There are a lot of ugly secrets out there, Ms. Harris. Some might even be glad that thing was destroyed….” He caught himself and added.
    “I’ll try to dissuade any long investigation. But you are on thin ice.”
    “Yes sir…. Thank you”
    “Now get out.”


    *BGM plays*
    (‘Yuuwaku to yakubou’ from Tokkei Winspector)

    Emma walked back to the apartment building alone down the empty streets. On the way she passed the bar where Nikolas worked. He was playing cards with the owner and some very late patrons, or perhaps the owner’s friends. He spotted Emma through the window and excused himself from the game to let her in.
    “It’s not good for a girl to be out so late.”
    “Tell me about it.”
    Nikolas called to the owner and said she was a friend. He waved them off and returned to the game. The two teammates walked to the bar, Nikolas behind the counter.
    “What did the general do?”
    “Oh, the usual. Threats and intimidation. Don’t worry, I left you out.”
    Nikolas shrugged. “He probably figured it out. He’s a smart man.”
    “It’s cold in here” Emma shivered. Nikolas poured a glass of liquor at set it on the counter.
    “Trying to liquor me up or something?” she teased. Her cheekiness was starting to return.
    Nikolas shrugged and took it back, but Emma stopped him with her hand.
    “On second thought, maybe I need a drink.” She carefully sipped the beverage. Some of her friends her age were already drinkers, but Emma, in a way a rebel among rebels, tended not to join in. Nikolas poured himself a glass.
    “Why did you help me tonight?”
    “We’re a team, aren’t we? We look out for each other, especially when they’re stupid.”
    Emma cocked an eyebrow.
    “But I can relate to ‘stupid’.”

    They smiled at each other and clinked glasses…

    *Ending Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Galveston’ by Glen Campbell)

    Next Time
    *Next Episode Promo Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Yokoku Ongaku’ from Choujinki Metalder)

    To combat the Archons’ new mecha the Argentum Fleet combines into the giant robot Silverado, with disastrous results. Team GAIEA races to find a solution before it's too late.

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    Log 6: Triple Cross! Silverado

    *Last Episode Recap Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Shinkou! Machine Teikoku...’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    Sub Prowler followed the drone out and fired at it while submerged. The drone assessed that its attacks were not working and escaped the water. Emma formed her G-Rifle and hit it with several rapid blasts. The drone responded with another burst of bullets and energy beams, setting the chamber ablaze. More soldiers were running down the tunnel into the chamber. Some of the saw Blue Snake of Team GAIEA and shouted out her location.

    “Get in!” Nikolas commanded.
    Emma jumped inside. Nikolas aimed the large cannon at the drone and charged up for a final blast. The soldiers dealing with the drone saw the build-up and jumped clear. The submarine-tank hybrid fired and destroyed the drone in a brilliant explosion. It submerged and traveled back through the hole, down the connecting tunnel and into a wide, deep lake…


    Archon Pods pierced the early morning sky like a swarm of flies, laying waste to civilization. Team GAIEA was mobilized and flew to the scene in Archelon. The flying tank began to dogfight with the Pods.
    “Deploy the Argentum Fleet” ordered Blane from Prometheus Base.
    “Launching Fleet” repeated Anthony.

    *Argentum Fleet Theme plays*
    (‘Ma tsutsu kaitou’ from Final Fantasy)

    The Team pressed the command on their ComPads. U.F.O. drifted into the battle and opened the immense hangar doors on its front and sides. Jet Soarer, Murol Hunter and Sub Prowler deployed. Archelon flew over them as they descended and transported the Team into their respective cockpits. As they fought the Pods another, larger craft, an ellipsoid adorned with many serpentine tentacles, brought up the rear of the attack force. It dwarfed any of the three mechas on their own.
    “What the hell is that?” wondered Anthony aloud. He made a flyby over the object and barely dodged one of the grasping tentacles.
    “Stay clear of those arms!” said Blane. “Use your long-range weapons.”
    “Sir - ” one of the personnel in the command room began nervously.
    “No” said the general firmly, turning toward them. “I won’t risk that.”
    But the mechas were having little success. The craft effectively withstood their bombardments and made ceaseless efforts to pluck them from the ground or air. The tentacles also fired energy blasts all around the city, sending more devastation forth.
    “Sir, the city is in danger!”
    “I can see that!”
    “They need to do the Triple Cross before it gets worse.”
    “It will get worse if they do that.”
    “It’s our only option, sir.”

    Blane sighed and shut his eyes tight. Silverado. The colossal silver robot. The pinnacle of their Omnitechnology, and also the bane. If it failed here the results could be disastrous.
    “General” radioed Sita. “Your orders?”

    Blane answered her. “Go into Triple Cross Formation.”
    “What? Silverado isn’t ready!” said Omar.
    “Then pray for a miracle.”
    “Roger” said Anthony after a pause. “Triple Cross Formation!”


    *Opening Theme plays*
    (Chouriki Sentai Ohranger OP Instrumental)


    *Silverado Theme plays*
    (‘Ma tsutsu hassha’ from Final Fantasy)

    The Argentum Fleet began to combine. Murol Hunter’s twin launchers rose to a vertical position, detached themselves and rose skyward. Sub Prowler raised its top half and extended its bottom half out (the treads stayed in place). These connected to the flatbed of Hunter and they split into a pair of legs. The two flat pieces of metal on either side of Hunter folded over the legs and moved a pair of rockets on either side to the outside.

    As the structure raised itself to a standing position, a pair of arms folded out from Prowler’s back and the cannon retreated, so that a blue-green half-sphere adorned the chest of the robot. Jet Soarer navigated into position; the wings folded in, the nose flipped places with a head, and it docked with the open space in the back. The twin launchers attached onto the back. The outside of the head rotated 180 degrees to reveal a face with Red Eagle’s logo on the forehead. The right and left kneecaps bore White Gazelle and Green Tiger’s logos respectively; the right shoulder had Blue Snake’s logo, and the left shoulder Black Wolf’s.
    “Docking complete” reported Anthony. Silverado stood tall in glistening silver hue. The Team now sat together in a single, close-quarter cockpit
    “Alright, let’s take this thing out”

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Kyodai Machine Juu Shutsugen!!’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    But suddenly everything seemed to shut down. Archon letters scrolled rapidly on the overhead and console screens. It was as though a viral program had taken over the robot and rendered it impotent.
    “No, not now!” Nikolas lamented. “Why does it always do this?”
    “Here it comes!” yelled Emma.
    The ellipsoid mecha attacked. Frantically Team GAIEA tried to get Silverado back online. This problem had consistently cropped up in the test sessions; for some reason they couldn’t get the three systems to properly interface. The Archon technology almost had a mind of its own, refusing to cooperate with these human usurpers.

    Silverado remained motionless. It took blow after blow from the enemy machine. Damage reports flashed on screen. Sparks flew and steam rose. Several tentacles took hold of the robot and lifted it in the air.
    “Fall back!” ordered Blane. “Undock and fall back!”
    “We can’t undock!” yelled Omar. Silverado was being thrashed on the ground, sending the Team tumbling about. It was at last thrown aside several yards and crashed in a heap. The ellipsoid then proceeded to hover to the center of the city and root itself to the ground with the tentacles. A force field appeared in its immediate perimeter.
    “Damn” Blane muttered.

    Team GAIEA lay unconscious in the cockpit. U.F.O. flew up and beamed the wrecked mecha back inside itself, then cloaked and disappeared in the clouds…


    The team recuperated in Prometheus Base. Their mechas were undergoing repairs inside the massive flying saucer carrier through its A.I., their progress viewed on monitors from the Base.
    “The problem, simply put, is it’s overpowered” explained Blane. “But we can’t reduce the power or else the vehicles won’t even combine.”
    “So what do we do?” asked Anthony.
    “We can try using your ComPads to buffer the power surges, like with your VULCANs. The program is being sent to the U.F.O. right now. But even with that it will be difficult to control Silverado.” He paused. “It might be we have built something beyond ourselves.”
    “Everything here is beyond us” muttered Emma.
    “What is that ship doing?” Anthony pressed, seeing the ellipsoid rooted in the city.
    “We’ve codenamed it Progeny 1, as it was created from one of the remains of the old Mothership.” The camera image zoomed in. Civilians were being abducted into the vessel and released again as mutilated drones with cybernetic prosthetics, just as they had seen before.
    “They must have put up the shield to guarantee privacy” said Sita. Anthony rubbed his clenched fist as he saw the images.
    “How much longer until repairs are done?”
    “Don’t be hasty, Eagle. We need an attack plan.”
    “Maybe Snake can stage another break-in” said Omar.
    “Oh give it a rest” said Nikolas. Emma was about to make a retort but Blane stopped them with a glare. Anthony grimaced; in today’s rush he had almost forgotten the tensions that had sprung from Emma’s stunt. The drone officially didn’t exist, and Blane did not volunteer any information. But Anthony was sure everyone was suspecting each other even more than before. Maybe he did too.

    “As I was saying, we need a plan. The first step is uprooting that ship.”
    “How about bombs?” suggested Nikolas.
    “Conventional ones may not work.”
    “Of course not. You have some alien dynamite or something hidden here?”
    Blane snorted. “We have developed something for a purpose like this. You’ll have to find a way through the shield, and then fight through the drones and attach a bomb to each limb.”
    “Sounds simple enough” said Emma.
    “Don’t kid yourself. You’ll have a fight on your hands. And this time do not hesitate. You can’t afford it.”

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Baranoia Teikoku Shuurai!’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    Suddenly the shield around Progeny 1 disappeared.
    “They must have had their fill” said Nikolas.
    “Or they’re baiting us” said Omar.
    “Either way, we must seize this chance. Team GAIEA, move out!”
    The Team saluted and quickly followed a soldier down to a storage unit, where the bombs were ready. They picked up as many as there were tentacles rooted in, and then proceeded to a small hangar where Archelon sat waiting.
    “You can cover more ground by splitting up” suggested Blane via comlink. “Take the Dashers and use Archelon as cover.”

    Archelon left the Base and arrived outside the city. It switched from jet to tank mode and opened a side door with ramp. The soldiers got on their Dasher motorcycles and rode out…


    *BGM plays*
    (‘Makete Tamaruka’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    Team GAIEA raced toward the city on their Dashers. Pods swooped down and attacked from above, while land mines went off around them as they rode. Archelon gave them some cover fire, but once they entered the city it switched to jet mode and began to act the gadfly to the ellipsoid. Team GAIEA split up to begins setting the bombs. The converted humans came out next to face each of them. Not wanting to harm them, they tried their best to dodge their assaults and continue the work. Eventually, however, Nikolas could no longer take it and shot down his attackers like a gunman out of a Western. But instead of enjoying it, he cast a scornful look to Progeny 1 above him and activated his last bomb, taking that as his and their vengeance.

    Once all the bombs were set, the Team regrouped and rendezvoused with Archelon. They rode inside with the Dashers and took manual control, guiding the tank a safe distance away. Moments later the bombs went off. The tentacles were destroyed, and the alien craft forcefully ascended up and away.
    “Time for Round 2” said Emma.
    “Argentum Fleet, launch” Anthony commanded into his ComPad.

    Their mechas deployed once more and they scrambled inside.
    “Triple Cross Formation!”
    Silverado was formed and again stood before its opponent. A new set of tentacles had grown from the body and it waved them menacingly.
    “Starting the countdown” said Anthony. The clock started at five minutes. Silverado awkwardly moved forward and began to grapple with the multi-limbed machine. Sita punched in a code on her panel.
    Yangtze Saber!” said the computerized voice of Silverado, with an image of a sword appearing on screen. U.F.O. released a long, sharp sword into Silverado’s hand and it began to slice off the tentacles. Once the robot was free, it stabbed the sword deep into Progeny 1’s body, sending it floating away.
    Victoria Magnum!” A three-barreled gun fell into Silverado’s hands and it began shooting the machine.
    “Three minutes” said Omar.
    Progeny 1 hit back with its own rapid fire.
    Barrier Shield!” A large rectangular shield dropped in. Silverado protected itself and slowly made its way forward again.
    “One minute!” Omar warned. Seconds were burning away. Silverado grabbed Progeny 1, took back its Saber and shoved the craft away. The blade charged up with energy and glowed yellow.
    “Thirty seconds!”
    The systems began to short-circuit and spark. It was now or never.
    Crashing Flood!” Silverado sliced Progeny 1 into two along a diagonal. The pieces severed and exploded in the air, releasing a fiery burst of light and heat.
    “3….. 2…. 1!”

    The team quickly undocked the three vehicles, which landed safely on the ground.

    * * *

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Hasshin! Thunder Wing (1)’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    Blane breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat from his brow.
    “Good work Team” he radioed.
    The five soldiers walked away together with the Argentum Fleet and U.F.O. in the background. Civilians who had dared to watch the titanic clash now watched them with a mixture of awe and apprehension. Archelon flew in to pick them up as U.F.O. beamed back the Fleet.
    “What do you think of those guys?” asked one man to another. This other, an old veteran, only gave a parting salute and a nod to the band of heroes as they flew away…

    *Ending Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Galveston’ by Glen Campbell)

    Next Time
    *Next Episode Promo Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Yokoku Ongaku’ from Choujinki Metalder)

    Omar catches an American Muslim journalist investigating Team GAIEA; the rest of the Team attack an Archon base converted from an abandoned nuclear missile silo.

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    Log 7: Exposé! Prodigal Daughter

    *Last Episode Recap Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Shinkou! Machine Teikoku...’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    Yangtze Saber!” said the computerized voice of Silverado, with an image of a sword appearing on screen. U.F.O. released a long, sharp sword into Silverado’s hand and it began to slice off the tentacles. Once the robot was free, it stabbed the sword deep into Progeny 1’s body, sending it floating away.
    Victoria Magnum!” A three-barreled gun fell into Silverado’s hands and it began shooting the machine.
    “Three minutes” said Omar.
    Progeny 1 hit back with its own rapid fire.
    Barrier Shield!” A large rectangular shield dropped in. Silverado protected itself and slowly made its way forward again.
    “One minute!” Omar warned. Seconds were burning away. Silverado grabbed Progeny 1, took back its Saber and shoved the craft away. The blade charged up with energy and glowed yellow.
    “Thirty seconds!”
    The systems began to short-circuit and spark. It was now or never.
    Crashing Flood!” Silverado sliced Progeny 1 into two along a diagonal. The pieces severed and exploded in the air, releasing a fiery burst of light and heat.
    “3….. 2…. 1!”

    The team quickly undocked the three vehicles, which landed safely on the ground…


    Somewhere in the wilderness a large area had been set aside as a military training ground. Omar was there riding Dash Gazelle, but without his Omnium suit and clad in army wear. His helmet was his sole facial concealment. As he rode up and down a hilly dirt track he noticed someone watching him. A female was hunched over in the distance near the ground’s perimeter fence clicking away with a camera. Omar pretended to not notice and rode to the highest point on the course to get a better look. She appeared to be either a paparazzi or an investigative journalist.
    ‘Another one’ he sighed. Ever since Emma’s stunt with her college band the media had been tailing the Team more and more. It was time to do something about this.

    Omar rode down the hill and off the track toward the fence. The woman began packing up and hightailing it out of there. But Omar rode through one of the gates and cut off her escape.
    “Who are you?!”
    The woman tried to go sideways, but Omar seized her by the wrist.
    “Let me go!”
    “You’re trespassing on military ground. Who are you?”
    The woman angrily flashed her credentials. “Can’t you read?”
    Omar saw the name Ryana Khan stamped on her tag. Angry eyes glared at him.
    “Another reporter. We’re gonna have to take care of you folk.”
    “What does that mean? Who are you to - ” Ryana then noticed White Gazelle’s logo on the Dasher.
    “That’s White Gazelle’s motorcycle! Why are you riding it?”
    “You’re under arrest” Omar suddenly declared. “Come with me.”
    “Arrest?! You can’t arrest me!”
    “Watch.” Omar took a pair of white plastic handcuffs and roughly tied her hands behind her. Then he forced her behind him on the Dasher and rode back to the ground HQ…


    *Opening Theme plays*
    (Chouriki Sentai Ohranger OP Instrumental)


    At HQ, Omar conferred with Blane via comlink.
    “These media folk are getting out of hand” said the general. “They have been getting in the middle of firefights lately too. Is this keeps up someone will get killed, or worse.”
    “I’d suggest making an example of her, sir, and send her to jail.”
    Blane snorted. “While I sympathize with you, that’s not how we do things in this country. Besides the conspiracies are running hot already; you’ll just add more fuel to the fire.”
    “Well we need to do something.”
    “Where is this woman now?”
    “She is being detained. You want her let go?”
    “You were briefed on a new assignment. I want the Team deployed ASAP, so cut her loose.”
    The Archons were reported to have made a base in an abandoned nuclear missile silo. If there were any weapons still left there and used by them, there would be a disaster.

    “Sir… might I suggest I take care of this one? Maybe throw her a bone so we can be left alone for a while.”
    Blane paused. “Someone else could do that. Why are you volunteering?”
    “Is that a refusal, sir?”
    “That depends on your reason.”
    Omar hesitated on divulging that. Instead he offered this. “She saw me with my bike. If I pretend to be an aide to the Team I could perhaps give her something that she won’t write as more obfuscation.”
    Blane thought this over. “I’ll inform your teammates, but if their fight goes awry I’m pulling you out, no matter what.”
    “Thank you sir.”

    He hung up and began to change his clothes. When he went back to get the woman she had already been released and told to wait in a room with several tables.
    “Are you the reporter?” he asked, assuming his false persona. “Looks like they released you.”
    “I am” Ryana replied irritably. “Are you the stooge sent to give me the usual garbage?”
    Her abrasiveness took him back. He found it rather offensive.
    “No” he replied, suddenly deciding to change course. I’m here to send you out.”
    Ryana seemed unimpressed. “I doubt you could.”
    “You don’t seem to be taking this very seriously. You could be thrown in jail.”
    “You wouldn’t dare. My paper will come down on you so hard, and drag the others along with them. Freedom of the press, and so forth.”
    That was true enough. Omar knew of many people even in his part of the world who reveled in taking advantage of the Western media’s sympathies.
    “I suppose national security means nothing to you.”
    “We have supposed aliens causing mayhem and the military seems to be doing nothing about it. Only a band of guys playing superhero with questionable motives seem to be on the job, and nothing has been done about their recent break-in to a base. You tell me who’s more concerned.”
    “Come with me and I’ll get you out of here.”
    “Someone riding White Gazelle’s bike brought me here. Is he him? Where did he go? You throw me out and I’ll come right back. Try to arrest me. See what happens.”

    Omar studied Ryana. She was quite Americanized, and to him did not seem very religious. Add to that arguably unfeminine attire, coupled with a typical journalist’s arrogance. He felt a strange compulsion to tackle this concoction.
    “The organization thinks you have a point - ”
    “What organization?”
    “I’ll escort you off base and you can have your story, but only as much as I allow. Do not trespass on military grounds again, and do not let any of this come back to me.”
    Ryana was intrigued. Omar took her to a jeep and drove her off the base…


    Red Eagle led Team GAIEA across the ocean desert to the island housing the silo. He flew ahead in Jet Soarer. Black Wolf and Blue Snake followed by sea in Sub Prowler, and Green Tiger traveled beside them in Archelon’s submarine mode.
    “We’re approaching the island” Anthony reported to Blane.
    “Stay sharp” the general replied. “Those missiles could have already been armed. You have no time to spare on this one.”

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Sayourioku Henshin’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    Anthony began approaching the island. Not surprisingly, the Team was greeted by a squad of Pods.
    ‘I’m picking something else up” said Nikolas. The computer showed a series of points dotted around the island perimeter. “They look like…”
    “Mines” said Sita.
    “Not like we know, I’m sure” said Blane. “But if they’re increasing their defenses, the weapons must for sure be still operational.”
    “We’re going in” replied Nikolas.
    “Whoever can break through first, get to the missiles and destroy them before they can be launched!”

    Archelon dove under and swam silently toward the outermost mines. A set of them detonated around it, but the vehicle managed to bear it out. However Sita noticed that the surviving mines replicated themselves to replace those destroyed. If she tried to ram through the field to the other side, she would be continually rocked with explosions until Archelon was destroyed.
    “These mines can replenish themselves!”
    “I see it” said Emma. “Get outta there before you’re surrounded.”
    Sita blasted the mines around her and escaped through the opening before their replacements appeared. Sub Prowler came down and tried to shoot several dozen mines at once, but the remainder made continual replacements.
    “If we can shoot them fast enough, we can stop the copying” said Sita. “Wolf, Snake, keep shooting. I’ll fire on their neighbors right after.”
    Sub Prowler fired on the closest mines, and Archelon immediately fired on the closest ones before they could replicate more. They operated as fast as possible; even a slight delay would produce more mines to contend with.

    Meanwhile Anthony was gradually winning his dogfight. He now started to fly toward the large pit-like opening leading into the base.
    “Preparing to fire.”
    He punched a code into his inserted ComPad.
    Vesuvius Cannon!” said the voice of Silverado, programmed into each of its three component mechas. U.F.O. sent down a large cannon. Wire hooks shot out from Jet Soarer’s underside, latched onto the cannon, and drew it back to the jet where it docked underneath. The power surge from the combination caused a strain on the jet’s systems, but Anthony ignored it while he found his aim.
    “Target locked.”
    The strain worsened. Anthony waited impatiently for maximum power and fired into the pit. Suddenly a giant transparent barrier of alien origin appeared around the base and blocked the blast. A great explosion bloomed in midair. Jet Soarer was thrown away from the island. Vesuvius Cannon fell into the sea. Anthony fought to regain control as his craft tumbled uncontrollably in the air.

    “Eagle!” cried his teammates. His signal went out. They stopped firing on the mines long enough for them to replicate again. Sita determinately plunged Archelon forward, bearing all the exploding mines in a frantic attempt to reach shore and get in the base. Sub Prowler gave as much cover as it could while a net of mines slowly enclosed around them…


    Omar and Ryana spent the day traveling to her favorite spots while she diligently recorded his answers.
    “So let’s review” she said as they walked out of a café that evening. Omar swirled a cup of coffee she had given him that he had not wanted. “Team GAIEA was set up by some splinter faction within the military to fight supposed ancient alien invaders, but also to expose the alleged conspiracy of the government to conceal a history of alien encounters. Hence why they broke into that army base recently, and why no government will acknowledge their existence.”
    “Sounds about right. They are rumors of… alien technology being researched there and in… other places.”
    “I thought you would be more skeptical of such stories” Omar took a sip of his drink. Too sweet and foamy.
    “Strange things are happening these days. I don’t count out anything anymore.”
    “Hmm” Omar continued examining the young woman. She was watching him as well while he gulped down the disgusting beverage, as though cheating her out of seeing him recoil at it. She’s perceptive, Omar thought. She might suppose that he was a man with an “Old World” mentality and wanted to have some fun at his expense for the earlier harassment. They both wanted something out of this, something more personal than an exclusive on Team GAIEA.

    “So, anything else you want to add?” Ryana asked.
    “No. You have everything I promised to give.”
    “Alright then…. I have some questions about you.”
    “Is this part of your story too?”
    “No. Maybe for another though...”

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Yuuwaku to yakubou’ from Tokkei Winspector)

    They walked to a large apartment complex that presumably was Ryana’s home. Omar expected to get off on her floor but instead they ascended all the way to the roof. Ryana slowly walked out toward the ledge and looked down to the street. The night breeze blew through her free hair.
    “Do you ever feel uncomfortable being a Muslim in the military?”
    Omar had not expected such a direct question. He wondered if she had an angle, seizing a chance to pen a critical piece on U.S. soldiers. Her way of expressing some kind of solidarity with her kin… or maybe it was genuine curiosity.
    “Well as long as you don’t go around shooting people, they couldn’t care less what you are.”
    “You believe that?”
    Omar joined her. “What does it matter to you?” he retorted. “You’re not exactly an adherent, from what I can gather.”
    Ryana frowned. “You think I’m apostate because of my clothes?”
    “Plus you don’t really carry yourself as a… shall we say, Orthodox person.”
    “You sound like my parents, only politer.”
    “Care to elaborate” Omar looked at her expectantly. Ryana reluctantly went on after a moment.
    “They wanted me to go into medicine or some other ‘status’ career, but I opted for journalism. They said I should be more demure in appearance, but I wanted to dress ‘flashier’. And I never really bought into organized religion to begin with, which annoyed my father in particular to no end. So here I am living on my own here, doing what I want and nothing else.”
    “He threw you out.”
    “No…. We just don’t see eye-to-eye enough to live together. That’s all” she finished with a shrug.

    Omar was quiet for a while. Ryana then turned to him again.
    “That doesn’t mean I’m not religious.”
    “I’m sure it doesn’t.”
    “Don’t believe me?”
    “Your God is your business… whatever he is.”
    Ryana frowned, wondering if this was veiled derision. Omar turned away and noticed his ComBrace vibrating. He was needed on the field.
    “And my business with you is about done. I’ll take my leave.”
    “Hold on” Ryana called after him as he tried to get away. Omar faced her piercing gaze.
    “Are you sure you don’t know who White Gazelle is?”
    Omar paused for a moment. “I don’t.”
    There was more to that response than one might think. Ryana watched him disappear and turned back to the cityscape. Her recording of the interview lay tightly grasped in her hand. She had what she wanted… but yet still not.

    A beam of light in the distance caught her eye. Moonlight? But there was no Moon tonight… Ryana then chuckled to herself.


    Omar was teleported directly into U.F.O. He ran through the hangar to Murol Hunter and deployed over the island.
    “I hope you have a plan, Gazelle” said Blane.
    “I do”

    *Insert Song plays*
    (‘Fire Hurricane’ Instrumental from Tokkei Winspector)

    Omar dialed the code for Victoria Magnum, which dropped down and docked behind the vehicle. Omar braced for impact as Hunter landed hard onto the shore. Then he drove forward while shooting with the Magnum. Two large drills emerged from the front of Hunter. Omar hit the barrier and set the drills to begin attempting to cut through.

    While this went on Archelon converted to tank mode and crawled onto shore. Sita activated its self-diagnostic and quickly exited, retrieving her VULCAN and following after Omar. Hunter’s drill continued to work, Omar continually pushing on, until finally the barrier began to shatter and fall. Pieces were strewn about the island and disappeared. Sita now faced Larval Archons coming out from the base. Omar provided what support he could but focused chiefly on ramming his way inside.

    Sub Prowler eventually emerged on land as well. Nikolas and Emma joined Sita in fighting off the grunts. Omar navigated the contracting tunnels, blasting away enemies, until he could see the the cache of missiles. They were circled by Pods housing unborn Larva, with hatched Larva and Nympha busily working. Most were already armed.
    “Damnit” He didn’t want to shoot them here, lest he get caught in the explosion. He’d have to try to disarm them. Omar emerged from his mecha and began to fight the horde with sword and gun.

    * * *

    Anthony had ejected and swam toward the island. U.F.O. beamed up the damaged Jet Soarer and Vesuvius Cannon.
    “So much for that” he muttered to himself, accidentally over the comlink.
    “Suck it up, Eagle. Get inside and give Gazelle some back-up” said Blane.
    Anthony sighed. No sympathy to be found here.

    He took advantage of the other three keeping the grunts busy and made his way to Omar, fighting the occasional Archon along the way.
    “The control panel is on the other side!” said Blane. Anthony saw it minimally guarded, the others being busy with Omar. He took them out and tried to make sense of the controls. Meanwhile Omar was wearing out. Impatient to help his teammate, Anthony took his ComPad and placed it on the console. It began accessing the system and activated the shutdown process. Anthony guarded the console as it dragged on, shooting any Archon that tried to attack.
    “How much longer?” asked Blane.
    “Almost….. done!” The missiles were deactivated. Anthony grabbed his Pad and rushed in to help clear out the remaining Archons. Wolf, Snake and Tiger arrived in Archelon.
    “Good, you made it” said Anthony. “Let’s get rid of this nest.”
    They all took aim with their VULCANS and, on Anthony’s command, destroyed the Pods. Murol Hunter then obliterated the disarmed missiles lest anyone else tried to get their hands on them.

    When the Team returned outside, the sun was just peeking out over the horizon.
    “The recovery team is en route” said Blane.
    “Good” said Omar. “Let’s get off before we attract attention.”
    They scrambled off the island and disappeared. Some time later the island was crawling with agents and hazmat teams, quickly retrieving all the Archon remains…


    Omar shut himself within his room and lay exhausted in the bed. Today had been quite the day. He had declined celebrating with the others and instead mulled over what he and Ryana had said. On the one hand, he found her character disagreeable. Yet on the other, he could somewhat empathize with what she had told him. In some ways, he too was rather different. But never to the point of clashing with any of them; he had always done what was expected of him, like any good son of a powerful family.

    But how long could that go on? How far would he go for them?

    A book by Sayyid Qutb lay on a bedside table. Near the closet was his prayer rug. Omar looked out at the sun. It was nearly time for the ritual prayers. He gathered the rug, but instead of setting it up there, he quietly left the apartment and went out, past the small Muslim center in town, to an inconspicuous garden in the park undisturbed by passersby. He had always felt closer to the spiritual in nature than in Man’s grand holy structures.

    Here in silence, he performed his communion...

    *Ending Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Galveston’ by Glen Campbell)

    Next Time
    *Next Episode Promo Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Yokoku Ongaku’ from Choujinki Metalder)

    Blane, discouraged by the current state of the U.S. military, again ponders retirement. But when Team GAIEA is caught in an ambush by Pinkhasov, he must take up arms again to rescue them.

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    Log 8: S.O.S.! General Sorties

    *Last Episode Recap Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Shinkou! Machine Teikoku...’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    “The control panel is on the other side!” said Blane. Anthony saw it minimally guarded, the others being busy with Omar. He took them out and tried to make sense of the controls. Meanwhile Omar was wearing out. Impatient to help his teammate, Anthony took his ComPad and placed it on the console. It began accessing the system and activated the shutdown process. Anthony guarded the console as it dragged on, shooting any Archon that tried to attack.
    “How much longer?” asked Blane.
    “Almost….. done!” The missiles were deactivated. Anthony grabbed his Pad and rushed in to help clear out the remaining Archons. Wolf, Snake and Tiger arrived in Archelon.
    “Good, you made it” said Anthony. “Let’s get rid of this nest.”
    They all took aim with their VULCANS and, on Anthony’s command, destroyed the Pods. Murol Hunter then obliterated the disarmed missiles lest anyone else tried to get their hands on them…


    Sita’s baby-sitting service had grown popular among the apartment residents. Parents deposited their fussy children more and more frequently, and would be relieved to find them at least somewhat sated when they returned. Emma could handle it when Sita was there, but when she was left alone with them she was a wreck. She had never been great with children. She was practically still a kid herself. How did those mothers do it? Emma could remember her grandmother, a relic who spoke a bit too bluntly, once quipping that she should abstain from motherhood and spare the world more wild men. How she would laugh at this, she thought grimly to herself.

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Fukashiki hanzai’ from Tokkei Winspector)

    She ambled around the apartment breaking up fights, tidying up corners, and serving food when demanded, all while keeping herself from kicking all the rascals out like in cartoons. A large pile of laundry was strewn on a small couch and some of the kids were climbing on it. Emma went to coax them down when the laundry suddenly came alive. The kids squealed and tumbled away. Emma removed the clothes around the head to reveal Nikolas’s laughing face.
    “What are you doing here?”
    “Having some fun” Nikolas got up and shoved the clothes into a corner of the couch. “Looks like you could use a hand.”
    “You’re making a bigger mess than these tikes.”
    “I thought you were the type who liked messes” Nikolas replied wryly. The kids whom he had scared were crowding around him again, wanting more. He threw the clothes on each of them and let them run around like little ghosts.

    Emma couldn’t help but chuckle a little. Of all her teammates, she noted, Nikolas was the most sympathetic, and the least condescending toward her. Omar was his complete opposite, silent and ever critical. Sita was somewhere in the middle, but acted like the superior elder sister continually lecturing her sibling. Anthony simply tried to get along with everyone for the sake of team unity. A bit too humble, Emma thought, but definitely not incapable. He could do with a little bravado. But Nikolas felt more like a friend than the rest. He understood her.

    “I left some cookies on the counter” Nikolas called to her as she went into the kitchen. Now Emma chuckled loudly at his accent. His “cookies” sounded like a line from an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.
    “Hey everyone!” she called for attention. “Whoever can clean up the fastest gets a cookie.”
    The kids seemed lethargic.
    “Alright… three cookies to the fastest!”
    Now they were more energized. Emma leaned on the counter and watched her little servants clumsily work.

    * * *

    While bringing home some groceries Anthony caught the end of Sita doing a dancing routine in the park, with a small audience gathered.
    “You’re a street performer now?” Anthony asked as they clapped and dispersed.
    Sita smiled in slight embarrassment. “They just came on their own” she mumbled. She noticed the car of groceries and quickly changed the subject.
    “You went shopping today.”
    “It was my turn again… why is it my turn so much? Who keeps eating all the food?”
    “Nikolas and Emma” said Sita. “I put aside leftovers but they’re gone soon after. They’re bottomless pits.”
    “Well to be fair, it’s hard to stop eating your food” Sita’s cuisine almost reminded Anthony of his relatives’ cooking, despite her being from the other side of the planet. One of them even ran an all-you-can-eat buffet. How he stayed in business was beyond him.
    “I’m glad you all enjoy it” said Sita. “But someone else is cooking tonight. The apartment is bound to be a mess, and I’m too tired.”
    “You sure that’s wise?” In spite of Blane’s advice that they improve their culinary skills, the others’ dishes could still use improvement. “I’m tired of burnt food.”
    “I’ve gotten used to it” Sita said with a resigned chuckle.

    They drove back to the apartment building and were unloading the groceries when they saw Blane on the phone with someone. He seemed agitated over something. Anthony and Sita exchanged looks and tried to catch what he was saying.
    “Are you certain of this?” Blane whispered loudly. The response on the other end seemed to defeat him utterly.
    “You can’t save them all, Malcom. You have quite enough on your plate right now. Just focus on keeping your team alive and unmaligned.”
    “If not me, then who?” Blane retorted wearily. He let out a deep sigh and continued with a bitter tone. “Maybe you’re right. I should get outta here and disappear somewhere. No one will hear from me again. I’ve had it with these rats.”
    “Believe me, you’re not the only one. We’re the last real men left.”

    A moment later Blane hung up and looked skyward. Anthony and Sita snuck inside, wondering what that was all about…


    *Opening Theme plays*
    (Chouriki Sentai Ohranger OP Instrumental)


    To everyone’s surprise (and somewhat relief) Blane treated everyone to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants. It was a large establishment that harkened back to 50s-60s America, not in a blatant manner like a period fast food joint, but in the people, the music and the atmosphere. Blane posed as a college professor and the team his students.

    *Insert Song plays*
    (‘Take Five’ by The Dave Brubeck Quartet)

    They sat at a large booth in a corner, inconspicuous among the crowd of diners, and ate and drank while listening to the old general tell stories. His father had been a fireman for a now-defunct Southeastern railroad. Much to the jealously of his siblings, he would sometimes take young Malcom along on his journeys, giving him a chance to see much of America. From there Blane jumped all the way to his days as a private in Vietnam. At the time he had expected to finish his tour of duty and reenter civilian life, but he began to have a change of heart when at war’s end a commanding officer told him that he should stay in the Army, for it would need people like him in the future. Looking back now those words sounded prophetic.

    Throughout these stories Blane brought up Anthony’s grandfather, a bit to Anthony’s embarrassment. He retold the story of how he had come to America from Cuba. Supposedly he had befriended a mobster from New York who did business in Havana during Batista’s reign and solicited him to gain passage to the U.S. before the Revolution went into full swing. How much of that story was true, Anthony couldn’t guess. His grandfather loved to tell that story whenever he could, even to those who had heard it before; it could all just be romantic embellishment. But it made for a fun tale.

    After dinner Anthony, Nikolas and the girls went to mingle with the crowd. While Nikolas got himself a drink at the bar, Blane spoke quietly with Omar.
    “I saw Ms. Khan’s article. You gave her quite the bone.”
    “It’ll keep both the patriots and the conspiracy nuts happy” Omar shrugged.
    “Well, good work nonetheless. At least the media won’t be hounding us for a while.”
    Anthony looked back to the general while he conferred with Omar. He was enjoying this restaurant as a nostalgic throwback to arguably more decent times, but wondered what the reason was for Blane to suddenly treat the Team to this. He especially seemed a bit too happy after his frustrated conversation on the phone earlier. Were these related? What was going through the old man’s mind?

    Blane caught Anthony’s eye and politely raised his glass to him. Anthony responded in kind and turned away, continuing to wonder…


    At a café Ilya Pinkhasov sat with two disguised Archons. He both marveled and felt relieved that, despite having his face strewn across books and the Internet, no one seemed to recognize him.
    “Do you see one you like?” one of the Archons asked. Ilya scanned the patrons carefully. He wanted someone who could withstand the effects of his planned experiment, preferably someone young. A college-aged waitress came to their table and cheerfully served them their drinks. Ilya watched her toss away her ponytail as she left. She seemed quite innocent, a trait lacking in many of her peers. It would almost be a shame to choose her.

    Regardless of his small amount of pity, he indicated the waitress to his companions. After finishing their drinks Ilya left the café, but the Archons slipped into the back room and waited for the waitress to come in. A little while later Ilya saw from a distance the two teleporting away with the unconscious girl. The old Russian smiled to himself and then took out a phone to dial 911.

    * * *

    *Insert Song plays*
    (‘Winspector Action’ Instrumental Chorus Nashi from Tokkei Winspector)

    The media soon began buzzing about someone reporting a supposed “alien abduction” in the middle of the day on a forest highway. The crew at Prometheus Base did not take this lightly; Team GAIEA was soon on the way in Archelon. They flew over the police gathered at the scene and arrived at the entrance of a tunnel cutting through a large hill.
    “What now?” asked Emma. “Do we go in there?”
    While the tunnel was straight and not very long, a black shadow was precluding the light on the other side, and the air suddenly felt chillier.
    “Take the VULCANS and turn on your headlamps” ordered Anthony. They took their VULCANS from Archelon and kept them in Laser Mode. Their ComPads were inserted into the weapons as a safety.

    Anthony led them down the tunnel. Their yellow lights revealed nothing unusual but the thick black mist. The exit was still blocked from view.
    “Where is this mist coming from?” asked Sita.
    A sudden movement caught their eye. For a moment they thought it was nothing, but then more moving objects passed by. It seemed to be encircling them. Nikolas pointed his VULCAN in front of him and, when he saw the unknown figure move along, fired a shot. It bounced off the wall and hit it. A larval Archon lay in pieces on the road.
    “It’s an ambush” he said grimly.
    More Larva attacked en masse. Laser blasts bounced off the walls and ceiling, chasing down their targets. The Team made their way down the tunnel as they fought, but that was where the real trap was sprung. A figure in black attacked them one-by-one, slashing and slamming them with mechanical hands. He then dropped an energy net over the Team and zapped them until they blacked out. He signaled for his henchmen to take them and Archelon away and then lifted the black mist choking the tunnel.
    “Eagle!” yelled Blane. “Tiger! Snake! Anyone, respond!”
    Static was his only answer. Blane cursed and slammed his hand on a panel, hanging his head low…


    Anthony, Omar and the girls awoke in a large cage hanging in a laboratory. Strange machinery of non-Earth origin furnished the room. Someone was lying on a metal table beneath a large window, where Archons were looking down with interest. The first thing they noticed was their suits and ComUnits were gone, the latter placed on a table below them. The second...
    “Wolf… Where’s Wolf?” Anthony asked. They strained to look around the lab until they found Nikolas strapped to a chair below them, just now beginning to stir.
    “Wolf!” whispered Sita loudly, but just then Ilya Pinkhasov came in and saw they had awoken.

    “Welcome to one of many facilities lent to me, courtesy of my hosts. I have no doubt you already know who I am, and I now know who you are, so we can dispense with the introductions.”
    Pinkhasov now focused especially on Nikolas, who seemed indifferent.
    “Ilya Pinkhasov…. Or should I say ‘Pinkie’? I’ve heard enough about you to not be impressed.”
    Pinkhasov frowned. “No doubt from your father and his friends. Now his son gets to follow in his footsteps.”
    “Oh how he would love that” Nikolas muttered.

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Kikai Teikoku no moui’ from Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan)

    “What do you want?” demanded Anthony.
    “And why am I here in this chair?” added Nikolas.
    “Because I especially want to talk to you” replied the Russian. “Your father’s resistance stole my research all those years ago, no doubt trying to ape my success with this… technology of the gods. They laughed at me, the helpless cripple. The KGB pet. But now Von Trapp’s son will see me in my new glory and show the respect I deserve.”
    “And then what? Do I play lackey to you?”
    “Oh you’ll be much more useful than that. Do you see that lovely girl over there? She is the first in my new test run of Archon-human hybrids.”
    “What?” asked Omar.
    “I’ll explain” Pinkhasov barely hid the pleasure in his voice, having someone to lecture to on his genius after so long. “You are aware of the Archons’ attempts to make human drones by implanting their technology to host bodies. I intend to go further with that, to make a more perfect technorganic hybrid. You could say the Archons and I are undertaking a joint research venture. So should I fail with her, I have five more subjects to work on. And of course, the Archons would like their technology back that you stole from them.”

    The team looked at each other. Their options seemed limited. The Archons at the window were getting impatient for the procedure to begin. Pinkhasov tried to alleviate them when the ComUnits began to buzz. Blane’s attempts to track them had begun to hit paydirt.”
    “That must be your support calling for you. I’ll answer for you.”
    Pinkhasov took a Pad and opened a channel.
    “General Malcom Blane. A pleasure to hear from you.”
    “Where is my team?” Blane’s voice thundered.
    “They are safe for the moment. Is that all?”
    “Is that all? You expect me to leave them with you, you demented fraud?”
    “Fraud? What is the fraud, General? Who has been hiding the truth from the world? Me, or you and your friends in high places? Now if you want your team… well you’ll have to come get them yourself. But I don’t recommend that. Just leave them with me, and I shall take good care of them.”
    “If that’s a joke, it’s not funny” Blane sounded threatening. Even Pinkhasov couldn’t pretend to not be at least somewhat intimidated.
    “Well if you insist, General, you’re welcome to try coming here… if you are that reckless.”
    “You have no idea how reckless I am.”

    *BGM plays*
    (‘No Stop Action’ from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger)

    Blane cut the transmission. The people around him looked nervous, but none dared to resist. The general went to gather some weapons from the armory and acquired a jeep. He was almost embarrassed to admit he felt a rush; he was thirty years younger and back in the heat of action. He had a team to save from behind enemy lines. And he was going alone.
    “Sir, this is highly unadvisable” one soldier dared to protest. Blane gave a resolute but inspiring look.
    “I’d like to see you stop me.”

    * * *

    Blane dressed up in combat gear and drove down the forest highway following Pinkhasov’s signal. He looked up to see Pods coming his way. There was no way he could fight them, so his best hope was to try to lose them. The fighters pelted the road with laser blasts. Blane stepped on the gas and drove through the sparks and smoke. This went on for a while until he found an opening through the trees large enough for a jeep to get through. He swerved off the road as the fighters were shooting, careened down the slope, and continued on using the trees as cover.

    The Pods were not deterred; they split apart the trees with their lasers in their effort to destroy the jeep. Blane finally reached a large grassy clearing, where a land mine went off in front of him. He barely escaped from the large explosion and almost barrel rolled. The general took a high-power gun and began to fire back at the fighters while simultaneously attempting to avoid more mines. He got a few hits in, but he was clearly outgunned for any worthwhile battle. Besides, getting to his team no matter what was the priority.

    Eventually he came upon an inconspicuous-looking tunnel entrance. Pinkhasov’s signal was getting stronger. This should be the way to his hideout. Blane thought for a second of the supposed ‘underground ETs’ of various mythologies. How fitting. The Pods were closing in. Mines went off all around him. With a yell Blane fired one more shot behind him and practically flew the jeep through the entrance.

    A narrow dusty road winded before him until he reached the base level. Larval Archons ambushed him, blocking his way. Blane stopped the jeep, took his arsenal, and stepped out to fight the grunts. Apparently he still had some fight in him, as he managed to take care of enough to continue on, but one Archon succeeded in shooting his ankle with the proboscis laser. Blane stumbled, then turned back and shot it in the face. The head exploded and it collapsed in a heap. Blane hastily bandaged the injury and limped on.

    *General Blane’s Theme plays*
    (‘Moyase Hitomi wo!’ Instrumental from Tokkei Winspector)

    When he found the lab, he first shot and destroyed the machine that was about to being operating on the girl. Then he turned the gun on Pinkhasov.
    “GENERAL!” Team GAIEA yelled in relief. Blane kept his gaze on the Russian scientist.
    “You managed to make it all the way here” he commented, both impressed and annoyed.
    “That’s right. Now let these good people go, or I’ll find some more things to shoot.”
    “What good would that do? You’re not getting out of here.” Blane and the Team looked to see Larva and Nympha coming through the entrance.
    “What do you want, Pinkhasov?” asked Blane.
    “To conduct my research in peace without your constant meddling, as I was telling your wolf cub here.”
    “I’m afraid that won’t be happening” Blane pointed his gun at his chest. The Larva aimed their proboscis lasers at his back in response.
    “Not a good idea. Now drop your weapons, and if you cooperate I might share some of my findings with you.” He now drew in close and spoke in a whisper. “I know you want to know the Archons’ secret as much as I do. Everyone does. Don’t deny it.”
    “Is that why you joined them?” asked Blane in a low, dangerous tone. “To satisfy your curiosity?”
    “The secrets to life and the universe are within our grasp!” the Russian hissed. “You’re not going to stop me.”

    Meanwhile Nikolas had waddled over to where the ComUnits were and, removing his shoes, barely managed to press the transformation button on his ComBrace with his toe. “What?” Pinkhasov whirled around too late. Blane took the chance to shoot him point-blank, and then took a mad dive behind cover as the Archons opened fire. Pinkhasov stumbled and rolled on the floor, but thanks to his enhancements was not severely hurt. Nikolas, now transformed into Black Wolf and broken free, drew his G-Blade and pounced on Pinkhasov. Pinkhasov’s black robe was thrown off and his cyborg body was revealed to all. An external metal ribcage was fused to his chest, and a metallic spine latched onto his back. His abdomen, shoulders and knees were metal-plated. His forearms and lower legs were cybernetic prosthetics. Thin wires crisscrossed the entire frame.
    “What have they done to you?” asked the German in wonder and revulsion.
    “They have given me a new lease on life. And this is only the beginning!”
    Nikolas, not caring to know more, commenced a one-on-one fight.

    Blane grabbed the other Braces and threw them to the others, who transformed and cut their way out of the cage. They went to help Blane, but he didn’t seem to need it. Even without a protective suit he was holding his own against the aliens, shooting those far away and grappling those who came closer, as he went to retrieve the unconscious girl.
    “You don’t want a hand, General?” Anthony called as he saw Blane beat down a Larva. Blane shot another Larva about to attack the red-clad leader.
    “… Point taken.”
    “Keep these guys busy, I’ll get the girl outta here!”
    He picked up the girl and dashed back to the jeep.

    While that went on Nikolas continued his fight with Pinkhasov. Nikolas charged up his G-Blade and slashed across his body. Pinkhasov fell back to the Archons and used them for cover. Nikolas joined his teammates and together they set their G-Rifles for a finishing volley. Larva were mowed down and destroyed. The remaining Nympha seemed to cast looks of derision at Pinkhasov with their green eyes.
    “**** *****!”
    “No!” Pinkhasov protested, but the order was repeated. Pinkhasov cursed under his breath and activated a remote to self-destruct the lab.
    “He’s set the place to blow!” said Omar when they heard a timer count down. Pinkhasov and the Archons beat a hasty retreat. Team GAIEA tried to summon Archelon, which arrived just as the final seconds ticked away.

    Back outside, Blane tended to the now stirring girl when he heard an implosion from underground. For a moment he feared the worst, but then he saw Archelon emerge back to the surface.
    “Next time you need to be saved, don’t call for me” he greeted. “I’m too old for this.”
    He heard laughter from the comlink and had to grin himself…


    That night the Team went on and on about the general’s exploits, another entry in his long journal of stories. But Blane was absent from the party. Anthony thought something besides the Team itself had driven their commander today, and he decided to see what was going on. He found Blane in his office straining to stay awake, his desk awash with files on various soldiers.
    “General?” he asked with a knock on the door. “Are you alright?”
    “Oh… yes, I’m fine. Come in Lieutenant. Have some coffee.”
    “Thank you sir” Anthony poured a cup from the pot and got a closer look at one of the files:

    *BGM plays*
    (‘Yume, Chitte’ from Choujinki Metalder)

    Mike Hana, U.S. Army. A year ago he had been stationed in the Middle East and part of a platoon that was attacked by a member of an Islamist terror group. Two soldiers had been killed and more injured. Army intelligence ordered the enemy combatant’s release and Hana was to return him home. During the trip Hana again questioned him for information about other members of the terrorist cell and their financial supporters. He attacked Hana, and would have tried to kill the rest of the group had Hana not killed him first. Far from rewarding his heroism, however, the government subsequently prosecuted Hana for premeditated murder. He was now in prison waiting almost fruitlessly for appeal.

    The other files told similar stories. Anthony bristled at the injustice of it all, but it paled in comparison to Blane. The old man looked defeated. Here, Anthony could see the other side to this man who could be so intimidating. He loved his men, even those who never served under him. He had placed almost his entire life in service of his country. And now, in this brave new world, this was how the government treated those who defended the flag. A bureaucracy that placed more trust in the enemy than it did loyal Americans. How long had Blane followed these cases? How much had he tried to help them to little avail? Anthony couldn’t blame him for his bitterness on the phone. Perhaps his rush to save the Team today had been for himself as well; he had to know that he could still do something for those who put themselves on the line.

    “Is there anything I can help you with, Mr. Torres?” asked Blane.
    “…. I just want to say thank you, sir…. And I’m sorry… about all this” he waved at the mess of files.”
    Blane forced a smile. “My son and daughter once wanted to join the military… I had to force them not to. Do you know how terrible that is for a man like me?”
    “I can imagine so.”
    “My wife has told me to retire for years. Sometimes I feel I should… but when I see what is happening to these people… I have to try to help them.”
    “Yes sir.”

    Blane looked directly at Anthony. “Your Team is secret. No one will ever know what you have done for the world. But I know, and you have my gratitiude.”
    Always modest, Anthony looked away. “You don’t need to do that.”
    “Yes I do. And you need to get it. You’re too modest at times, Mr. Torres. Actually, there are some of us old timers still around who… think you’re too soft.”
    “What did you tell them, sir?”
    Blane chuckled. “I told them to take a look at your family and say it again. You’re from good stock. Good stock that’s ever diminishing…”
    “Now you sound like my grandpa.”
    Now Blane had a good laugh. “Do I now?”
    Anthony couldn’t suppress a smirk himself. “What he has to say about Western culture is… not for delicate ears.”
    Blane kept laughing. “I really need to have a drink with that man soon.”
    “He would love to see you, sir.”

    Anthony was glad to see Blane’s mood improving. He drained his cup and made ready to leave.
    “Well, I’ll let you get back to your work.”
    “Thank you Lieutenant” said Blane again. “For the visit” he added when Anthony tried to protest again. “I feel better now. Go on, I’ll clean this.”
    Anthony closed the door behind him and went to a large window in the hallway overlooking the cityscape. There he stood for a long while, staring up at the stars and planets hanging in the vast blackness of space…

    *Ending Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Galveston’ by Glen Campbell)

    Next Time
    *Next Episode Promo Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Yokoku Ongaku’ from Choujinki Metalder)

    A scientist who once claimed to have reverse-engineered alien technology at a U.S. military base reconstructs an Archon and claims he can discover their secrets; Team GAIEA investigates and faces an Archon Imato for the first time.


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