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    Looks pretty good! I think you could be a highly potential script-writer in the making, maybe starting up with script-writing for american sitcom and eventually American PR.

    Hardcore Sentai fans who dislikes PR's style of scripting as it is of now might be very grateful for that. xP

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    Most Highly Appreciated Thank You! It's sad because most fiction that appeal to most people aren't even in script format. That a good fanficton is only written as a story format and not a script. Well with this fan-fiction I'm willing to change that!

    One again thank you for those words and even taking the time to view this page!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tokusatsu267 View Post
    Most Highly Appreciated Thank You! It's sad because most fiction that appeal to most people aren't even in script format. That a good fanficton is only written as a story format and not a script. Well with this fan-fiction I'm willing to change that!

    One again thank you for those words and even taking the time to view this page!
    You're welcomed *offers you the Gentaro yuujou handshake*

    I actually like how you have a specialized style, Whereas for me i am somehow in the middle of both (okay, maybe somehow towards the story type, what some would call it the draggy novel style )

    And i hope to finish the episode 1 of my story soon, you're so productive, its giving me the positive stress & pressure, to be frank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by selfa View Post
    You're welcomed *offers you the Gentaro yuujou handshake*

    I actually like how you have a specialized style, Whereas for me i am somehow in the middle of both (okay, maybe somehow towards the story type, what some would call it the draggy novel style )

    And i hope to finish the episode 1 of my story soon, you're so productive, its giving me the positive stress & pressure, to be frank.
    *Does Friendship Handshake*

    Honestly whatever works for you is fine as long your comfortable with that writing formatted style. And I try my best at this point I'm suppose to be on episode 36-38 with a couple of specials involving other shows but I took a hiatus. I feel better continuing this fanfiction honestly. Hopefully I can write out episode 13-15 this week and just continue on.

    And I'm happy I can motivate someone else to write their own creation. It's always a pleasure! Can't wait to read your fanfiction btw!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tokusatsu267 View Post
    *Does Friendship Handshake*

    Honestly whatever works for you is fine as long your comfortable with that writing formatted style. And I try my best at this point I'm suppose to be on episode 36-38 with a couple of specials involving other shows but I took a hiatus. I feel better continuing this fanfiction honestly. Hopefully I can write out episode 13-15 this week and just continue on.

    And I'm happy I can motivate someone else to write their own creation. It's always a pleasure! Can't wait to read your fanfiction btw!
    Same here! Btw Episode 1 is finishing soon and i have just uploaded the prologue for a little teaser

    Looking forward to your updates also!

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    Same Here!

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    Default Scene 13: Next Move

    (The scene opens up after the events of Episode 12. Our 5 students are at Space Branch celebrating their victory. As Masato, Yuka, Megumi, Ryusuke looks amazed... Hiro continues to look concerned)

    Mr. Sasaki- You kids have indeed done a great job. You saved the planet. You saved your Earth!

    Masato- Mehh it was a piece of cake

    Megumi- Baka you almost got us killed!

    Masato- Well I almost got killed saving you!

    Megumi- Please I'm the strongest out us!

    Masato- You're not stronger than me.

    Megumi- I am girl and girls have strength no guy has able?

    Masato- And whats that?

    Megumi- Kicking you ass Masato!

    Masato- Pleeaseeeee!

    Mr. Sasaki- You two are not the strongest in fact all of you are indeed our strongest we have not one weak member of this Team!

    Megumi- Well I can sure admit Masato you have lost some weight since March.

    Masato- Really? As a matter of fact I can actually run for a good minute now before I lose my breath and under that helmet. I sweat alot soo yeah.

    Mr. Sasaki- Well good because the more we need is a idiot who's clumsy and goddamn lazy!

    Masato- Nani!!!??!?!? Old-geezer!!!!!!

    Mr. Sasaki- Hey boy! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING A OLD-GEEZER!!!!!!!

    Masato- You because you need a cane to keep your balance! Old-Geezer!!!!

    Mr. Sasaki- Baka!

    Ms. Haruka- Okay! Okay! You both are immature children! I am happy for the success of the Teckarangers as well but just for you guys to know this is only the beginning. The road is only going to get rough and hard. If you though Saban was vicious. Wait til we tackle Gaidoku! And those Generals assisting this Emperor Henji Character!

    Ryusuke- Right..as of now we need to prepare ourselves for the worst and right now sitting here celebrating isn't really helping.

    Masato- Says the guy who's hates school!

    Ryusuke- I have my reasons fat boy!

    Masato- I'm losing weight Ryusuke!

    Ryusuke- Yeah 1 pound!

    (Hiro and Mr. Tsubaki are walking out the room as Masato continues to bicker with everyone.. Yuka looks on and chuckles)

    Hiro- So what is that you have to tell me?

    Mr. Tsubaki- I think it's about time I tell you why I've been acting strangly. You're too predictable Hiro and you know too much already!

    Hiro- I don't understand Mr. Tsubaki..what are you hiding?

    Mr. Tsubaki- Follow me...

    (Hiro follows Tsubaki into his office where he opens a touchscreen case identifying his identfying his identity. The case opens up revealing a old cryptic folder labeled as Project TeckaWhite)

    Hiro- Another Teckaranger????????

    Mr. Tsubaki- It's just a prototype suit we created way before the Teckarangers. I actually was in charged along with Ms. Haruka and Sasaki-San. The problem was that it was a failure and Haruka and Sasaki-San didin't believe in the project. I went rouge and continuing building this suit. I and a couple other friends of mines completed the suit and my childhood friend Shingeru Asakura decided to equipt the suit. It was a success but eventually he became obsessed to a point he betrayed and killed a friend our ours. Her name was Kaora-San. She loved the project as much as we did but Shingeru was possessed with hatred and rage. we have to stop him..luckly I had a switch to defuse the suit and he entered into a prison for murder and assault.

    (Hiro is in shocked)

    Hiro- Where is the suit currently.

    Mr. Tsubaki- I don't know...it sucks because I don't have a brace for it.

    Hiro- Maybe if you create a brace then you never know

    Mr. Sasaki- I'm not creating a brace for it...I still don't even know where the suit is.....

    (Hiro looks nervous as Tsubaki closes the suitcase back... The scene jumps to Gaidoku as Emperor Henji and Ohjo are plotting)

    Emperor Henji- Ahh so Saban is out the picture but whats next how are we gonna defeat those damn Teckarangers!!!!

    Ohjo- We are getting a new General real soon sir.

    Emperor Henji- Oh yess! I cannot wait!

    Ohjo- There has been reports that he's a Space Bounty Hunter and he's looking to join Gaidoku.

    Emperor Henji- I forget I asked for a Bounty Hunter

    (Ohjo pulls out his Holographic Device to flick it creating a monster with a Samurai Sword)

    .....- I'm free? How may I serve you my master?

    Ohjo- You are looking at Emperor Henji and General Ohjo! You are serving Gaidkoku for a reason!

    Emperor Henji- What is your name!

    ....-I don't have one my lord

    Emperor Henji- My lord..I like this guy! You're name is Baikin Sabre! You will be a commander leading the Baikin Troops into the city!

    Baikin Sabre- Yes my lord!

    (Jeo and Renoi looks on as they back up)

    Jeo- Everything is falling to plan. We're gonna sit this one out Renoi....

    Renoi- I'm sick of them both....

    (The scene jumps to the next day which is a warm June 1st..21 days until Summer..Masato shown running to school slowly wearing his school uniform but the school's sweat jacket. Masato looks at his watch. The time is 10:25)

    Masato- I'M ALWAYS LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

    (Masato is running where he looks to see his favorite American Barbecue stand..)

    Masato- Baka! What are you thinking Masato get your ass to school! But the barbecue sauce looks soo good! I must have one! My mouth!! (inner thought)

    .....- BAKA!!!!!!

    (Masato looks at his Teckabrace to see Mr. Sasaki)

    Mr. Sasaki- I am tired of you turning the alarm system off on your brace! Everyone has used it to their advantage except you!

    Masato- Old Geezer don't yell at me!!!

    Mr. Sasaki- Teleport boy!

    Masato- But people will see me!

    (Mr. Sasaki flicks a switch)

    Voice- Teleporting Now!

    Masato- Nani!!!?!?!??!?!?!

    (Masato is teleporting to the school as he is shown outside of the school building. Masato is covered in sweat as he runs inside in. The time is 11:00 AM. Masato walks into the school and straight into the cafeteria. Only for Principal Takeshi to stop him in his tracks!)

    Principal Takeshi- Genta-Kun!

    (Masato turns around nervously)

    Masato- Yes! Professor Takeshi-Sempai! ^__^

    Principal Takeshi- Why are you in the hallways???

    Masato-Um I was on my way to class!

    Principal Takeshi- Oh really because last time I checked you just walked in which means I have to give you a detention!


    Principal Takeshi- Is that so? Then I will one reason why you should go to summer school 3 weeks from now!

    Masato- Uhh I can write a essay about it!!!!!!

    Principal Takeshi- This will be good! I want that essay on my desk first thing tomorrow!!!!!!

    Masato- Uhh okay

    (Masato runs off ignoring Principal Takeshi)

    Principal Takeshi- That boy is going to find himself on a first trip to summer school! Slacker!

    (Masato runs to class as he walks right into Ryusuke knocking him down..)

    Ryusuke- Watch where your going baka!

    Masato- Gosh jeez Rysuke why are you always in the way!

    (Hiro, Yuka and Megumi walks up to Masato)

    Megumi- You're lucky we're getting out early today!

    Masato- Early Dismissal!!!!! YAYYYY!!

    Yuka- We gotta meet with I-NET so the day is not over yet Masato.

    Masato- For what?

    Hiro- Personal...but let's go.

    (The five get up and walk to the entrance to I-NET through their school closet.)


    (The portal opens to I-NET as the students walk through going to space. As they get off they look around to see engineers working around the clock. The students walk to Ms. Haruka's office as it opens. Ms. Haruka see's the student as she greets them)

    Ms. Haruka- Great...you students are here!

    Masato- You wanted to see us?

    Ms. Haruka- Yeah..for now on your TeckaBraces will not be see. I created a device for your brace to appear as your communicators. It's too risky for you guys to be walking around with something big on your left wrist... All signal between us and you will be cut off at school and by yourself. There is a sleep system on your watch.

    (Suddenly the Teckabraces disappears as watch-like communicators appears on their wrist)

    Ms. Haruka- It's getting rough so you guys just better be prepared for any upcoming threat!

    Masato- We've been doing this for 3 months Ms. Haruka! Whats the worst that could happened????

    (Alarm Goes off)


    Ryusuke- We're just going to have to find out!

    (The students run off the the teleportation center.. Hiro in the center along with Masato, Ryusuke and Yuka and Megumi proceeds to morph)

    (The five students turn their communicators on as a hologram of their Morphers Appear)


    All Five- TECKACHANGE!


    (Five Rainbow colored holograms appears as the the students transform...The scene jumps to in the middle of the city with Baikin Sabre attacking humans!)

    Baikin Sabre- You parasites are like Ants! I kill Ants!

    (Baikin Sabre slashes at a human before TeckaPink comes and saves the woman as TeckaBlue comes in and attacks Baikin Sabre. A huge explosion erupts as Baikin Soldiers are destroyed by TeckaGreen Yellow and Red)

    Baikin Sabre- TECKRANGERS! AT LAST!

    (Baikin Sabre pulls out a gun and shoots TeckaBlue.. TeckaBlue falls down as TeckaPink rushes in and gets attacked with the Sabre of this Baikin Monster! Followed by TeckaGreen and TeckaRed)

    TeckaBlue- FINAL SLASH!


    (All five strikes their TeckaSword attack but the monster throws it to a building full of people! The building proceeds to cause a rupture as TeckaRed is horrified!)

    TeckaRed- Goddamnit!

    Baikin Sabre- What will you do you Ranger-Geeks! Save lives or protect and serve!

    TeckaYellow- Red! go and save those people! We'll handle him!

    Baikin Sabre- Oh really! You four is enough for me!?

    TeckaRed- TeckaTank Activate!!!

    (A Hologram appears from TeckRed's brace showing TeckaTank. TeckaRed hops in it as he takes off)

    TeckaBlue- Screw Sabre! TeckaSword!

    TeckaGreen- TeckaAxe!

    (TeckaYellow and Pink runs to protect people)

    Baikin Sabre- Hmm I don't need this right now!

    (Baikin Sabre disapears!

    TeckaBlue- DAMNIT!

    (Meanwhilen TeckaRed is boading the Teckatank and launches his lever, which allows the Teckatank to hold the building putting it back into place. The scene cuts off to Baikin Sabre in a graveyard walking)

    Baikin Sabre- Emperor Henji would be pleased... to know the Teckarangers weakness

    (As soon as Baikin Sabre walks off... Jeo and Renoi comes in to attack Baikin Sabre.. All three warriors draw their swords out!)

    Baikin Sabre- Who aree you two?

    Jeo- I'm Emperor Jeo of course and this is my empress Renoi!

    Baikin Sabre- Emperor Henji didn't inform me about two more Emperors!

    Jeo- Thats because you can't trust Henji!

    Baikin Sabre- What are you plotting?

    Renoi- I tell you what helps what we need for you to do...

    Baikin Sabre- Which is???

    (The scene cuts back to the Rangers continue to ensure that the city is safe.)

    TeckaGreen- Okay we gotta go back...

    (Suddenly Green's teckabrace goes off with a warning in the city.)


    Ms. Haruka- Students I'm getting another signal coming from the mountain range you guys have to split up.

    Hiro- Okay I'll....

    VOICE- Warning Gaidoku energy approaching! Warning!

    TeckaRed- From where....

    (Suddenly a slash hits TeckaRed as he falls down and Jeo and Renoi approaches the Teckarangers)

    Jeo- We meet again Teckarangers congratulations on the death of Saban too bad we missed the funeral!

    TeckaBlue- What are you two doing here?

    Jeo- Well TeckaBlue first we want to destroy you losers then we want to destroy this planet

    TeckaGreen- You're scheming!

    Jeo- Maybe...maybe not but I tell you this Megazords are ready to launch a attack on the city so what should you do Teckarangers???

    TeckaRed- Bastard

    TeckaBlue- I'll take on Jeo

    TeckaRed- By yourself???

    TeckaBlue- We need to get this out the way and fast! Red you take the Dai-Teka-Oh while you three go to the mountain range!

    TeckaRed- But!

    TeckaBlue- Screw Sabre activate!

    (TeckaBlue runs off at Jeo while TeckaRed, Green, Yellow and Pink goes their seperate ways)

    TeckaRed- Ms Haruka!

    Ms. Haruka- Sending them down Masato!


    (The four mecha fall apart of the tecka tank as they begin to form the sub and tanic make the arms as the wing and jet makes the legs. Tecka Tank rotates in position to form a much larger vehicle.)


    (The tank stops as it stands up taking form of a robot. Dai-Teka-Oh is born!)


    TeckaRed- Here goes nothing! Attack Dai-Teka-Oh!

    (Five Incoming Megazords are approaching the city as Dai-Tecka-Oh throws its Sabre at the one of the Megazords destroying it! The scene then cuts to TeckaGreen, Pink and Yellow running as suddenly TeckaYellow is in shocked as her suit explodes)

    (TeckaGreen looks up and see's Renoi)

    Renoi- Oh great just you three!

    TeckaGreen- And whats that suppose to mean?

    Renoi- That this will be EASY!

    (Renoi jumps and attacks TeckaGreen as he summons his TeckaSword..the two fights off)

    TeckaGreen- Pink! Go! I'll handle her!

    (Renoi pushes TeckaGreen and shoots at Pink in order for Yellow to deflect it back at Renoi hitting her in shock)

    TeckaYellow- Go! Pink!

    TeckaPink- Right...

    (TeckaPink runs off as the scene cuts back to Jeo and TeckaBlue fighting)

    Jeo- You not as weak as before TeckaBlue what has gotten into you??

    TeckaBlue- Cut the bullshit why are you attacking the planet??

    Jeo- Because I hate spandex and I hate happiness do you have any idea what you up against?

    TeckaBlue- What are you talking about?

    Jeo- In case you haven't noticed Gaidoku wants to absorb the negative energy from this planet. We want this planet to fall into dispair something Zangack couldn't get done!

    TeckaBlue- Well let me tell you this..Zangack...Gaidoku or not I am here to protect this planet and is you think your going to stop me then you will be defeated!

    Jeo- That'll be the day TeckaBlue! But in case you haven't noticed Baikin Sabre has a bomb attached to destroy 1/3 of Japan how will you stop that!

    (The scene cuts to a Megazord blowing up as Dai-tecka-oh launches his Sabre attack to destroy the remaining Megazords!)

    TeckaRed- Done!

    TeckaBlue- I'll stop it!!! Blue Finish!

    (Jeo disappears)

    TeckaBlue- What??

    (Renoi and TeckaYellow are fighting when she disapears as well..)

    TeckaGreen- Where did she go???????

    TeckaYellow- We gotta find her!

    TeckaBlue- It was a diversion! Pink! Pink!

    (Without realizing it TeckaPink communication has been cut off)

    TeckaPink- I don't see the monster...Ms Haruka...Ms. Haruka??

    Baikin Sabre- Its good for you to finally show up ranger!

    TeckaPink- Wait where....

    Baikin Sabre- Oh I'm not good enough to take you on?

    TeckaPink- Why are you doing this? You don't work for noone but yourself

    Baikin Sabre- Shut UP! BITCH!

    (Baikin Sabre jumps attacking TeckaPink slashing her as she falls)

    (Baikin Sabre tries to attack TeckaPink but she pulls out her TeckaGun and shoots the monster)

    Baikin Sabre- You bitch!!!

    TeckaPink- You leave me no choice if you will not negotiate!

    (TeckaPink switches her gun to sword mode and lauches her final strike missing Baikin Sword but aiming at a device he had on him! Baikin Sword looks confused as the device is destroyed)\

    TeckaPink- There!

    Baikin Sabre- What???

    TeckaPink- In case you haven't noticed you had a bomb attached to you which would kill you. Why are you willing to sacrifice yourself for something soo cruel?

    Baikin Sabre- Because I am a monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TeckaPink- Thats a stupid reason! So I guess you have to die....

    Pink Technique! Final Custom!

    Voice- Hittassu!

    TeckaPink- Hittassu FIRE!

    (A strong pink flare strikes the Baikin Monster as he dies)

    (Jeo and Renoi looks on intimidated as The rest of the Teckarangers follows up)

    TeckaRed- Whaa?? Pink are you ok??

    TeckaPink- Um yes!

    TeckaBlue- You signal was cut off

    TeckaPink- I know thats why I didn't worry

    TeckaGreen- Well we gotta get back to the school

    Jeo- Let's follow them!

    (The teckarangers teleport as Jeo and Renoi disappears as well)

    (The TeckaRangers hide behind the school as they demorph back into their school clothes Jeo and Renoi looks around)

    Jeo- This is the same school as before!

    Renoi- Lets change!

    (The two warriors transform into Mirai High School students.. They blend in with the crowd as............................)







    SCENE 13 OF




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    Default Scene 14: Threat

    (As the event s of episode 13 concludes we see our students in civilian form walking around the school trying to go inside but as soon as they can do a security officer appears before the students)

    Security Officer- You kids do know school is closed early right?

    Megumi- Yeah about that….I left my bag inside my locker

    Security Officer- Okay missy but I'm only giving you 10 minutes….

    Megumi- Ten Minutes is all I need sir ^__^

    (As Megumi distracts the officer Ryusuke, Masato and Yuka are going inside the school building. Meanwhile Jeo and Renoi have transformed into Mirai High School students with the Grey and Blue attire.. Jeo is wearing a Mirai High School Varsity Jacket while Renoi is wearing a sweater and stockings.)

    Renoi- I didn't know High Schooll Uniforms could be this sexy on me.. But my boobs are big inside this…

    Jeo- Stop worrying about your attire and worry about finding those damn Teckarangers!

    Renoi- Jeo you need to relax and just be glad we can blend in.

    (You two!) (Jeo and Renoi turns around to see the same security officer from earlier)

    Security Officer- You kids need to be home..why are you two still out here

    Renoi- Um we're kinda lost sir…

    Security Officer- Are you two new around here?

    Jeo- Yes this is our first time we're are transfer students we'll find our way back

    Security Officer- You two be safe(The Security Officer walks back looking for Megumi who appears to be still inside the school…Meanwhile inside the school our students are conversation)

    Hiro- I'm going off to I-BRID..imma need you four to stay low-ki.

    Masato- What if Jeo and

    Hiro- They are not that smart as before…they're getting weak and they are afraid

    Masato- Right….

    Ryusuke- Well I guess we'll you tomorrow then

    Megumi- Fine by me

    (The students walk off as the scene transitions to Gaidoku..Emperor Henji is not pleased)

    Emperor Henji- Those foolish Androids think they can sabbotosh my plan to destroy the Teckarangers. They used us!

    Ohjo- My Emperor we are expecting reinforcements at any given moment. Those damn Teckarangers and Jeo and Renoi will learn not to get in our way!Empero Henji- As of today Jeo and Renoi are rogue…and just like Saban they will meet their downfall!!!!!!

    Ohjo- You are correct my Emperor

    (As soon as Emperor Henji can continue spaking a suddently burst a light appears and comes in contact with the Gaidoku Fleet Ship!)

    Emperor Henji- OMG!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT WAS THAT!!!!!!!!!

    Ohjo- I have no clue but our engine's are down my Emperor!

    Emperor Henji- WHO DARES DEFYS EMEPRO HENJI!!!!!

    (Suddenly that same exact ball of light reappears inside the Fleet Shop infront of Emperor Henji and Oho..Yuma looks back nervously. The light suddenly changes into darkness as a figure in a metallic body suit appears. Empero Henji is shitting bricks as Ohjo dtaws his sword out at the warrior)

    Ohjo- Who are you?!!! Speak your name traveler!!!

    ......- Traveler?? Well I come in peace.. if the man before me is Emperor Henji...General?

    Emperor Henji- You are the reinforcement warrior???

    ....-The name is Wada sir...Wada Black!

    Emperor Henji- Wa-h-uh-dah?

    Wada- I mean no harm at all my Emperor I was assign to assist you on your conquest to destroy this known Teckarangers and make sure their head is delivered on a platter!

    Emperor Henji- Well in case you say all of this I want you to also take out two more rogue traitors who recently used my monster! They are Androids!

    Wada- Androids are my specialty my Emperor! Why haven't you not gotten rid of the trash yet?

    (Emperor Henji stares at Ohjo)

    Ohjo- My lord you don't really think?

    Emperor Henji- Then what I'm suppose to believe Ohjo that you are not doing your best at this!!!?? Ohjo we would've been destroyed the Teckarangers!!!

    Ohjo- My lord..we lost a General because he went rogue and now we lost two more Generals who doesn't even know the meaning of the word cooperation! If anything I've been loyal to my lord!

    Wada- Well give me a day because the Teckarangers will die!

    (Ohjo and Henji looks surprised as the scene jumps back to Earth on the next day with Jeo and Renoi walking towards the school in the morning)

    Renoi- Before we take out the teckarangers I want to experience this soo called High School for a little bit before we take out the teckarangers

    Jeo- Why?

    Renoi- We should live alil

    Jeo- You are not making sense....

    (The two walk inside the school only to be stopped by Principal Takeshi)

    Principal Takeshi- Well hello two students I have never seen before...

    (Jeo turns around)

    Jeo- Greetings we're new to the school

    Principal Takeshi- I can see that with the four badges you both have attached to your blazers you two are indeed seniors of this school but transferred students

    Renoi- Why yes we are. Have you not saw our transcripts?

    Principal Takeshi- And how am I suppose to see your transcripts whereas I don't even know your names

    Jeo- I'm Je

    (Renoi steps on Jeo's foot)

    Renoi- My name is Renna Sawashiro and this is Shun...Shun Tenji...

    Jeo- Yes my name is Shun and it's a pleasure sir...

    Principal Takeshi- Hmm respectful students I like.....Shun good boy have you ever considered sports?

    Jeo- Yes I have but as for the moment I hope the stay here doesn't last as long!

    Principal Takeshi- Well now if your Seniors I can't help but to watch you two graduate next year.. However since you two are now just joining I can help but to see you two go off to Summer School for catch up with out work

    Renoi- Summer School!!? Uhh I mean thats not a problem at all Principal Takeshi-sama! ^__^

    Principal Takeshi- We only have a week left til break so make yourself comfortable

    (Principal Takeshi walks off)

    Renoi- I want his head on my wall!

    Jeo- Well Renna Sawashiro...good job on that what is this human summer school?

    Renoi- It's for stupid people...who fail but we're use that for our advantage since he insist we catch up...One of the Teckarangers might be there!!!!!Jeo- TeckaRed?

    Renoi- The perfect baka for summer school!

    (Scene cuts to Masato moaning running in the hallway)

    Masato- Aww Mouu!!!!!! Summer School for the 3rd time all because I forgot to write that stupid paper for Principal Takeshi and Professor Shinji...Being a Teckaranger and doing school is sooo complicated -__________________-

    .....- You knew you had to turn that paper in baaaaaka!

    (Masato turns to see Megumi in her school attire with black stockings and her shirt tucked in wearing her blazer.....Masato looks annoyed as he is showing wearing what he likes to wear...his school uniform....nike sneakers and his school track jacket.)

    Masato- But last year summer school I barely passed!

    Megumi- No! Baka I helped you out and you still struggled

    Masato- But Math is sooooo hard =(

    Megumi- Jeez Masato you need to step it up or you won't graduate you lucky we only got a week left til September

    Masato- Summer Vacation and I don't even have a summer vacation!

    .....- Excuse me can you tell me where the Nurses Office is?

    Masato- Straight down the hallway..your name?

    ......- Umm Daisuke....yours?


    Daisuke- Righhht um thank you very much....

    (The Mysterious kid walks off)

    Masato- Jeez we're getting new students from left to right... it's crazy..whoa wait dio they lookn famailar to you?

    (Megumi turns to see Jeo and Renoi but she doesn't recognize them for their appearance since they are dress differently in School Uniform)

    Megumi- I swear I've saw them before but no I have no clue Masato...

    (Jeo and Renoi stares at Masato and Megumi as Jeo begins to walk up to them)

    Jeo- Uhh

    Renoi- Ask them!!!!

    Jeo- Umm do you know where Professor's Shinji room is.. My friend and I have him next but we don't know where that class is...

    Masato- Well if you follow my friend and I we're going to the exact same place

    Renoi- Umm he's a bit shy but stupid

    Jeo- Excuse Me?

    Renoi- My name is Renna and this is Shun

    Masato- (DAMN SHE'S SOO FINE AND HER BOOBS ARE SOO BIG O_O inner thought) Ummm my name is umm Masato umm

    (Renoi shockingly)

    Renoi- Masato what?

    Masato-- Umm Masato ummm Henta

    (Renoi chuckles)

    Masato- Masato Henta?

    Megumi- Excuse him he's been feeling himself lately...I'm Megumi Suernaga it's a pleasure

    (Jeo stares at Masato with a I swear I know you from somewhere expression...The four of them walk together to Professor Shinji's classroom)

    (Masato still is love-struck buy the busty but curvy appearance of Renoi now Renna and Jeo now Shun is staring at Masato with his eyes on Renna)

    ....- Are we ready for class?

    (Masato looks to see Ryusuke who seems to be rather annoyed as usual and he see's the two new student s with a curious expression look on his face)

    Megumi- Ryusuke...looks like we have new friends

    (Jeo and Renoi....now Shun and Renna stares at Ryusuke with a look of confusion)

    Ryusuke- Hi...I'm Ryusuke

    Jeo- Shun it's a pleasure this is Renna-Chan

    Renoi- Wussup

    Ryusuke- You two are transferred Seniors?

    (Shun stares at Renna)

    Renna- Yes from America!

    Masato- OMG you're from America!!?!?!?!?!?!!!! I wanna go to America for College!!!

    Megumi- Oh excuse him he's a fanatic of American Culture

    (Masato holds in his gasm as the five students walk inside the class....Professor Shinji walks in afterwards to see Masato looking rather glazed)

    Professor Shinji- You know what class you have one week left til break! And I expect the ones that hasn't done soo well reflect on what they couuld've done better and try harder when we come back from the summer! Especially the #1 idiot of this Senior Class Masato Genta!

    (Everyone chuckes except for Megumi, Ryusuke, Shun and Renna)

    Masato- Well I may be the biggest idiot of the class but mark my words Professor Shinji I will pass your class and I will graduate from high school!

    Professor Shinji- Baaaaaka! And since Masato Genta wants to brag about his so called future achievements. I'm giving you all a spelling bee!

    Masato- Spelling Bee!? I haven't had one since 1st Grade piece of cake!

    Professor Shinji- Spelling these words in English!

    (Professor Shinji points to the board which 5 different Japanese Characters)

    Masato- In English?? uhhh I don't know any English Words!

    Professor Shinji- Baka! What have you been learning in my class for the last past year!!!!!!!!

    Masato- Counting Sheep :p

    Professor Shinji- Masato Genta gets a F anyone wants to join him?

    (Shun pokes Renna and whispers at her)

    Shun- He's a idiot...

    Renna- A funny idiot!

    Shun- Do we have to take this test???

    Renna- In order of them to believe we're one of them...make sure you get 4/5 right so they won't suspect we're overly smart or something

    (Ryusuke stares at Shun and Renna talking....as the scene cuts to I-BRID with Hiro taking with Professor Tsubaki)

    Hiro- It's been quiet since yesterday...no attacks...no Jeo or Renoi...or Emperor Henji I think somethings up

    Professor Tsubaki- Thats why I want you to lay low with the others and until school is out we won't be keeping a update on you guys..

    Hiro- Thats fine

    (Scene jumps back up to Gaidoku with Ohjo trying to create a monster from his Holographic Device)

    Ohjo- I don't know who that bastard think he is but if he's going to be a New General he's going to have to earn his spot! It doesn't make sense how he can show up and joke! He's nothing! ZERO!

    (A Monster is form as Ohjo looks amused)

    Ohjo- Rise My Warrior!

    ......- Where am I?

    Ohjo- Apart of the Gaidoku Fleet Ship!

    .....-Gaidoku? Army? It's my pleasure my lord....Your wish is my command!

    Ohjo- Good because I want you to go into the city and lure out the warriors who defend the planet known as the Teckarangers and destroy them as well as rogue traitors to Gaidoku! Two formers Generals Jeo and Renoi! They are Androids!

    ......- The pleasure is my General!

    (The monster leaves as Ohjo looks back with a smirk on his face)

    (The scene resumes to the end of the day as Ryusuke, Shun, Megumi, Renna and Masato are walking out of class..As the five students walk up suddenly Yuka and Hiro approach them...)

    Megumi- Hiro..YUKA!

    Renna- Wow I guess you guys are a big group

    Shun- Yeah I would've imagine you were all together

    Ryusuke- Yeah we have class together that we usually study for and work thats why we're together most of the times

    Shun- Interesting..well I suppose this school is friendly afterall.

    Hiro- Yeah I guess you can say that...My name is Hiro..this is Yuka

    Shun- Shun...this is Renna

    (As Hiro and Shun proceeds to shake each other hands a suddenly rush of adrenaline hits both boys)

    (Hiro lets go with a smirk as Shun smiles back)

    (Renna shakes Yuka hand as both girls feel a sudden rush of adrenaline as well)

    Megumi- Aw the three of us girls could possibly hang out sometimes!

    (Yuka looks disturb at Renna as she smiles at Megumi)

    Shun- Uh I guess I'll walk home today then Renna

    Renna- On a second thought we do need to walk home together

    Masato- Oh I'm sure we can all walk home together!

    (As soon as the students can continue even further a suddenly explosion erupts outside of the school as The 7 Students rushes to see the problem..As the students look outside they see Baikin Soldiers with Elite Baikin charging at the school with the same monster Ohjo has summoned earlier)

    (Shun stares at Renna as they look nervous)

    Hiro- Damn! Masato!

    Masato- We should get going!

    Megumi- Where 2?

    Ryusuke- Behind the school

    Renna- But they'll easily see us...

    Hiro- We gotta think of something

    Renna- Shun...follow me

    Shun- It was nice meeting you five...

    (Renna and Sun runs off)

    Hiro- Those two are suspicious..

    Ryusuke- I've been saying that all day!

    Yuka- I shook that girl Renna hand and she completely feels cold..and soulless

    Megumi- You guys are just exaggerating

    Masato- Once you think about it I sworn I saw those two from somewhere before

    Hiro- Nevermind that we gotta go to I-BRID and sabotage them from the opposite way

    Masato- Right

    (The five students runs off as the scene jumps to Renna and Shun)

    Shun- Those five I feel as if I know them


    Shun- Henji thinks we're up to something!

    Renna- So this is all just a misunderstanding?

    Shun- We are about to find out!

    (The two transported from the school and into the courtyard turning into their Android Form)

    Jeo- Hey! Monster Who Gave You that order to attack that school!

    ....- Change of plans General it seems General Ohjo has lost his patience!

    Renoi- Speak your name!

    .....- War Baikin! And thats the last thing you'll remember before I destroy you!

    Jeo- Renoi!

    (Renoi jumps to attack the Baikin Soldiers and Elite Baikin all at once destroying them in the process)

    Jeo- You were saying!

    ....- He was saying that your heads will be delivered on a silver plater to Emperor Henji

    (In Star Trek fashion...General Ohjo apprears before Jeo and Renoi)


    Ohjo- Nope it seems as if you two have lost all contact with us thus we're canceling your job duties working with us!

    Renoi- I've been waiting to fight your purple ass for a long time!

    Jeo- No Renoi I'll take Ohjo stick with that damn Baikin Monster

    Ohjo- This will be interestingRenoi dashes at the Baikin Monster as it fights back...The Baikin Beast disapares then

    reappears striking down Renoi

    (Ohjo sword drawns out as Jeo begins to charge at Ohjo both men are fighting viciously! Both men attack as their

    swords cross. Ohjo pulls out his caliber gun and shoots Jeo..Jeo is hit as he swiftly returns with a golden slash hurting

    Ohjo..Ohjo falls down then proceeds to smirk..Ohjo pulls out a lever and the lever shoots at Jeo absorbing his powers!

    Jeo is losing his strength as suddenly a Red Blast shoots at Ohjo and it appears to be TeckaRed with his Saw Gun


    TeckaRed- Sorry we're late!




    TeckaBlue- Step Away from the school Renoi!

    Renoi- Teckarangers! I am happy and I am angry to see you 4!


    Jeo- Where were we?

    Ohjo- Planing your ticket straight to hell!

    (Suddenly a blast erupts as everyone on the battlefied is hurt)

    .......- And thats your problem Ohjo you give up too easily when the number is high against you!

    (Ohjo looks around to see Wada staring straight at the scene of the Teckarangers, Jeo, Renoi and himself)

    TeckaGreen- Who are you?

    .......- Space Bounty Hunter of Gaidoku...The New General...Wada!

    TeckaRed- Space Bounty Hunter?

    Jeo- Damn that Henji he's outcasted us!

    Wada- For the time that I hear Teckarangers! You will experience the most hell to come! This summer will be your last


    TeckaPink- Nani!????

    Wada- You heard right...since Ohjo can't get the job done as fast...I'll make this quich for Emperor Henji

    TeckaBlue- You must not know what happened to the last General!

    Wada- Yeah he's dead and soon you will be also!

    (Wada jumps down as dashes touching The Teckarangers he stops as they look back unharmed and untouched?)

    TeckaRed- I don't feel....

    (Boom! A huge slash of explosions erupts at the Teckarangers they are down and hurt!)

    Wada- 10 seconds and don't bother getting back up!

    TeckaBlue- You son of a bitch!!!!!!!!!!

    (TeckaBlue rushes Wada as he draws out his Teckasword! Wada strikes at TeckaBlue with his own sword as he kicks

    him and shoots him in mid-air!)


    TeckaBlue- Watch out he's stronger than anyone we faced before

    TeckaRed- Green! Red/Green Special!

    TeckaGreen- Axe/Gun Custom! Shooto!

    TeckaRed- SAW GUN CUSTOM! SHOOTO!!!!!


    Wada- Weak Attacks!

    (Wada dodges them as Red and Green strike each other with their own attacks!)

    TeckaYellow- Yellow Storm!

    TeckaPink- Pink Giri!

    (Wada blocks the girls attacks and strikes them with his Bounty Caliber!)

    (Jeo flies at Wada)

    Wada- Bout time! Bounty Crisis!

    (Wada lets out a long range attack that paralyzes Jeo..Renoi is in shock as she quicky dashes to save Jeo but she is

    shot down by Ohjo!)

    Wada- Time to teleport you 7 to paradise! Dimension Bomb!

    (Wada throws a bomb hitting All Five Teckarangers as they are being transported away in a dimension!)

    Renoi- jeo! Jeo! JEO! WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!

    Ohjo- They must die!

    Wada- No! Let them live because they are already struggling.. They are weak and just like that they dropped like

    flies..But the Teckarangers! I'm leading that up to you thats if you can handle the Teckarangers

    (Ohjo disappears as Renoi and Jeo disapears..Wada smirks and walks off...The scene jumps as the Teckarangers are

    transfered to a dimension that appears to be similar)

    (Scene jumps to the Rangers being teleported out the dimension to the same exact location as before.. The students are our as they drop to the ground feeling sore)

    TeckaRed- I'm tired of going through wormholes

    TeckaBlue- Is everyone alright?

    TeckaYellow- Yeah I'm fine just feeling sore

    TeckaPink- We back at School

    TeckaRed- Not with him in the way

    (Ohjo appears with his sword)

    Ohjo- This is where the game begins Teckarangers you will all be buried here!

    (All five Teckarangers look to see Ohjo in front of a group of Baikin Soldiers as they prepare to fight Ohjo)

    SCENE 14 OF



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    Default Scene 15: Rogue

    Ohjo- ATTACK!

    (All five Teckarangers charge at the Baikin Soldiers)

    TeckaBlue- Red!

    TeckaRed- Got It! Saw Gun Custom!

    TeckaBlue- Screw Axe Multi-Stick Rifle Custom!

    TeckaBlue- 3

    TeckaRed- 2


    All- FIRE!

    (Both blasters charging at full power destroys the Baikin Soldiers as Ohjo looks on pissed)

    Ohjo- You all gotten powerful but that doesn’t mean you five can defeat me!

    (Ohjo charges at the Teckarangers as the Teckarangers proceed to charge both attacks again.)

    TeckaBlue- Hit him one more time with it!

    All- FIRE!

    (Both blasters shoot the same amount of given power thrown at Ohjo but…)


    Ohjo slashes through the attack as he charge slashing at all five Teckarangers..Teckablue pulls out his
    Screw Sabre from the Custom Rifle as he and Ohjo lock swords slashing at each other. As the others
    plan to regroup Elite Baikin’s has approached the Rangers.)


    TeckaRed- There is no way I’m leaving you here!

    TeckaPink- There’s too many of them!

    TeckaGreen- We might have to retreat!

    TeckaRed- Not without Blue!

    TeckaGreen- If you believe in him as much as we do he’ll be fine

    TeckaRed- Yellow! Aren’t you second in command!?

    TeckaYellow- I don’t know…we need to retreat for now

    TeckaRed- Yellow!

    TeckaYellow- That’s a order Blue will be fine

    (The elite Baikin charges at the 4 remaining Teckarangers as Blue and Ohjo continue to fight each

    TeckaRed- We need to cut these guys off

    TeckaGreen- Up there shoot the rocks and we’ll be ok

    (All four Teckarangers pull out their blasters shooting at the rocks above as a avalance occurs
    knocking down killing the elite Baikin in the process)

    TeckaBlue- Blue Finish!

    Ohjo cuts through the attack slashing at TeckaBlue with his own attack. And knocking Teckablue with
    his own hitassu attack!)

    Ohjo- 6 Sin General Attack: Nightmare Edge!

    (TeckaBlue is defeated as he falls down. His suit is scratched up)

    Ohjo- Those suits must be strong if you don’t even demorph!

    TeckaBlue- Shit he can’t see my identity but I can’t even move!

    Ohjo- Capture Him and use him as bait to lure the others!

    (The scene changes with the four Teckarangers demorphed)

    (Masato punches a tree)

    Masato- I hate what we’re doing! I can’t just sit here and watch a classmate of mines get his ass
    handed to him. You all need to understand we’re strong as a team!

    Megumi- But we need to regroup and come up with a way to attack

    Masato- We’re wasting time! Don’t you see?!

    (Ryusuke looks annoyed)

    Ryusuke- Well Genus do you have another way for us to go into and attack without thinking first??

    (Masato thinks but he says nothing)

    Ryusuke- Exactly!

    Yuka- Umm, I don’t know what’s best for right now but Masato is right

    Megumi- Yuka!?

    Yuka- I know im not very vocal and I know im shy but I just can’t sit here til we brainstorm when Hiro i
    s out there fighting Ohjo it just doesn’t feel right for us to sit and wait to come up with a plan. I’m not
    saying we run in full force but as of now we need to save Hiro

    (Masato looks at Yuka with a boast of confidence)

    Megumi- So we run in heads on????????
    Yuka- No we do what we do best! We fight with all of our power like we were made to be
    Teckarangers and this gift that the four of us have isn’t just to show we can only become


    Megumi- Being second in command is hard :/

    Masato- Megumi we need someone when Hiro isn’t around and that someone is you!

    Ryusuke- I agree and as a matter of fact I have a idea now!

    (Masato stares at Ryusuke)

    Ryusuke- Let’s Morph!

    (The scene cuts to Teckablue unconscious as he is tied up)

    Ohjo- Damnit where the hell are those Baikins! I sent out! Those damn Teckarangers can’t be far!

    Looking for us!!

    (Ohjo and his remaining Elite Baikin looks to see the four teckarangers in suit)

    Ohjo- Thought you cowards ran off!

    TeckaGreen- We thought about it but we decided since this dimension whatever we are. This is a key
    to your power? So why not change something up

    Ohjo- The hell are you talking about!?

    TeckaRed- Saw Gun! Tecka Gun!

    (TeckaRed charges full ahead and shoots the Elite Baikin down destroying them as he rushes heads on
    shooting the Elite Baikin! TeckaGreen then summons his TeckaAxe aiming it at the Sun.)

    TeckaGreen- Axe/Gun Custom!

    Ohjo- You bastard! Noo!

    TeckaYellow- Sorry Ohjo but I can’t allow you to get in the way! You make me vomit!
    Ohjo- Bitch! You will not get in my way!

    (TeckaPink slashes at the chains releasing TeckaBlue who is still unconscious)

    TeckaRed- Yellow!

    TeckaYellow- Green!

    TeckaGreen- EVERYONE NOW!

    TeckaPink pulls TeckaBlue screw sword and her stick throwing it towards at TeckaGreen

    (TeckaYellow does the same for Green to summon the Screw/Axe/Stick Custom while Masato throws
    his Saw Gun at Yellow as Yellow throws a TeckaGun at him)

    TeckaYellow- Saw Gun Custom!

    TeckaRed- Oh Hell Yeah! Sword Mode

    TeckaRed is wielding two TeckaSwords as he launches a red wave of a final slash!



    (A Red Cross Wave destroys the Elite Baikn as TeckaGreen shoots the rifle knocking him back since he
    doesn’t have no one to hold onto the weight with him. Ohjo tries to charge at the attack only for Ohjo
    to meet with a Yellowish-Red attack!)

    Emperor Henji- They’re out of the barrier!!!!

    Wada- I knew Ohjo was weak

    TeckaPink- Everyone individual customs!

    (All four holds onto their customs as Red and Green proceeds to move into the opposite direction as
    Ohjo see’s Pink and Yellow in the center. Pink and Yellow fires their customs as Ohjo tries to deflect
    only to meet Red and Green with their Green/Red special)

    Ohjo is badly injured..) Yuma!!!!!!!!

    (Scene cuts back to the Gaidoku fleet ship)
    Emperor Henji- Do it Yuma but set some time bombs. Ohjo has failed me..
    (Wada smirks)
    Yuma- Timebombs for what??
    Emperor Henji- Ohjo complete dominance is a failure!
    (A Green ray shoots at Elite Baikin as 3 are grown tall)
    Ms. Haruka pops on TeckaGreen’s TeckaBrace!
    Ms. Haruka- I am aware of everything that’s going on. Sending the zords!

    VOICE- Access Teckanoroji Zords! Teckanoroji Tank, Wing, Jet, Sub, Tanic


    (The team hits the Transport button as they teleport inside the cockpit..the team places their TeckaBrace screen in the middle of the steering wheel)


    (All mecha are activated as they move out)

    TeckaRed- Let''s Gattai!

    (TeckaRed hits the Gattai key on his TeckaBrace)


    (The four mecha fall apart of the tecka tank as they begin to form the sub and tanic make the arms as the wing and jet makes the legs. Tecka Tank rotates in position to form a much larger vehicle.)


    (Ohjo disappears)

    TeckaRed- Teckanoroji Sabre I CHOOSE YOU!


    TeckaRed- FINAL TECKANOROJI HISSATSU!!!!!!!! Teckanoroji Strike!!!!!!!!!


    (As Dai-Tecka-Oh strikes one the others explode in the process damaging Dai-Tecka-Oh)

    TeckaGreen- That’s it??

    YeckaPink- That was too quick almost if they have

    TeckaRed- Self-destructed but why?


    SCENE 15 OF


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    Default Scene 16: Change

    (The scene opens up with Jeo and Renoi in what appears to be a warehouse healing themselves after the attack from Wada)

    Jeo- We’re going to have to work with those damn Teckarangers for now the fact that they aren’t strong compared to Wada upsets me!

    Renoi- Just why is he here?

    Jeo- Doesn’t matter if he’s a bounty hunter we’re the predators!

    (The scene jumps to Gaidoku Fleet ship)

    Emperor Henji- Wada how do you feel about being my second in command of the ship?

    Wada- It is a honor my lord

    Emperor Henji- Yuma make sure Ohjo gets his page rip off. I don’t need anymore mistakes floating around like Saban

    Yuma- You are right sir.

    Emperor Henji- When the hell those Baikin Monsters are going to get here!

    Yuma- Were still in the process of interviews my emperor!

    Emperor Henji- I don’t give a damn about Interviews I want a monster now!

    Yuma- Well we only have one but be patient sir please before you gain a headace

    (A Baikin Creature appears with fighting gloves and a white suit)

    …..- Wataaa! Ridoken!

    (He throws a blast of negative energy at Emperor Henji that turns into fireworks)

    Emperor Henji- Yuma what the hell do I look like to you!?

    Yuma- But sir this man is the Master of Martial Arts his accuracy exceeds 9,000!

    Emperor Henji- Did you say 9,000? IT’S OVER 9,000!!!?????

    Emperor Henji- You! Negative Energy! Earth Destroy Now!

    Baikin Karate- Wataaa!!!!

    (The scene jumps to I-BRID as Megumi, Masato, Yuka and Ryusuke looks on as Hiro is healing in a chamber)

    Ms. Haruka- It’s good you brought him here as soon as you did what we don’t need is losing a member

    Yuka- Ms. Haruka-San?

    Ms. Haruka- Yes Yuka?

    Yuka- How long will it be?

    Ms. Haruka- Probably in a couple of hours he should be fine he just needs rest

    (Yuka looks worried as she looks on. Masato, Ryusuke and Megumi talks about future actions)

    Megumi- You think we should go to Earth Branch?

    Masato- For what? I don’t want to be nowhere near that bitter old geezer.

    Ryusuke- He did help us out defeating Saban..

    Masato- The last time I checked we saved him defeating Saban.

    Megumi- I suppose but I just don’t know what to make of all of this Wada is powerful and we barely got past Ohjo. No Hiro for a couple of hours what will happen if there’s another attack in the city.

    (Masato puts his hand over Megumi’s shoulder)

    Masato- We do what we do best we fight!

    (Yuka turns and looks at Masato while Masato smiles at

    Yuka..but suddenly the alarm sounds)

    (Ms. Haruka comes back into the room with a touch screen halogram device. Downtown in Tokyo by the docks. The location is on your braces)

    Megumi- Let’s go guys


    All four- Teckachange!


    (A ray of colorful lights shine as the four Teckarangers transform leaded by Megumi..the scene changes to the docking area of Tokyo where Baikin Karate is kicking construction workers left and right!)

    Baikin Karate- Wataaaa!

    Hey YOU!

    Baikin Karate- Wataa L

    (TeckaYellow jumps down as she leads her team into action)

    Baikin Karate- No introduction!?? Just straight fighting?? I like you guys already

    TeckaGreen is first punching Baikin Karate only to meet with a roundhouse kick as he flips him over and punches him in Bruce Lee fashion. Tecka Yellow rushes only to meet with a Ridokin! She flies off the bay harbor into the water!

    TeckaPink- Yellow!! Pink Stick!

    Baikin Karate- No Weapons! Play Fair!!!!

    TeckaPink- Pink Giri!

    (The attack doesn’t have no affect as TeckaPink is also kicked off the bay into the water)

    TeckaRed- Damn!

    Baikin Karate- All that’s left is you FAT BOY! You probably can’t even kick if you tried! Loser fat ass! Fat Boy!!!! Hahahahahaaaa

    TeckaRed- You Bastard!!!!

    (TeckaRed rushes Baikin Karate as Baikin Karate kicks the shit out of TeckaRed only for TeckaGreen to hit Baikin Karate with his Green Giri!)

    Voice- FINAL SLASH!

    (TeckaRed shoots a wave of a red final slash at Baikin Karate only for Baikin Karate to deflect it at TeckaGreen!)

    TeckaRed- Damn It!!!

    (Baikin Karate throws explosive darts at both Green and Red as they fall out into the water. Baikin Karate laughs as he walks off)

    (The scene jumps to the four on the opposite side of the Bay demorphed as they walk out the Water all soaked)

    Megumi- Ugh!!!!!!!! We barely touched him!

    Ryusuke- He fights right so why not let’s do everything he’s doing!

    Masato- I got a idea…

    Megumi- Masato you’ve grown from the last couple of weeks man

    Masato- I don’t know if I know what you’re talking about :p

    Megumi- Welp there goes your brass points

    Masato- I was joking! Jokingg!!!! Joking L

    Megumi- Spill it out Masato

    Masato- If we could find some type of way of slowing him down then he doesn’t have a chance. And this time we’re going to use weapons

    Yuka- Wait Masato..

    (Masato looks at Yuka)

    Yuka- Maybe we should follow his lead. I’ll give you guys the heads up!

    (The scene jumps back to I-NET as Hiro wakes up out of his sleep with a breathing mask over his face)

    Hiro- Looks around as he takes the mask off his face as he gets up

    (Alarm Sounds as Ms. Haruka walks in)

    Ms. Haruka- Hiro! You’re not fully healed yet.

    Hiro- I’m fine..much better then when I was last time.

    (Ms. Haruka looks concerned as Mr. Sasaki walks in to the motionless Hiro)

    Hiro- Mr. Sasaki is Ohjo….

    Mr. Sasaki- No everything is fine as of now Ohjo is still at large but I need for you to be safe and keep yourself healthy! You risk yourself too much and you need to realize you five aren’t strong unless you’re together.

    Hiro- I’m, sorry where is everyone?

    Mr. Sasaki- Fighting a Baikin Beast…it seems like things are slowing down which is good I just need you to stay safe.

    (The scene cuts to Yuka and Masato)

    Masato- You’re sure this will work?

    Yuka- Do you trust me Masato?

    Masato- Yuka…you are my partner I believe and trust you, Ryusuke and Megumi

    (Yuka smiles as she looks less shy)

    (Suddenly Baikin Karate comes in around the area beating up cilvians as he looks to see what appears to be TeckaGreen punching cilvians)

    Baikin Karate- Nani!!???? You want to fight!!!!????

    TeckaGreen- Oh I knew you showed up because I’m ready to kick your ass!

    Baikin Karate- You and one army Green Thumb! I thought you were for justice and all that other crap!! Only I get to beat citizens!

    TeckaGreen- Citizens??

    (Suddenly the citizens all turn into Baikin Soldiers)

    Baikin Karate- NA-NI!!!!?????

    TeckaGreen- Holograms! Sorry to spoil the fun

    Baikin Karate- You tricked me

    (Suddenly TeckaYellow comes in kicking Baikin Karate in the balls)

    Baikin Karate- You bitch!!!! My private parts!!

    TeckaYellow- Sorry Mr. Karate but this is the end for you.

    (TeckaYellow pulls out her Yellow Stick slashing and attacking Baikin Karate. Only for Baikin Karate to take her stick slashing back at her only for TeckaPink and Red shooting at Baikin Karate. Baikin Karate falls down)

    Baikin Karate- What happen to not using weapons

    TeckaPink- Weapons?

    (The weapons the four teckarangers welding disappears as TeckaRed goes in for a kick)

    Baikin Karate- What the fuck!!????

    TeckaRed- Final Punch!

    (A Red Punch hits Baikin Karate as he falls in explosion, the scene jumps to Gaidoku as Emperor Henji and Wada looks in disgust)

    Emperor Henji- Yuma!!!!

    Yuma- Shoots the ray gun into the city as Baikin Karate grows

    (TeckaRed uses his touch screen brace to summon the zords)

    VOICE- Access Teckanoroji Zords! Teckanoroji Tank, Wing, Jet, Sub, Tanic


    (The team hits the Transport button as they teleport inside the cockpit..the team places their TeckaBrace screen in the middle of the steering wheel)


    (All mecha are activated as they move out)

    TeckaRed- Let''s Gattai!

    (TeckaRed hits the Gattai key on his TeckaBrace)


    (The four mecha fall apart of the tecka tank as they begin to form the sub and tanic make the arms as the wing and jet makes the legs. Tecka Tank rotates inposition to form a much larger vehicle.)


    (Dai-Tecka-Oh is already taking damage as Baikin Karate is kicking and pulls a sword out slashing at Dai-Tecka-Oh.)

    TeckaRed- Damn! Teckanoroji Sabre I choose you!

    (Both giants are slashing each other as Baikin Karate slashes Dai-Tecka-Oh’s hand off and shooting fire at the robot.)

    TeckaGreen- Damn It we got to find a way to defeat him! Yellow

    TeckaYellow- I don’t know

    ….- Power the foot and hit him with a kick

    TeckaPink- Hiro?

    Hiro- Power Dai-Tecka-Oh’s foot and hit him with a strong kick!

    TeckaRed- That’s all I need to know!


    TeckaRed- TECKANOROJI KICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Dai-Tecka-Oh jumps into the sky hitting Baikin Karate with a strong kick destroying him)

    TeckaRed- Scene Ends Here TST!

    (Megumi and the other three look and see’s Dai-Tecka-Oh with his hand chopped off)

    Yuka- I think things is going to get harder for us.

    Megumi- Why you say that?

    Yuka- With everything going on we five need to just be there through the good and bad. If our bond breaks Teckaranger breaks

    (Masato pats Yuka on the shoulder)

    Masato- Everything all works out right?

    (Yuka looks at Masato and smiles)

    (Ryusuke looks on at Dai-Tecka-Oh as Megumi stares at Masato with a proud look on her face)

    SCENE 16 OF



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