(The scene opens up on Gaidoku Fleet Ship as Emperor Henji looks pissed off and disappointed)

Emperor Henji- I am sick and tired of those damn Teckarangers getting into my way! I want those Rangers to suffer and be destroyed more than anything right now!

(Emperor Henji throws things around as Yuma tries to calm him down)

Yuma- Sir you have to remain calm! I know you are mad but you need to remain calm!

Emperor Henji- No! I want those Rangers defeated!

(Wada walks in)

Emperor Henji- Ohjo is nowhere to be found sir. It seems he’s in hiding sir.

Emperor Henji- I don’t need him! I don’t need anyone!

Wada- Sir in order for you to taker control of Earth you need all the help that’s available!

Emperor Henji- Bullshit!

(A light grows as a indicators appears showcasing a incoming traveler. The light goes off who else but Uyaro appears before Emperor Henji)

Emperor Henji- What the hell do you want????

Uyaro- Well I’m just here to check up on some things but still I noticed you still haven’t made no process what so ever.

Emperor Henji- GET THE HELL OUT!

Uyaro- I cannot do that. Master Juuto summoned me to come here and check up on the so called dominate Emperor. You haven’t made no changes and yet you lost a General in battle and I don’t see Ohjo at all.

(Emperor Henji looks defeated)

Uyaro- Wada Fett you are to assist Henji at all times until now!

Wada- Indeed General

Emperor Henji- Stay in your place General!

Uyaro- Grow a sack Emperor :p

(Uyaro disappears in Star Trek fashion as Emperor Henji looks disgrunt)

Emperor Henji- Wada…. I don’t know what to do now… I might as well call it troops

Wada- But sir!? You started this for a reason and you were made to take over the World!

Emperor Henji- I don’t know Wada

(Wada walks off as Yuma follows him as Emperor Henji looks depressed)

Yuma- What should we do??

Wada- This is the most dysfunctional set of Villains we have.. I’m taking control for right now and this is what I want you to do! I want you to send Baikin Soldiers to attack downtown Tokyo! Then as soon as the Teckarangers appears send 10 Elite Baikins in Megazords down in the city! I want you to get me at least 4 Baikin Beasts!

Yuma- That’s a lot of armory!!!! I don’t think I can deliver fresh monsters!

Wada- If you want to take over Japan! You better do what you need to do to make Emperor Henji proud!

(Wada walks off as the scene jumps to Space Branch of I-BRID)

(Masato and Megumi are walking in as Mr. Sasaki and Ms. Haruka are walking up to them. Masato looks happy as Megumi talks)

Megumi- There hasn’t been that much activity going around you guys. I don’t know whether if that’s a good or a bad thing.

Professor Sasaki- Gaidoku is plotting something the better to just stay claim we are better prepared for them

Masato- Well the old geezer is right about one thing.

Professor Sasaki- Masato…I

(Ryusuke and Yuka walks in)

Ms. Haruka- Where’s Hiro??

Yuka- I was just about to ask you that… ever since we defeated the last monster we haven’t seen him at all.

Ryusuke- Wasn’t he here?

(Ms. Haruka looks at her gps indicator on her touch screen pad)

Ms. Haruka- His brace is off I don’t know why.

Masato- Damn Hiro what is wrong with you?

(The scene jumps to Hiro walking with what appears to be a light flashing he walks up to a old man who appears to be Mr. Nogami)

Mr. Nogami- My boy that’s the final piece I needed now it’s just going to take a while before it’s finished! You are living up to your leadership qualification Kid

Hiro- What is that for anyway?

Mr. Nogami- Why the hell would I tell you right away?? C’Mon kid it doesn’t get any better than when it actually happens! I’m so proud of myself I don’t know what to do.

Hiro- You are a bad liar and a user

Mr. Nogami- Huh???? Kid you’re even as annoying as that Masato brat!

Hiro- I’M RISKING THE TRUST OF OTHER PEOPLE JUST TO HELP YOU OUT! Space Branch doesn’t even consider your branch to be apart of I-BRID!

(Mr. Nogami looks irritated)

Mr. Nogami- Maybe I was wrong about you all along… you have issues kid help yourself out on the door.

(Mr. Nogami walks away as the scene jumps to Space Branch)

Ms. Haruka- I’m sure he’s fine… there shouldn’t be nothing

to worry about

(Masato looks at Ms. Haruka as she looks nervous)



*Gaidoku Energy located*

(Ms. Haruka looks on her screen to see a huge indicator downtown as Ms. Haruka drops her pin)

(Masato turns his brace on to see the huge circle of Gaidoku downtown in Tokyo)

Ms. Haruka- That’s too much! You four need to stick together on this! I will find Hiro!

Mr. Sasaki- Megumi you’re in charge!

(Megumi looks nervous as she looks at her brace and to Ryusuke and Masato)

Mr. Sasaki- Megumi!

(Megumi looks spaced)

Ms. Haruka- Ryusuke!

Ryusuke- Megumi what do you want to do?

Megumi- We gotta go…everyone let’s go..

(Masato walks in front of Megumi and holds her hand)

Masato- Let’s go Second in Command!

Megumi- Umm yeah…

(The four walks to the chamber as they all morph leaded by Megumi)

Megumi- Let’s Go Guys

*Change Confirm*

All Four- Tecka-Change!

Voice- Change Go!

(The scene jumps to downtown as the four look around)

TeckaYellow- Everyone get these people ton safety…Green you’re with me!

TeckaYellow- Pink what’s wrong??

TeckaPink- Hiro’s not around

TeckaYellow- Well we’re just goingn have to fight without him!

(The scene jumps back to Earth Branch)

(Hiro turns his Teckabrace on as his brace vibrates indicating the Baikin Soldiers downtown…Ms Haruka appears on his screen)

Ms. Haruka- Hiro! Where are you!!!??

Hiro- I’m sorry Ms. Haruka I just had a lot on my mind..

Ms. Haruka- Hiro you are the leader of this group you need to realize that the world is at stake. Go and help everyone else downtown. They need their leader!

Hiro- TeckaChange….

(The four Teckarangers are easily defeating the Baikin Soldiers)

TeckaYellow- Final Strike Everyone!


(All four Teckarangers swing their swords at the Baikin Soldiers destroying all of them in the process)

TeckaYellow- There’s more!!


Voice- Final Hitassu!

TeckaRed- Shooto!!!!!!!

TeckaRed- Shoots down the group of Baikin Soldiers as they are destroyed!

(Suddenly 4 Baikin Beast attacks the Teckarangers individually as they fall down)

(While the Ten Megazords appear in the sky)

Baikin Worm- Hi! Teckarangers 1..2..3….wait where’s Blue????

TeckaGreen- Don’t worry about that!

TeckaPink- Pink Stick!

Baikin Worm 2- Aniki let’s just defeat these posers!

….- Screw Sabre!!!!

(A blue slash attacks the Baikin Worm as the four teckarangers looks to see Teckablue)

TeckaYellow- Blue!

TeckaBlue- You guys im sorry for not being around but now that all five of us are here let’s finish this!

TeckaRed- We got ten megazord floating destroying buildings we need Dai-Tecka-Oh!

TeckaBlue- Damn It…

TeckaRed- What’s your plan?

TeckaBlue- Screw/Awe Stick Custom!

TeckaRed looks on as TeckaBlue summons the rifle…TeckaRed looks concerned as he aim his Saw Gun Custom at the 2 Baikin Worms)

Voice- Final Hitassu!

All Five- FIRE!

(Without noticing 2 more Baikin Beasts shows up once again the Baikin Beast out throws the Teckarangers and their power)

Baikin Worm 3- Hello Teckarangers!!!!

Baikin Worm 4- Nice to meet you!!!

TeckaGreen- There’s four of you guys!!???

TeckaBlue- DamnIt!!!

(The Megazords are still destroying the city as the Teckarangers looks scared)

TeckaGreen- Shit! We gotta split up!

(Ms. Haruka appears on TeckaBlue’s screen)

(Ms. Haruka looks nervous)

(I’m sending Dai-Tecka-Oh! Hiro pilot it!)

(TeckaBlue looks like he’s having a breakdown)

TeckaBlue- I need Red!

Ms. Haruka- You are the leader for a reason!

TeckaRed- But it’s 4 against 3!

TeckaBlue- Hits the transport key on his brace as he jumps into the cockpit of Dai-Tecka-Oh. Masato come on!

TeckaGreen- Go Masato!

(TeckaYellow looks concerned)

TeckaRed- Yellow!

(TeckaRed throws his Saw Gun Custom at Yellow and follows


TeckaYellow- I won’t fail you Masato…final strike you two

TeckaYellow- Saw Gun Custom!

TeckaGreen and Pink- Final Strike!

TeckaPink- We can’t attack them straight on!

Baikin Worm 1- Ni-San 2 and 3 attack them dead on!!!!!!

TeckaYellow- That’s suicide???!!

(TeckaBlue and Red are both in Dai-Tecka-Oh as they pull out the Teckunoroji Sabre slashing at the megazords. However they’re falling into smoke too easily!)

Teckared- No way in hell that….

(Suddenly as TeckaYellow shoots the Saw Gun Custom…Wada comes out to deflect it back at TeckaYellow, Green and Yellow. The three of them fall down)

Wada- Do it now you four!

Baikin Worm 1- Let’s gattai!!!!!!

(The four bakin beasts hop in the remaining megazord cockpits as the five megazords form a much bigger megazord than Dai-Tecka-Oh….)

TeckaRed- No!!!!!

TeckaBlue- Yellow, Green, Pink get in here right away! Damn It!

(TeckaYellow is badly hurt as Green and Pink took minor damage and they’re drained)

Wada- Now to finish you idiots off! Bounty Slash!!!!!

(A greenish black slash strikes at the three Teckarangers only for TeckaGreen to get into the middle of it to deflect it with his Axe but it was too late…TeckaGreen suit erupts in fire as he DEMORPHS!!!)

TeckaBlue- GREEN!!!!!!!!


(The flame of the hittassu is about to strike the powerful Baikin Megazord as the Baikin Beasts escapes the cockpit destroying the megazord in the progress!)

TeckaPink- This was a trap to lure us out!

Wada- You are correct because this is the last time I will ever see your faces. Attack them Baikin Worms!

As the baikin worms strike all four are instantly destroyed by a red and bluish final strike. TeckaRed throws Teckablue’s Sabre back at him as TeckaBlue strikes first at Wada only for him to deflect it!

(Wada strikes at the Teckarangers only for TeckaRed to take the impact for TeckaBlue to hit another Final Strike and to top it off with a Blue Finish!)

Wada dodges it as he throws a Gernade at the 4 remaining Teckarangers still in suit!

Wada- Yuma make me grow and the Baikin Worms into one!

(A ray shoots from the skies as th Baikin Worms resurrect and combines into one while Wada grows)

(Everyone is hurt…..)

TeckaBlue- This cannot be happening!!! Get up everyone get up!!!!

TeckaRed- Blue! Green is hurt and yellow and Pink are scared!

(TeckaYellow doesn’t say anything as TeckaPink looks like she’s in shock)

TeckaBlue ignores it as he hop back into the cockpit on his own as TeckaRed hits his teckabrace.

TeckaRed- Ms. Haruka you need to send Ryusuke back to the ship now!!!!!!!!!!

(Ms. Haruka is in a mixed of emotions as she sheds a tear..)

Ms. Haruka- ok!

(Ryusuke disappears in Green Star Trek fashion)

TeckaRed- Yellow, Pink can you two move….

TeckaYellow- Yeah,,,

TeckaPink- Hiro isn’t the same

TeckaRed- I know but Pink…

TeckaPink- I don’t feel comfortable around him

TeckaRed- You two stay here

(TeckaRed and Blue are in the cockpit of Dai-Tecka-Oh…Dai-Tecka-Oh is in battle but it’s 2 against 1 as both the Super Baikin Worm and Wada slashes at Dai-Tecka-Oh!)

TeckaRed- You gotta let me get the control I know more about

this than you do!

TeckaBlue- Sit down and shut up!

TeckaRed- Who the hell are you talking to!

Ms. Haruka- You two stop it!!!

TeckaBlue- I do what I want!

(Dai-Tecka-Oh charges it’s sword at Wada only for the sword to get broken into pieces)

VOICE- Warning! Warning! Power level is decreasing!

(The cockpit erupts into flames as sparks erupts into the cockpit. TeckaBlue and Red are demorphed as their suits are overheating! Hiro is bleeding on his hands as Masato has blood running down from the side of his face onto his school track jacket.)

Masato- (inner thought) I need to shove Hiro out the way.

(Hiro activates the self destruct on his teckabrace but he’s soo badly hurt blood his covering the screen. Masato pushes Masato out the way only for hiro to punch Masato right in the face. Hiro punches Masato again as

he falls down)

Masato- When Ryusuke punched me it was because I didn’t understand! When Yuka slapped me it was because I didn’t understand her. When you punch me there isn’t nothing to understand! Hiro you’re not the same person

and I can’t have you as the leader or the Teckarangers!!!

(Masato punches Hiro in the gut as he passes out… Wada stabs Dai-Tecka-Oh straight into the face and chops the robots head off!

(Dai-Tecka-Oh explodes as Masato and Hiro escapes the cockpit teleporting to the ground in pain. Their morphers crack and falls into pieces as what is now destroyed. TeckaPink and Yellow are demorphed as you see

Yuka bleeding from her arm and Megumi looking as if she twisted her ankle)

(Masato, Megumi, Yuka are in shocked when they see the downfall of their megazord destroyed by the hands of Wada. )


(The scene jumps back up with Emperor Henji looking like he’s about to start break-dancing!)

Emperor Henji- We’ve defeated those damn Teckarangers!!!!!! YES! YES! YES! YES!

(Wada looks down at the 3 still remaining as he and Baikin Worm strinks.)

Wada- The Teckarangers are just high school students!!???

You three are looking at your gravesite!

Masato- Shit…think Masato!!!! think!!!!