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    I understand Randy Orton won't use RKO but banning Seth Rollin's Curb Stomp permanently?

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    Not much to get excited about this week's show. I enjoyed the New Day embracing this heel side they should've had a long time ago. Their match against the Lucha Dragons was decent. The Naomi/Brie match was okay too although it was a heel/heel match. I did laugh at the Reigns/Bo Dallas segment and you can "bolieve dat!" Poor Zack Ryder was a sacrificial goat to the new heel persona in Sheamus. But at least he won the match by DQ! Summer Rae was looking hot in those short shorts. I hope this Miz/Mizdow feud isn't over yet.

    Things I didn't enjoy were the predictable squash matches and I have no clue where Fandango is going. Talk about a guy who is stuck in no man's land. Dean Ambrose also is stuck with feuds I don't care about. The John Cena Challenge is predictable as hell too. We know he won't lose. And I could careless about the conflicts with Kane. Poor Rollins can't use the Curb Stomp anymore. How lame. I guess Randy Orton was the highlight of the night with his RKO's from out of nowhere. Overall, I felt the show was underwhelming.
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    The New Day is actually some what worth not changing the channel on now.

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    Extreme Rules predictions:
    Brass Ring Club
    Dean Ambrose
    Roman Reigns
    Nikki Bella
    No clue what is going to happen to the IC Title Match. Bryan is injured so if they have to crown a new Champion, maybe Barrett wins.
    John Cena
    Seth Rollins

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