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    Aug 2012


    Umbrella Security service patch!??! Where did you get it for free?

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    All your FACES are belongs to ME!!! dchoc's Avatar
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    カオス - Chaos - NC


    Quote Originally Posted by KingConan View Post
    Umbrella Security service patch!??! Where did you get it for free?
    He made it... Z has a patch maker machine.

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    My Non-TF Haul For Fri. 08/31/2012

    Lego Ninjago:
    x3 #9590 NRG Zane-{Online Store:}
    x3 #9574 Llyod DX-{Online Store:}
    x3 #9591 Weapons Pack-{Online Store:}

    Lego Minifigures > Lego EX:
    x2 #850486 Rock Band Minifigure Accessory Pack-{Online Store:}
    x2 #850487 Halloween Minifigure Accessory Pack-{Online Store:}

    Lego Creator > Seasonal > Halloween 2012:
    x2 #40023 LEGO Witch-{Online Store:}

    Angry Birds Space > Other:
    x1 MashEms 2-Pack(s)-{Online Store:}

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    Friend summer haul, all of us finally reunited and here's the stuff I received haha
    okay well, I bought the morphin' brace for myself xD


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    My Hybrid Haul For Sat. 09/01/2012

    Transformers Prime > JPN Release > Deluxes/Decepticons:
    x3 AM-18 Airachnid-{Online Store:}

    Lego Master Builders Academy > Kit #7 To #9 Subscription:
    x4 #20208 The Dark Lair-{Online Store:}

    S.H. Figuarts > Super Sentai/Jetman:
    x3 Red Hawk-{Online Store:}

    Angry Birds > Other:
    x3 Puzzle Eraser Frozen King Pig-{Ebay Seller: gourdartist1}
    x2 Puzzle Eraser Normal King Pig-{Ebay Seller: gourdartist1}

    Legend Sentai Item(s) > Mass Retail "Ranger Keys":
    x2 Abaranger Set-{Online Store:}
    x2 Magiranger Set-{Online Store:}

    Transformers Generations > Deluxe Class > Wave #7 > Asst. #98452:
    x2 #28594 Thundercracker-{Ebay Seller: envywolfe}

    S.H. Figuarts > Super Sentai/Shinkenger > JPN EX:
    x1 HyperShinkenRed-{Online Store:}

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    Quote Originally Posted by dchoc View Post
    He made it... Z has a patch maker machine.
    Used to. The machine is long dead now. My buddy got the collector's edition of RE: Operation Raccoon City, and gave me the patch.


    $10 Cyberman toothbrush

    Birthday gift 4th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
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    ヒビキラッ☆ HenshiNDUT_M11's Avatar
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    Loot from AFA-ID 2012

    Too many items to list XD
    It was great event, by the way. Having Exhibitor Pass granted me (and my friends from our circle) to meet Aki Takanori, representative director from Good Smile Company, on the loading day. He even tweeted about our circle

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    With Koji Seto, Liz Gillies, and Emmanuelle Chiriqui @ Stark Space station


    All I have to say is there a few items I do want right now but I'm saving up for wizard driver... and shopping around starts now. If anyone selling 1 at a reasonable price hit me up with a PM
    Last edited by KamenRiderLeo; 09-03-2012 at 11:16 AM. Reason: grammar
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    My Hybrid Haul For Mon. 09/03/2012

    Power Rangers Super Samurai > Mega Bloks:
    x1 #5805 Hero Pack-{Store: Meijer}
    x1 #5743 Hero Pack-{Store: Meijer}
    x1 #5742 Hero Pack-{Store: Meijer}
    x1 #5859 Battle Pack II (TRU Exclusive)-{Birthday Gift 2012}
    x1 #5858 Battle Pack I (TRU Exclusive)-{Birthday Gift 2012}

    Lego Ninjago:
    x1 #9557 Lizaru-{Store: Meijer}
    x1 #9556 Bytar-{Store: Meijer}

    Transformers Bot Shots > Series #1/Wave #2/Launchers> Asst. #37674:
    x2 #37676 "BL004 Starscream Launcher"-{Store: Meijer}

    Angry Birds > K-Nex Set(s):
    x1 #72613 Mission May'ham-{Birthday Gift 2012}

    __________________________________________________ ___________

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    And the image is from my new phone.
    TWITTER: Paladin4221

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