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    Default Did Saban approach you to come back?

    Thanks for taking the time out to answer our questions, Mr. Lynn!

    When Saban reacquired the rights to the franchise last year, did he happen to approach you and ask if you'd like to return? If not, did you show any interest in returning?

    Bonus question: Did you enjoy your time coming back as EP for Power Rangers RPM?

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    Default Not much of a comparison...

    Haim Saban put many of the same people onto Samurai that he had used in the past. Yes, I was asked if I'd like to be involved. But the kind of involvement I might be interested in wasn't available, so ultimately I declined. Remember, I've done this show a long long time, and what I used to do was pretty unique. I was in on casting, creating the season story arc, I could write any story I wanted (with certain limitations), I could direct whenever I wanted, I could escape my office and go down to the set and hang out with the cast and crew whenever I wanted... it was great. The new situation would require mostly writing, never directing, and never being on the set since the writers would be in LA. Not really much of a comparison, eh?

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