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    Default What is your current dream to achieve?

    What would you like to attain? Like.. a dream project.

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    Default Hollywood is filled with dreamers.

    Everyone in Hollywood is a dreamer. If you're not, you probably shouldn't be here. Every director thinks the'll become a Spielberg, every actor thinks they'll become DeNiro. But very few put in the effort to achieve the dream. In my case, I put the effort into too many things without focus. So I write, direct, and produce for a few years... then I spend a couple years building a house (a hobby). Then I write a spec script, then...

    There are enough people in this town who do have a dream and a focus, that for those of use who lack one half of the equation, the chances of success dwindle. Regardless of that truth, the dreams never die.

    So, what do I dream of... well, I'm really a sentimental guy at heart. So, I'd like to come up with an action-oriented hour long series with a heart. I have a few ideas, but nothing I can discuss here.

    I'd also like to make a short film and get it into some festivals. That's probably the same dream a lot of you have. We really aren't so different. The film I would make would be sentimental, with strong characters at a crossroad in their life. I feel like I can relate to that, and that I have something to say about what it's like.

    As you get older, you realize that the most elusive dream is just to be happy with life the way it is, without constantly chasing the next best thing. I'm learning that lesson slowly.

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