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    Default Re-Watching: Power Rangers RPM and Go-Onger

    Hello HJU!! Black Ranger RX here!!

    In order to get me back into Power Rangers and Super Sentai series, I decided to go back and watch and old PR series, along with it's Japanese counterpart. Due to a lot of reccomendation, I decided to watch Power Rangers RPM. Along side with that I've decided to re-watch Go-Onger.

    I'm going to watch and review each episode of Go Onger and RPM, and state my opinions.

    Before I kick off with this review I'm gonna do a little Rebecca Black and state the obvious.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Power Ranger RPM OP[/ame]

    Power Rangers RPM
    *2009 American adaptation of Go Onger.
    *Not Widescreen.

    [ame=""]YouTube - engine sentai go-onger OP[/ame]
    Engine Sentai Go-Onger
    *2008 Original Japanese version of Power Rangers RPM
    *Third Super Sentai series to be widescreen.

    I do prefer RPM's theme tune to Go Ongers. I know in the past Super Sentai had a lot of cool theme music but there seems to be a lack of heavy metal in Super Sentai music.

    Power Rangers RPM Episode 1:
    The first episode of RPM takes place at a time where Earth was in the brink of doom. We watch a message intended for the main characters who would later become the Power Rangers in the series, to come to the domed city of Corinth before it closes.

    I like the way this series takes off. I like the part where Dilan and Ziggy are driving all the way to Corinth while being chased and attacked by Venjix's robots on motorcycles. Ziggy seemed to be shitting his pants while trying to keep calm while talking a load of crap.

    I was disppointed at the part where Dilan was fighting the robots and the camera focussed on that flower.

    We eventually see the Red Blue and Yellow Morph for the first time and kickn some ass. Some cool fighting action Ziggy and Dilan watch them after they finally made it to Corinth City.

    TO BE CONTINUED!! We don't yet get to see any Zord Action.

    Engine Sentai Go Onger Episode 1:
    At the beginning of the episode, we see the Go Onger cars in the "Machine World" chasing after the main villians. They later get sucked into that hole up in the sky. I don't think I know what's going on. I think this scene is from before the 3 main heroes became the Go Ongers and were given their powers etc..

    But later we cut to a wedding scene where a wedding photo is taken place, and we also see the Go Ongers chilling out and havign a goofy time by their truck. The monster of the week appears and the Go-Ongers instanlt get to the monster, and we see them transform for the first time (and then there's the opening intro).

    We later see Gunpei and Hanto, who would later become the Black and Green Rangers. But in this episode they don't become the Black and Green, because they've seen the identities of the GoOngers.

    Unlike in RPM, we get to see Mecha action earlier. I guess the Mecha battle wasn't bad for a first episode. I liked the finishing dash with the sword. The talking Mecha do seem to get a bit annoying. Especially when they go "BUIBUIBUIBUIIIIII!!".

    My Opinions
    Go Onger is the sillier series while Power Rangers RPM is meant to be the more serious series with some bits of light hearted comedy. It's gonna get weird though when Power Rangers RPM start to use these weird Zords. I do personally wish the Mecha didn't talk but I guess that's meant to add to the silly tone to Go Onger.


    I'm gonna watch episode 2 of Go Onger and RPM soon. Stay tuned!!

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    RPM > Go-Onger.

    Special thanks to Mach_Full_Force for avatar and Mikon for the Goranger GIF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forever Knight View Post
    There's nothing for me to add to it. I completely agree. Go-onger was full of shit. A very good reason why I couldn't finished a series alone myself. It's laughable, if you will.

    RPM was far more comfortable for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentinel King View Post
    There's nothing for me to add to it. I completely agree. Go-onger was full of shit. A very good reason why I couldn't finished a series alone myself. It's laughable, if you will.

    RPM was far more comfortable for me.
    ...It was meant to be silly, you know. I think they did that pretty well enough. While I admit that I like RPM better, I enjoyed Go-onger too, primarily because I knew that it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. I watched it for the shits and giggles, and Miu.

    Go-onger, to me, was like a spiritual sequel to Carranger, a series that was also no meant to be taken seriously, and involved cars. Coincidence?

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    I love when people say they prever RPM to Go-Onger because RPM was "more serious". You just know that those people either didn't watch much Go-Onger, or they are in serious denial about RPM.

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    I absolutely loved both for completely different reasons. And yeah, PR fans can be pretty jaded, I like how they forget shit like the candy gang and all the gags in RPM 'cause it was supposedly "dark'. Don't get me wrong, it was good... really good, but it wasn't dark.

    Just like people seem to forget shit like Trip's antics (dropping the pizza, etc), the cross dressing, the food fights, the coooorny Lucas focus episodes and how downright silly Ransik could get when dealing with Nadira in Time Force. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.. simply 'cause it was a "mature" season.

    Yet, continuing with the brainwash effect of popular opinion people focus on silly things in seasons like Wild Force without acknowledging stuff like the Master Org/Cole's parents story which was probably the most "mature" PR has gotten, the angle of them dealing with a fuckin' god... I could go on for days (I loved me some WF).

    At the end of the day, don't let anyone... anyone else make up your mind for you. Just watch this shit objectionably. If I listened to every pissy 14 year old that runs a blog now-a-days I wouldn't have found so much enjoyment and pure entertainment out of seasons like WF, Ninja Storm, Go-onger... right along side seasons like TF and RPM.
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    If anything, Go-Onger was more climatic, and did it's serious better.

    RPM did it's silly better.

    I prefer Go-Onger for no real reason. Still love RPM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingRanger View Post
    I love when people say they prever RPM to Go-Onger because RPM was "more serious". You just know that those people either didn't watch much Go-Onger, or they are in serious denial about RPM.
    But RPM was more serious.

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    I hate Go-Onger because I'm a grown ass man who hates comedy and only likes dark material in his superhero shows.


    No, not really. There's a difference (subjective as it may be) between a show doing comedy and a show doing comedy well. I'd like to think RPM did its comedy well. It could be physical and gaggy, but I never felt like it was over the top or overtook the tone of the show. The comedy was as smart as you could get for a show like this. Go-Onger on the other hand, I loved for its first course, but afterwards it just...spirals into really unfunny material and the Go-On Wings were a lame attempt at getting cool characters into the show. I was hoping that Go-Onger might attempt something unique with them and maybe integrate the comedic aspect into the character by making them extreme exaggerations of cool types, but it seems like that didn't happen.

    So, yeah, RPM is one of three Power Ranger shows I enjoy more than the Sentai its based on. The show's story seemed like rehashes of other sci-fi products, yes, but it combined them and worked them into the Power Rangers universe in an interesting manner. I often think of RPM as the Kamen Rider Kuuga of Power Rangers. What I mean by that is that it's a unique show in the franchise, nothing like it has ever been done before and will likely not happen again.

    RPM is basically a kid show at its best, I'd say akin to Avatar the Last Airbender in how it handles its content. It's a real shame that it was basically thrown on air to die. I imagine a first run on Nick might have garnered some very nice ratings and gain the franchise a lot of positive attention.

    But RPM was more serious.
    They're both about stopping bad guys from taking over the world. One series just takes a more dramatic approach to it.
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