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    Tiga's so awesome. What a flashback. But yeah now I see what you mean by seemless form shifts. Though Kuuga's form change weren't just a color plate change, the whole armor morphed. Maybe that prevented better execution such as Tiga's form shifts?

    This is getting a bit off topic but I always find it that Ultraman is a lot more "magical" compared to Rider series even like Kuuga. It can be dark at times, but it somehow still retain this magical feel that makes kids believe it's real. Not to mention I just love the patriotic tone they have for the songs, or the dramatic ones when an Ultra's losing. Or even those end fight waiting for the sunset before flying off. Awwww yeeeah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burkion View Post
    Check this fight out for how seemless his form shifts were.

    It happens about 2:46, but I'd just watch the fight honestly. It's a pretty neat fight with some nice moments and an interesting villain.
    It's seamless because the CG is subtle, just change the color of the costume in the shot for a second or two, then in the next shot the actor is wearing the appropriate costume.

    It's a big difference from making 3d models appear on top of the actor, which despite it's obvious weaknesses, was much more ambitious on Toei's part.

    I really wish I could get into Ultraman, but upon seeing that video my view still hasn't changed. It just doesn't appeal to me.

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    Yeah, Tiga's form changes were a really simple effect. Which is a good thing, really. When they tried more flashy form-changing with Dyna, the CG was rather crappy. They actually had a completely CG Ultraman Dyna during the form change sequences. Wish they just used something simpler. I think some episodes simply had a big light appear and Dyna already in a different form in the next shot, At least episode 31.

    Back to Kuuga: I prefer DCD Kuuga's style with Henshin and form-changing. It wasn't a CGI model of the suit, but actual images of it. At least, that's what it looked like to me. Looks nicer and smoother.

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    Actually the costumes ARE different, though this wasn't the best video to show that considering the close up. The body designs are different.

    The big difference is that Tiga doesn't have to worry about armor shifting.

    And that's too bad, Psycho. I'll admit, Ultraman's fighting in general tends to be a lot slower than what you see in Kamen Rider or Super Sentai. But to be fair, it's pretty much the same as in Godzilla.

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    That was clearly the intent and I can't knock it for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burkion View Post
    Actually the costumes ARE different, though this wasn't the best video to show that considering the close up. The body designs are different.

    The big is that Tiga doesn't have to worry about armor shifting.
    I think Tiga becomes beefier in Power Type and a little skinnier in Sky Type (looked kinda scrawny in episode 50 with Sky Type against Zoigar). But, during the form change itself, you don't really see that difference and it's only apparent in the next shot. The form change itself is just the color(s) flowing.

    At least, I'm pretty sure I've seen Tiga switch to Power Type without looking beefy until the next shot.

    Back to Kuuga: Can he switch back to Mighty form after changing to Dragon, Pegasus or Titan?

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    Yeah, I remember him doing it a few times once he got the hang of them.

    Not so much for the rising modes, but still.

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    Later on he is able to switch from form to form as well as shifting between different Rising Forms. In episode 37-38 or so when he engages in combat against Go-Sazaru Ba he begins at Mighty, switches into Dragon to evade Sazaru's acid, gets a Splash Dragon onto her, and then adds a second finisher with Mighty Kick, but she's able to overcome both finishers. Against Jaza in 41, he also went from Dragon to Rising Dragon to Titan and then Dual Wielding Rising Titan.

    I liked Kuuga had to use a ton of finishers on Grongi, only to have them overcome them. It's pretty cool and we don't see that a lot.


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    I personally believe the Rising Mighty Kick is the perfect finisher. On a side note, pity we didn't get to see an Ultimate kick.

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