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    Default The Judges of Caanan (A Sentai story)

    This story is based on the last Bizarroboard RP, which took place two years ago. Credit goes to the following people for the inspiration behind much of the plot and characters:

    Kiliana Nightwolf
    Shining Seraph (not sure of his RB name, if he has one)
    Abe (aka Stoney, I think)
    Anyone else who was involved with any of the Bizarroboards.

    Plot: In the year 25XX, two members of the Space Exploratory Commission (SEC) crash land on an uncharted planet. There they find themselves caught up in Armageddon. On one side, the Devas of Heaven and the nine Judges of Canaan; on the other, the demons called Yakko. Thus begins one man’s journey from unbelief to a steadfast faith in the Divine.

    Judges of Canaan: Nine warriors who defend the Twelve Tribes of Caanan. Each possesses a Rathnaya (‘Jewel’), a TharaJuu (‘Star Beast’) and an Elemental Power.

    Levianger (leviathan)
    Tribe: Reuben
    Star: Goruwenawa
    Element: Thunder
    Weapon: KujiPaliya (‘Whale Shield’)
    TharaJuu: Thalmaha (‘whale’)

    Dragonranger (dragon)
    Tribe: Simeon
    Star: Gindhara
    Element: Fire
    Weapon: RyuKaduwa (‘Dragon Sword’)
    TharaJuu: Makara (‘dragon’)

    Leoranger (sphinx)
    Tribe: Judah
    Star: Poluwa
    Element: Earth
    Weapon: ShishiMugura (‘Lion Staff’)
    TharaJuu: Singhaya (‘lion’)

    Basilranger (basilisk)
    Tribe: Dan
    Star: Sagare
    Element: “Water” (nectar, soma)
    Weapon: HebiKalla (‘Snake Cannon’)
    TharaJuu: Sarpiya (‘serpent’)

    Cerynger (Ceryneian Hind)
    Tribe: Naphtali
    Star: Hulang
    Element: Wind
    Weapon: ShikaUnna (‘Deer Bow’) – splits into ShikaPihiya (‘Deer Knife’) and ShikaThuwakwua (‘Deer Gun’)
    TharaJuu: Muwa (‘deer’)

    Griffinger (griffin)
    Tribe: Gad
    Star: Handtha
    Element: Moon
    Weapon: KirinRauma (‘Griffin Circle’) – a chakram that splits into the twin swords JougenThatu (‘Crescent Wings’)
    TharaJuu: Rajaliya (‘eagle’)

    Tauranger (minotaur)
    Tribe: Asher
    Star: Hewanalla
    Element: Shadow
    Weapon: UshiMitiya (‘Bull Hammer’) – splits into
    TharaJuu: Haraka (‘bull’)

    Falconger (roc)
    Tribe: Zebulun
    Star: Eliya
    Element: Light
    Weapon: ToriKasaya (‘Bird Whip’)
    TharaJuu: Ukussa (‘eagle’)

    Chelonger (tortoise)
    Tribe: Issachar
    Star: Ira
    Element: Sun
    Weapon: KameKoora (‘Turtle Scepter’)
    TharaJuu: Maha Ibba Maligawa (‘Great Tortoise Palace’)

    - The tribes of Levi, Joseph (split into Ephraim and Manasseh) and Benjamin are the keepers of Canaan's most sacred relics and do not house their own Judges.


    - The Yakko, demons based on Sri Lankan/Buddhist lore. Divine beings cast from Heaven millennia ago and now seek their vengeance against them and mortals. They seek the Rathnaya to open the Celestial Gate and conquer Ahasa.

    - The Horu, a band of space pirates marooned on Canaan who desire the Rathnaya to power-up their ship and finally escape.


    - ‘Yoroi’, a warrior from a distant world who has traveled to Canaan to destroy the Horu, and so seeks the Rathnaya for that purpose.

    Note: Much of the nomenclature for characters, arsenals and mechas are derived from both Sinhalese and Japanese words.

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    The Story of Creation

    Ahasa, Heaven, created the Universe, and thus was born Time. From the Creation was birthed the chosen people, Minissu. To them Ahasa granted dominion upon the mortal realm, promising that they would become a great nation. From this was birthed the seed of evil, which grew within some of Ahasa’s host. They were jealous of Minissu and the favor granted upon them. Thus as day and night chase each other in the skies, so too did the Devas and Asuras, Light and Darkness wage war.

    At last it came to pass that the Devas cast down the Asuras to the depths of Apaya, Hell. But the worst of the demonic hosts, the Yakko, were too wicked even for Apaya to take in. So they were doomed to wander the cosmos, forever denied a place in the supernatural realms. But even here, they would find a way to cheat Ahasa: Vesamunu, appointed king amongst his kinfolk, found a small planet in a far corner of the universe, a planet that in millennia to come would be known as Canaan. Here did he summon all Yakko, and here was made their abode. Their own masters now, the Yakko prospered, reveling in their rebellion, content in their prize. Here, they declared, they would rule forever…

    The Story of the Judges

    Mankind spread out across the universe, inhabiting many worlds. But not one place lay untouched by the Yakko plague. The evil they had birthed festered in men’s hearts and corrupted them. Thus man was inhumane toward man and committed unspeakable atrocities against each other. Minissu was among those subjugated by despots and denied their freedom. The faithful called out to Ahasa for a Deliverer. And a Deliverer came to them in Jacob, the first Prophet.

    Jacob gathered to him the repentant and spoke comfort to them. He reminded them of Ahasa’s promise that they would become a great nation. Long and hard did he and his people fight until at long last they threw off the yolk of subjugation and misery and vanquished their foes.

    Newly free, Minissu now sought a home of their own. But Ahasa wanted to test their faith; thus it came to pass that Jacob lead his people on an exodus across the universe that lasted over 40 years. Many lost their patience and tried to rebel. They cursed the Devas that had shown mercy upon them and helped them win freedom. For this, Ahasa told Jacob, they and their descendants would never set their eyes upon the Promised Land. And so those who lost the faith were either destroyed or left to form their own lines elsewhere, while the rest retained their loyalty and followed the Prophet ever onward.

    At last Ahasa pointed Jacob toward a small, insignificant planet called Canaan. Here was a world flowing with milk and honey. But upon entering, they saw at once that is was filled with Yakko. Jacob had led them to a world of demons. Thus he and Ahasa were cursed by Minissu. “Did we travel these 40 years only to be delivered as food for monsters?!” For this Jacob admonished them, and reminded them to remain resolute and keep the faith. Together they formed a great army and devised a plan for battle. And so the First Great War between Minissu and the Yakko took place, with the former emerging victorious. The Yakko were uprooted from their seats of power and forced to scatter across the globe and the cosmos once again. For this they swore the greatest vengeance and tried to kill Minissu. Seeing that they could not yet be fully vanquished, Ahasa conceded that the Yakko could inflict trauma on mortals but could never kill them. Thus the world is ever plagued with demons, festering evil wherever they roamed as their revenge against Minissu.

    Canaan was now the world of Minissu the Chosen People, and it would be theirs forever if they abided by the laws of Ahasa. As proof of this covenant, the Devas passed down to Minissu the Nine Rathnaya, divine elemental Jewels that were the keys to the Celestial Gate of Ahasa. Corresponding to each Rathnaya was a TharaJuu, a Guardian Beast that, in time of great need, would descend from the heavens to aid the mortals. Jacob had begat twelve sons: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Napthali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph and Benjamin. From them had begat the twelve Tribes of Canaan. From each Tribe was selected a Judge to lead the people. Levi, Joseph and Benjamin were selected to be the priestly Tribes, keeper of the sacred treasures of the people and mediators between Ahasa and the mortal realm. The remaining nine were each bequeathed a Rathnaya, and the warriors of each were learned in their respective elemental power.

    And so it went. Canaan prospered for many a millennium. But eventually Minissu began to forget the covenant with Ahasa. They rejected the laws of the divine and secluded themselves within the snares of mortal desires. The unity of the Tribes dissipated, and each went off to be its own country with its own tradition. Some flourished, and others decayed. Into this rushed in the Yakko. Once again their evils cast a shadow on Minissu. But instead of turning back to Ahasa, they continued with their depravities. Prophets came and went, but their warnings went unheeded…


    Now we arrive at the sunset of the tale. For it was foretold that with the descent of two travelers from the stars, the Second Great War would commence. The nine Judges would lead their peoples against the Yakko, who have at last broken the promise to never slay a mortal, in a final decisive clash. The future of Canaan and the universe itself would once and for all be determined…

    *Overture plays*
    (‘Prelude’ from El Cid)

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    Passage 1: “A Stranger in a Strange Land”

    Nighttime. Sri Pada, the largest mountain in all of Canaan, stood in solitude at the dead center of the land of Issachar. It was here that Minissu first set foot when arriving on this planet. A figure now climbed this colossus on his way to the top. He was clad in a black garment and silver cape, as well as a black fanged mask. The mask was a symbol of imprisonment; imprisonment in a world of wickedness and strife. A world plagued by the demons of old. A world that needed saving. This man was a prophet. And by wearing the mask he was acting out Canaan’s captivity.

    Tonight he climbed the great Mountain to commune with Ahasa, the Celestial Realm. During his ascent he had passed the seal of the Tribe of Issachar etched onto the mountainside.

    Now the prophet looked down from his perch upon Issachar’s realm. From up here, all looked well. But everyone knew the exact opposite was true. Today marked the tenth year since the collapse of the Issachite oligarchy. No one knew how or why this had happened. The heirs to the throne were either dead or in hiding. For the ten years since they vanished, Issachar had fallen into decay and ruin. The largest and once strongest realm of Canaan had become not even a third-rate power. The northernmost areas faced constant invasions from Gad, the Tribe that lay just north of their mountain borders. The Gadites were a warrior people by nature. It was no surprise that they would use this opportunity to advance themselves. Indeed, Issachar’s vast size was due in part to successful campaigns of its own in decades past. Now they found themselves too large and, without strong leadership, ill-equipped to defend such a vast territory. Furthermore, the threat of civil war between various Issachite clans ever loomed overhead. What goes around comes around, the prophet though grimly.

    Tonight though, mortal politics were of little interest to the prophet. He sensed that something much larger was about to commence in the planet Canaan. An event that would touch all the people and etch itself in their memories forever. An event foretold by the prophets of the past. Fear grew within the prophet at this upcoming calamity, and he sought reassurance from Ahasa. Quietly he sat atop the Mountain, waiting for some sign from the Celestial Realm. After long hours of meditation, he finally saw something in the skies. A bright light shone high above. It looked like just another star, yet something about it said it was not. A film of silvery cloud-like material seemed to stand between this light and the prophet’s line of vision. Was it just a phenomenon of nature, or something more?

    The prophet stared intently up at the light. Two miniscule specks of light suddenly broke off from it and began floating away. The prophet suddenly remembered a passage from the old lore: “With the descent of two travelers from the stars, the Last Great War would commence” The prophet began to tremble, but forced himself to recover. Fear not, he told himself. Ahasa will reveal all in due time.

    He continued to watch the stars until the first rays of the sun began to creep over the horizon…


    *Opening Theme plays*
    (Seiju Sentai Gingaman OP Instrumental)


    The year 25XX. Since the dawn of the millennium Earth had advanced technologically at a rate unprecedented in the history of human civilization. Humanity had spread across the solar system and soon would expand beyond to the farthest reaches of space. To accomplish this goal, the Space Exploratory Commission (SEC) was established to survey the frontier for suitable worlds to colonize and resources to use. Within the organization, speaking about SEC matters with any non-member was forbidden, at least until the public relations department made official announcements about new findings.

    The star base Sojourn lay on the outermost edges of known space. It was here that SEC surveyor Ban was stationed. Ban wondered about the nature of this no-tell policy, but never openly questioned it. He enjoyed his job too much to risk losing it over an insignificant question.

    Right now, bright and early, he sat within the confines of a one-man runabout. The mission today was short and simple: perform a survey on the sector right outside the Sojourn’s perimeter of space. Construction of the base had only been completed a few weeks ago. Ban would be among the first humans to explore this new frontier. As he performed a final cockpit check, he felt an occasional shiver run down his body, partly from the chilled atmosphere of the ship and partly due to his intense excitement. A voice suddenly came through his com system.
    “Are you going to do that all day? Hurry up, I want to get flying.”
    Havok. Ban’s friend since childhood, and now his partner in all SEC missions. Ban was the closest thing he had to family, having lost his own at a young age. Ban had never found out exactly how it had happened, and Havok never volunteered the information. Havok didn’t really know much of the details himself. But Ban had never pressed the matter: Havok was his friend now, almost a brother, and that was enough for him.

    The past wasn’t important, only the present. Ban was the perfect embodiment of humanity of this era.

    Ban smiled to himself and responded to Havok’s chiding.
    “This is a new class of ship. I want to know what the hell I’m doing out there.”
    “Just wing it like I do”, Havok responded.
    “Every time you do that, you get into trouble”
    “I’m not dead yet”
    Ban sighed and shook his head. Havok was never one to worry about the ‘what-ifs’ in life. He lived only for the moment. Never waste time thinking, he said. Only act.

    A voice from Computer Control granted the two runabouts clearance for departure and wished the two explorers good luck. Slowly the ships drifted away from the Sojourn. They had to get a good distance away from the base before they could start their engines. Once they were far enough they fired them up and began cruising at a brisk pace. Ban exhaled slowly at the feel of the ship’s movement.
    “Very smooth”, he commented.
    After a few minutes of moving along, the sensors began to detect something along their trajectory.
    “Are you picking up something, or is it just me?” asked Havok.
    “No, I see it”, Ban replied. “But I can’t make it out”
    A film of silvery cloud-like material appeared before them. Just a natural phenomena? That had to be it. Nothing out of the ordinary. Yet something about it felt odd.
    “Can you see through it?”
    “No, and neither can this computer”, replied Havok. “So much for state-of-the-art…”
    “It’s probably nothing”, said Ban. “Let’s keep going”
    “Oh it’s definitely something”, said Havok. He suddenly steered his ship toward the anomaly. Ban looked aghast.
    “What are you doing?!”
    “Finding out what this thing is”
    “You can’t - ”
    “What? Scared?”
    Ban bit his lip. For once could Havok not go dashing headlong into things?
    “I just don’t want to end up stranded out here…”
    “We’re here to survey, aren’t we? Well that’s what I’m doing. Now hurry up or I’m leaving you behind”
    Ban sighed. There was no talking his friend out of this. So he began piloting his ship after Havok. Upon reaching the anomaly they began flying right through it. As they flew onward, the duo passed lighting storms and swirls of gas. Ban’s anxiety began to increase, but he suddenly felt as though he needed to be here. As if something was calling him. A faint voice rang in his ears. Was he imagining things?

    Suddenly the controls of the cockpit went haywire. Warning sirens activated as the ‘storm’ worsened. Ban yelled to Havok through the com link
    “What’s going on?!”
    “You’re asking me??”
    Sparks flew from Ban’s control panel. The lights flickered on and off before finally going dead. Ban wrestled with the controls, trying to regain control of his ship.
    “All systems down!” Havok shouted. “Nothing’s working!”
    “Switch to emergency power!” yelled back Ban as he tried to do the same to his own vessel.
    “There is no emergency power!”
    Both ships began vibrating violently. Bolts of lighting struck Havok’s ship, making it swerve dangerously far from Ban’s.
    He received no response; the com system was gone. Ban’s ship got caught in a whirling spout of gas and blown further into the heart of the storm. The craft tumbled as it went. It was all Ban could do to keep from getting sick from the violent motions. He noticed a solid shape appearing behind the cloud cover. The image seemed to ignite a burning in his heart. As he got closer, the fiery glow of the crippled ship seemed to overwhelm his senses. The image turned out to be the surface of a planetary body. Frantically Ban tried to pull up to prevent a crash-landing, but he knew the effort was in vain. He tore through the atmosphere. A few miles further and the ship began to disintegrate. Ban closed his eyes. This was the end….


    … And then he awoke. Ban jolted up, his body drenched in his sweat. Bandages covered his ribs and forehead. He was lying upon a bed in what looked like a hospital. A hand suddenly pushed him back down to a lying position. A female figure loomed over Ban.
    “Relax. You took a pretty bad fall there”
    She jerked her head to the side. Following the motion, Ban saw draped across a nearby chair the remains of his uniform. The SEC logo could barely be made out on the arm. Ban suddenly remembered how he got here. The strange cloud… lighting…. Havok… Havok! Where was he?! Ban tried to get up again but the door of the room opened to admit an elderly-looking fellow clad in peculiar garments. He was an anachronism in this modern-looking hospital setting… was it even modern? It looked more like a crosspatch between modernity and the stonework of ancients. Ban tried to calm himself down. First things first, he thought. Find out where the hell I am.

    The man came to Ban’s bed.
    “Welcome, traveler. I was beginning to think you wouldn’t wake up”
    Ban straightened himself up to get a better look at the man. He had a kindly face upon him, but with the clear evidence of exhaustion and frustration.
    “I guess I should thank you for bringing me here”, Ban said. “But…. where exactly is here?”
    “You are in the realm of Simeon”, replied the man. “Of the planet Canaan”
    Ban couldn’t believe it. He had not only discovered a new planet, but encountered what seemed to be a human-like civilization that somehow spoke his language. This whole debacle wasn’t so terrible after all.
    “It’s a marvel you survived your crash”, continued the man. “Someone must be watching over you”
    Ban didn’t know what to make of that, so he just nodded his head politely.
    “Whence do you come from?”
    “Me? I’m from Earth.”
    “Earth? Never heard of it”
    Ban smirked. “I wouldn’t expect you to. It’s a long way from here”
    “I meant that in all the time we’ve explored the stars we have never seen another world like ours. Some of our ancestors in the ancient days settled other worlds, but no one knows just where they are now.”
    “How far have you explored”
    “More miles than I can guess”, laughed the man. “Well what are you doing so far from home?”
    “I’m a member of the Space Exploratory Commission. We survey space in search of suitable places to colonize or resources to exploit”
    “What is wrong with Earth?”
    “Nothing. But our population is very numerous, and there aren’t enough resources on Earth to support them all. Thus we have to expand to other places”
    Ban grinned cheekily.
    “And of course we have the tendency to be too curious for our own good, so we go on little trips like these”
    The man smiled back.
    “Well I’m glad you can be in good spirits. I hope the same can be true of your companion…”
    Ban’s demeanor changed at once.
    “Havok. Where is he?!”
    In excitement he tried to get up again, but the woman who must have been a nurse pushed him back down. She exchanged a glance of worry with the man, who turned back to Ban.
    “We’re not sure. From the trajectory we assume he landed somewhere in Gad - ”
    “Another realm” The man paused, as if what he had to say next was of the utmost difficulty.
    “I think we should tell you everything, Ban. First off, my name is Najmuddin”
    Ban was startled.
    “How do you know my name?”
    Najmuddin hastily pointed to the tattered remains of Ban’s uniform and continued.
    “You see… I have been expecting you for a long time”
    “… What are you talking about”
    “Well, to answer that, we must start at the very beginning…”


    Yoroi. ‘Armored One’. That was the name he was called, and the only name he now went by. His true name he had discarded after that dark day when he lost everything. No longer was he an individual. Now he was a lone crusader for vengeance.

    He had arrived on this planet only a few days ago, landing in the realm the Canaanites called ‘Pittarutta’, the foreign countries. It was here that the descendants of the original inhabitants of this world now dwelt. From conversing with the locals, Yoroi had ascertained the location of his quarry, the Horu space pirates. For three years he had chased them across the cosmos. Now, here, he would at last destroy what was left of them.

    Right now, as evening came, Yoroi piloted his ship just above the waterline of Canaan’s northern sea. He glanced around at a collection of desolated structures, shaking his head at the extensive contamination. This was the realm of Benjamin, ravaged beyond recognition. Yoroi rubbed his forehead. What power could have done this? Not that Yoroi was terribly concerned with the question. The affairs of this planet were irrelevant to him. All that mattered was the Horu.

    He sighed for a moment, looking up at the grey clouds that now littered the sky. A storm was brewing.
    "Abe...Techni...what would you do?"
    A moment of silence passed, as nothing and no one responded. All was silent. All was passive. No one would come to help, to give advice. He didn't deserve it.

    Another sigh came from Yoroi, who lowered his head back down. He glanced at the navigator on his console, and then turned the ship toward the south. The southernmost island of Zebulun lay in that direction, and it was there that a band of pirates was said to frequent since a few months ago. No doubt these were the Horu. Knowledge that his mortal enemies were here was the only ally he had...and hell be damned if he wasn't going to use it...


    The prophet had not moved from his position on the Mountain. All day long he had sat in meditation, searching in earnest for answers. Now, as the sun began to drop below the horizon, he broke his intense concentration and looked out over the Canaan landscape. Of the two specks of light that he had witnessed the previous night, one had crash-landed somewhere in the realm of Simeon. The other he could not be sure of, but he believed that had met its doom within Gad territory. The prophet was concerned about the fate of that other fallen object, whatever it was. Gadites were as suspicious as they were cruel. They weren’t prone to treat whatever had landed in their claim with much gentleness. The Simeonites on the other hand were of a more trusting sort. Whatever had landed there would be sure to have at least a decent welcome.

    Suddenly, bright lights flashed in the prophet’s mind. He showed no outward reaction, but inside he felt great alarm. A vision from Ahasa. The prophet would have been elated were it not for the sight he was now witness to.
    “Already.... It is too soon!”
    The prophet found himself in a heavenly setting. A thunderous sound rang in his ears. The sound of gates crashing down in destruction....

    The Yakko had come.

    From the destroyed gate, a horde of Kattu flooded inward.

    These were the grunts of the Yakko army: mortals who had sold themselves out to these most wicked of demons for their own power and gain. With such power came immortality of the body, but not the soul. As time passed the mortal’s body would decay from the evil within him until it was reduced to little more than a skeleton wrapped in black matter. Thus the sinner who threw away his own self was doomed for eternity to be nothing more than a slave to his demon masters.

    With their axes and machetes, the Kattu ravaged the Ahasa landscape. A host of celestial beings flocked to the scene to do battle with the evil horde. To any who was close enough, the Kattu would latch onto them and inflict a great bite, infecting the victim with terrible poisons. If unstopped, the Celestial Plane would soon fall.

    The prophet then saw what looked like a saint leap down from somewhere to face the horde of grunts. With a single wave of his staff, fifty of them fell down and exploded into black smoke. More however continued to come through the Gate. The saint glided toward the grunts and began fighting alongside his brethren in a melee style.

    Suddenly the tide of Kattu parted as one of higher rank entered the fray.

    A monstrous demon with a bearskin cloak, sitting atop a great black hound came forward to addresses the lesser deity. The prophet trembled in terror. He recognized the face from the old legends. This was Mahasona the Haunter.
    “Begone, Sariputta. My business is with those of significance”
    The saint Sariputta stared back defiantly at Mahasona.
    “Your business is nowhere within holy ground! The time of your great longevity is at its end. Leave now while you still can!”
    Sariputta fired a burst of heavenly white energy at Mahasona. He, however, simply brandished his shield to block the attack. The demon’s canine steed growled loudly at Sariputta, baring his great fangs for all to see. Mahasona snarled in contempt of the angel’s pathetic retaliation.

    Mahasona leapt off his steed. He and Sariputta then charged toward each other, weapons drawn. The clash of sword and staff echoed throughout Ahasa and a stupendous flash could be seen, so bright it broke through dimensional barriers and could be seen in the mortal realm. The force of the impact threw the Yakko forces, Sariputta and the prophet clear out of the Celestial Plane and crashing down to the world of Minissu. From the prophet's eye, he could see the great Celestial castle start to collapse. The infection of dark energy had already begun its ghastly work on the divine infrastructure. As he fell, the prophet saw Sariputta crash through the atmosphere and plunge into the sea, near the great Bay of Canaan that bordered Issachar, Asher and Zebulun…

    And then he was back on the Mountain. Still reeling from what he had just seen, the prophet leaned back against a rock and caught his breath. Sweat soaked his mask-covered face. That saint, Sariputta… what had become of him? Did he survive the fall? Of course he must have, he was no mere mortal. But still… The prophet’s mind raced in wonder. He wanted to leap down from the Mountain and head to the sea to find the fallen saint, but something within him told him that he should not. He must remain upon the Mountain for the time being. The battle he had just witnessed would only be the first of many. The time for heroes had come. And the prophet would have to be the one to guide them along their journey. To do that, they must come to the Mountain, where he would be waiting for them…


    Ban held his forehead in his hand in frustration. He had spent the entire day in this accursed hospital room, listening to this old man called Najmuddin recant this wild story about the creation of the universe, of some epic battle between good and evil, and about this prophecy about the end of the world. A prophecy that they believed he was a part of! It was impossible. Ban shook his head over and over as Najmuddin tried to explain himself.
    “You really expect me to believe I’m part of some wild dream of yours? I’m no warrior”
    “It all fits”, replied Najmuddin. “It says that with the arrival of two travelers from the stars the Last Great War will commence. You are the first off-worlder in many years to have come to this planet”
    “I’m just an astronaut. Tell everyone that, and let me go find Havok”
    “I could tell them anything you wished, and the faithful would still believe you are the one foretold to come. The one to lead Simeon in the coming war”
    “I don’t know anything your world! How can I lead these people anywhere?! I just crash-landed here by chance”
    “Was it by chance? Are you sure it wasn’t by some calling that you came to us?”
    Ban sighed. It was no use arguing.
    “I just want to find Havok and get home”
    Najmuddin shook his head.
    “I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Gad is a long way from here. It would take you at least a two days’ ride as the crow flies to get to its borders. And traveling there is not wise these days. Word has it that they’re gearing up for war with their fellow Tribes, including us. But even if they weren’t, you wouldn’t know the first place to look for your friend. Like you said, you are a stranger here. One could easily get lost…”
    He was right of course, Ban admitted reluctantly. But he still wasn’t going to go along with this warrior nonsense. It was all too… outlandish. A fantasy tale. Nothing for an advanced civilization such as his to bother with.

    A commotion outside the hospital suddenly brought Ban and Najmuddin to the window. A brilliant flash of light streaked across the night sky, its radiance masking the weak light of all the stars in the sky. Najmuddin began to shake in fear, his face agape in horror.
    “What’s going on”, asked Ban with concern.
    Najmuddin gulped.
    “It has begun”
    “What has??”
    “The end”
    Najmuddin grabbed Ban tightly by the arm and lead him out of the room. The hallways were crammed with panicked people.
    “What are you doing?!”, Ban cried as they weaved their way out of the building.
    “You’ll see when we get there”, was all Najmuddin replied.

    They headed outside, where a group of Najmuddin’s followers was waiting for him. Together they all dashed to the city’s largest edifice, which lay at its very center. It had been constructed millennia ago as the palace of the Judge of Simeon, but nowadays was little more than an abandoned ruin. Few people came to this part of the city where this palace lay. Ban was surprised at how desolate it was as they entered.

    Najmuddin broke down a door at the building’s base and led the party inside the musty halls.
    After a few harrowing minutes, hey finally came to their destination: a chamber at the very heart of the edifice. A dusty tabernacle sat atop a stone table in the center of this chamber. Upon it was etched the seal of Simeon.

    While the others hovered at the entrance, Najmuddin strode over to the table and placed his hands on the tabernacle’s door handles. His followers gasped in dissent, but Najmuddin silenced them.
    “Fear not. All is going as it should”
    He opened the doors. Ban gazed within the box in astonishment. Before his eyes was the most magnificent red jewel, burning with a fiery red light.
    “Behold the Rathnaya of Fire”, Najmuddin said.
    The light of the jewel was reflected in the old man’s eyes. Slowly, Ban reached out to touch the jewel. At the moment he did, he was enveloped in a column of red energy. An image of a Western medieval dragon appeared before him and shot a wave of flame at him. Then, it and the energy enclosure disappeared, and the real world returned to view. A watch-sized wrist brace, with the jewel encased within, had appeared on Ban's wrist. It pulsed once, and an unworldly voice was heard in his head alone*

    Makara has chosen you as the Judge of Simeon. Keep this jewel safe, for great evil approaches this world.

    Ban tried to contain himself. He was surging with more power than he had ever felt before. He examined the brace upon his wrist, gingerly touching it with his other hand. Faint pulses of red energy flickered from time to time beneath his skin. Ban wondered what these new powers were, and how he could possibly use them. Najmuddin came around to face Ban and genuflected before him.
    “No need for that”, Ban said embarrassingly.
    “Oh but there is”, said Najmuddin. “It would be wrong not to show respect toward a Judge”
    “Judge? I told you… I can’t - ”
    “But you must”, said Najmuddin. “Destiny summons you”
    Destiny, though Ban. It was not something he believed in. But it seemed it was going to be thrust upon him.


    The realm of Naphtali took up the vast northwest portion of Canaan. Politically though they were overshadowed by stronger Tribes like Simeon and Judah. Seraph, the young Shining King of the Tribe, had retreated from the world, continually isolating himself from the people except for a few of his closest advisors. He had constructed a new palace on the island off the Naphtali coast a year ago and withdrawn himself there ever since. No one knew his reasons for doing so. Rumor had it though that with the stormy atmosphere hanging over Canaan, and of the ancient prophecies coming true, Seraph ran off to his own little island in terror. There he could be serene in his false sense of security.

    This evening seemed to confirm those rumors. The sky went ablaze with a brilliant flash of light. The air turned heavy. The earth trembled. Standing on the balcony of the black crystal palace’s tallest spire, six figures, the king and his five advisors, looked up at the supernatural sight. Seraph gripped the railing tightly in his hand. He was running out of places to hide…


    Sako was a girl of low-birth. That one fact had prevented her from a lot in life. Her formal education was limited, yet what she lacked in academic skill she made up with practical talents. Like so many Naphtalites, her family made their living on the winding River that cut its way through the Tribe’s claim and spilled out into the great Hynd Falls that bordered them and the forests of Gad. A network of caverns dotted several areas the River passed. Legend had it that centuries ago the tabernacle of the Rathnaya passed down to Napthali had been lost somewhere in these caves. Many an eager adventurer had tried to find the tabernacle. Few had returned to tell the tale. Sako had acquired a taste for spelunking herself, and whenever she could, would take a little trip through the caves near her home, sometimes gathering up lost items or strange discoveries for her personal collection. She never dreamed of ever actually finding the Tabernacle though, nor did she really desire to. Difficult though it was, she was content with her lot in life.

    This evening Sako had found herself wandering a cave she had never trekked before. She was already running late, having had to be on her way home a long time ago. Why she had come this way, she didn't know. All Sako did know was that she felt something was calling her from deep within. Walking deeper into a pitch dark opening, she turned on a handheld torch and peered around. A stone box suddenly caught her eye. Upon it was etched the seal of Naphtali.

    Shivering slightly from the chilled air, Sako crept closer to the box. She noticed a faint blue glow coming forth from inside. Gripping the handles of the doors, she gave a few good tugs before finally ripping open the box. What she saw within made her heart skip several beats. Right before her was the treasure sought after for so long: the Tabernacle of the Blue Rathnaya of Wind. Not once had she sought it, yet she was, stumbling upon this divine object quite by accident.
    "Oh God…"
    The jewel glowed more brightly, as it reacting to the presence of the astonished girl. Almost unconsciously, Sako reached inside the tabernacle and closed her hand around the jewel. At the moment she did, she was enveloped in a column of blue energy. An image of a Ceryneian Hind appeared before her and shot a wave of wind from its mouth. Then, it and the energy enclosure disappeared, and the real world returned to view. A watch-sized wrist brace, with the jewel encased within, had appeared on Sako's wrist. It pulsed once, and an unworldly voice was heard in her head alone.

    Muwa has chosen you as the Judge of Naphtali. Keep this jewel safe, for great evil approaches this world.

    She thought she was going crazy. What was going on here? The girl suddenly heard scuttling noises emitting from the darkest corners of the cave network. Hurriedly, she began making her way out of the dark tunnels and back toward home. By now the three moons of the planet hung brightly in the young night sky, but their rays were greatly dimmed by a brilliant flash of light that shone like a white sun. Sako raced back home, trying to get away from the eerie noises following her, and figure out what had just happened.

    From the shadows, a figure moved silently. Without any warning, a whip flew out and grabbed hold of Sako's arm. Sako was yanked off her feet and fell down hard on the road. A Kattu appeared into view and glared at the terrified girl. Sako’s face went pale. She knew the figure before her from the ancient legends, but had never quite believed them until now.

    *Kattu theme plays*
    (‘Kuro no Kikoushi’ from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger)

    “Give me the jewel”, the Kattu growled.
    "What the…. What Jewel?!" Sako spluttered, feigning ignorance. She may not have a clue what was going on, but there wasn’t a chance in hell she would give up such a sacred object to the likes of this monster.
    “Don’t play games with me, girl”
    "I...I don't have any jewel? It disappeared! Let me go!" Sako tried to pull herself free from the monster to no avail.
    “Hmmmm... no!”
    The Kattu released Sako from his whip but then brought it down on her again. More Kattu stepped out and surrounded her, waiting to strike. Sako couldn’t believe her ill luck. Why was this happening!?

    Getting up, she turned around trying to find an escape route, but none was available. At that moment her brace began to glow. Noticing it, Sako glanced at it and soon she was consumed by a bright blue light. It soon dissipated in the form of a blue whirlwind, leaving behind a girl clad in a blue armored suit.

    Sako stared down at herself, awed by what she had become. The Kattu seemed awed as well, and snarled at this being before them. Sako glared back at her enemies. If it was a fight they wanted, then they were going to get it.
    "Alright! You want a fight, I’ll give you one", she blurted out, She wasn’t sure just how she was going to do this however, considering she had little experience in such matters. For now, she just had to trust in her instincts.

    The Kattu pounced on the now-armored Sako and swung their hatchets. Sako ducked beneath their blows and rolled out of the way. Her brace glowed again and from her belt sprouted a crossbow whose prod held the shape of a deer’s antlers. This was the treasure bow ShikaUnna, forged by Naphtali himself millennia ago. Before the girl could register any surprise, the grunts were upon her again. Quickly, she started shooting a barrage of glowing arrows at them. The Kattu that were hit sparked and disintegrated in inky smoke. Sako next split the crossbow into two parts: a thin blade, KazePihiya; and a large gun, KazeThuwakuwa. With her blade she slashed to and fro, trying to drive the grunts away. She was able to cut down some, but then was got knocked to the ground. The Kattu piled up on her body in an attempt to wrestle her into submission
    "Get off me!"
    She started kicking the rest of the Kattu off and managed to get back on her feet. With her gun, she fired blast after blast at the grunts until the first Kattu was all that remained. This one proceeded to swing his whip at Sako. It wrapped around her arm, and Sako was dragged over to him. Holding her blade in front of her, Sako sliced the whip in two. The backlash forced the Kattu to fall to the ground. Before he could recover, Sako reassembled her crossbow and fired a direct shot at his head. The arrow hit its mark and the grunt fell over defeated, disappearing in the same manner as his companions.

    Sako knelt down to the ground to catch her breath. Everything was happening so fast. Again she looked down upon herself. This was the armor of one of the nine Judges of Canaan. How could it be that she, a girl of low birth, could inherit such power? An unworldly voice then spoke out to Sako.

    Head forth to the great Mountain and meet your comrades in arms.

    A gush of wind suddenly blew through. The tree line swayed violently as the moving air went past. Sako looked up at the sky. From a blue star, a creature that could only be described as a giant deer descended and landed right next to the girl.
    "What the!?"
    Sako was startled beyond wits’ end. The beast tucked its head, decorated with massive horns, under Sako’s body and lifted her up onto its neck. Then it leapt back up into the sky and galloped in the air in the direction of Sri Pada, far to the south of Naphtali. Sako looked back at the ground as it shrank more and more out of sight. This night just kept getting weirder by the minute…

    *Ending Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Hibi no Shirabe’ from Hyakuju Sentai Gaoranger)

    Next Time
    *Next Episode Promo Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Yokoku Ongaku 2’ from Seiju Sentai Gingaman)

    Ban is appointed the Judge of Simeon and is sent off to Sri Pada atop the dragon Makara. Meanwhile, in an attempt to steal the Pink Rathnaya, the Horu cross paths with the chosen Judge of Zebulun.

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    So this is inspired by Buddhisim and Christianity?

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    More like a blend of the five major religions, but with a particular emphasis on Sri Lankan myths as far as the villains go. (So I'm sort of taking a page from Zyuranger with the way it took myths from various civilizations and combined it all into one prehistoric civilization.)

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    Now I understand. So there will be all nine judges from the start or are you starting out with five or three, then gradually add the rest?

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    Passage 2: “The Chosen People”

    Makara has chosen you as the Judge of Simeon. Keep this jewel safe, for great evil approaches this world.

    Ban tried to contain himself. He was surging with more power than he had ever felt before. He examined the brace upon his wrist, gingerly touching it with his other hand. Faint pulses of red energy flickered from time to time beneath his skin. Ban wondered what these new powers were, and how he could possibly use them. Najmuddin came around to face Ban and genuflected before him.
    “No need for that”, Ban said embarrassingly.
    “Oh but there is”, said Najmuddin. “It would be wrong not to show respect toward a Judge”
    “Judge? I told you… I can’t - ”
    “But you must”, said Najmuddin. “Destiny summons you”
    Destiny, though Ban. It was not something he believed in. But it seemed it was going to be thrust upon him…


    Sako knelt down to the ground to catch her breath. Everything was happening so fast. Again she looked down upon herself. This was the armor of one of the nine Judges of Canaan. How could it be that she, a girl of low birth, could inherit such power? An unworldly voice then spoke out to Sako.

    Head forth to the great Mountain and meet your comrades in arms.

    A gush of wind suddenly blew through. The tree line swayed violently as the moving air went past. Sako looked up at the sky. From a blue star, a creature that could only be described as a giant deer descended and landed right next to the girl.
    "What the!?"
    Sako was startled beyond wits’ end. The beast tucked her head, decorated with massive horns, under Sako’s body and lifted her up onto its neck. Then she leapt back up into the sky and galloped in the air in the direction of Sri Pada, far to the south of Naphtali. Sako looked back at the ground as it shrank more and more out of sight. This night just kept getting weirder by the minute…


    Bahirawakanda. The head of the mountain chain that divided Reuben and Gad from Issachar. Just the utterance of the name or that of the Yakka which inhabitaed that mountain could send a chill down the bravest man’s body. In the olden days the people of southwestern Simeon would leave a young maiden on the cloud-covered slopes as a sacrifice to the lord of the mountain, Bahirawa. These days though no sacrifices were made. A brazen few who denied the validity of the legends even dared to scale part of the mountainside and scamper back to boast of their exploits. “See? No monster!” But they never went unnoticed, for if Bahirawa did not spy them, the creatures of the mountains certainly did.

    Tonight a great gathering of Yakko was being held within Bahirawakanda. Deep in the bowels of the mountain lay built a giant amphitheater, where countless Yakko in spirit for were assembling. At the very center of this theater lay the main stage. A throne sat on the wall of this stage, where it was surrounded by hundreds of rows climbing up toward the top of the meeting chamber. Slumped upon the throne was Bahirawa the Devourer, commander of the YakkaJuu (‘Devil Beasts’) and feared by all.

    On his left and right-hand sides stood his compatriots: Mohini the Seducer, leader of the YakkaJin (‘Devil Men’) and the terror of all mortal men; and Kuber, keeper and treasurer of the Yakkos’ plunder.

    Kuber fidgeted impatiently with his chatra.
    “This was a foolish idea” he muttered. “Mahasona’s eyes are bigger than his head if he thinks he can scale Ahasa”
    “I told you we should have sent more forces” said Mohini, examining her pale hand.
    “And what good would that have done?? Without the nine Rathnaya all we’re doing is wasting time. You two should have listened to me from the start!”
    The two begin a shouting match, but were interrupted by a loud threatening growl from Bahirawa.
    “I have not eaten in years”, he snarled. “You imps keep this up and I’ll break fast with the both of you”
    A commotion came from above. Mahasona rode down the rows of the theater on his black hound and landed in the center of the room, his armor steaming. Bahirawa leapt from his throne and approached him.
    “What happened?!” he demanded.
    “Sariputta is tougher than I thought he would be...” said Mahasona as he leapt down. Kuber clicked his tongue in derision.
    “I told you not to go. You’ve now wasted valuable resources” But the squat demon secretly enjoyed seeing the dark knight return in defeat.
    “Typical of you to talk so economically” sneered Mahasona. “But I haven’t finished. When we clashed the blast threw us both out of the Plane.I saw him fall into the sea. He can't reenter Ahasa now, for the Contamination has already begun. So no, miser” he added, throwing the last remark to Kuber’s face. “I have succeeded. Now is our chance!”
    Before anyone else could respond, a rumbling was heard from beneath the stage. In the well at the center appeared the ten faces of Ravana, the current Yakko King.

    The four generals gathered around and bowed down as Ravana began speaking to them in the demons’ tounge.
    “Thy will be done” said Bahirawa at last. Ravana disappeared, and he stood up again. In his hands appeared his sword, made from the severed claw of the giant demon crab Maha Swarna Karkatahaya, which he had defeated in battle before conquering this mountain.
    “Yakko! The time of our vengeance has come. Go forth, and take what is rightfully ours!”
    He brandished his sword as the hordes of demons cheered and chanted the name of their masters…


    *Opening Theme plays*
    (Seiju Sentai Gingaman OP Instrumental)


    The night before, an object from deep space had flown down toward the planet Canaan. Upon entering its atmosphere, it had plummeted over the realm of Gad and crashed in the dark forest Chandrakalle, the ‘Forest of the Moon’, in a plume of fire, dust and smoke. Now that the flames had died down, the wreckage of a small runabout could be seen in the newly-made crater. Inside the ship: the human called Havok.

    Havok’s eyes slowly began to focus as he tried raising himself up from his seat. At once he felt a sharp pain in his blood-matted head and all over his body. It was a wonder he had survived so hard an impact at all. He saw that he was surrounded by dark trees and a haunting mist.
    “Where am I?”
    He gathered his thoughts, trying to remember how he got here, why he was here. But all he drew was a blank.
    “Hell... Who am I?”

    The mist was getting thicker as the night fell. The tree cover precluded all light, making it difficult to see past a few feet. No, that wasn’t completely true. There was one light that was making it through: a giant flash of white rays that were emitting from a sudden explosion of some sort in the black sky. Feeling around the crater, Havok picked up a small undamaged piece of metal. Stamped on it was the logo of SEC.
    “SEC? What - ”
    A surge of images flooded his mind. A bright light, dark shapes, a figure in a dark cloak. Then, nothing again.

    Havok shook his head. Whoever he was, he must be going crazy. He stepped out from the crater and began wandering the forest, unaware of the many dangers all around him.

    He arrived at a patch of forest free of trees. Suddenly his mind flashed with images again. Darkness, light, a cloaked figure, wicked laughter, savage battle…


    His yell echoed throughout the forest, alerting nearly everyone and everything in earshot that something was here that didn’t belong. Then, nothing again. Unconsciousness.

    When he woke up again after some hours, he saw a green-skinned alien with white eyes looking down at him. He immediately bolted upright and leaned away from the stranger
    “Peace!” said the stranger. “I am a friend”
    “Who are you?” demanded Havok.
    “That I could not answer” said the alien. “But my companions call me Alpha”
    “Yes, for I was the first of my kind that they had seen when they found me. I’ve been traveling space with them ever since, until we crashed here some months ago. It seems you have had a similar misfortune”, he noted, examining Havok’s battered body. “You need medical attention” he added mechanically.
    “I think you’re right”, grimaced Havok, feeling another surge of pain flow through him.
    “What’s your name, then?” asked Alpha.
    Havok tried to think, but shook his head.
    “I….. I don’t know. I think the crash knocked my head a bit….”
    “More than a bit” said Alpha.

    Ominous sounds suddenly drifted in from the forest depths.
    “Come” said Alpha. “We can’t stay here. Gadites are not very welcoming of intruders”
    “Gadites?” asked Havok. Alpha however ignored the question and brought out a small cube from his person. He sequeezed it with one hand, making it emit a strange glow. Before Havok knew it, the two of them had teleported out of the forest to the southern sea off the coast of Zebulun…


    The appearance of the mysterious light in the sky had flung the Simeonite city on turmoil. Najmuddin and his disciples formed a wall around Ban as they hurriedly escorted him out of the city. Once Ban stopped to look back at the panicked populace below the spectacular light, but Najmuddin admonished him.
    “Do not look back. Keep moving” he said briskly.
    Ban didn’t appreciate being rushed this way, but he didn’t have much choice. He was lead to the top of a large hill a mile or so away from the city. Najmuddin and the rest then stood back, leaving Ban at the center.
    “Where are we?” he asked?
    “This is known as the Highest Hill” said Najmuddin. “Here it is said Makara will descend to meet his master”
    “Makara?” repeated Ban. “You mean the dragon I saw?”
    The man nodded. He saw the doubt creeping in the Earthling’s face.
    “You still do not believe you are what you are?”
    “Do not believe?” snorted Ban. “Just yesterday I crashed onto this rock and now you’re telling me to go save you all like it’s my job? Did you ask me if I wanted to? No. Just do it. What if I refuse? What would you do then if - ?”
    “Look!” said one of the disciples, pointing at the sky.
    A red star had appeared over the Hill. Descending from it was a large red shape. As it got closer, Ban could see that it was a giant winged dragon. He leapt out of the way as the dragon landed on the hilltop, folded his immense wings against his back, and grunted a greeting to him, the new Judge of Simeon.

    Najmuddin saluted the beast.
    “Hail Makara, child of Gindhara”
    Makara jerked his head, indicating for him to climb on. Ban looked back at Najmuddin.
    “He will now bear you to Sri Pada in Issachar to meet your new comrades”
    Ride this dragon? Was he crazy?
    “You’re serious?” he asked. Makara snorted flames toward Ban’s back in response to the insult. Ban quickly capitulated.
    Hesitantly he climbed on the dragon’s scales and seated himself upon the back. He turned back to Najmuddin.
    “One more thing. If I’m who you say I am, which I doubt, why now show me to those people? If I’m supposed to be their hero shouldn’t you have told them not to fear?”
    The old man’s face turned bitter.
    “I have lived amongst these people for years. I implored them to repent, to turn back to Ahasa and forego their sinful ways. But they do not listen. In fact they rebel even further. They have attacked the prophets and mocked the ones who created them. Were I to have revealed you to them, you would most surely have been attacked, probably killed, in retaliation.
    Ban frowned. None of this seemed to bode together. But before he could inquire further, Najmuddin and his followers gave them a final wave.
    “Farewell now, Dragonranger. May Ahasa watch over you”
    “Dragon-what?” asked Ban. But Makara had already taken off. Ban barely held on as the beast soared quickly up into the sky. He wondered how he could steer this thing, being used to piloting lifeless machines from within.

    The Highest Hill was soon a speck in his line of sight. Makara roared and began setting a course southwest to Issachar….


    Of all the realms of Canaan, Zebulun was perhaps the wealthiest. The people were generally sea-faring by profession, and the ruling class headed the most powerful commercial empires of the world. Most of the heroes of Zebulunite legend were sailors who had traversed the oceans and had many spectacular adventures in distant lands.

    Into this aristocracy had been born Kira. A daughter of the House of Hur and heir to her father’s vast trading company. Tonight she walked along the pier of the city and stared out into the limitless waters, viewing the ships as they came and went. Many young women would come out here, waiting for their loved ones to return from overseas trips. The seas had always had its perils, but in the last few months a band of pirates called the Horu had become an additional danger. Many a ship belonging even to the great Hur would get waylaid by these buccaneers. How Kira hated them. Tonight she could empathize with those women. But her fiancé wasn’t across the sea, but rather over the land out west.

    She had been engaged to Chebar for only a month when he had told her the news: with the shadow of war with Gad looming ever more, a diplomatic party was being sent there to maintain good relations. Chebar had been requested to be part of the military escort, and being the ambitious young soldier that he was, he had gladly accepted. Kira had been less enthusiastic. For some time she had implored him to retire from the service and take a job in her family’s company. Chebar had only laughed. “Am I to be your husband or your servant?” he had asked. Her friends and relations kept telling her not to worry. The Zebulunite army was skilled and Chebar in particular was a man of many talents. If anything were to happen, they would surely overcome.

    But Kira of course couldn’t stop worrying. So here she stood, staring at the water as it splashed over the walls of the pier. Nightfall had come. It was about time for her to head home, but there was a sudden commotion about. Kira saw crowds of people gathering all around and staring up at the dark sky. A great flash of white light, like a giant white sun, was hanging above the city. Kira stood mesmerized. Never had she seen something so spectacular. And neither it seemed had anyone else. Amazement had turned to fear. Kira saw the crowds merge into a wave of panicked people. Before she could get away, Kira was swept up by the tide. She ran with them, further and further away from that terrible light. Meanwhile, a pink star had also appeared in the heavens and was twinkling unbeknownst to everyone over the city…


    Long before joining (conscripted was more like it) the Horu, Cheiron had been a wandering marauder. It was during those days of pure freedom when he had met and befriended the ichthyoid alien Sarindhu. Even now Cheiron was the only one whom he truly trusted. Deep down Cheiron felt the same toward him, though he would never have admitted it.

    He was not a man who could sit still for long. Like a shark, he had to constantly be on the move, never stopping anywhere for long. So when the Horu had crashed onto this puny middle-of-nowhere planet some months back, he had nearly gone mad from the immobility. It was all Sarindhu could do to keep his friend’s head on straight. Cheiron tried to settle for pirating ships traveling over the oceans, but how could an ocean compare to the infinity of space? When their captain, who rather the rather ironic name of Gaisei (‘Victorious Saint’), announced that he had a plan of escape, Cheiron had leapt at the chance. Finally a way to get off this damned rock.

    Hence here the two partners were in the heart of the Zebulun capital. Their objective: abscond with the Pink Rathnaya of Light. An easy enough tasks, for the guards patrolling what had once been the grounds of the monarchy were not particularly devoted to their task. Some in fact had unabashedly thought about taking the sacred jewel themselves and selling it at an exorbitant price. “A God in the sky for a God of gold” Sarindhu had darkly observed. Cheiron had admonished him for being philosophical.

    Tonight the guards were lackadaisical as usual, more interested in the exotic wares being sold in the plaza than it protecting some jewel from a bygone era. Cheiron stole into the grounds and waited for the cloak-draped Sarindhu to follow. But the alien’s attention was directed elsewhere.
    “Hey! Fishboy! Stop dawdling and hurry up!” he called.
    “Look there” said Sarindhu, pointing to the sky.
    Cheiron looked and saw a stupendous light covering the sky. In the distance could be heard the faint screams of frightened people.
    “What, that? Big deal, a light in the sky. Get over here before someone sees you!”
    Sarindhu lingered for a moment, then followed Cheiron into the grounds. A few minutes later they had appeared at the shrine where the Tabernacle was held. Cheiron rubbed off some grime that had collected on the walls, revealing the faded emblem of Zebulun.

    “Hope this isn’t too heavy” Cheiron muttered. But of course it was. He could barely hold the tabernacle in his arms as he tried to waddle away as inconspicuously as possible.
    “How about a hand here?” he said to Sarindhu. Sarindhu though was looking at the light again”
    “What are you, a moth or a fish?” Cheiron goaded. “Come on, move it”
    “For someone who likes to travel everywhere, you’re not very curious” said Sarindhu.
    “There’s nothing curious about this damned place” scowled Cheiron. Sarindhu gave his friend a look of disapproval but said nothing more.

    Quickly as they could they fled with their prize to the edges of town. But soon their paths crossed with that of the fleeing mob. The two pirates barely scrambled out of the way as the torrent of frightened civilians flooded through.
    “Hey, you two!” said a voice. Cheiron and Sarindhu whirled around to see a group of soldiers who had come out to maintain order. The one who addressed them pointed to the tabernacle.
    “What do you have there?”
    They were discovered. Luckily the swarm of people provided for good cover. The duo plowed their way through, hoping to lose their pursuers in the crowd. Cheiron collided with a girl, dropping the large tabernacle with a loud clatter.

    Kira got up and glared at the man who had knocked her down. But her irritation turned to surprise when she saw what he had been carrying. The Rathnaya’s Tabernacle! Why…. Kira jumped to her feet and ran to the man.
    “What are you doing with that?!” she demanded.
    Sarindhu grabbed the box as Cheiron rolled away from the girl. The soldiers were upon them.
    “Drop the box, now!”
    But Cheiron drew a knife and grabbed Kira, putting the blade to her throat.
    “You dare ask a Horu to submit?” he spat.
    Kira’s heart skipped a beat. A Horu? Here, now? Putting his bloodied hands on her? She tried to wrestle away from the pirate, but he only tightened his grip on her.
    “Any closer and she gets it”
    The soldiers faltered. They recognized Kira as being high-class and feared putting her in any risk. Thus Cheiron and Sarindhu were able to escape from the city into the wilderness. Before they could follow, they were swallowed by the mob…


    En route to Issachar, Ban felt his Brace begin to pulse like a slow heartbeat. He felt some power emanating from the southeast. Hesitantly he tapped Makara’s neck.
    “Hey! Stop a minute!”
    Makara slowed to a gentle glide and turned to face his master. Ban showed his Brace.
    “I think something’s going on down there”
    Makara frowned in doubt and grunted to indicate the urgency of getting to the Mountain.
    “Come on, it can’t hurt to take a look”
    Makara paused a moment, then decided to comply. With a flap of his wings, he changed course and headed southeast to Zebulun…


    *Man and dragon soon arrived over Zebulun. Ban looked down for whatever it was that had drawn him here. A pink star had appeared out of nowhere. His Rathnaya was on the fritz; they had to be close. They were close to a large coastal city than seemed to be in the same state of pandemonium as the Simeonite one from that brilliant light. Makara descended to the ground. On the rocky beach below a sheer cliff they saw a strange figure collapsed. Makara looked at the figure and gave a small cry of recognition. Ban however was distracted by the sounds coming straight ahead. Still not sure what was going on, he started going forward, unaware that they were being watched…


    Sarindhu and Cheiron dashed toward the cliff edge, Kira still in tow. She scratched and kicked, but Cheiron kept his grip on her and his knife pointed dangerously toward her soft flesh.
    “You’re a feisty one, aren’t you?” he muttered to her.
    “Get off me!” Kira yelled.
    “And deprive myself of a good time? After staying on this rock I think I deserve a treat”
    “Find someone else!”
    And she kicked him again in the shin. Cheiron loosened his grip, allowing Kira to break free and leap away from the buccaneer…. only to find herself face to face with a living skeleton. Several living skeletons…


    Ban then heard a rustling sound behind him. From their hiding places, five Kattu who had been following him appeared and surrounded him. Cackling together, they took out their hatchets and threw them in synchronation. Ban ducked and rolled. Now would be a good time to use these new powers of his, but he was hesitant to do so, not knowing exactly how to do it. The Kattu were upon him again. What the hell were these freaks?


    Sariputta awoke on a beach overlooked by a great cliff ledge. How much time had passed since his battle in the Celestial Plane, he knew not. What he did know was that he felt a substantial decrease in power. He dragged himself up and ducked behind a rock. From atop the cliff, he could hear sounds. There were people up there... He also sensed that one of them had in possession the red Rathnaya. The pink Rathnaya wasn't very far off itself.

    At the top of the cliff appeared the head of a great dragon. Sariputta looked into his face and smiled. Makara, child of Gindhara had arrived. He nodded toward the beast, offering his reassurance that was alright, then began to find away up the cliff…


    Kira, Cheiron and Sarindhu huddled together as the Kattu surrounded them.
    “Just what we need” grumbled Cheiron.
    “Serves you right” Kira shot back.
    “I wouldn’t talk, miss. You’re gonna die too.”
    He turned to Sarindhu.
    “Time to take out the trusty belt”
    Before Saridnhu could warn him against it, his friend had unfurled a power with a deck of Major Arcana tarot cards. This was once the gear of the warrior Ixion of a distant world, but had been plundered by Cheiron some time ago during a raid of a transport vessel. From the deck he took out Card V and ran it through a slot in the belt.

    HIEROPHANT” said the belt in a mechanical voice.

    Luminous armor appeared over Cheiron. He now had the appearance of a knight of lore with some owlish features added in; a role rather unfitting for a scoundrel as he.

    Sarindhu came beside him and Kira stepped away in shock, positioning herself near the tabernacle which the alien had set aside. The Kattu did not falter, but instead started to advance.
    “I hoped they’d do that” Cheiron muttered. As Sarindhu began to engage them, he took out Card VII from the deck and ran it through.


    A loud rumble was heard in the distance. High over the heads of the Kattu, a shiny red and silver motorcycle made its appearance. Written it script on its sides was the name ‘Chariot’. Cheiron jumped on his Chariot and began riding dusty circles around the confused Kattu. The grunts watched this ridiculous figure riding around them. Unimpressed, they opened their mouths and spat out poisonous ink. The ink attached itself to the Chariot and Cheiron himself, and began burning through their armor. One Kattu jumped in front of the bike and swung his hatchet at Cheiron's neck.

    The ink went through the armor and touched Cheiron’s skin. The poison began to seep through.


    He fell off the bike just before the Kattu’s hatchet connected with his neck. The luminosity of his armor had faded. His voice suddenly became deeper. Sarindhu broke away from the Kattu he was fighting and looked the change in his friend.
    “Not again” he muttered. The poison had activated the dormant spirit within the belt.

    “That was... unwise...” said Cheiron. He pulled out Card XV and ran it through the belt.


    A distinctly darker and more sinister armor began to cover his body; finally, an monstrous figure stood before the Kattu. The spirit of Ixion had taken hold again. Such was the curse of the belt, the revenge of its owner against the one who had stolen it.

    Ixion's eyes flashed a satanic red and the toothy maw that is his mouthpiece seemed momentarily to chomp outward from the rest of his black armor.

    Death... to... the transgressors.

    Ixion pulled out a nasty looking pair of scythes and proceeded to ruthlessly dismember the Kattu, who erupted in gushes of sparks and black blood-matter with each fall of the blades. The grunts were soon hacked up and disintegrated into nothingness. However, one of Ixion’s blows knocked off one Kattu’s head clean off its body . The head latched onto Ixion's body and begin draining him of energy…


    Ban was beginning to tire from his own battle. A Kattu struck him in the face, sending him flying to near where the others were battling. His wrist brace began to pulse repeatedly, as though urging its owner to call upon it. Ban had been hesitant to use his newfound powers, not knowing just what they would do. But now was as good a time as any to whip them out. Ban raised his brace arm in the air. The bright red glow of the brace radiated like a miniature star, and enveloped his entire body.

    Two more Kattu threw their hatchets at Ban, but they disintegrated upon contact with his illuminated body. As the red glow began to subside, an armored figure was finally seen standing before his enemies.

    “Who are you?!”, snarled one of the Kattu.
    Ban looked straight at the grunt, his words not his own, but derived from the tongues of his predecessors.
    “Judge of Simeon…. Dragonranger!”

    *Dragonranger theme plays*
    (‘Dragonranger Ayawaru’ from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger)

    Ban the Dragonranger looked around to see a dark, sinister figure and a fishlike alien engaged in his own fight with the Kattu. A little distance away was huddled a girl with a tabernacle like that he had seen in Simeon. From Ban’s belt there appeared a long sheathed sword. The handle was shaped like a dragon’s head, with the blade protruding from the mouth. This was the treasure sword RyuKaduwa, forged by Simeon himself millennia ago. Ban drew the sword and proceeded to fight the Kattu. Now they didn’t seem half as intimidating as before, he thought. To and fro he swung, cutting down grunts left and right, meeting blade with blade.

    Meanwhile Sariputta had clambered up the cliff ledge and landed on the top. Hiding behind some foliage, he watches the battle progress…


    “I’m starting to get the hang of this”, thought Ban as he cut down grunt after grunt. The last two Kattu finally leapt up to tackle him. These he handled with a swift double beheading. The bodies disappeared, but the now disembodied heads began circling around him, firing blasts of energy. At first he was content with just twirling his blade, deflecting the shots as they came his way. Then he decided to get a bit adventurous, and discovered that the light feeling he had while un-morphed was significantly increased now that he was armor-clad. He started swiftly leaping from head to head, cutting gashes into the faces of the skulls here and there. Finally he stopped in front of the skulls and brought the blade to his Brace. It ignited in a bright red fire and shone like a great torch in the night. With the fiery blade he skewered both heads, making large sparks and drops of flame rain down on the ground. The skulls exploded off the end of his sword. Ban slowly sheathed his sword, a smug look of satisfaction on his helmeted face. Not bad for a guy with very little combat experience to his name. Now to check out what was going on with the others…


    The Kattu heads had unwittingly sucked out the poison from Ixion, causing his armor to disappear. Ixion’s spirit was forcibly shut back into the belt , giving back Cheiron's mind; Sarindhu appeared and fired several blasts from his firearm at the heads, causing them to explode. The sound snapped Cheiron back into reality.
    He knelt, dazed; a disaster had surely been averted, as Ixion would surely have attacked Sarindhu and tried to kill him.
    “What happened?!”
    Cheiron looked around, dazed and confused; he locked eyes on a red armored figure coming toward the girl. On his arm he noticed a Brace. He recognized it from pictures in old books and scrolls that the Horu had obtained. This man had a Rathnaya! He quickly jumped to his feet and gathered his bearings.

    “You all right?” Ban asked Kira. Kira could only stare back in amazement. Here was one of the nine Judges of Caanan, standing right before her. She had heard the legends, but had never expected to actually see it firsthand.
    “Are you all right?”
    “What? Oh, yes… I’m fine”
    She picked herself up and continued to gape.
    “Guess I should take this off” said Ban and gave the Brace a tap. At once the suit disappeared, revealing himself again.
    “How… when did… how?!”
    “Don’t ask me, I only came here yesterday. I know just about as much as you do.”
    “Came? What are you talk - ”

    She was interrupted by the two pirates, who now had their weapons drawn on the two of them.
    “Lovely show, that was” said Cheiron. “But now let’s get back to business. Hand over that box”
    “I’d like to see you try” shot back Kira. “See how you fare against the Judge of Simeon!”
    “Wait, what - ” said Ban.
    “And you! Hand over your jewel too, or this will get ugly”
    “Now wait a minute!” said Ban. He didn’t know what was going on with these three, but he decided to try to settle it. He went up to Cheiron.

    "Lets try this again," he said with a smile "I'm Ban, of planet Earth. And you are...?"

    “I am Cheiron, and this is my associate Sarindhu. We crashed here several months ago - ”
    “Small word” said ban. I crashed here yesterday.
    “- we’re just trying to find our way back home. But first we must retrieve nine jwels that we lost upon crashing here. Somehow you have one, and this girl refuses to give us that one over there”
    “Don’t listen to them!” said Kira. “Those two are pirates. They have blood on their hands. Kill them!”
    “Wait a minute, no one is killing anyone” said Ban. Honestly he felt he could buy Cheiron’s story a little more readily than he could Najmuddin’s. Still, something about this character was a little off.
    “Well I would like to help you” he told Cheiron. “But as you can see…” he tried to pry the Brace off his arm to no avail. “This thing has other ideas”
    “Oh” said Cheiron. “Yes, nasty habit of theirs. Well then, I’m afraid I have no choice.”
    He raised his gun toward Ban’s head.
    “Farewell Mr. Ban.”
    “No, wait -” said Ban. Kira shrieked. But before the pirate could fire he and his partner were zapped with energy. Sariputta stepped out from his hiding place.

    “What hast thou done? You of unclean derivation dare to take this sacred treasure?!”
    He zapped them again. Sarindhu and Cheiron were forced to submit to the saint’s awesome power. Ban and Kira stared in horror.
    “Begone now, and never again sully the property of Ahasa!”
    He threw them over the cliff, where they rolled down the ledge and landed onto the rocks. Ban and Kira shuddered.

    Sariputta turned back to Ban and Kira and addressed the latter.
    “Now then. It is time you got what was coming to you”
    He picked up the tabernacle and presented it to Kira, who looked at Sariputta in surprise.
    “You don’t mean….”
    “It is what was calling you tonight. Look up”
    He gestured to a pink star in the sky. It shone directly upon the baffled girl.
    “But… I can’t…. I’m no warrior - ”
    “Join the club”, muttered Ban
    “ - my fiancé, now he’s the soldier. Maybe he could…”
    “It is you that has been chosen”, interrupted Sariputta.
    The tabernacle opened its doors automatically. Kira looked at the saint once more.
    “But… my parents... I…”
    The Pink Rathnaya shone brightly before Kira. She slowly sighed, resigned to her fate. Reaching into the box, she touched the jewel, at once enveloped in a column of pink energy. An image of a Roc appeared before her and glowed in a blinding bright light. Then, it and the energy enclosure disappeared, and the real world returned to view. A watch-sized wrist brace, with the jewel encased within, had appeared on Kira's wrist. It pulsed once, and an unworldly voice was heard in his head alone*

    Ukussa has chosen you as the Judge of Zebulun. Keep this jewel safe, for great evil approaches this world.

    Ban turned his head, shielding his eyes from the glow. The light eventually subsided, and he noticed that the girl had an identical Brace to his on her arm. The tabernacle fell to the ground and shattered into dozens of pieces. Kira stared down upon the Brace as well, in awe of what was transpiring before her. Sariputta spoke again.
    “Come. You must all assemble upon Sri Pada”
    “How did you know - ” said Ban
    “All will be explained once we get there. Right now we must leave with haste”
    “But of course”, muttered Ban to Kira. “No one takes their sweet time here.” Makara walked up next to the trio.
    “What took you so long?”, said Ban jokingly.
    Makara snorted a blast of air from its nostrils. Kira looked at the great dragon nervously.
    “Don’t worry”, consoled Ban. “He doesn’t bite… I think”
    Kira looked uncertain but climbed atop the beast’s back anyway. Makara took off and headed back on course to Issachar. Down on the ground, they were followed by two figures on a bike…

    *Ending Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Hibi no Shirabe’ from Hyakuju Sentai Gaoranger)

    Next Time
    *Next Episode Promo Theme 1 plays*
    (‘Yokoku Ongaku 2’ from Seiju Sentai Gingaman)

    The three new Judges assemble on the mountain Sri Pada and meet its residing prophet, who begins telling them their mission. And as the clouds of war gather over Gad, a young soldier finds the White Rathnaya.

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    I take it Havok will be the White Ranger. Is all nine mecha going to combine into one large robot? Or are you sticking to Goranger and JAKQ, where they had only a plane to transport themselves around in?

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