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    Here's a vague idea I've been toying with:

    Earth is being invaded. It has *always* been invaded, since alien eyes first saw a tribe of primates marking out their territory with stone axes. It has taken them all of human history to infiltrate us, but their plans are very, very close to fruition...

    -Because, you see, the Invaders can see the future. To them, there's no difference between the future and the past; Led by the shining Vision of their leaders, they work patiently toward their goal of ultimate, logical conquest, where free will itself will become obsolete. As it was foretold, so it shall be-

    Except things are never quite so simple. Certain people exist *outside* of time; Their mere presence alone muddies the waters, and plays havoc with their destined future. After all, there's no accounting for the fundamental chaos of the human condition.

    There's a city. It's not important what the city's name is, but the Invaders *want* it. This place will be crucial to the success of their plan- The very keystone the entire invasion hinges upon. Deny them, and it's all over...Though it's not known *when* it'll be over, or what has to be done.

    There's a hero- A technological knight in mimetic armor, Kamen Rider Providence, who fades in and out of reality like a mirage. Damned if anyone knows when he turned up, or why...But he's been around for a *long* time- Ever since the Invaders mounted their final push, of course.

    He's not the hero of the story, though; He's just the opening act. The *real* story begins one night, in an alley, when three strangers stumble into the wrong place at the wrong time...To get brutally murdered by hideous, monstrous things that shouldn't exist. Just as the last survivor's about to perish, though, Providence is there.

    "Fear not. I am Justice."

    Of course, all he can do is gape- Thanks to the half-meter of razored steel in his guts. But then...

    "Do you want to live?"

    He does. And he accepts the Fate Regalia that's offered to him...

    Now there's Kamen Rider Fate. Someone else to fight the good fight- A hero outside of time, desperately trying to prevent the destined future from occuring. He's found out, to his horror, that Invader sleeper agents are everywhere- Monsters that don't even *know* what they are, until they...change.

    But he's being hunted. There's something after him- Hyde, who lurks in all places and none, who knows where you go even before you do. Will the newborn Kamen Rider Fate survive?

    Device Type: Fate Regalia (Belt)
    Color: Red/Black
    Transformation: "Fate Unknown!"

    Cypher: A halberd weapon, the emitter harnessing a caged wound in realspace- Creating a cutting edge of stunning lethality. When overcharged, it can perform Fate's Primary Finisher- Rider Slash or Rider Cutting

    So, yeah. The idea is, the Kamen Riders disrupt the plans of the Invaders just by existing...Their foresight is almost useless against them, which drives the Invaders absolutely berserk. Of course, there's at least three ways around this, none of them perfect...

    Alternate Riders would be the gun-based Kamen Rider Destiny and the sword-wielding Providence himself.

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    from kamen rider blade
    name: kamen rider Arcane
    real name: Kazen Konji Aka Dragon Undead
    weapon: arcane rozer (axe)
    belt: arcane buckle
    Bio:One of the 4 legend undead, created after the battle fight came to a stalemate, whose mission is to unseal the rest of the undead and restart the battle. Unlike the others Kazan is a pacifist and wishes not to fight and instead wants to live in peace, only fighting to defend himself. As Arcane he has the ability to use cards from every set and can create his seal card to transform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HenshinSlayer View Post
    Ya know the Gumo idea is good. Wish it would've had like a Black Widow Rider on his side.

    And techniques besides the rider shooting. What kind of equipment can Gumo have?

    Here's a finisher that can be useful:
    Gumo: RIDER WEB! -> RIDER KICK (Scissors Kick)
    Black Widow: RIDER WEB -> RIDER CHOP

    Rider's Quote - Sister said this: Walk the path to hell, the immortal demon who'll live on
    Actually, according to Crow, Gumo is a perfectionist and hates it if his record is broken. He's mean and condescending, and hates Worms due to the incident when he was a child.

    His attacks are...

    RIDER SHOOTING - The scabbard for his sword doubles as a sort of one-handed shot gun. When powered with Tachyon Energy, it shoots out powerful bullets in a web-like pattern.
    RIDER STING - Being the "future TheBee," the Gumo Zecter is mounted on the Rider Brace on the left arm. When the back part (the fat part) of the spider is pulled back, the legs are pulled with it, and the twin stingers are revealed. It's a simply punch filled with tachyon energy, similar to TheBee's Rider Sting.

    He doesn't have a quote, and doesn't have "Kanzen Chowa" but simply Kanzen.

    While Gumo is the property of my friend, Crow, he is also the product of my fanfics and will not be used by anyone else without mine or Crow's permission.

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    I used the template of kaji motomiya.I hope u dont mind =D
    and u may use him in any of your fics if you want, but just ask me =D

    Kamen Rider: EXA
    Name: Shuji kohei
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality:Seen nearly all the time smiling(not creepy ones),generally cheerful and helpful and with an ability to get quiet or cold people to open up.
    Motif:Phalacrognathus Muelleri


    Rider Belt - A belt designed by ZECT and rebuilt by OMNI-ZECT(if u want to add him in your fic, if not, just ZECT)specifically for the EXA zecter
    EXA Zecter - A zecter modeled after the golden stag beetle.
    Hyper Zecter( S T A G V E R.) - A blue coloured hyper zecter made specifically for stag beetle like riders and appearance changes to a Silver/Gold motif when used.
    Kunai Gun - A standard ZECT kunai gun but with a gold motif.
    Dual Stabber- Twin handheld spikes which are attached at the back of the shoulder pads when not in use.When equipped, EXA is able to unleash RIDERSTAB.
    Device Type: EXA Buckle ('Henshin Belt')
    Animal: Phalacrognathus Muelleri
    Color: Gold

    Cast-Off System: Flipping the switch-like main twin horns on the EXA Zecter, followed by flipping back the two main twin horns.

    Cast-Off Announcement: "CHANGE STAG BEETLE!!!"

    Clock Up System: Slap the Switch-pads on the hip of the belt

    Primary Finisher: RIDER KICK - EXA inputs the button three times[1-2-3] Flips the switch-like main twin horns on the EXA Zecter, followed by flipping back the two main twin horns

    Masked Form
    With Dual Stabbers
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    heres another Rider i made but also at Kamen Rider EXE series

    Name: Chihaya Murata(村田 千早)
    Kamen Rider Name: Artemis 仮面ライダーアーテミス
    Age: 19
    Profile: The one and only self-proclaimed genius but now she works to the police as the detective. Her family made a Rider Belt after Chihaya's parents died on incident of X-Shocker forces who came out on a raid but seeking her vengence. Cold, calm and calculated person who is growned up, despite of Chihaya's skills but she is well-trained fighter. First encounter at Exellion that she think as an enemy but later was became ally to Ayumu.
    Forms: Unknown

    Height: 171 cm
    Weight: 70 kg
    Punching Power: 2 tons
    Kicking Power: 7 tons
    Jumping Height: 10 meters
    Running Speed: Unknown

    - Equipments -

    -> Rider Belt VS 変身ベルト VS - It was made by her parents to created fully complete before the X-Shocker knew the location of Chihaya's parents Aozora Corp. building but, Chihaya escaped with the belt. It is needed required to transform with attach key of Artemis Blade. Unique Rider Belt involved very advanced technology.
    -> Artemis Blade アーテミスブレード - The requirement of Rider Belt VS to access of transform into Kamen Rider Artemis. A key to activated the system and says "UNLOCK" and "HENSHIN" as well. Although, the key can become a hidden blade to slashes enemy to use Rider Slash as her finisher.
    -> Freezing Pod Launcher フリジングポッドランチャー - As the self-defensed long range weapon creating Sub-Zero Bullet against odds to frozen Chihaya's foes before finishing off with Rider Slash.
    -> Blue Phantom ブルー・ファアントム - It is a based of RX-8 Mazda car, providing new body parts, wheels, wings, and chassis improved to make even faster and tougher its armor. Blue Phantom can use to ramming foes. As the AI vehicle and public car to the Police made by Chihaya.
    -> Artemis Chaser アーテミスチェサー - Kamen Rider Artemis' motorcycle including special add-on features, especially map detector to track X-Shocker kaijin.


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    Kamen Rider Golias

    Ex form is like Rider form 1.5 and has no special attacks, just upgraded versions of the Rider form attacks. Magna Form is the equivalent of Hyper form.

    Masked Form
    Height: 189cm
    Weight: 110Kg
    Punching Power: 12t
    Kicking Power: 4t
    Max Jump Height: 5m
    Max Running Speed: 100m/8secs

    Rider Form
    Height: 196cm
    Weight: 92Kg
    Punching Power: 8t
    Kicking Power: 3.5t
    Max Jump Height: 9.5m
    Max Running Speed: 100m/6secs

    EX Form
    Height: 193cm
    Weight: 89Kg
    Punching Power: 13t
    Kicking Power: 9.5t
    Max Jump Height: 15.5m
    Max Running Speed: 100m/4.5secs

    Magna Form
    Height: 197cm
    Weight: 115Kg
    Punching Power: 18t
    Kicking Power: 12t
    Max Jump Height: 25m
    Max Running Speed: 100m/6.5secs

    Golias Zecter
    Device Type: Henshin Belt
    Clock Up: Like the other zecters
    Finishers: 1, 2, 3.....

    RIDER DROP: Tachyon particles are charged up and sent to golias' horn for refinement, they are then sent to both feet, he then proceeds to dropkick the opponent destroying them.

    RIDER UPPER: Tachyon particles are sent to Golias' right arm, he then proceeds to uppercut the enemy destroying them.

    RIDER KNEE: Tachyon particles are refined and then sent to his right knee and he delivers a flying knee attack to the opponent destroying them.

    Clock Up: Like Hyper Zecter

    Mighty Zecter

    the weapon of golias while he is in Magna form, it has 2 distinct modes (Hammer and Gun). It can syphon off energy from the PAPILLION, TENTOU, SNIPANT, ANOPHELES and EPHEME Zecters to preform a range of attacks. When all zecters are used, is preforms the Infinite Magna Tornado while in Hammer mode. and the Infinite Magna Monsoon while in gun mode.

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    New Riders of Ryuki/Dragon Knight

    Kamen Rider Lycan
    Motif: Wolf
    Color of Advent Deck: Violet
    Visor: Lycanvisor (Bladed Boomerang)

    Advent Deck:
    - Attack Vent/Advent Beast: WereFanger
    - Sword Vent: Were Sword (Scimitar)
    - Strike Vent: Were Claw (Right Claw)
    - Guard Vent: Were Shield
    - Shoot Vent: Lunar Sniper
    - Final Vent: Crescent Wave (Moon Kick)

    Kamen Rider Pavo
    Motif: Peacock
    Color of Advent Deck: Pink
    Visor: Pavovisor (Steel Fan)

    Advent Deck:
    - Attack Vent/Advent Beast: Rainbowfowl
    - Sword Vent: Rainbow Blades (Twin Swords)
    - Trick Vent: Rainbow Illusion
    - Copy Vent
    - Final Vent: Rainbow Masquerade (Capoeira Armada)

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    Punching Power: 6 tons.
    Kicking Power: 7.5 tons.
    Marz Kick: 10.3 tons.
    Speed: 100 meters - 5.5 seconds.
    Jump: 25 meters.

    Henshin Belt: Marz System.
    Chips: Final Rush, Full Rush.
    Weapon: Marz Blaygun.
    G A L L I F R E Y S T A N D S

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    I would also like to state the the Lady Bug, Mantis, and Giraffe Stag Beetle Kabuto-based Riders are all claimed by me. However, I will be putting up stats when they appear in the fanfic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaji Motomiya View Post
    I would also like to state the the Lady Bug, Mantis, and Giraffe Stag Beetle Kabuto-based Riders are all claimed by me. However, I will be putting up stats when they appear in the fanfic.
    Well in That case, I claim Mosquito, Soldier Ant, Mayfly and Butterfly/Moth based Kabuto Riders.

    I also claim Kamen Rider Isho who is a showa era version of Decade.

    I'll put up the stats later.

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