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    This was a concept I came up with based on the rumor that the Rider after Wizard was going to be a painter which coincidentally had a number of similarities to Gaim. These were unintentional and most were conceived before we knew Gaim's actual premise.

    Rider Name: Kamen Rider Splay
    Identity: No name yet. But the story is that they are a student at a prestigious academy for the arts (high school level) where they specialize in orchestra (cello) and painting. However, while they have immense skill in these areas, they have a far greater passion for breakdancing, rapping, and graffiti (as a preferred artistic medium, not as a vandalous act.) This is causing friction in the character's life as they are unsure if they should stick to what they know will give them a future or pursue what they really love to do. This struggle is mirrored by the one that the character faces in regards to the monsters of the series.
    Gender: Male/Female My original idea was a male character but it could easily be a female character.
    Motif: Painting/Colors/Life
    Kaijin Enemy: The Canvas - So the main struggle for this concept evolved around a nameless parallel world in which a scientist has been monitoring a tear to our world as well as conducting experiments regarding pigmentation; namely its removal.
    Effectively this man created a way to remove the pigment from an object in the form of a translucent cube. These cubes could then be merged with other objects for interesting effects. The problem was that objects that have had their pigment removed will eventually begin to leech pigment from the objects around them. At first this only applied to objects but eventually this pigmentation jumped the barrier and has begun affecting the flora and fauna, including people.
    Once this epidemic becomes widespread those afflicted earliest being to show agitation towards anything possessing pigment as well as displaying small amounts of disfigurement as well as chronic pain and display the ability to 'feed' on color, which slows their transformation and dulls their pain for a time. Eventually these "Canvas" people begin experiencing wild outbursts and every once in awhile one of these "monsters" seemingly disappears.
    Arsenal: Kamen Rider SPlay utilizes the Splay Driver along with Chroma Drives that he can generate by touching objects of a particular color (a red fire hydrant will produce a Red Drive and so on)
    While in each of his 7 forms he can produce items/weapons out of his Drives which he can plug into his Sprayroid companion robot. (A small robot that can receive chroma drives to be utilized in combat. Normally takes the form of a spray can on the back of Splay's belt.)
    Rider Item:Splay can touch an object and produce a Chroma Drive which can be used to transform, create a weapon, sprayed out to create a smokescreen, thrown like a grenade along with several other functions.

    This is all I've got thus far, I've been toying with the idea of writing some more but I dunno yet. Feel free to share your thoughts.

    Just some creative criticism. When you put words like Beat and Mixer together, it starts to sound like it's for cooking. I'd suggest referring to them as something involving tracks or singles or tapes just to ensure that no one gets the wrong impression. Also if you didn't wanna use the word "Tracks" for the gimmick, you could use it to refer to the forms. In this case "Metal Form" would be the "Metal Track" and so on.

    Also since the tape theme is abundant in your concept I strongly feel that you should consider having a tape deck/boombox themed weapon called the "Ghetto Blaster" (which if you don't know is another slang term for a boombox).

    Also Todoroki (like the kamen rider) means like a rumble or a resound so you might like that for a last name for your character.

    Just some thoughts, I hope I'm not imposing; good luck with your concept I really like it.
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    Real name: Uzume Tennouboshi
    Kamen Rider Name: Kamen Rider Necrom
    Gender: Female/Tomboy
    Motif: Necromancer, Eyeball
    Rider Type: Hero
    Kaijin Enemy: Shi

    Personality: As Uzume, she is strong-minded and straightforward, embodying a typical tough girl personality. As Orange Heart, she is more cheerful and less serious, with a personality more akin to a childlike idol singer. In a way, she is the complete opposite of Neptune, going from a more serious personality to a more childish one.

    Appearance: Uzume is a pale skinned girl with red eyes and long maroon hair, tied into long twintails and held on by triangular hair-clips. She wears a white dress shirt that is open and a loosely tied red tie that has a triangular design at the end with an unused hair-clip clipped on it, a pair of black shorts that looks like a skirt at first glance that is held up by suspenders and is open at the fly, an orange and black striped sock on her left foot and black boots and a similarly colored orange and black striped fingerless glove, with a larger, but shorter and also fingerless glove over the striped one. She dons 3 pins on her boots - an I❤DC pin (Which means I Love Dreamcast) and a smiley pin on her right boot and a Japanese word on her left

    Rider Brace: Mega Ulorder
    Rider Items: Necrom Eyecon, Grimm Eyecon, Sanzou Eyecon, Dark Purple Eyecon, Dark Orange Eyecon, Black Heart Eyecon, White Heart Eyecon
    Arsenal: Axe, Longsword, Gangun Catcher
    Color: White, Black and Green (same color as Kamen Rider Necrom)

    Rider Finisher: Same Finisher as the actual Necrom

    Henshin Announcement:
    Standby! Yes Sir! Now Loading! Tengan! Necrom! Mega Ulord!! Crash Invaders!!
    Yes Sir! Tengan! Grimm! Mega Ulord! Fighting Pen!
    Yes Sir! Tengan! Sanzou! Mega Ulord! Saiyū Road!
    Yes Sir! Tengan! Dark Purple! Mega Ulord! Dark Planeptune!
    Yes Sir! Tengan! Dark Orange! Mega Ulord! CPU Destroyer!
    Yes Sir! Tengan! Black Heart! Mega Ulord! Rising Regality!
    Yes Sir! Tengan! White Heart! Mega Ulord! Furious Serenity!

    Finisher Announcement
    Destroy!! Now Loading!! Dai-Tengan! Omega Ulord!!
    Dai-Tengan!! ??? Omega Ulord!!

    Bio: Uzume is just a tomboy girl who just picked up the Mega Uloader after Aran's defeat and she used Necrom's powers for good
    and she absorbs the Ganma for regeneration in order to defeat the rest of the Shis

    Rider Quotes: Alright! Time to end this once and for all!!
    Theme: More Soul Continue by Mariko Honda
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    My Kamen Rider is a combo of Kamen Rider and Pokemon,so bear with me.
    Rider Name:Kamen Rider PikaKu.
    Identity:Ash Ketchum
    Kaijin Enemyoketants(Pokemon Mutents,genetically modified Pokemon)
    Formsikachu Form,Charizard Form,Blastoise Form,Venusaur Form,Evolved Raichu Form,Mega X Charizard Form,Mega Y Charizard Form,Mega Blastoise Form,Mega Venusaur Form,151 Form
    ArsenalikaKu Driver,Pika Saber(uses forms just like PikaKu),Machine Pokeder(also has forms),MoveBalls(Pokeballs that use Pokemon moves),Form Balls(like move balls,but access his forms),Mega Reactor(Accesses his Mega Forms)
    Finishersika Kick(Just like Drive's kick,but with a giant Pikachu swirling around,Charizard Slash(for all of his Charizard Forms),Blastoise Shot(for his Blastoise Forms),Venusaur Punch(for his Venusaur forms)Evolved Kick(basically Mach's kick),151 Kick(Epic Rider Kick,just like Pika Kick,but the swirly thing surrounding PikaKu and the enemy is rainbow and it harnesses all forms)
    Bio:Once,Ash,Brock,Misty,and Pikachu were walking and they stumbled upon an unconcious man in the road,who they took to a Pokemon Center(just bear with me).The man,Ace,showed the group his inventions,which were the MoveBalls!After awhile,Ace finally revealed he was the leader of Team Dai Shocker(later revealed as Dai Shocker,no surprise) and kidnapped Ash and Pikachu.Ace made an "alliance" with Team Rocket,took control of Ash'smind,and used Pikachu's energy to power the PikaKu Driver.Ash went to destroy Misty and Brock,but we was saved from his Hypnosis(yes,they did use Hypnosis on him)by a Thundershock.Then appeared Ace's not evil brother,Jace(I'm bad at names,I know.)When Ash snuck in the Shocker-Rocket Alliance HQ,he saved Pikachu and took the driver.A Poketant,Rattatrap,was attacking.Ash then henshined into PikaKu and kicked his butt.
    Theme:Surprise Drive(from Kamen Rider Drive)
    Note:This is also meant to be an anniversary series.45 years of Kamen Rider.
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    Rider Name:Kamen Rider Tari
    Identity: Lian Chin, Son of Green Heart, CPU of Leanbox
    Gender: Male
    Motif: CPU, Eyeball, Ghost
    Kaijin Enemy: Ganma
    1: Rei Ryghts Damashii (Base Form)
    2: Dark Orange Damashii
    3: Next Green Heart Damashii (Super Form)
    4: Iris Heart Damashii (Normal and Next)
    5: White Heart Damashii (Next)
    6: Black Heart Damashii (Next)
    7: Black Sister Damashii (Next)
    8: Dark Green Heart Damashii (Rage/Violent Form)
    1: Tari Shaft (Rei's Staff)
    2: Galient Sword
    3: Verance (Green Heart's Lance/Spear)
    4: Wii Axe (Blanc's Weapon)
    5: Greatsword (Black Heart's Weapon)
    6: Sniper Rifle (Black Sister's Weapon)
    Rider Item: Ghost Eyecon, Ghost Driver
    Finishers: Based on the CPU's EXE Drives

    Lian Chin, a demigod son of Green Heart, the Goddess of Leanbox, is an ordinary man, until the Ganma invades his home nation, but Green Heart sacrificed herself to protect him and the nation until she entrusted her soul to him, and the soul of Rei Ryghts was found in the place where she was first being defeated and after he picks up her soul while her soul became a Ghost Eyecon

    Henshin Announcement

    Batchirimiru~! (2x)
    (Insert Forms and Jingle)

    Tokutomirou~!! (2x)
    Yami no Daikaigun!!
    Dark GREEN HEART!!!!!
    Set Go Kakugo Darkness Ghost!!!
    Shield to Lance!! Kisama wa Taosu!!!

    Finisher Announcement
    (Insert Form)
    Omega Drive

    Next Daikaigun~!!!
    Tera Omega Drive~!!

    Theme: Hard Beat Break Beat by Nao
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    A Rider I've basically been designing and thinking over and over and over again for a good year or 2 now (and still working on it in terms of a possible story as actually making the suit/cosplay... Also damn, sure been awhile since I was last online here)

    Rider Name: Kamen Rider Zerog˘/0
    Identity: Unknown (gets called Zero by his new allies, later on takes on the French/Hebrew name Michel while traveling through Europe to find himself)
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown, appears to be in his early 30's
    Motif: Unknown (depends on the form)
    Bio: A Rider without a name, without an identity; build before Ichig˘ as what was meant to be Shocker's strongest soldier yet left unfinished due to Shocker being unable to finish and direct the energy flow (something they later manages to succeed in with Ichig˘ and Nig˘). Zerog˘ was basically left in stasis lock to die, however he survived the destruction of Shocker by the hands of the first 2 Riders; this Prototype Rider has been fighting in the shadows, aiding the other Riders without them knowing, hoping to one day get his revenge on those who took away everything from him, his life, his memories, everything.

    As the years pass, so does his anger and will to move on as his system slowly start to short circuit and malfunction; till rumors of Shocker's grand return awoke the primal rage deep inside of him. He doubles his resolve and his anger in order to gain his revenge. His system, while old and failing, eventually gets fixed and rebuild by an old, ex-Shocker scientist who once worked on him; he won't rest till Shocker falls by his hands.

    Zerog˘ slowly regains his lost humanity with thanks to the grandchildren of his new friend as they help him in discovering his past; a past best left buried. Zerog˘ eventually learns that he is European (yet able to speak and understand any language due to Shocker implanting a translation device in his ears/brains) yet that he has died long ago, and was dug up by Shocker for experiments and to be used as not only the perfect soldier, but to also be Great Leader's new body/vessil; something that Great Leader will make true one way or another...

    Enemy: Shocker/Great Leader

    -Proto(type) Mode: the form Zerog˘ was left in, unfinished yet functioning (motif Humanoid)
    -Showa Mode 1: finished or updated form of the Proto Era, main/default form of Zerog˘ (motif Grasshopper)
    -Showa Mode 2: form change of Zerog˘, removes most of his armor to gain an increase in speed and agility (motif Grasshopper)
    -Showa Mode 3: form change of Zerog˘, switches armor around on his right arm for different armor to gain an increase in strength (motif Grasshopper)
    -V-King Mode: "Mid-season power up" form change of Zerog˘, gains new armor to increase his stats to 75% compared to the main Showa Era 1 form. Has a bit of a viking-esque look to it (motif Dragon-ish)
    -Heisei Mode 1-Berserk: "Penultimate" form of Zerog˘, rage and anger infused form that looks organic and bulky, hiding armor under neath it all. Strength gains a massive 150-200% increase compared to Showa Era 1, yet greatly lowers his other stats. Basically acts like a savage beast (like an Amazon) in combat (motif Beetle)
    -Heisei Mode 2-Zen: "Ultimate" form of Zerog˘, fully in control with the organic armor removed. Can be seen as a locked up version of the Heisei Era 1 mode. Stats are at a full 100% compared to the Showa Era 1 mode. Heisei Era 2 is the form of the Rider that Shocker always wanted to make, but were unable to at the time (motif Beetle)

    -Tansha Typhoon; Zerog˘'s transformation belt, resembles the same kind of belt as worn by Ichig˘, Nig˘, Sang˘ and Yong˘ with some minor updates. Status belt prototype
    -Tansha Thrusters; add-on pieces to the Tansha Typhoon, allows Zerog˘ to jump higher and to dodge enemy attacks. Predecessor to the thrusters on Sang˘'s belt
    -Machine Cycloner; Prototype styled bike that resembles an apachÚ warrior concept bike; colored mostly in black and blue with purple and red highlights
    -Showariser; multi-purpose weapon that can be changed around into different weapons depending on what form/mode is used when in combat. Modes includes Striker (brass knuckles), Saber, Battle-axe, Bow, Staff and Blaster. The Showariser was made to compensate Zerog˘'s right arm which is virtually without any cybernatic enhancements
    -V-King Caller; Phone like item, used by Zerog˘ to change into the V-King/Viking mode
    -V-King Crusher; Battle Axe weapon, used when in V-King/Viking mode
    -Tansha Storm; Zerog˘'s true transformation belt, the old Typhoon plate gets replaced by the Storm plate in order to change into either the 2 Heisei Era modes. Summoned through different posing

    -Rider (Prototype) Kick/Chop; used by Zerog˘ in Proto Mode
    -Rider (Zero) Kick/Chop; used by Zerog˘ in Showa Mode 1
    -Showa Punch; used by Zerog˘ in Showa Mode 1 in combination with the Showariser Striker
    -Mantis' Counter; used by Zerog˘ in Showa Mode 2 in combination with the Showariser Saber (slashes and jabs multiple times with the sword)
    -Tendou's Descent; used by Zerog˘ in Showa Mode 3 in combination with the Showariser Bow (fires a rain of arrows into the air before charging a final arrow)
    -Viking Kick/Chop; used by Zerog˘ in V-King Mode, used rather sparingly
    -Fury of Valhalla; used by Zerog˘ in V-King Mode in combination with the Showariser Battle-axe (throws the axe at the foe before charging at ramming speed at the enemy, grabbing and pushing the axe through the foe to finish it)
    -Heisei's Darkest Storm; used by Zerog˘ in Heisei Mode 1 (slashes at the foe multiple times with its claws; sometimes uses a kick instead)
    -Grand Divider; used by Zerog˘ in either Heisei Mode 1 or 2 (uses the weapon in either blaster or staff mode to destroy the foe with a wild or concentrated charge, depending on which mode said weapon gets used)
    -Tranquility's Road; used by Zerog˘ in Heisei Mode 2 (concentrated Rider Punch, used sparingly)
    -Final Zen; used by Zerog˘ in Heisei Mode 2 (concentrated Rider Kick, used the most when in this form; summons up all of the other form's in order to power this Rider Kick: Strength unknown)

    Theme: "Prototype Heart" lyrics written by Michel P. Dijkhuizen
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    name:kamen rider ace
    real name:sanji
    bio:a man who lost everything and had to live in hiding till one day a hooded figure bump into him and dropped a gauntlet and a belt and once he put them on he transformed into kamen rider ace
    equipment:gauntlet,belt,king's blade,queen's bow,joker'pistols,jaqk blade which has all 4 forms infused in it and once activated the 4 forms will combine,omega driver which is a gaunlet that transforms me to omega rider which speeds up my speed and thinking speed to attack fast and reappear to see the damage its like time warp and finally i have the assassin gaunlet which transforms me into a secret form which allows me to go invisible and strike from the shadows without anyone noticing and if i get caught i can erase my enemies mind completely and vanish into smoke
    personality:serious willing to get anything done no matter how gentleman meaning no harm to woman and willing to risk my life to defend a innocent from getting harmed
    what i wear everyday:mostly dark clothes to not attract much attention a hood and in certain occasions a mask as im not much of a social guy
    attitude in combat:focused and works alone(if the situation calls for a team ill help)
    enemy kamen riders:decade and blade and faiz
    any allies:no but i have a ability which makes all my forms allies
    ever been killed:once but was revived by a angel(dont ask XD)
    any cybernectics:lost an eye and had it replaced with a high tech cybernectic eye prototype which works great with my helmet's optics
    kids:orphans(my wife died and i couldnt take care of them since i lost everything)
    vehicles:motorcycle/hovercycle hybrid

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