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    Default Worst Heisei era Kamen Rider series

    Well, title says it all. for me, Agito was the worst series ever. Stupid characters, predictable plot, uninteresting characters and more.

    I can complain about this series all day over but I want to hear other people's opinions too.

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    Den-O, just way too childish and anime like.

    Hibiki because it's just so amazing mundane characters and interactions. Plus that brat annoyed me.
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    Man, this is a tough question to answer

    If i had to pick, i would say Ryuki mainly because the overall plot was hard to follow and the ending was even harder to follow ... Also, there were too many ending and alternative endings
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    If I had to make a choice based on the Kamen Riders I've watched so far, I guess it would be Hibiki despite I think overall it was a good show. Its just that the beginning is slow, boring and doesn't give you much motivation to continue watching.

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    Faiz for me. Didn't like the plot & Takumi/Faiz wasn't really anything interesting to me. Kiba was awesome though.

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    Den-O. Oh, the horror.

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    Blade. I liked it, and it was fun, but the acting was pretty terrible, and although it was relatively plot-oriented, I felt they kept throwing in random little storylines. The characters also became tiring. Compared to the other Heisei shows, it was terrible.

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    I'm going to get killed for this....

    Kabuto. Because it's an apology series for Hibiki thinly disguised as a Faiz remake, only with more pretty boys and product placement and less substance. And yet, despite how bad it story wise with plot-holes the size of Texas, it's suddenly the Naruto of the Heisei series in that you can't talk Tokusatsu with somebody without it being the first thing that comes up, like that's all Kamen Rider is for some reason when it's anything but.

    The only things that saved that series.
    1.) Tak Sakaguchi showing up
    2.) Tak Sakaguchi beating up Gattack
    3.) Tak Sakaguchi beating up Kabuto
    4.) Tak Sakaguchi splitting into three and beating up people
    5.) Misaki. 'Nuff said

    ....Yes it was all Tak Sakaguchi-related but still.

    Agito is slowly but surely tempting me to put it at second place in my book the more I watch it. The plot isn't so much predictable but it's just overly drawn out. Like you KNOW they could figure out the big mysteries of the show in maybe 6-8 episodes but it doesn't hit them until the halfway point or something. You can only drag out a plot gimmick so long.

    Also, some of the character are starting to get on my nerves. ESPECIALLY Mana's brother who for some reason feels it necessary to destroy every single plot device. Lest we not forget the Uber Ass that is Hojo, whose character goes beyond common villain hate and reaches into areas of "I Want To Slug You In The Face With A Mallet" hate....

    As for Hibiki, I'd say that was trash but really, the worst part of it was the second half. Complete character changes, the induction of Kusaka Jr., and the most disappointing ending of the Heisei series to date.
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    It just felt like sitting in a waiting room full of ADD kids.

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    Hibiki. Uninteresting riders, uninteresting characters, uninteresting plot.

    Surprised at all the Den-O hate... Some of the designs weren't great and the pace was bad in parts, but it had excellent acting, writing and originality.

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