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    Number two is-
    Power Rangers D-Gen (Kyoryuger)

    I did publish a series premiere for this one, but never did any more of it. Either way, it's gone now- both from the internet & my home computer. I hadn't completely thought it out, but here it goes:

    Basically, an alien empire is trying to take over the universe. Several old Rangers from previous series' from space would try to fight them off. However, one group splits away to go after Earth, thinking it'd be an easy target to harvest food for their bacteria-based foot soldiers. They try to send a warning, which is only partially intercepted by Ethan James (former Dino Thunder Blue), who recruits several PR alumni to train a new team of Rangers. Weirdly, they end up discovering an unused Ranger program in the Morphing grid, free to use at their disposal, & activate it. Also, only one of the characters they chose actually become Rangers- Gwen, Ethan's daughter (who appears, oddly, far too old for what she should be, but that gets explained later), becomes Ranger Pink. Kenneth & Tyee, two civilians, become Rangers' Red & Blue. Former Rangers Tommy & Ethan become Green & Black (although, I was thinking of changing that a little later & giving their powers to the people who were actually supposed to have been Red & Blue.) Also, in their first battle, the main villain creates some sort of inter-dimensional portal. Gwen has all the D-Cells & most of them end up (presumably) scattered across time & space.

    Early on, the city is emptied of civilians & becomes a war zone between D-Gen & the villains. Justin (the former Blue Turbo Ranger, also in the series) seems to track down another D-Cell in Angel Grove. He & Tommy go to to investigate & discover the Ankylo D-Cell inside a 100 year old tree. When they return, a monster has defeated the Rangers &, seemingly, killed Gwen. Justin tries to used her morpher with the Ankylo Cell to save them, turning him into the Zirconium Ranger, but there is a glitch which bond him to the Morphing grid & turns him into a Ghost (of sorts). It does, in fact, appear Gwen is dead, but within the same episode, she turns up perfectly fine with no memory of what happened. They later discover that she is a clone, one of a series (similar to Alice from Resident Evil). Everyone finds out & she must figure out how to deal with this information. However, the villains quickly discover the location of their base & destroy it, killing all the remaining clones with it & forcing the Rangers to move on. Also, because I hated that weird, Pink monster- whatever he name is- I kill her off. But, the villains manage to recover one of the Pink Ranger clones & brings her back as one of those for the rest of the series.

    Among the refugees outside the city, a young man rises up & take care of the brunt of the survival work. The Rangers discover him & he helps them out, but seems to be working for the villains. In the end, he plays everyone off each other & ends up with his own, personal morpher (the blue one for Kyoryu Silver) & becomes a character called the Fossil Reaper (Deathryuger). He uses the power, mostly for personal gain, but also to help the refugees & turns most of them against the other Rangers for his own protection. He remains a side villain, fighting both Rangers & villains, to the end of the series.

    The Meteor Ranger (Kyoryu Gold) turns out to be an alien (Torin) whose species apparently originated the D-Gen powers. He comes to help, crash landing on Earth & joins the team. However, I later killed him off, so Fury's character could take over the ptera zord & we could do that whole thing. The second Meteor Ranger ends up being a childhood friend of Kenneth (Red), named Allen.

    I don't quite remember much of what else I was going to do with the series, though, & I don't think I ever really figured out a finale. I know I was thinking of, maybe, using Kimberly or Kathren from Mighty Morphin' as the Purple Ranger & allowing Kira to be the Zirconium Ranger after Justin, but that's really all I had. Oh, and I'd also planned to do the whole "Red Ranger thinks he's a dinosaur" thing. That was hilarious.

    Other things I'd been thinking about: Tying in Emperor Grumm in a larger plan to tie in SPD & RPM with the Gokaiger series. Having the Fury character have a twin brother (In fighting between the two might have been what causes him to lose the Pterazord). Eventually having Fossil Reaper have a change of heart, lose his powers & eventually become my equivalent of Kyoryu Silver for the finale. Maybe someone else would get to be Deathryuger or Kyoryu Navy in the finale as well. I don't know who, but someone.
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    Since I hadn't really come up with much more than basic concepts for these two, I'll do Ninninjaa (Star Guard) & Zyuouger (Alpha Maul) together.

    Power Rangers Star Guard (Ninninjaa)

    This series (As well as the one before it, Zephyr Line) would take place in a kind of recovery period in between RPM & SPD in the timeline. Basically, Venjix would be, more or less, gone. There would be a handful of larger cities & some Frontier Towns as the wasteland was slowly becoming livable again.

    Long ago, some sort of evil spirit force rose up. A Ranger (The powered-up Lion mode guy from Ninninjaa), defeated them & trapped them behind five mirrors arrayed in a circle underground. These mirrors were sealed by dividing his power into five swords, which he placed before the mirrors in shrines. In the present, our new Red Ranger, Shaun, is part of a large scale farming operation to transform an area of the wasteland to make it arable. He falls into what appears to be a sinkhole & discovers one of the mirrors. Unwittingly removing the saber, he unleashes a monster from the mirror & goes on the run, hoping to find someone who can help him understand what is happening. When the monster attacks, four others rise up to fight him. One way or the other, they would convince Shaun to battle the monster himself. Using the sword causes him to transform into the Red Ranger. Unfortunately, using the power in this way, summons the other four swords straight into the hands of the four heroes, completely unsealing the villains & transforming the whole group into the Power Rangers Star Guard.

    Eventually, they would find a computer hacker (deliberately being one of those stereotypical weird, dirty, basement-dwellers from 90s movie lore), who is able to figure out that they can use the morphing grid power from the swords to pretty much turn anything into a weapon (Hence the Hamburger Phone) This would lead them to creating the Highnoon Ranger (Yeah, I know), who ends up being an actual Frontier, mining town sheriff.

    *I was planning on keeping the Hamburger Phone as a weapon to use as a joke. The actual morpher would be a wrist brace that he could latch his gold ninja star onto. He'd then hit a button to power it up & swing his arm, causing the star to whip out on a self-retracting line. Then there'd be a whole lasso, round-em-up themed morphing sequence.

    Anyway, that's all I have for that one.

    Power Rangers Alpha Maul (Zyuouger)

    This one is a little more muddled than the others. I've pretty much stopped thinking about PR fanfics these days.

    I wanted it to be surrounding some sort of old, nearly forgotten Native American legend about three chiefs who were taken off to see the entire world, came back with spirit guardians who'd bathed them Red & went on to become great warriors & protectors to their people (I made all this up, but it's kind of a tribute to Wild Force, in that regard.) which would basically place an old Spiritual Shrine that holds evil spirits at bay to be buried somewhere under a modern day zoo in California. Some rich idiot would find a similar shrine in India & try to extract the spirits into a computer program as a power source, inadvertently releasing the evil spirits (they would not attack, but instead work on freeing their remaining brothers) & would, instead of a power source, create Red, Green & White Rangers. (The Red would be the Gorilla Form instead of Eagle. Not to mention, this computer program thing is supposed to explain the pixelated zords.) Back in California, a zoo keeper would save an activist & her friend, who had figured out the rich guy's next goal, from an animal cage they'd broken into. They would accidentally release the other shrine's hold, turning them into Red Eagle, Blue & Yellow Rangers. The six would meet & start out as rivals, until the rising spirits became obvious. Red Eagle would defeat Red Gorilla & take his powers & soon the remaining five would join forces to figure out what was really happening & to fight off the attacking spirits.

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    Power Rangers Zephyr Line (To-Q-ger)

    This is probably the last one I'd really figured out.

    Before Venjix, a brilliant man at the head of a technological firm tried to create a super-powered train system. At the unveiling, he tried to demonstrate how the motor works, not knowing his young daughters had messed with it, & opens up a portal to a shadow world. He is kidnapped by monsters & never seem again. People really tried to find him, but Venjix happened. The daughters grew up & took over their fathers' business (with the aid of his old friend & steward to the company) but, trapped as they were inside Corinth, their business ultimately went downhill. Even worse, their father became the center of many urban legends- including one stating he'd hidden all his best work in a secret base somewhere out in the wasteland. The youngest of the two girls completely believed it.

    The story starts with an auction. The business, if it's to move forward, must sell off some things to rebuild it's funds. The youngest daughter, however, is loathe to sell off her father's things. Her & her friend manage to rescue two of five small boxes which were deemed unopenable & accidentally manage to get them open. Inside are the Pink & Blue morphers. Thinking it may be a clue as to the whereabouts of the supposed "Secret base" they head off into the wasteland to find out. Two treasure hunters have the same idea & buy the Red & Yellow morphers at auction, while the Green one is stolen by a thief.

    Out in the wastes, people they meet would account to them strange attacks that had been going on. They would assume the obvious, Venjix. However, they're quickly attacked by these shadow monsters, whose attacks cause all five Rangers to meet under varying circumstances & force them to join forces. They soon discover a railway line covered in sand & follow it back to a huge door. The monster who kidnapped Pink's father is waiting for them & corners them there, demanding the keys (The five morphers) the Rangers figure it out, get the door open themselves & enter to find safety. Inside, is Pink's father's robotic assistant (I named her Dagny, after the female railroad company CEO from the book "Atlas Shrugged"). Dagny tells them everything she knows- the shadow monsters love sun & warmth & travel from dimension to dimension, mindlessly conquering them to get to such places, but their very presence soon sucks all the light from the world & makes it just like the ones they'd left behind. The original portal was only temporary, but they kidnapped Pink's father to force him to build them a transportation system that would allow them to move to our world & conquer it. She has been guarding her father's train system, the Zephyr Line, ever since, trying to modify it from a simple transportation system into a weapon capable of fighting back against the shadows. Now, they must use that tech to save the world as Power Rangers.

    I was later planning on incorporating all the other Ranger colors from To-Q-ger into the show- Black, White, Orange & Purple. Orange (Solar Ranger) & Purple (Luna Ranger) would be brothers, come from a future where the Rangers have failed. It turns out, the longer the shadows have a presence in our world, the more powerful they become. Eventually, they overpowered & destroyed the original Rangers. Dagny built stronger weapons, but they were practically useless in the future, so the Solar & Luna Rangers brought them back to the past, where they might be of an aid to destroy the shadows for good. However, Black, the evil Starlit Ranger, follows them & becomes an enemy. It soon turns out that Solar & Luna Rangers are the children of Red & Yellow. Also, unbeknownst even to Solar & Luna, the Starlit Ranger is actually Red from the future. After a long, drawn-out fight, future Red would eventually be freed, becoming a white version of the Starlit Ranger.

    I wanted to point out that I made the thin, gentlemanly shadow monster & his wife the main villains over the Nazi General looking one. However, the weird, squat-looking, female monster would be a mutant living out in the wasteland who would try to join the shadow monsters for personal gain. At some point, she would turn into the Dutchess (the monster with the green beehive haircut), who would be the most powerful shadow monster thus far & temporarily take over. The final villain would still be the Emperor, although I was still working out how I'd bring him in. I'd also worked in that animal power-up thing through a temporary side effect that comes when Dagny meets & tried to corroborate with Dr. K on new zords.

    The finale would have something to do with a master plan to bomb the shadow monsters' Terminus on the other side, but I never really thought it out much.

    Different things I thought of adding to the show:

    * I didn't like the main power-up from To-Q-ger. I'd changed it to something like the vests from SPD's SWAT Mode that had a hologram of each Rangers number free-floating inside of a lantern-shaped pod on their chest. There would also be a little bit of a trenchcoat-like skirt built into it, but the skirt part could unlatch from the belt & be used as a shield or swung in a figure-8 to knock energy attacks back at the villains.

    * The Battlizer would be based on one of those hand-pump traincars that you see in old western mines. It would be summoned by, essentially, placing a gold plate looking thing into the morpher. Although, I hadn't really worked out for myself how exactly it'd be different from the basic power-up. However, it would've come with a smokestack-like weapon to blind monsters & a train whistle that could be used as a baton or sounded to temporarily disrupt the foot soldiers' existence in our world.

    * I also wanted each Ranger to have a personal bike. They would start out moreso as personal roller-coaster-like pods, but on firmer ground they could transform into street bikes.

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