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    Default Idea- Promo thread

    Like it says any fic idea you have can go here. Also if you have a promo for a future fic you can put it here too

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    Ultraman Zoffy: Testament of Courage

    This story takes a look at Zoffy's origins and answers some questions about him. Why is he so serious? What are the bumps on his chest?

    All these questions and more are answered in my upcoming fic! Keep a lookout!

    Claimed:Kamen Rider X, Juspion, Akakage, Madgalant, Daileon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Next!!! View Post
    What are the bumps on his chest?
    Medals of honor. They are called Star Marks, I believe?

    [DaiKamonohashi - Kiryugoji04 - Dark Faust - Jared P. Foust]

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    Yes i know, I was using that as a prmo for my fanfic, smartass...

    Claimed:Kamen Rider X, Juspion, Akakage, Madgalant, Daileon.

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    Highlander Universe promo

    From the dawn of time they came. They live among us. Walking through the centuries, stalking in the shadows. Living countless lives, meeting numerous people. They have been warriors, they have been conquers. They have been defenders, they have been outlaws.

    They are immortal. Forced to play the Game after they awaken. Where they must fight their fellow immortals. Death only claiming them when they lose their head. Then their opponent takes their Quickening, the sum of everything they were and their strength. Their only refuge from the Game being holy ground.

    They try to survive to the time of the Gathering. Where they last few of them are drawn to a far off land and they fight until one wins the Prize.

    Some fight because they want to survive. Other fight for nothing more than to collect heads and Quickening. But fight they must.

    Because in the end there can be only one

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    Kamen Rider Fire: -The Revision- Trailer:

    An elderly man with long, slightly grey hair and glasses, dressed in a tattered lab coat, lays in the middle of an alleyway being held buy someone. Looks up in shock, grasping for more air. "S-stop... S-stop them a-al..l..."

    -Fade in black- (Sound of a heart beat)...

    Open to this tall, female figure, standing with her hands behind her back and her legs spread a bit, dressed in a black blazer and knee-hight skirt, at a balcony looking out towards the setting sun. She's black, her hair is in cornrolls and tied back in a ponytail.

    Fade in then out to a darkened office with an Asian man sitting behind a large, black desk, writing down something on a piece of paper, with only the desklap on. Someone steps into the room as we hear their footsteps. The Asian man with short, dark-grey hair looks up and adjusts his sunglasses.

    Voice: "Our goals are the same."

    -Fade in Black- (Heart Beat)...

    Flames blaze in patches around a barren transport, trailer court with the setting sun in the background. A tall, bald, African man dressed in a black suit, stands in the middle as people in Fire proof gear run around gathering samples of the debris. A woman, in a grey suit, with semi-long, blonde hair and green eyes, stands by his side, reading into a datapad in her hand.

    Voice: "We must bring them to justice."

    -Fade in Black- (Heart Beat)...

    Driving along a empty road, on the highway, the sun setting in the distance, is a person in a grey, leather jacket, faded blue jeans and a blue t. Along with a black helmet upon his head, driving a black, with blue trim, Honda CBR1000RR. Reving the bike to go faster, he zips down the highway as if trying to beat the falling, fireball in the sky before the rising of night.

    -Fade in Black- (Heart Beat)...

    Then open to this small, cafe with picnic tables and a few small tables with chairs. Behind the counter a Chinese man stands there looking at a photo hanging on the inside edge of the counter, of a woman in her early 30's, dressed in explorers gear, posing with a bright smile.

    -Fade in Black- (Heart Beat)...

    A news reporter appears on the screen, she has dark, long, flowing hair, dressed in a blue blouse, and dark blue blazer from all we can see on the screen.

    Reporter: "Another case of a wild animal mauling has been reported in the Woods recently, outside of Toronto. Though many have stated that is not the case and could be something else..."

    -Fade in Black- (Heart Beat)...

    Announcer: In a battle of good...

    The Rider on the Honda CBR1000RR stops in and lowers the kickstand on the bike next to small flame while larger ones blaze on around the gravel filled parking lot. He reaches and grabs both sides of his helmet.

    Cut to this Asian girl with brown, shoulder length hair, on her side looking up towards the camera in shock as a trickle of blood rolls down her right cheek.

    Announcer: ...and Evil...

    A group of gothicly clad people, wearing tattoos on their necks and one with a tatoo on his left fist, stand in a circle.

    -Fade in Black- (Heart Beat)...

    On an ordinary, metal wall, there is a white ring with twin, golden wings on each side of it, and a Sword in the middle, with HGH in bold, golden letters below it.

    -Fade in Black-

    The roar of a motorcycle engine ripps through the silence. We suddenly cut to looking down in a dark alley, oil barrels and dumpsters light up as a red and gold, customized, dragon-ish bike with a black suited, red and gold armored warrior, roars through.

    The Heat...

    -Swift Cuts of battles, punching, tossing around, fire blazing, sparks flying, kicking, just pure martial arts and brawls between a Armored Firefly and uniqure creatures of animalistic destinction.

    -Cut to a close up of a red, armored, right hand, revving the throttle, the bike roars and roars.

    -Then cut to his foot press the clutch and cut to a wide shot of him taking off with a large, fire trail right behind him.

    ...is On.

    -Then cut to his foot press the clutch and then to a wide shot of him taking off with a large, fire trail right behind him.

    As the fire dies... dissolve to BLACK with the title burning onto the screen, as some smoke drifts off the edges.

    -F I R E-
    G A L L I F R E Y S T A N D S

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    Default Project STK: Masked Rider Streak (Kousen)

    If it's ok I'll put news for Project STK here and edit this post for future updates

    > Chapter titles
    > Guardian Project
    > Guardian Rider Edge

    Chapter titles
    Mk.01 - Emerging Light
    An unknown individual appears with a warning of an imminent threat. Is anyone prepared for the upcoming conflict?

    Mk.02 - The Glint of Hope: ??????
    In the fallout from the previous events, the stage is set for a re-match. And who IS ??????, anyway?!

    Mk.03 - Lost Years

    Mk.04 - Expanding Mystery

    Mk.05 - Rivalry Clash

    Mk.06 - Dramatic Encounter!

    Mk.07 - Instant Reaction: The Silent Gale

    Mk.08 - Protective Support

    Mk.09 - True Reflection

    Guardian Project
    Quote Originally Posted by Freelance_Sai
    This might sound slightly strange, but "Kamen Rider Streak" itself starts off within another, already ongoing story. I guess, it's a pseudo-sequel, in a way. Well, the following info will be about what has already happened and the "pre-existing" characters involved. It's a bit brief, but hopefully this gives some idea of what to expect:
    = Background =

    The story takes place in a world with a history of supposedly random creature attacks, which have become labelled collectively under the term "Unnatural". The origins of the incidents occurring are numerous, ranging from accidental to those which were purposely planned by alleged underground groups. It is also rumoured that some of these groups are believed to be remnants of various insidious factions from the past....

    When this series begins, there is an existing framework already in place to safeguard against these dangers. The Guardian Project is an independently operated organisation specifically formed to engage the Unnatural threats as soon as they occur.

    As a first line of defence, it operates a voluntary membership where ordinary civilians are given the opportunity to be trained to protect both themselves and those around them from immediate harm. Each of them are provided basic, yet relatively durable protect suits known as Guardian Armours. Their role is to hold out long enough until further help arrives to handle the situation, Guardian Rider Edge.

    = Guardian Project Characters =

    Dasaniga, Ritsuke - 24 years old.
    The founder and presumed leader of the Guardian Project. Effectively the main character of his imaginary series, he always takes the direct approach to any problem. As Guardian Rider Edge, he is outfitted with a first generation Guardian Rider system (GDR-01); an enhanced Guardian Armour with greater combat capabilities, although still defensively orientated. The current version in use is GDR-01C: EDGE.

    Keikan, Shigeaki - 20 years old.
    A Guardian member who has only recently joined the organisation full-time. In addition to the regular duties as a Guardian, he also helps test new Guardian equipment being developed. He is very impressionable towards others more experienced than him. Uses a customised Guardian Armour.

    Sawano, Suzumi - 25 years old.
    A police detective who serves as the liaison between the Guardian Project and the Tokyo Metropolitan police force, on many occasions has ended up being more involved than what's required of her role. Precise and to the point, has had to act as the voice of reason since no one else will.

    Sakamoto, Ryuhei - 24 years old
    A researcher in Solidified Photon Operation Technology, designed all the existing Guardian equipment and also heads Guardian R&D. At the moment, he is primarily involved in Project Aegis, the development of a second generation Guardian Rider system (GDR-02). Has been friends with Ritsuki since high school.

    = Other Characters =
    ??????? - 27 years old

    Guardian Rider Series-01: EDGE
    Weight: 81kg
    Weapons: Photon Tool
    Attacks: Photon Hail
    Finishers: TBA
    Abilities: ?
    Techniques: TBA
    Type: Tech
    Theme: ?
    Callsign: -
    Real Identity: Dasaniga, Ritsuki
    Style: Aggressive, unpredictable

    Originally code-named Project Alpha, this is first the Guardian Armour designed with much greater and longer-lasting durability. The augmented body armour of the suit helps facilitate its purpose to serve in a defensively-orientated role.

    The suit is built using Solidified Photon Operation Technology, emitting photons at wavelengths set to interfere with each other, creating a solid-state mesh. These are effectively solid holograms created and maintained by the EMIT System located within the belt and powered by high-concentration solar cells. The EMIT System can be complemented by clothing with specially-made optic fibres woven into the material, aligned to help guide the formation process and structural frame stability.

    Official Webmin for Project STK*
    * Waiting on Freelance_Sai to reactivate the thing. >_>

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    Kamen Rider Skyknight Wing Zero

    This is my first TokuAnimeGame
    Fanfic and enjoy

    name: Seigfried Balmung

    side: Good
    Henshin Device: 315 Completion
    Finisher Move Kick: Phal Rue Breaker (also known as Soaring Breaker Rider Kick)
    Finisher Move Punch: Sky Impact
    Finisher Move Weapon: Frozen Aura Annihilation
    Finisher Move Altimit: Ultimatum Data Drain

    Henshin Form:

    Finisher Move Kick: Phal Rue Cobalt Smash (also known as Soaring Breaker Rider Kick)
    Finisher Move Punch: Sky Impact
    Finisher Move Weapon: Frozen Aura Annihilation
    Finisher Move Altimit: Ultimatum Data Drain
    Finisher Move Striker: Rue Core Smasher

    Calling Mega Gundam


    Blue Wing Zero


    Seigfried Balmung the winged knight fought a large group of monsters in The World. While he was fighting the monsters, a large monster known as Crimson Undead Orphenoch Beast King came in such a hideous form. A red 7 headed Red beast that breathes lasers and fire from it's eyes and mouth respectively.

    Seigfried tried to fight it at first, however, the monster was too strong and that he was defeated by the monster and was blown miles away. Fortunately he fell somewhere far but his wings are gone. A man in black and woman in blue witnessed the event and found him lying half dead. They took him to Camelot and healed him there.


    (Tony Stark)


    (Arturia Pendragon)

    Seigfried woke up and found out, his wings are gone. Tony Stark and Arturia Pendragon explained to him what happened and introduced themselves to him and in return he let them know his. Next day he wanted to fly but couldn't and he tried over and over and still can't. Tony Stark was amazed by Seigfried's determination.

    Seigfried was led to Mr. Stark's secret laboratory and so there, Tony created for him the 315 Kamen Rider henshin belt that could help him win the battle. At first he was trained on how to use it and later on he managed to control 315. Then somedays later he was given the Megundam Caller to make him summon Megundam Wing Zero Custom, he thanked the two who helped him recover and so he left via 315.

    The knight flew back to battle the monster via 315. The fight re-erupted and a large group of Riot Troopers and Undead Roaches with a Crimson Orphenoch boss and a Purple Undead Seducer appeared and blocked him from battling the red beast. However, the two and their henchmen were unsuccessful for Seigfried unleased a speedy attack againsts the henchmen first as he unleashed the Weapons Finisher and then the bosses second as he performed the 315 Rider Kick, and the 315 Rider Punch (Sky Impact) from the skies with tremendous impact and velocity and meltdowned the two as the blue flames appeared and burned the two to ashes.

    Night came

    The red beast appeared and the fight between the two resumed. Only that he has more weapons, during the fight the monster got severely injured and so Seigfried activated the Finisher Move Strike and so the monster exploded. Five minutes later, the monster revives and grown 5 times the size. This time calls for Megundam Time. Seigfried activated the Caller.

    Wing Zero appeared from the skies and Seigfried dived in

    The fight continues as the fight between the two became hotter and hotter and that Seigfried in the end won by the Final Vent Move

    Absolute Azure Buster Blast.

    A circle of light appeared to the monster and that he performed the Ultimatum Data Drain and so the monster was slained by the 2nd Rider Kick
    Phal Rue Cobalt Smash which followed the Data Drain that was followed by an explosion. The monster was K.O.ed.

    THE END...
    Arigato Gozaimass for reading
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    Thanks be to Nanami Tenkawa for this awesome siggy
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    I keep having this idea rip through my head, so I gotta get it out:

    Well, after all the programming classes I have been taking recently, I started to realize that Faiz's symbol (phi) has many digital references: Binary (1 and 0 overlapped) and Input/Output for example. So, why not make a story based on the idea of Faiz, but based in a digital world?

    Here's what I got so far: Around 2000, the company known as Smart Brain began research on a brain-computer interface to market. After several tests, they made it. But, there were many complications. For starters, they had forgotten any type of security for the users mind, so the data encased in the internet ran rampant in their minds until they became trapped in the digital universe. So the project was scrapped.

    Later on, they had a new idea: build a program to contain the user's data and prevent tampering. At this point they weren't in it for the profit, they wanted power. They went beyond just projecting the users mind into the system, but actually started work on a device to transfer the users entire body into the data stream.

    They created two systems: the X Belt (Kaixa-based) and the Y Belt (modeled after Delta and/or Psyga). The two systems were named for the two directions of the Cartesian plane. They fit the necessary chips into the form of cell phones. They placed chips into the phones they would always track open servers to transport through aka the Mission Memory chips.

    They tested their now completed systems, but there were, again, complications. The X Belt, while being incredibly strong, forced the user's body to use much more energy than normal. This decreased the user's lifespan and, with enough use, made the user's body structure fall apart into dust. The Y Belt, being more mentally stimulated, caused the user to lose their mind and slowly spiral down into mania.

    The systems were sent back to Smart Brain for more programming, but were stolen along the way. With the data they still had, they designed a new system. This system would rely less on just itself, but would gain power from items created within the system. The Phi System, as it was named, became stronger by using items that were hidden in the digital dimension that took the forms of ordinary objects (a digital camera, a flashlight, a motorcycle). This made the user's body less subject to strain.

    During this time, viruses that had entered Smart Brain's computer systems had been upgraded by their programming, becoming sentient. Smart Brain planned to use the Phi System to counter this threat. But, one of the designers, wishing for the system to be used justly, sent it away to his prize student. He left a note outlining the details of the belt. He stated that the activation code was "555", due to it being a faulty area code.

    And so it began: the great war for dominance and protection of our digital existence.

    Well, the only really big difference in designs was for Y. I wanted it to be completely based on Delta, but it didn't seem very much related to Kaixa as I wanted. So I based some of it off Psyga. Y's weapon is like Kaixa's Blay Gun, but missing a piece. So I figured it would be part gun, part bladed tonfa. (like this: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/st...uard_shoto.jpg

    Yes, after all this typing, there are bound to be many, many typos.
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    Default Possible fanfic idea?

    After watching episode 1 of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, I was inspired to make a fanfic. But I need some assistance.

    Here's my idea thus far.

    A long time ago, Kagemaru, a talented ninja whose mastery of shadow ninjutsu is unmatched, sees a vision of a new unsealed Youkai army causing chaos. He goes into action and helps his friends, the ancestors of the other Kakurangers. Before heading to the Seal Door, Kagemaru's childhood friend (and secret love), Tsuruhime gets attacked by one of the new Youkai. Kagemaru leaps into the attack, saves his friend, but ends up dying in her arms. Before his death, Kagemaru entrusts his katana to Tsuruhime, warning her that the new Youkai army will cause chaos into the future.

    Flash forward into the future. It has been 7 years since the Kakurangers sealed the first Youkai Army, and the 24th Tsuruhime is now 21 years old. Her father gets a call from Shinji Kagemaru, the descendant of the first Kagemaru, who happens to be a 'typical' historian interested in Japan. The shadow of fate engulfs the world once again. Will the new Youkai Army succeed where the first one failed? Or will the Kakurangers, along with Shinji, seal the Youkai and save the world once again? And will Tsuruhime ever hook up with someone that is not afraid of her? Find out, in...

    Ninja Sentai Kakuranger: Kage no Unmei (Shadow of Destiny/Fate)

    Does this sound good, bad, or something that shouldn't be written at all?

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