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    I'm playing UNCHARTED 4: A THIEF’S END (playstaytion 4)
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    Beat Assassin Creed Unity's main story. Pretty good game over all. Still a little buggy after a couple of years though. I didn't play it when it first came out so I don't know how bad it was then. but I did notice a few. Outside of the one screen shot I shared of the guy going into the ground I've seen:

    -A guy I assassinated or a random dude on the street hover about a foot off the ground.
    - People walking done the street normally then suddenly be on top of a table or something before going back on the street.
    -One night I've seen a couple of women's skirts just poof out on go up to about mid thigh before going back to normal (didn't realize french food was that gassy... sorry had to go there lol)
    - and my personal favorite that I only seen one time, some guy look like he was supposed to be lying on the ground chilling just slide on down the road. I seriously followed him for almost a block just watching him. Really wished I thought to use the video share option on the PS4 for that one.

    But a despite that it was still a good game as I said. My only real issue I had wasn't with the game was with whomever decided to program in on particular bit with crowd. Now I didn't actively go looking for it but at least 4 times somebody on the street pissing on a wall. Seriously WTF Ubisoft? I mean I realize you want to make the AI for the crowd as realistic as possible but come on now. Although it did lead to a moment that again I wished I thought fast enough to share, a guy doing his business against a wall literately next to a couple making out who were next to a "Lady of the Evening". They got a little freaky in France back then too lol.

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