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CRIMSON RED: A Power Rangers Tale
By: Robert J. Wong
= = = =
(Opening theme – “I Know a Place” by: Ron Wasserman)
= = = =

Soaring through the blue sky of the far off planet of Cybris 12, was a man clad in red spandex, with white diamonds upon his shoulders, and one on his chest. Around his waist, a white belt and a gold diamond buckle that held this round, red orb. On the right side of his belt is a holster, holding a black, silver and red blaster weapon. His boots were white as well as his gloves but with gold trim at the top, and the helmet was red for the most part. Except for the outline of a ‘V’ shaped, red tinted visor being white. The mouth guard was solid, silver, and similar to the Space Rangers.

Flying over head of Cybris 12’s largest city, Embroja, the Ranger scanned the terrain looking over the huge sky scrapers as hover crafts flew by. It appeared to be a normal day on this planet, and he was stuck on patrol. Patrolling a peaceful day was something a Ranger like him dreaded, but at least it did make him feel like he was doing his job. Keeping these people out of harms way whenever an invader arrived although it’s been six months without any trouble in sight, then he turned around and headed back towards the desert planes up north.

The desert surrounded the planet for the most part, and the only points where there was water, were the cities. Central Cities are what they were called, precious communities where nomads or “Desert Folk” as some have called them could come to work, live or buy water for their needs.

Suddenly his communicator beeped, alerting him. Raising his left arm up to his mouth he began to speak, “This is Kal, go ahead.”

“Kal, I believe I have the Gamma Booster Rifle ready, finally,” replied a slightly cute electronic voice.

“Well that’s good to know,” replied Kal with a hint of relief, “What did it take you, a year?”

“Two to be precise,” Chuckled the android ignoring Kal’s bit of sarcasm.

Kal performed a barrel roll dodging this Sand Slug that leaped out of the dunes and into another. It was something he did for fun sometimes whenever gliding out here. It didn’t really frighten him to see one of those things up close anymore. Because of all the times he’s done the trick. Slowly the glider lowered itself down to the sand, but it was still a few meters from touching as dust rose up from the hover jet effect.

“I’m on my way back, prep the ship to launch.”

“Roger, V5 over and out.”

With a slight chuckle the Ranger swooped up into the air once again and did a loop-to-loop, before blasting off down the path of sand dunes before the heat got scorching hot. It was alright for now, but when noon came round that was a different story. Sometimes the cities had to shut down and bring up most of the power to the heat shield, while Desert folk knew how to avoid the heat waves with simple sand tricks and hidden, underground shelters.

It felt like a second home being here sometimes, Kal smiled at the thought and leaned forward on the glider, making the engines boost him even more. Something then crossed his mind, about his home, Earth. Wondering how it was with him being gone for the past six years, were the Earth Rangers doing their job, protecting it? Were things alright still? Was there a new evil on the rise? Thoughts like this would drive him crazy at night, while he tried to sleep. It’s something that came with the job of being away from planet protecting people throughout the galaxy. But one he’d gladly do, at least he assumed he’d feel that way.
= = = =
On earth, two beings clad in black, leather suits with silver, blade-like armor upon the shoulders, curved up to a point and upon their bodies, walked along deep in the woods of a near by forest. They were outside Valley Wood Hills. Valley Wood was a somewhat famous city for having its annual attractions, famous celebrities and such. It was like the new LA so-to-speak.

Quickly making their way through the woods one being stopped and felt uneasy for a moment then kneeled down feeling the ground beneath his feet, “It’s here….” Glaring up through the green lenses of his demonic, metallic mask towards his comrade, “Sowrai, it’s here.”

“What is?” asked the other being who had a more of a more of an angelic mask. She stood their, still as a tree, with a presence that demanded respect from all things. Except Sowrai knew she couldn’t ask that of him, because he was just like her, in the sense of going by his own laws and never taking the backseat to anyone. “The artifact you’ve been searching for, Trelis?”

“Yes…” Trelis muttered standing up, still his gaze fixed on the ground, “It is here, but we can’t remove it yet…the time isn’t right.”

“I see.”

“We will return later, but for now… let’s greet the people of this world.” Telris then morphed into this tall man, wearing all black except for white tie, with short, blue hair with a pair of shades covering his eyes from view.

“Well I was wondering when we were gonna have some fun, dear.” Sowrai soon morphed into this very attractive woman, with shoulder length brown hair, and pink eyes. Wearing this long black dress, she spun around, glancing up at the sky. Telris thought it was weird of her to act this way sometimes, but he did understand that in order to make an illusion work, you have to make more then just appearance change.

Telris wondered about this people though, were they capable of fighting back? Or would this become another one of these so called “easy missions”. It didn’t matter all that much. Although it was always best for him to find out before making any decisions, that was just the type of being he was. Careful, never too carefree but taking risks sometimes had to occur. No matter what the cost. He looked back at his companion and smirked while she toddled along, acting all funny and cute. Somehow he felt a little embarrassed to be with her when she was like this. Although in an instant, she could change her attitude back to her cold self.

Glaring up at the sun, Sowrai day dreamed about the destruction it would cause if it could be moved out of orbit and smashed into the planet earth. Total vaporization of the planet was something that she loved to imagine. And even wished for it at times, due to her depression illness that Telris was aware of from the day they join forces and set out to destroy the all that get in their way from finding what they needed.

She stopped in her tracks and felt her bare arms as a cool breeze came by. Looking down upon her body, her voluptuous breasts, her toned figure showing through the fabric of the silky, black dress, “So this is what humans like, Telris?”

“Yes…the male half.”

Giggling quietly she then broke out into a huge laugh. Finding is amusing that she could tempt her prey with these feminine whiles.

Telris looked her over and he even felt the urge to take her, but kept his focus on the objective at hand. The job needed to be done first, meet the people of this world, and terminate any threat. All in one go, if it was possible although it didn’t look likely once they made it towards the outer edge of the city. People filled the sidewalks as vehicles drove up and down the street. Everyone trying to get home, or to their jobs, and other things except some were in a rush, and pushed passed the crowd, and even cut in between Sowrai and Telris who grunted in annoyance. Sowari wasn’t so merciful and just let it slide though. She grabbed the teenager by the arm, and chucked him into a car that came up the road. The teen’s green shirt was smeared with blood from the wounds of the impact, and laid there lifeless.

Racing out of the car, the driver who was just some man, in his mid-forties dressed in a brown jacket, a white shirt and grey pants, checked the pulse of the boy. No good, he was a goner before he could even do anything to prevent this. Breathing heavily the old man looked around to screaming for someone to call an ambulance. Everyone rushed around the accident and some cars stopped, with their drivers rushing over to the scene. Everybody had the same question on their minds. How did this happen?

Sowrai and Telris stood their watching the reactions of the citizens of Valley Wood Hills. But Sowrai was the only one to giggle at her antics, while Telris just grinned but soon it became a frown. Something was just not right about this. Except he couldn’t put his finger on it at the time, as he watched on, but then his companion shot out her arm blasting an electrical charge, or red energy at the crowd. It sent the ones on the sidewalk back into the wall of the building, while the people caught in the blast were destroyed in the burning blaze. Gasping in horror the people tried to get up and flee, only to be met with Sowrai and Telris on either end of them. Both shot more energy at their targets. Only with Telris stunning his and Sowari killed even more.

He spat in disgust at her antics, but allowed her to continue with them. Getting into an argument with her over this, right now would not be wise. It was the last thing he wanted at the moment, so Telris gritted his teeth and continued onward down the road, hoping for something to challenge them in order to stop Sowrai’s massacre. Their main mission was to recover that artifact, not kill everyone, at least not for the time being. And it wasn’t the only way in order to find out if there was an enemy here that could take them on.

Quickly flying through the air, Sowrai blinked then shot out twin beams of purple energy from her eyes, blowing up cars, trucks and other vehicles on the street, with the citizen’s still inside! “I’m enjoying this more then I thought I would.” Laughing hysterically she zoomed through the street blasting civilians left and right, knocking them off their feet and into the burning heaps of metal and flesh.
= = = =
Landing in the hanger bay of this large, black and metallic grey ship that appeared to be more of a combination between an air-craft carrier, and a space shuttle was Kal who suddenly de-morphed in a flash of red light, with this humming power down noise which soon faded away once in human form. Standing there now was a man in his late teens, nineteen to be exact, with spiky, dark red hair and blue eyes, wearing a red t-shirt with three small, white diamonds on the left side. Also he wore a pair of black, leather pants, and black boots. This was Kal in his Ranger uniform. Well that’s what he called it, since that was all he could find on this ship besides what he packed with him.

The hanger doors slide shut, with a whoosh as the compression system activated, sealing it tightly. Looking around the empty bay’s four, grey, metal walls kind of depressed him a little. Because all there was is him, the ship and the android who started waddling into the bay a few moments after Kal began to walk towards the round, elevator shaft near the back.

“Hey Vic,” said Kal waving to the five-foot, silver, black and red, android. It was stocky, and almost like something out of an old Jewels Verne novel. Or Lost in Space, robot but with legs and hands, which were covered in metal plates. The head was round, but with a red blinking visor. It blinked whenever Vic talked.
Kal stood over the robot though, since he was six feet tall, but the height didn’t bother the little droid, instead it came up and gave him a big hug.

“Ah…Vic you’re crushing me!” Kal gasped trying to get the droid to release him. Vic realized it was putting too much pressure and let go, stuttering trying to say she was sorry. “It’s alright Vic, come on let’s go up and get something to eat. Oh…right…you don’t eat.”

“Y-yup…but I d-do like motor…uhhh what did you call i-it again?”

“Motor oil…I think you drank the last of it already.”

“Oh shucks.”

“It’s alright Vic we’ll see if the Replicator will make some,” Kal stated tapping the top of Vic’s head as they came up to the elevator. The doors opened and both of them walked in, and the soon the large, blue, metal doors shut behind them, and locked with a clank.

“I still have to f-fix that….”
= = = =
Sitting down at the rectangular, black table in the middle of the small, mess-hall, Kal waited for Vic to come back with dinner, since she insisted to make it and bring it to him. She was always thoughtful and would do anything he’d ask, and even if he didn’t she’d still do it. He felt kind of odd and undeserving of this treatment most of the time, but it was nice for all the hard work he does as a Power Ranger. Looking back on the beginning battles, Vic was always a loyal and helpful friend and ally, even though she was a fighter.

The clacking of metal against the metal grate flooring could be heard coming down the hallway. Kal looked up and smiled as he noticed Vic waddle in and place the large, steel plate upon the blue place mat in front of him. He savored the aroma of the steak and potatoes as he took a big whiff smiled, it has been a long time since he could enjoy a nice, home cooked steak, and the potatoes smelled so good too. Picking up his fork and knife, he cut into it. The steak was well done, just how Kal liked it. Devouring the first piece into his mouth, he chewed it slowly a first, savoring the flavor.

“It tastes real, I’m actually really impressed.”

“Awww, shucks,” Vic shied away and took a seat on the other side of the table. Her memory chips sparked slightly as she felt something, maybe her emotion chip was acting up? Or in need of a tune up… again, troublesome these human emotions are, she thought. But it was certainly worth inquiring about, for android to feel what a human feels was something all droids all sought after at one point or another.

All of the sudden the siren sounded throughout the entire ship. It was almost as bad as his alarm clock he thought to himself. Quickly getting up to his feet, Kal raced out of the mess-hall, leaving his dinner there and Vic sat there staring out into space. Shaking out of it, she realized Kal was gone and then the sound of the siren clicked in.

“Oh no! Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi!” cried Vic who wadded as fast as she could out of the mess-hall and down the corridor after her Captain.
= = = =
“Delice what is it?!” exclaimed the Red Ranger as he dashed onto the command deck. It was fully lit, with computer stations along the sides of the large, round, metallic grey room. The consoles all had soft-touch buttons and multiple screens. In the middle of the room were three stations, Command station one to the right, Command station two to the left and in the center main command-navigation station. He quickly run up to the center one and typed away upon the consoles, waiting for the image to appear on the diamond shaped view-screen.

“Captain, alien invaders have reached earth and are commencing an attack. No vessels are in orbit around the planet though, but I can not get a clear reading from this distance,” replied the computer in a soft, mechanical feminine voice.

“Great…are the Earth Rangers on the scene?”


“WHAT?!” cried Kal who clenched his fists and hit the console while watching the destruction happen upon the screen, but soon his anger became turned to sorrow, and despair, “Why…?”

“Because there are n-no Earth Rangers i-in Valley Wood Hills at t-the moment,” answered Vic stuttering while waddling in towards a station on the left side of the room, and sat down, typing away on the console.

“My home…there’s no one protecting my home?!”

“At the time, there was no need Captain,” added Delice flatly, it was a pure computer with no emotion, nor compassion. Though sometimes it was hard for him to believe it…because of the voice it had. Programmed with was more of the term. Swallowing hard, he sat down on the floor, leaning against the neck holding the station platform to the deck plating. Feeling lost, afraid, and confused and every other emotion with anger being the most prominent Kal rose to his feet and tapped a few buttons on the console.

“Delice, set a course for earth,” he said trying to hide his emotions from Vic, and concentrate on what needed to be done.

Vic knew how he felt. She’s been with him for this long she ought to know. To comfort him, she walked up and rubbed his back, “I-I’m with you boss, one-hundred and ten percent.”

“Thanks, Vic...” he forced a smile and then hit the engine buttons to power it up to max level, “Delice did you set the course?”

“Yes, though I do not understand why.”

”Like you said, Del, there was no reason to have Earth Rangers guarding Valley Wood Hills. Well now they do… So let’s give them one.”
= = = =
To Be Continued…
= = = =
(Ending theme-“Hope for the World” by: Ron Wasserman)
= = = =
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interesting, almost thought the ranger was an alien before he sais hill valley was his home

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And congrats, this is now fanfic of the week.

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Arigatou, minna. :) And to be honest I didn't even know about this until a couple days ago, or was it a day ago...? O.o Oh well, I'm just glad people enjoyed this chapter. I'll try to get Chapter 2 finished up as well, and then work more on Seitou ep 7. :)

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CRIMSON RED: A Power Rangers Tale
By: Robert J. Wong
= = = =
(Opening theme – “I Know a Place” by: Ron Wasserman)
= = = =

Kal sat back on one of the chairs thinking about how long it’s been since he had left earth. He was on sixteen at the time, and pushed into this battle. A battle that expanded across the stars, and stole what was left of his childhood…and now to return to a place he’d nearly forgotten, it was going to be strange, but Kal knew what needed to be done. No time for worrying, or games, he just needed to arrive…in time.

He stood up and looked back at Vic who was using the scanner station as she searched around the solar system for any signs of enemy vessels in orbit. Nothing came up from the last forty-two scans, but she thought, why not continue since something may come up last minute and warn them in advance Quickly typing away on the console, Kal watched on and then gave a small impression of a smile before heading off of the bridge and back into the hallway.

Walking along the grated, deck plating Kal questioned himself on many things, one of which, would he be able to handle these foes on his own? He stopped near an open arch way, heading into the air-lock room, and leaned against the frame with his left arm, while resting his forehead upon his arm. “I’m coming…earth.”
= = = =
Blasting away the last of the humans, Telris stood up and looked about the battlefield before turning to Sowrai who hopped along the body littered street, looking for more victims. He felt disgusted with her and thought that was enough for now. No one had shown up to face them, so this killing was pointless, it was more like a flock of defenseless sheep to a pair of hungry wolves. A slaughter house was a better term, Telris thought.

“Alright, that’s enough, let’s move on.”

“What? Telris! I wasn’t finished playing!”

“That’s ENOUGH!!” Telris exclaimed stomping his foot on the ground, shaking it beneath Sowrai’s feet. His anger could be felt a mile away, and Sowrai was just as anger except for being surprised a hell of a lot more. Neither of them wanted a confrontation with one another, so with that, they left into the woods once again, taking on their natural forms in the black suits and silver armor.
= = = =
“Captain we have reached earth, I am now prepping the Glider,” Delice’s voice echoed throughout the halls of the ship.

“Alright, I’m on my way to the hanger bay,” Kal replied then dashed off down the hallway towards the hanger bay, quickly raising his left arm up to his chest, his elbow bent. He flicked his wrist and with a red, flash of light, this grey, metal, rectangular device formed. It was his morpher. On the left and right of the front, had long, red, crystal strips, in the center there was this circular, clear crystal outlined in gold, and down on the bottom held this red, diamond shaped button. Quickly Kal brought up his right arm and hit the button with two fingers.

As he raced around the next corner a flash of red light and this powering up, humming sound signified the Morphing sequence. Now Kal is no longer in his regular clothes, now darting down towards the hanger bay is the Red Ranger!
= = = =
Soaring high above the city, Kal watched the paramedics treat all of the injured they could, while other people who arrived on the scene helped everyone else get towards the nearest ambulance as the police did their best to settle things down. His heart sank as he witnessed all the dead bodies along the road away from the ambulances and police cruisers, covered by white sheets stained with red…it seemed to soak up everything, secluding all the white.

“Vic you getting this?” asked the Red Ranger, holding up his left wrist in front of his helmet.

“Oh My Gosh Kal, things are… all those people…no…” replied Vic’s voice gasping over the communicator.

“Yeah… I know… I’m gonna go down and see if I can get some information.”

“Roger, oooh…Aiyi-yi-yi-yi!” and with that, Kal deactivated his communicator, leaping off the Power Glider he landed upon the ground, crouched then stood up looking at everything around him. Suddenly his attention was caught by someone yelling…

“Hey it’s a Power Ranger!”

Other comments were muffled in the commotion of the crowd coming up to him. There were a few by standers who were fine, though the rest of the crowd was filled with injured civilians. All with angry expressions, Kal could sense how much they hated him for not being there…but he tried his best to arrive on the scene. But his best just wasn’t enough for them, that much was obvious enough.

“Where the hell were you!?” shouted a person, balding, with a large gash over his right eye, holding onto his side.

“Yeah!” yelled another person, “What kept you!?”

The Red Ranger couldn’t even find the words within himself at all either… knowing that he wasn’t in time to save his home was bad enough, and this just topped it off. Looking for an exit in the crowd to escape, more people came to block his path. It almost felt like being suffocated, they wouldn’t let him pass at all, there was no way out and he couldn’t hurt them. Though it’s not like it would make it any worse if he did, everyone believed he was guilty. And even Kal, himself was starting to question himself…
= = = =
“Is it time yet, Telris?”

“No…no…it is not… Just wait….”

“Wait?” asked Sowrai again with anticipation, as she paced back and forth, hoping the time to take that artifact would hurry up and come. Slowly she pulled out this clear vile with a green and black liquid inside, looking at the liquid slosh back and forth an evil grin formed upon her face, under the mask. “If we have to wait it would be best…if we put up some guards.”

“Yes…good idea…it’ll keep any nuisance away from us… for now,” Telris replied summoning this long, golden staff in a flash of green light. It has a small round port on the side near the top. Above it is a round, green crystal with a gold spike-tipped cage attached. Tossing it over towards his companion, Telris goes back to looking at the ground, circling his hand just above the grassy spot.

Taking the staff, Sowrai locks the vile into the port on the side and turns it, injecting the dark liquid into the mechanism, then stabs the spear head at the bottom into the ground. “Yes…grow my babies…grow,” she said to herself, but loud enough for Telris to hear. He looked back and raised an eyebrow under his helmet but continued feeling the power of the artifact becoming stronger.

An invisible wave of energy surged up from the ground shocking his hand away, it was nearly ready…good he thought to himself and stood up, while continuing to stare at the ground as a smile formed upon his lips under the mask. The anticipation was finally getting to him, both eyes widened as the power surge reached up and shot through his body, but instead of stepping away he embraced it. Now he would be closer then ever to finding what he searched for, for so long. And now the journey was getting closer to its end.

“Soon…soon I will have what I have searched through the galaxy for…it will soon be within my grasp,” with that Telris clenched his left fist with green, electrical energy engulfing his hand.

Over by Sowrai there were these brown, organic-looking blobs surfacing from the ground, forming or better yet, growing into humanoid figures. Their bodies were black, with green, armor plates. In between the cracks of the armored face-plates were two glowing, red eyes. Evil could be felt coming off of them. They were definitely not here to play around, but to fight and destroy anything they were commanded to destroy. And that was their purpose, their existence.

“You five go, scout the area, the six of you guard this place with your lives,” she commanded and witnessed them salute her with their left fists, parallel with their shoulder, then commenced their orders, “Good boys.”

“Hmmm…something’s here… I can feel it,” said Telris walking over towards his partner, standing nervously beside her, “We mustn’t be careless.”

Bewildered, Sowrai glanced about and then placed her hand upon her partner’s shoulder, “What do you sense?”

“A power… a power I’ve not felt since…” and with that he went back to the spot and crouched down, feeling the energy waves increase, “We must up security, here.” Telris took out a rectangular shaped, flat, black stone and flicked it over to Sowrai.

It was a card, with diamonds at the corners that had golden emblems engraved into it. In the center was a drawing of a muscular warrior, with grey armor and a black suit. “An Armored soldier?” she questioned and raised an eyebrow.

“Yes…it’ll have to do for now… I don’t want to risk one of the Lieutenants yet….”

“Ok… well this should be fun… You!” she exclaimed pointing at one of the foot soldiers. It stood there, surprised, but then noticed Sowrai’s finger gesturing him to come over and so he did without question.

“Now…. My precious… you will become my favorite.” Stabbing the grunt in the chest with the card, it quickly soaked up into the body changing the armor to a grey color and spiky. While transforming the soldier’s body from scrawny into an athlete’s physique, “Yes….”
= = = =
Everything was starting to become too much for him…he came back to help these people and they keep blaming him for not being here in time! Now the feeling of wanting to help these people was soon vanishing into wanting to smack them around. He tried his best, but it just wasn’t enough… “AGH!” he yelled leaping up into the air and landing upon the Power Glider, taking off into the sky trying to outrun the shouting of the people down below.

“You…o-ok Kal?” stuttered Vic’s voice over the communicator, “Kal?”

“I dunno Vic…I dunno…” the Ranger managed to mutter under his breath while gliding up into space as he headed back to the ship, “Prepare Alastron for launch… it’s safe to say we’re not wanted here…”

“W-wait Kal, I-I’m picking up a signal…s-several signals!”

“What kind of signals?”

“Dark energy!” gasped the robot.

“Delice, are those the signals of the ones who attacked those people?!” questioned the Red Ranger turning the Glider about, and checking his blaster weapon, making it ready for combat.

“They have the same signature Captain, but with a subtle difference,” answered the computer, “They have a weaker power level then what the other two.”

“I’m on my way back,” he replied holstering his gun then jetted back down towards earth, “Where are they?”
= = = =
Landing on earth, Kal quickly changed back into his human form and his morpher was now this silver wrist watch, with red lining. Kal wasn’t in his red and black attire from before. He had to fit in a little better, so his clothes materialized into a grey t-shirt and faded blue jeans. At least he didn’t look like he was from a sci-fi convention anymore.

Scoping out he area, he could see everyone was getting helped towards the medics and such, though a few whispers about the ‘Red Ranger’ were heard from a few of them. Kal gritted his teeth and closed his fists tightly but tried to stay focused on finding the culprits. Quickly he made his way into the forest and snuck behind covered by bushes. Looking through an opening through the leaves he could see black suited and green armored foot soldiers marching around.

“Great… at least I know I’m getting close,” Kal murmured and lifted his communicator to his mouth, “Any info on these guys?”

“All I can find in my data banks, Captain is that these are called Growthoids, foot soldiers grown from the battlefield and unknown, alien chemicals that produce their forms, and powers,” relayed Delice through the communicator quietly.

“What about weapons?”

“No data as of yet,” Delice answered once again, then Vic’s voice came stuttering onto the com-link.

“K-Kal…Be careful.”

“Don’t worry…I’ll be alright, Kal over and out, now to surprise them…OOF!” he cried after being hit by an explosion, and sent flying a few feet away. Slowly looked around and noticed the Growthoids surrounding him from all sides, there was no escape. Outstretching their right arms, with their palms facing down upon him, he could see light flicks of green energy forming into orbs. “Well so much for the surprise…Ehh…” quickly getting to his feet, Kal took a battle pose but it wasn’t going to do him any good as the Growthoids shot the green, flashing orbs towards him.

With desperation he crouched down and jumped up hoping the impacting blast would propel him over top of the soldiers. And that it did, taking a stance behind them he came in hard and fast, throwing several swift kicks into one of the Growthoid’s stomachs, knocking it back to the ground. Then Kal ducked under a left hook and slammed a right fist-dragon punch into the chest of grunt, knocking that one down. Feeling the grip of another one, he spun around and sweeped it to the ground, “Alright who’s next?!”

Two more rushed in and attack randomly trying to make some sort of an impact, but it was useless, Kal blocked and countered each and every move, then palm-heel strikes both in the face, followed by a split kick, sending both grunts back flipping. Going back into his stance, Kal noticed three more coming towards him, “Man…this is getting to be really annoying! Wuashaa!” he shouted spin-kicking the final three in the head, and utterly taking them down.

“Alright…enough of this…”
= = = =
Hiding behind another bush, this time it better cover him he mumbled to himself, but summoned his morpher just in case, he could see several more Growthiods, but there was one that he didn’t if it was a grunt of some kind of general. The grey-armored one was much bigger then the rest in muscle, and in height. Over towards the center of the grassy area, Kal noticed the two beings dressed in black leather, with bladed, silver armor.

“What are they up to now?” he muttered looking down at his morpher, “To hell with what they are after.” With that he rose his morpher up, his arm across his chest, elbow bent, and fist clenched the morpher facing outward he spoke the words: “Ranger Up!”

“Huh?!” gasped Sowrai looking around the field, there was no one except for the guards there, so who said that? Her gaze shift up towards the blue sky, and high above her was this red-spandex clad being, reaching back with his right fist clenched.

“Wuashaa!!” exclaimed the Red Ranger smashing his fist into the chest of Sowrai. He could tell her eyes were wide with disbelief since there was nothing that could have prepared her for that kind of a surprise attack. Kal landed kneeling but then rose up within a few seconds, and stood their arrogantly.

“How dare you!?” screamed Sowrai stumbling back up to her feet, then she outstretched her left arm and pointing towards the Ranger, “Get him!”

“Hmph…” was all that came out as he turned around and faced the rest of the Growthoids and the Armored grunt. Dashing in the Red Ranger smacked them around with ease, including the Armoriod then he turned back around to see them staggering back up. A small smirk formed under his helmet watching the hurt grunts try to stay balanced, “Now I’m gonna make you pay for what you’ve done…you bastards won’t be left alive!!”

A red glow suddenly appeared in the palm of his right hand, which swiftly formed into a futuristic, technological saber-handle. Quickly flipping around with the blade-port facing down, he pressed a switch and a red, energized blade shot out while taking his pose, holding the weapon in front of him. Watching the grunts form the green orbs once more, Kal reached back with the saber and reached out his left arm, the palm facing outward.

“DIE!!!” cried the Ranger darting with lightening speed as each grunt fired simultaneously, with every orb blasting sparks up into the air after impacting upon the dirt and grassy field. None of them stood a chance in hell, and the Ranger’s blade came through cutting them down, one after the other. Then suddenly the Armoriod stood in front of its Masters, holding out both arms to block the Ranger’s path, “CRIMSON SLASH!!!”

Coming in with break-neck speed, Kal slashed diagonally downward, cutting through the monster from the left shoulder to its left hip. BOOM!! It exploded into crimson flames and the Ranger rushed on through, holding his weapon ready to strike!

“If that was your best!” he cried taking out his blaster with his left hand, “You’re in real deep shit now!!”
= = = =
To Be Continued…
= = = =
(Ending Theme-“Hope for the World” by: Ron Wasserman)
= = = =
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Kamen Rider Oni
10-17-2006, 12:28 AM
CRIMSON RED: A Power Rangers Tale
By: Robert J. Wong
= = = =
(Opening theme – “I Know a Place” by: Ron Wasserman)
= = = =

Dashing at the two stunned villains, Kal aimed the barrel of his blaster towards them and fired. Red laser bolts shot out left and right, exploding around the two armored figures. Sowrai leaped away while Telris lunged with his left arm, discharging green and blue electricity. Explosions erupted all around the Red Ranger, but he kept coming, unphased with his Crimson Saber in one hand and the Power Shooter in the other.

“You want some!” he cried firing another volley of red bolts directly at Telris who unsheathed this large, steel, triangle-shaped, demonic Sword. Quickly deflecting them to the ground causing more sparks blazed up, mixing with grass and earth.

Suddenly the Crimson Saber’s blade crystallized into a solid, crystal blade. He swung down with a diagonal slice, only to be blocked and parried away by Telris swift counter. Sowrai then moved in with the growing staff, only to have her stomach hit by one lucky blast from Kal’s Power Shooter. Telris and Kal began their duel, clashing their blades back and forth, both of them trying to get in close for the kill, but they were just that good. Quickly counting and parrying each other at every turn. Then the Ranger blocked an overhead strike, giving him the time needed to shove his blaster into his opponent’s open stomach.

“Power Shooter, Sniper Pulse!” exclaimed the Red Ranger, squeezing the trigger of his weapon sending the alien backing away while a long, red, pulsating beam of energy extended from the gun all the way into Telris’ stomach. After he let go of the trigger, the beam soaked up into the alien being and erupted into a burst of sparks. He was knocked down, hopefully for the count, but it wasn’t time to rejoice yet, Sowrai came chopping down with the staff again. Kal dodged to the side, and cart-wheeled out of the way.

The evil Empress walked slowly towards the Ranger who now stood in a defensive pose, with blaster in hand, “Now, now…Ranger…just hold still and let me tear you apart!” Sowrai jabbed at him with the spear-head of the growth staff, but Kal blocked with his sword and fired his blaster again, missing her by and inch except it was enough to make her step away for a moment. Giving him an opportunity to strike! His attack was soon blocked by a familiar large, steel, broadsword though and took him by surprise.

“Not this time, YAH!!” shouted Telris parrying the Crimson Saber away and delivered several, furious slashes up and down Kal’s body. Spark exploded all over his chest, then one final cut struck him up and sent his smoking body through the air. Landing hard on his stomach, feeling pain reach every part of his body from the assault, he struggled back up to his feet, only to find the two both gone!?

“No! DAMN IT!!!” Kal cursed smashing his fists into the ground as he got to his knees, “Where’d they go Delice?!”

“I can not detect their presence Captain, I am sorry.”

Getting back up to his feet, the Ranger looked around the battle field but then felt a surge of pain rush over his chest, making him arch over, clenching his hand to his chest. Soon it faded away except for a few after shocks from the erupting sparks of before, but it was bearable at least. “I’m heading back to the ship….”

“Aye Captain,” replied the computer in a dry, but soft voice.
= = = =
“Was that the power you sensed?!” shouted Sowrai, limping over towards this large, stone and metal throne that looked like something out of the old Dracula movies.

They both stood inside this, gigantic, dark, and eerie, damp cavern. The flames flickered in the dark along the walls as Telris paced back and forth, with his arms behind his back. He pondered about the events of earlier while the lingering thought of getting that artifact stayed fresh in his mind. It was important to him to get to it as soon as possible. Without the red, suited warrior finding out… that was going to be tricky…very tricky.

“Sowrai…grow some more soldiers, and pick one of these three cards,” replied Telris tossing over three, small, rectangular, black slabs. Catching them, Sowari’s expression changed from a frown to a smile under her mask as she took a seat on the throne and began eyeing each card in front of her eyes. Telris on the other hand walked over and grabbed the Growth Staff and planted it into the ground.

“What are you gonna do? Grow them from here?” asked Sowrai glancing just above the cards.

“Yes… I will make them tougher this way… they will be made of stone,” Telris responded coldly, locking another vile of green and black liquid into the side of the staff, “But Cannon Fodder nonetheless…that’s why we need a monster….”

“Hmmm…” pondered his companion, as she lowered her gaze back to each card before finally selecting the middle one, “This one.”

He caught the card in his hand, after she threw it back at him, “An excellent choice…Marvalar is one of my proud warriors I’ve had the pleasure of capturing….”

“Why is that?”

“Because…he never loses a battle….”

“I see…good…I hope it holds true…I’d hate to lose someone like that, even if he’s just an armored skeleton with cobra’s wrapped around his neck…,” she said in a dark, cold, tone while crossing her legs as she sat back on the throne. Watching him walk back and forth started to bore her, but then she noticed him mumbling to himself. It was kind of odd, even for him, Sorwai thought to herself and then trained her gaze to the growing, Grothoids. Ten of them formed from the stone, their bodies still pitch black as the night with the green armor plating.

Every soldier stood in formation, performing their usual salute with their fists clenched and parallel to their shoulders. Suddenly the red eyes came to life, illuminating the darkness between the cracks of the face plates. Ready for combat, each one slowly marched out down the long, dark, moonlit catacombs. Over by Telris he stood this seven foot, bronze, barbarian, armor clad, skeleton. Twin cobras, that were a pale brown, wrapped around the dead warriors neck like some sort of scarf, both snake heads slithered around, hissing at one another.

“Prepare yourself Marvalar… this warrior… I’ve met him before, and I know…that power….”

“Don’t worry my lord,” saluted Marvalar as his eyes flashed a dark, purple light, lighting the pitch, black shadows of the large, dome-like helmet, “I will take his had as a trophy of my victory.”

“Good…very good….”
= = = =
Kal sat on the narrow, grey, medical bed cringing and gritting his teeth through the pain he felt surging through his body as Vic patched him up. Several cuts were already sown by laser stitching, though the bruises were a major pain, because he couldn’t even take a deep breath they hurt so bad that it felt like someone hit him with the a sledgehammer. Gazing at the patch up work, he was kind of amazed at how well this robot’s skills were. Although she’s been doing it for many years now…it still surprised him.

“There…a-almost finished, d-done,” stuttered the droid, putting down the instrument on the side table, “N-Now Kal, I told you to be c-careful, and y-you get hurt like this….”

“Don’t worry about Vic, I’ll be fine…gehh…!” gasped the Ranger as he leaned forward, trying to get off the bed. Vic quickly rushed to him and helped him stand up before buckling and falling over.

“I’m ok…I’m ok…thanks…ehh…”

“I s-sure hope s-so…”

Kal slowly grabbed a hold of the rectangular shaped, column computer as he reached over onto the other bed for his red shirt. Putting it on, Kal stumbled along out of the grey, metallic, brightly lit Infirmary. While grabbing onto the narrow railings that ran along the wall as he began walking ever so clumsily down the corridor.
= = = =
Back in the Infirmary, Vic watched her injured, Captain and friend walk away injured and alone. She didn’t know what to do to make him feel any better, all that could be done right now was be by his side or give him some alone time. Which one would be best, Vic didn’t know she was a machine, not a living, breathing being.

“Gee…I hope he’s alright D-Delice…”

“From my scanners, I detected a heightened level of neural activity, also his temperature has risen a few degrees, and most of his nerve endings in his chest are damaged…they are slowly healing.”

“W-well…that’s a-a lot of h-help….”

“You are welcome.”

“Oh…can it.”
= = = =
“Yes…that’s it…soon you will be unleashed from your prison, and I’ll have what I came for….” Telris muttered to himself as he stood over the artifact site, waving his head over the exact spot. A slight grin came upon his lips under the helmet, feeling the presence of the power it held within it. “Sowari, has the warrior returned?”

“No…but I think a nice little distraction should bring him out… I already sent a few Growthoids into the city,” she chuckled evilly while walking along the top of one of the skyscrapers, looking out towards the forest.

“Good idea…but try not to kill anyone…that’s not our purpose and I don’t want you wasting any more power on these humans.”

“But I want some fun…and you can’t stop me…you and I both know you can’t stop the true me…” she replied coldly, glaring down into the streets as people walked along, and cars drove by. Her emotions nearly got the better of her, but soon the beating within her chest ceased, and her rage was nonexistent… for now.

“Focus on the task at hand…Or I’ll take action…!” he snapped back with a firm, commanding tone, though he knew full well he should back off before it was too late… Telris just couldn’t stand her antics…there was no honor in killing them, but he knew she didn’t care. And that was what bothered him the most about her. Besides the power held within…deep within in the darkness of her soul.....

“As you wish…for now…”

Telris sighed, a sigh of relief but the thought of her getting out of control seemed to scare him, it scared him so much that he lost focus in what he was doing. But soon he regained concentration and pushed the terror inducing images of her power into the back of his mind. Slowly waving his hand over the spot once more, he could feel how close it was now, “Yes….”
= = = =
Laying in his, king sized, black sheeted bed, with a red blanket draped over his half naked body, Kal was sleeping, trying to block the pain out of his mind but it wasn’t working all that well as it would seem. Slowly he rose up and opened his eyes, then placed his face into his palms, trying to close everything out. He didn’t want to think of anything, especially not the pain.

Suddenly the ringing of the alarm sounded throughout the ship, echoing down every corridor, every room all the way into his quarters. Which are the Captains quarters, a large room with the same, grey, metallic walls, but the lights weren’t as bright. In fact they were set on low. Only dimming the room down enough for him to at least try and sleep but still see where he was walking in case he got up. In the back of the room is a wall with small, box-like shelves, holding pictures, and other personal items. And in front of it stood this, wide, futuristic round desk, and a black, leather chair.

Kal got off the bed, still cringing in pain slightly as he walked over towards the far left of the room, near the com-panel and hit a green, triangle button, “What is it now?”

“Growthoids are attacking Valley Wood Hills, and something else, another alien life form. Captain I recommend caution its power level is rather high,” responded Delice over the channel.

“As high as those two from before?”

“Now…but in your condition it would be as if fighting those two beings again.”

“Great…alright… have Vice give me a shot of something… I’m going down.”
= = = =
Marvalar stomped through the city streets, blasting everything in his path as the Growthoids marched on through attacking civilians left and right. People ran screaming in terror while the Skeleton fired another volley of red, lightening from his eyes. A few people over in the distance crowed together behind a few tables and a pickup truck.

Hiding was all they could do at the moment, running was no option for them as the citizens that did were vaporized or blasted to death by the Growthoids orbs. Two among the group were a African-American , eighteen year old male, who was bald, wearing a plaid, blue, long sleeved shirt over a grey T, and black jeans. A bit on the scruffy side, looked like he had street smarts that matched his PHD.

The other was an Asian woman, about seventeen, wearing white shorts, sandals and a pink tank-top. Her long, flowing black hair came down past her shoulders and brought out her beautiful green eyes.

“Naomi, stay here,” said the African-American teen before running off in another direction to distract the Growthoids. And that he did.... as four of the soldiers aimed their palms at the running teen, and fired at will. Explosions blazing all around, knocking him off balance, he fell to the ground and tumbled along for a short distance. Then stopped next to a fall chair…out cold, without anyone in reach of helping him out or dragging him to safety, it looked like this was it for him as the grunts aimed again.

“David! Get up!” shouted Naomi who ran over towards her fallen friend, but soon became the attention of the four Growthoids. Naomi hit the dirt, crossing her arms before getting hit by the blast, even though she knew it was futile, her arms were indestructible, still it was the normal reaction to this kind of situation.

“Power Shooter, Sniper Pulse!” shouted a voice from above, alerting the Growthoids as well as Marvalar and Naomi who all turned and looked up in the direction it came from. Suddenly a long, red beam of energy shot down, striking the four grunts, causing them to explode after passing over their chests.

Landing onto the field stood the same, red, spandex clad warrior from before. Swiftly holstering his weapon and standing between the girl and the rest of the soldiers and Marvalar.

“So you showed Red Warrior…good, now bow before me and I shall make this quick!”

“Go to hell!” Kal snapped back, surprising the Skeleton warrior except that soon changed to aggravation. Marvalar unsheathed his broad-sword and pointed it towards his opponent, as Kal clenched his fists, and started to take a defensive posture.

“WHO DARES TO SHOW ME THIS INSOLENCE!?” exclaimed Marvalar, more agitated then before, while swinging his sword to his side.

Kal took his pose and shouted the name: “I am the…FUSION RANGER!!”
= = = =
To Be Continued…
= = = =
(Ending Theme-"Hope for the World" by: Ron Wasserman)
= = = =
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10-17-2006, 01:51 AM
The differances between Telris and Sowrai are becoming a little more clear, personality wise any way. Although I like the idea that he captured the monsters that works for him.

Kamen Rider Oni
11-06-2006, 07:53 AM
CRIMSON RED: A Power Rangers Tale
= = = =
(Opening theme – “I Know a Place” by: Ron Wasserman)
= = = =

Kal took his pose and shouted the name: “I am the…FUSION RANGER!!”

Marvalar stood there in awe and bewilderment, trying to grasp his mind around this, though the burning question ran through his helmeted skull several times. What the hell is a Fusion Ranger? No matter, but this pathetic, red suited figure was going to taste the end of his blade, Marvalar was going to make that certain.
Raising it high about his helmet, Marvalar charged in shouting: “DIE FUSION RANGER!!”

Taking out his Power Shooter he took aim and fired several bolts, which all were deflected towards the ground. Sparks ensued around the Skeleton Monster, while still charging in at full force. Kal took a step back but then turned to Naomi behind him.

“Naomi, get him out of here!”

Shocked, Naomi just stayed there wondering how he knew her name! “How’d you…?”

“No time! Go! Get him out of here!”

“O-ok!” she gasped noticing the Monster heading closer towards them, but she still felt bewildered as to how this stranger knew who she was. How? Did they ever meet before? But this question had to wait as she kneeled down to David who laid there unconscious on the pavement. Trying to get him up wasn’t easy for her, but luckily several other civilians rushed over to her aid and tried to help.

Although Kal noticed a couple, small squads of Growthoids moving in on them, “Damn it…!” Quickly he gripped the rectangular hole between the sight, and the top of the barrel of his gun. Flipping it open, revealed a silver, curved blade. Next Kal lifted the barrel up with the blade and turned it, locking the barrel into sword mode.

“Ready,” spoke the weapon in an electronic voice, “Blade Mode.”

“Alright, let’s do this! Wuasah!!” shouted the Fusion Ranger dashing towards the approaching Growthoids. Quickly he somersaulted under the orbs or green energy, and got up to his feet taking his swing. The blade slashed across the Growthoids face-plates, sparks erupting from the impact. Kal brought the blade lower and sliced across their midriffs, with bursts of sparks splattering to the ground followed by their bodies.

What came next surprised him even more, but he was still swift enough to block the oncoming barbarian swing from Marvalar. Although that wasn’t all Kal had to worry about as the silver cobra on the left of Marvalar, lunged toward the Fusion Ranger’s neck and it latched onto his shoulder, while he tried to escape. Cringing in pain, he could feel the teeth trying to penetrate the suit’s skin-tight armor, luckily it couldn’t. At least not yet but the sparks flew, as it chewed through the layers of Fusion Metal.

“How does that feel, Fusion Ranger!” the monster shouted knocking down Kal’s, Power Blader, and continuing to striker upon his chest with the broad sword.

He grunted out his pain between his gritted teeth, with every slash he took in the chest, feeling some of the laser stitches begin to rip as if a rusted, dull blade was tearing his skin open. No! He shouted in his mind, while being thrown back into a car, and rolled off the hood hitting the ground hard on his back. The blood dripped down underneath the suit, he could feel the warm liquid coating his body as everything began to go dark. And he then he collapsed….
= = = =
Slowly he opened his eyes, rousing himself from the deep sleep he was put into by Marvalar. The light over his head was blinding, making him squint. After a few moments everything started to get back into focus as he sat up, but felt a throbbing pain in his head. Migraine, great, that’s all he needed. Looking down he saw his chest was sown back up with more laser stitches, and his shoulder had a large purplish bruise upon it.


“K-Kal y-you ok now?” asked his robot companion as she hesitantly walked into the medical room.

“Yeah, but got anything for this headache?” Kal swung his legs over the side of the med-bed and leaned forward, gazing down upon the grey metal flooring. Hoping that if he could look at something else instead of the intensifying light, the pain would dull down a bit.

“Y-yeah,” Vic replied grabbing this syringe-like device that had a circular, cylinder tip instead of a needle. Quickly she filled it with about ten CCs of some kind of blue liquid and pressed the cylinder at the side of his neck. With the push of a button the liquid was injected and left no mark to be scene.

“Thanks Vic.”

“No problem.”

Getting up off the bed, Kal limped back down the corridor towards the elevator. He could still feel the pain within his chest, but gritted his teeth trying to ignore it. He knew he had to get through this, no matter what he couldn’t just leave these people with that monster down there. No, Kal wouldn’t stand for it. Though at the moment, the pain he felt was a drawback. OH NO THE PEOPLE!

Heading down towards the left hallway, the injured Fusion Ranger tried to reach the bridge, but fell to his needs as his legs gave way. Gasping in agony, he dropped and began to crawl the rest of the way there. It was no use. Soon his body just wouldn’t move.

“Kal!” shouted Vic rushing to his side, “What are you t-trying to do?!”

“I…I have to get back down there, Naom--…those people need…me! AGH!!” dropping back down to his knees after being helped up, the stitches tugged at his chest causing more agony. Now instead of just a blade cutting at him, it felt as if all the nerve endings within his chest were on fire.

“I-It’s ok Kal, the m-monster left as s-soon as I teleported y-you out of there.”

Sighing in relief he then leaned against the wall, glaring at the dark metal plating, “He’ll be back….”
= = = =
Naomi walked along beside David as they exited through the front doors of the Valley Wood Hills hospital. More people walked in after they had left, they were the survivors from what Naomi could tell, although some of them looked pretty bad and you could swear they were on their last legs. She lowered her gaze to the ground while they continued to walk along.

“You ok Naomi?” asked David in a African accent, as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Yeah… just that… you know what happened. And all those people….”

“I know… I know,” he replied pulling his other hand out of his pants pocket and aimed his car started towards a blue, jeep. Pressing the button, the headlights blinked and the horn beeped, the alarm was now off. Quickly David got in then opened the passenger side door. Watching Naomi come round, he just couldn’t help but wonder if she was going to be totally alright. It wasn’t everyday a monster attacks, at least not in Valley Wood.


“Yeah?” he answered, turning the key after buckling up.

“You know how everyone the other day was angry at the Ranger…. I was wondering…are you?”

“I dunno… he was not there, when I was attacked so I don’t know what to tell you.”

Naomi sat back in the chair and buckled up as well, feeling angry at David, even if he was unconscious she just didn’t like the fact that David was siding with all those other people. She slapped him in the arm, “He was there! But you were stupid enough to get your ass knocked out cold to even see him arrive. And he tried, alright!”

David leaned back raising his arms up a bit, gesturing her to settle down. He has never seen her, this angry before, it was kind of creepy in a way, “Ok, ok, geez…calm down girl.”

After she clamed down a bit, he placed his hands back onto the steering wheel and shifted into drive, rolling out of their parking space and down towards the exit ramp. Naomi sighed, feeling disgruntled and sad while her thoughts lingered about the Fusion Ranger. Wondering what happened to him – she could still remember his body being blasted several more times by two, beams of red and yellow energy from the Skeleton’s eyes, after he rolled off the hood and stopped moving.

The Monster wouldn’t give up trying to kill him even after he took such a beating! Then his body suddenly became red, static-electricity and flew up into the sky, high above the clouds.

“I hope he’s alright…” she muttered under her breath, as she leaned against the door, her jaw lied down lightly upon her clenched fist. “But how did he know my name…?”
= = = =
Telris paced back and forth pondering about the artifact some more, while listening to Marvalar give his spiel about getting the so stated, “FUSION RANGER” the next time he shows up. But it wasn’t the thing he was worried about. All he wanted was to know when the time was right. In his mind, Telris kept repeating: “I must have it…I must have it….”

Sowrai rolled her eyes at the image before her. A nearly crazy Telris and a pathetic over confident warrior, blabbing its mouth off, this wasn’t going to end well and she knew it all too well. Sowrai sighed and jumped to her feet, grabbing both their attention.

“Boys…why don’t you let me take care of this…Fusion Ranger?” questioned the alien seductress, in a cute, yet creepy tone, “I want to have some fun too…”

Telris brushed off what she said, ignoring her request totally. The artifact is all that matters, and soon it will be time to claim it!

“Milady… I will bring down this Ranger if it’s the last thing I do!” exclaimed Marvalar raising his sword high above his head, “I wouldn’t want you to have to get dirty.”

“Don’t worry about me Bones… I’ll be just fine,” she smirked and headed down towards the gates, not even caring anymore, Sowrai was going to do whatever she pleased until….

“Wait…let Marvalar go… we might want to see if the Ranger has any more tricks before we go carelessly into battle again. I was lucky injuring him the first time…it doesn’t mean it will be so easy the next,” Telris explained and then aimed his gaze at his Warrior, “Watch your self, Marvalar… and do not fail me.”

“I will not…My Master…” Marvalar replied saluting the black suited, and silver, bladed armored figure then he started for the gates. Suddenly, just before passing through them, the Skeleton Warrior’s body teleported in a ball of orange flame, leaving the two companions alone again.

Sowrai stomped back towards the throne, glaring at Telris as she passed right on by and took her seat, not impressed at all, she crossed her arms and just sat there. Telris payed no attention to her and just folded his arms in front of him, muttering:

“It’s only a matter of hours….”
= = = =
“It should be healed by now…l-let me check.” Vic waddled over and checked all the stitches, making sure they were sealed. Every last one of them was pretty close to be fully sealed up, from what she could tell. Vic sighed in relief while Kal lied on his bed within his quarters, staring up at the ceiling, endlessly.

“Good… b-but I think you should stay in bed f-for a little while l-longer.”

“Yeah… but if he shows up,” Kal paused for a moment as an image of Naomi flashed in his mind, he could feel the pit in his gut become deeper… and painful as if a knife were gutting him. His expression soon switched from emotionless to serious then he finished his sentence, “I’m going down.”

SIRENS were suddenly heard ringing through the corridors on all decks, as the spinning red lights switched on in every top corner in each hallway. Quickly Kal sprung from the bed but stopped and sat back down. Even though the wounds healed on the outside there were still some sharp pains on the inside that he could still feel pinching his skin where it sealed off, and almost all of the nerve endings were on fire again.

“Vic…something for the pain,” said Kal as he cringed from the surge of pain rushing through his body, “Please!?”

“R-Right,” replied the droid turning about to pick up another hyper injector, “H-Here.” Quickly the droid injected the medicine into Kal’s neck which began to work within seconds. Soon all the pain was gone and he stood up feeling fine. Except Vic’s sensors picked up something wrong, although there was nothing wrong physically, there was just something but Kal swiftly left before she could say anything to stop him, and there she stayed for the moment.
= = = =
Marvalar stormed along through the rock quarry, bodies littered the ground around his feet. The minors from the mining tunnels were all laid out and bloody, upon the rocky ground. Marvalar just laughed as the Growthoids picked up the remaining minors and chucked them about. Two of the minors tried dot run to safety, but were caught by the grunts “Energy Orbs,” being shot into their backs killing them both.

“Yes… excellent my soldiers…now we just need...”

“STOP!” shouted a voice from behind the Skeleton Warrior and the grunts making them all halt, though Marvalar just chuckled to him self while turning to face his opponent.

“Right on time….”

Standing at the top of the quarry was Kal in his civilian form. “Alright, ready for round two!?” exclaimed the Red Ranger, pointing his right index finger towards the group of grunts and the Monster who just stood there twirling his sword for a moment.

“There’s nothing else I’d rather do….”

“WASAH!!” shouted Kal as he jumped off and leaped down and landed meters away from the villain group, kneeling down. He smirked knowing the next move they were going to pull and quickly brought his left arm across his chest, elbow bent, fist clenched tight, while his morpher faced the on coming grunts. Kal slowly rose up, and stood there arrogantly as he glared at his opponents. Now it was time for some pay back…Kal hit the red button at the bottom of the morpher, “RANGER UP!!”

A humming sound came from the speakers embedded within the metal interior of his wrist mounted morpher, catching everyone’s attention. Suddenly, the morpher started glowing a bright right light, all the while the humming became louder and louder as Kal cross his wrists above his head, then lowered his arms, crossing them into an ‘X’ shape. His entire body was soon covered in the red energy, with the Growthoids watching in awe.

“Don’t just stand there, attack!!” shouted Marvalar raising his sword high above his head as the cobras hissed snapped towards the bewildered foot soldiers.

Nodding, the grunts darted forth, towards the morphing Ranger. Each Growthoid prepared an energy orb within the palms of their hands as they reached back then thrust forward, firing their energy attacks at Kal.
The orbs exploded around the glowing, red figure without even touching him! Shocked, the Growthoids prepared to strike again, this time with their physical attacks. Surrounding him, the grunt in the middle reached back and lunged in with a punch! BOOM!!!

Bolts of red lightening struck Kal’s glowing form, halting the foot soldiers from making a move. Kal then swung his arms apart, sending the excess energy to the ground causing enormous explosions all around him! Taking down the main three grunts with it… Quickly taking his pose the Fusion Ranger glared at Marvalar who watched on, stunned that after what he did to him, the Ranger appeared un-phased.

“No! It’s not possible!”

“Oh is it…,” replied Kal coldly, as he got out of his pose and pointed at his enemy, “Let’s do this!”

“Let’s.... Growthoids!” exclaimed Marvalar aiming the tip of his blade at the Fusion Ranger, as the grunts came flipping over from behind him. Watching the Ranger just stand there, the skeleton warrior began to wonder what this human was thinking. “This Ranger…isn’t like anything I’ve seen before… is he really human?”

Kal smirked behind the helmet, and loosened his body up as the cannon fodder approached from all sides, “Hmph, alright… WASAH!!” shouted the Fusion Ranger hammering the first grunt down with a swift punch to the face, then he round-housed the next one, close lined a two more, all the while moving closer to his main target.

“You think these guys can stop me!?” Kal grabbed an incoming hook and flipped the soldier over, dropping his knee into its chest. Following through with a sweep, taking down three more but they weren’t done yet. So he spun around the other way and drove his heel into their face-plates, knocking them out cold. Jolting up from the ground he smashed through four more grunts with a flying side-kick. Landing he blocked then counted two more Growthoids, defeating them easily.

Standing only a few feet away from Marvalar, the Fusion Ranger chuckled and pointed to the undead warrior as the grunts exploded, “Is that all you got? If so…then get ready….”

“Why be so confident…it’s nothing to beat grunts from Christ sake!”

“’Cause… I’m gonna amp up the POWER! WASAH!!!” yelled Kal as he leaped up into a somersault and flew down towards the stunned Skeleton with both legs together, “RANGER KICK!!”

“WHAT?!” gasped the undead fiend and that was all he could do, it was too late to do anything else. WHAM!! Kal landed a direct hit right into Marvalar’s chest, sending him stumbling back while the Ranger landed kneeling. Slowly he gazed up glaring at the injured enemy then Kal rose up and took his fighting stance.

“I-I WILL KILL YOU FOR THAT!” proclaimed the psychotic, sword wielding Skeleton.

“We’ll see…, Crimson Saber!” the mechanical saber grip formed within his right hand and the red, energy blade crystallized as he took his stance with the blade aiming diagonally to the ground.

Both combatants rushed to the side, keeping one another in their sights, holding the swords at the ready. They kept going for what seemed like forever, but was only a few moments and then stopped still parallel to each other as they brought their feet together, while slowly beginning to kind of crouch.

“You’re mine Fusion Ranger!”

“Let’s do it!” he shouted while they both leaped into the air clashing their blades together. Sparks burst off the crystal and metal swords each time they connected. Kal spun around and pushed off of Marvalar’s chest with a swift side-kick, landing to the ground he somersaulted to his feet, taking another stance.

The Skeleton Warrior landed with on his feet and turned around to charge at Kal who was already on his way over, swinging his Saber about. Clashing their weapons back and forth, the two soldiers began an awesome, climactic sword duel. Kal and Marvalar ginned being pleased knowing how well the other was at their swordsman skills. Fusion Ranger threw a wheel kick. Marvalar ducked and punched him across the jaw. Rolling on the ground, Kal felt the medicine beginning to wear off.

“No…not now…nehh… WHOA!” The Fusion Ranger quickly rolled out of the way of two oncoming serpents, the ones there were around Marvalar’s neck! Suddenly they leaped through the air and latched onto the weary Ranger, biting him on the shoulder like before and on his left leg. This time was different though they didn’t just bite—they electrified him! Gasping in pain, Kal fell back, his body smoking from the electrical charge while the cobras relocated back around the Skeleton’s neck.

“Give it up Fusion Ranger…I’ll make it quick!”

“I don’t…neh..,” forcing himself up he readied his weapon again, trying to ignore all the pain still surging through his body, “I don’t think so, WASAH!!” Kal brought his feet together and leaped into the air, flipping over the monster and landing a straight cut down the Skeleton’s body, sending him falling back and tumble along the ground.

(Battle theme: “FIGHT” –by: Ron Wasserman)

Marvalar rushed back at the Ranger, raising his blade over his head and then struck downward. Kal caught the weapon on his left shoulder. He gripped it and held the sword there with his hand as he slammed his own blade against Marvalar’s left shoulder. Both opponents spun about, and slashed downward along each other’s body’s, driving one another back in a blaze of sparks. Regaining their footing the warriors dashed again! Clashing their blades, Kal parried away and launched a spin kick which the Skeleton ducked under and sliced up his chest! Swiftly rolling under another strike he moved in around and hacked at the monster’s back. Marvalar turned about and hacked away; Kal blocked every strike then he was hit in the back of the knee, making him drop down.

“I’ve got you now!” shouted the undead warrior as his cobra darted for the human’s shoulder again.

The Fusion Ranger quickly reached to his right side with his left hand, “Think again!”

“WHAT?!” gasped Marvalar in shock as he noticed the barrel of Kal’s blaster stuck in the mouth of the cobra! “NO!!!”

“SNIPER PULSE—FIRE!!” with that the red energy beam zoomed all the way through the first cobra’s throat and out the other’s mouth! The snakes vaporized and bursts of sparks erupted around the creature’s neck! Marvalar tumbled back screaming in pain! “Now that’s more like it! Take this you son of a bitch!”

Kal squeezed off several more rounds blasting his enemy back some more, sparks bursting from the ground and the monster’s torso and head. Soon the Skeleton’s helmet flew off and hit the ground, leaving it’s ugly skull in plain view.

“CRIMSON SLASH!!” shouted the Ranger coming down with his finisher, slashing away the fiend’s armor with explosions blazing all over him! Watching on as the psychotic undead fiend fell to its demise, Kal began to breath easier but it was shortly lived as streams of steam blasted through the ground and up into the air, making Marvalar grow!

(Battle Theme Ends)

“Aw man…you gotta be kidding me….”

“Kal! Kal!”

“Yeah I know Vic, but I don’t think I can call it forth, it’s up in the ship,” replied Kal as he brought up his communicator.

“No worries Kal, I have added new booster pack, I was working on it the last six months,” added Vic over the com-link, “It’s ready now I think.”

“Good. Oh and Vic, good thing you fixed that stutter of yours.”

“Awww shucks.”

“Alright...,” said the Fusion Ranger raising his right arm up to the sky, his palm facing the sun.

“Prepare for your untimely death Ranger!!!” shouted Marvalar as he stomped his way towards the miniature red, warrior, unbeknownst of what was about to arrive.

He smirked and grabbed his belt buckle with his left hand, “I need Jaguar Zord Power, NOW!!”
= = = =
Up inside the hanger bay loud, thundering steps echoed upon the metal grate floor. It was huge, gigantic in fact. A towering, red, and grey, metal Jaguar fighting machine with a jet pack that had two, small wings extend from the sides, and four cylinder shaped parts upon the top of it. Quickly the two cylinders in the back extended into long, cannons while the other rounded shapes began to spin revealing holes in a circular pattern. They were missile launchers.

ROARING the Jaguar Zord crouched as the engines in the back started heating up. Suddenly they fired while the hanger bay doors slid open, jettisoning the zord. It quickly headed down towards the small blue and green plane below, roaring continuous, letting Maravalar hear it coming.

On Earth Kal dodged the stomping of the enlarged Skeleton, as it barked an evil laugh. Then the roar filled the air, sending a shockwave towards Marvalar. Shaken up the Skeleton monster rolled back looking around to find the source of that roar, “Where is that coming from!?”

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! A volley of missiles cascaded all over the battle field where Marvalar stood. Debris, flames and sparks knocked the giant warrior to the ground, and then covered him in a flurry of explosions.

Leaping up towards the top of the Jaguar’s head, Kal turned about and glared at the beaten monster, “Alright, you’re goin down! –LOG ON!” With that the Fusion Ranger back flipped and fell through the port and down the sliding tube into his chair in the cock pit. Gripping the horizontal controls, the system became active, while the lights and some buttons continued blinking. Staring out at his opponent through the open view of the cockpit, Kal hit a blinking red button, which turned changed to yellow and stayed solid. He pulled the controls again making the Jaguar roar!

“Let’s do this!”
= = = =
= = = =
(Ending Theme- “Hope for the World” by: Ron Wasserman)
= = = =
NEXT TIME on CRIMSON RED: “A Power Rangers Tale”

11-06-2006, 05:11 PM
Some cool fights in this one. Kal really taking a real beating in these fights though. But at least it looks like he has at least one person routing for him