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Aoi Kurenai
08-30-2006, 08:27 PM
This is going to be a semi-original story, mainly because it's based on Hibiki and follows characters from the first show. Hope everyone enjoys it.

Ongeki Rider Hibiki
Sonic Strike Rider Hibiki

The story
Two years after the end of the original series, a life changing battle broke out. Many, many, oni were lost in this battle, many that lived decided it was time to give up being oni. The greatest oni ever gave his life to save his friends and the rest of the world, yet it was not enough. Five years later, seven years after the end of Hibiki's and Asumu's battles, a new threat was about to make itself known. Stronger than any the world had ever know before.


Kagayaki - The Shine Oni
Former Name: Koyomi Kaito
For an Oni, he has an odd appearance, his head has no horns, only a single crescent mark on the center of his face. His chest is protected by the usual chest armor that oni wear, his chest armor, much like Todoroki's armor, is a single strap like piece of metal running from his left shoulder down to his waist. His skin color as an Oni is a dark, dirty shade of yellow. As a human, he looks like your average teenager, short black hair, normal clothes, nothing that could tell you who he really is. He uses a flute as his weapon and changes by using a dark blue version of Ibuki's Henshin Onibue.

Fubuki - The Snowstorm Oni
Former name: Kyosuke Kiriya
Since the grand battle of five years ago, Kiriya has grown into a fierce oni. He has shed his former name and has taken the mantle of Fubuki, the snowstorm oni, a name that fits his white appearance. His human appearance has also changed since he first started training, he now has short blond hair, he is most often seen wearing a white shirt with a blue jean jacket and pants. He wears the jacket to cover the long scar on his back that he received during Hibiki's death. To henshin, he uses his taiko sticks and bangs them against any object around him, his body is engulfed in white flames and he is then changed.

Todoroki - The Roaring Oni
No longer a novice oni, he is now the senior oni protecting the Kanto area of Japan. Unlike his former self, he has become a much more confident protector, he now believes in his skills and ability to help people, thanks to the lessons taught to him by Zanki and Hibiki. As a human, he looks more or less the same as when we last met our heroes, the only difference is that his hair is much longer now, reaching to his shoulders. Since the grand battle five years ago, he and Hinaka Tachibana have married and now have one son.

Iori Izumi
A man once known as Ibuki, Majestic Breath Oni, he has since given up the mantle of oni. After the death of Hibiki, he became scared of fighting and eventually came to the realization that death was a fate that one had to deal with as an oni, one that he was too scared of to deal with. He is now dating Kasumi Tachibana and remains close friends with Todoroki.

Kasumi Tachibana
After her father's retirement as leader of the Kanto sector of Takeshi, she and Midori Takizawa have now taken over as the Kanto leaders. Kasumi worries about Izumi's nightmares that have been plaguing him ever since the death of Hibiki, these often cause rifts between the couple.

Hinaka Tachibana
After her sister became a head of Takeshi, she has now taken over the restaurant area of Takeshi. She also tends to the hurt oni after battles, more than anyone else, she worries about the safety of the three oni. She hides the fear that she has of one day learning that Todoroki or one of the others won't come home.

Midori Takizawa
Along with Kasumi, she now leads the Kanto area oni of Takeshi. After Hibiki's death, she became lost in her emotions and could no longer work for the oni for a time, one day she was touched by a dream of her former lover and slowly grew back into the happy, outgoing person that she once was.

Hitomi Mochida
She now works full time at Takeshi restaurant, she has learned of Todoroki's true form and of the other oni riders. She was once with Asumu but after the death of Hibiki, the two began to grow apart.

Amami Akira
After giving up her dreams of being an oni, she joined Asumu in the field of medicine. After the death of Hibiki, which troubled Asumu greatly, she and him became close eventually became more than just friends, much to the chagrin of Fubuki, who had once loved Akira but felt too afraid to tell her.

Asumu Adachi
Asumu has changed the most of our main cast since we last saw them, both physically and mentally. He is no longer the meek and meager looking boy we knew, he now looks like he could take a Makamou in fight by himself. He has grown somewhat colder after the death of Hibiki, Akira and Kagayaki are the only two he can really open up to anymore. Akira because she is his lover and Kagayaki because he sees a young Hibiki in him. He still hangs around Takeshi restaurant, but not nearly as much as he used to. He often treats the sick and injured Oni.

Shuji Tachibana
The two year old son of Todoroki and Hinaka.

The Makamou

The Makamou are now much more structured than five years ago, with more of a hierarchy than ever before, their attacks had become increasingly sparse over the last five years. Recently though, they have come back in full force, lead by Chou-Doujin and Dai-Hime.

The current leader of the Makamou, he is the reincarnation of the original Makamou leader. He is a rather short man, usually seen wearing 19th century European clothing. He is an arrogant leader and feels that his version of the Makamou will never be defeated and that soon the world will finally belong to them.

Chou-Doujin's lover, a tall woman dressed in a white suit. She is much more cautious than her lover and much more sinister.

The summer Makamou leader, he controls the human sized Makamou and is the first general of the new Makamou order. He was once an oni in training but gave into his lust for more power. Unlike his leaders, he has two forms, in his human form, he looks like a normal teenager. Usually seen wearing a dark shirt and blue pants, he has long black hair that he ties into a ponytail. As a Makamou, he has a hard white armor covering most of his body, his face is the only dark part of his body, it looks almost as if he was wearing a brown mask. He uses long hair as needles and spears that he can attack the oni with.

She has one form, that of a human female. She has a slender and curvy body, long brown hair and seductive looks that she uses to lure men to her as a feast for her Makamou. As the mother of the winter Makamou, she is not truely powerful until November begins, but she still chims into battle every now and then.

Kwai-Douji and Yo-Hime
These are the standard children of Senji, as it is summer, early June, Senji is the only one that can create children right now. They look much like the Dohji and Hime from years ago, the only difference is that like their "father", their face looks much like a mask.

Weapons and Attacks
Drum Sticks: Koori
Belt Buckle: Kaentsudumi
Attacks: Shiroi! Koori no Kata!, Ichigeki Dotou, Death Fire

Ongekishin (Guitar Buckle): Raigou
Ongekigen (Guitar Lance): Retsurai & Ongekibou
Attacks: Ongeki Zan! Raiden Gekishin, Zanki! Raiden Zanshin

Flute: Ryu
Belt Buckle: Hikari Ryu
Attacks: Hikari no Ken, Driving Light, Onsaken, Ongekisha! Senpuu Issen

Drum Sticks: ShinKo
Belt Buckle: Dai
Attacks: Doujutsu RokushouDan, Rokushou Kodou, Aoi Hikari

Senji Summer arc
1. Dying a Glorious Death, Hibiki: Prelude to the Future
2. The New Oni, Kagayaki
3. A Leader, Todoroki
4. Facing the Terror, Fubuki
5. The End of Summer, Oni Facing the Future

08-30-2006, 08:37 PM
Interesting start, I like the idea of the Oni ranks being diminished and the new spin on the villains. Hope to see more of this one!

Aoi Kurenai
09-01-2006, 08:38 PM
Thanks! The villains having no real leader or focus was one thing that always bothered me during the tv series, so I wanna try to change it around here.


Episode 1: Dying a Glorious Death, Hibiki: Prelude to the Future

A massive battle was taking place, all of Japan's oni and Makamou were in this small mountainous area, fighting each other. A battle the likes of which this world has never seen was taking place, a battle that most of Japan, most of the world, had no clue was going on.

"Hibiki-san! Watch out!" Yelled Ibuki as he ran towards Hibiki, who was being attacked by various Makamou. Hibiki was in the middle of his Kurenai transformation, and was, for the moment, paralyzed.

Ibuki jumped in front of Hibiki from a cliff near by. He began firing at the Makamou trying to jump the frozen Hibiki. One after another, they came, Hibiki's body was emitting a very hot crimson gas as parts of his body slowly changed from dark purple to crimson.

"Hurry up, Hibiki-san." Ibuki said, with a tone of urgency in his voice as he continued fending off the attacking Makamou.

"Ha!" Yelled a voice, Ibuki turned to look where it was coming from and saw a figure jump before him.

Todoroki had landed in front of the two, slicing two Makamou with his Ongekigen on his way down.

"Sorry I took so long! I had to help Kiriya!" Todoroki said apologetically as he ran towards an advancing Makamou, with his mighty lightning fist, he punched straight through its stomach, making the beast stop dead in its track for a moment, then wriggle around for a second, right before it blew up.

"Thanks for the help, Todoroki-san." Ibuki said as he fired off a few rounds at a Makamou that was dropping down above Todoroki, making the beast explode in mid air. "We're even now!" Ibuki said slyly.

"Haaaa....AH!" Hibiki yelled as the red flames that had been engulfing his body slowly died down. "Hibiki...Kurenai." He spoke his title and then pulled his Rekka from their holsters. "Sorry about that, the armed saber isn't working right now and we do need all the power we can get." Hibiki said.

"Don't worry about, Hibiki-san." Ibuki said as he jumped down to the base of the area they were in. Todoroki and Hibiki marveled at Ibuki jumping what was easly a thirty foot cliff.

"Guess I'll join him." Hibiki said as he ran towards the cliff, stopping for a moment. "Oh, Todo, make sure Kiriya doesn't get hurt." Hibiki said as he waved at Todoroki and jumped down to the base to join Ibuki and two other oni in fighting the Makamou.

"Ehh...sure." Todoroki said after Hibiki had left, he sulked for a moment about not getting to join his partners in battle and then made his way back to the top to help Kiriya out.

When Todoroki reached summit, he saw a nearly defeated Kiriya trying his best to fend off the Makamou.

"Kiriya-san!" Todoroki yelled as he dashed towards the white oni.

"Todoroki!" Kiriya yelled, it was all he could do to call for help.

"Yah!" Todoroki yelled as he sliced through the Makamou that had grabbed Kiriya.

Kiriya fell to the ground, almost completely out of energy. His will to fight was strong, but had been badly beaten by the Makamou. Todoroki then helped Kiriya to his feet and handed him his fallen Koori, Kiriya's drum sticks.

"Here, I think these are your's." Todoroki said as he held out the white drum sticks, the teal demon heads shined brightly in the sun as Kiriya took his weapon back.

"Thanks..." Kiriya said, upset about the fact that after being an oni for three years, he still couldn't defeat Makamou on his own and Todoroki was able to make quick work of the ones that he was unable to even keep up with.

"Don't worry about it." Todoroki said, he noticed that Kiriya was sulking and thought back to when Zanki first let him fight on his own. "You'll get it, it took me a while too, but you'll be stronger one day, just don't worry about it." Todoroki said brightly.

"Todoroki-san..." Kiriya said in a low voice as he took his Koori. "...I'll do my best! I'll make sure that I become stronger, one day, I'll be the strongest oni ever!" Kiriya said brightly.

Todoroki chuckled for a moment, but was then interrupted by the gigantic echoing footsteps of an approaching giant.

Both oni then came to their guard and searched around, with their back to each other, for any signs of the Makamou. Surely a giant couldn't be that hard to see, and it wasn't.

"Todoroki-san!" Kiriya yelled as he pointed towards an approaching Tsuchigumo, a gigantic spider.

It slowly came towards the two, dripping what seemed to be spit from its mouth. It's dark red body completely blocked out the sun as it finally arrived in front of the two oni.

"Kiriya!" Todoroki yelled as he ran towards the monster.

"Right!" Kiriya yelled, as if almost affirming an unspoken order.

The two oni ran towards the monster with their weapons poised for an attack.

Kiriya ran up ahead of Todoroki and yelled as he attacked on the beast's eight legs. His Koori demon head shone for a moment as he attacked, Kiriya then stopped in his tracks, turned around and attacked once more.

The leg of the beast was now frozen by Kiriya's attack, it struggled to move, almost falling as it tried to break the ice by spitting, but the spit was unable to reach its leg as the leg was at the end of its body.

"Great job!" Todoroki yelled as he ran at the frozen leg and stabbed his Ongekigen into its leg. "Raiden Gekishin!" Todoroki yelled as he began strumming the cords of his guitar. The guitar emitted the ear splitting noise as Todoroki continued to strum his guitar in a forceful manner.

Finally, Todoroki paused as if to finish the attack, but then gave one more strum. The monster then yelled in pain as the leg cracked, causing the monster to trip and fall on its stomach.

"Kiriya! Now! Do it!" Todoroki yelled.

"Uh...right!" Kiriya said nervously as he grabbed his Kaentsudumi from his belt and gave a quick glance at it. The white and blue design on it seemed as if it called out to Kiriya to use it. "Okay, here I go!" Kiriya yelled as he jumped on the back of the beast.

He placed the belt buckle on the beast's back, it then grew to an enormous size, nearly covering all of the monster's back. "Okay..." Kiriya said slowly as he poised his drum sticks in the air.

"Shiroi! Koori no Kata!" Kiriya yelled as he began to beat on the monster's back. It yelled in pain as Kiriya continued to beat in rhythm to one of many beats that Hibiki taught him. The monster continued yelling as Kiriya continued beating its back, soon Kiriya became tired the monster took advantage of this by trying to shack him off its back.

"Kiriya!" Todoroki yelled as the beast almost succeeded in removing Kiriya from its back.

Todoroki grabbed his Ongekigen and stabbed it into the side of the monster's stomach. He took a deep breath and then yelled his attack. "Zanki! Raiden Gekishin!" He yelled as he began playing on his guitar.

Kiriya paused after hearing Todoroki name an attack after his former master. Sending himself into a day dream.

"Kiriya! Keep going!" Todoroki yelled, snapping Kiriya out of his day dream.

Kiriya then came back to his sense and began beating on the monster once more. The sound of the two instruments created an ironic harmonious beat to the monster's demise.

Both warriors then stopped their attacks at the exact same time. The monster was now gasping for air, after a few moments, it stopped as its body inflated and it blew up.

Once the smoke had cleared, Todoroki and Kiriya were standing side by side, trying to catch their breath.

"Good job, Kiriya..." Todoroki said, almost gasping for air.

"Thanks..." Said Kiriya, feeling undeserving of the praise.

"Shakunetsu Shinku no Kata!" Yelled Hibiki's voice, echoing from the base of the mountain.

"Come on, Kiriya! We've got to go help!" Todoroki said as he grabbed his guitar and ran back into battle.

The two jumped from cliff to cliff and were soon at the final cliff, the thirty foot drop.

"Kiriya, think you can do this?" Todoroki asked, getting himself ready to jump.

"I...I...yeah, I can do it." Kiriya said, still unsure whether he could make the jump or not. He took one look over the cliff and took in a deep breath.

"Alright, here we go!" Todoroki said as he took a few steps back from the edge and jumped.

Kiriya then took one last look over the edge, took a very deep breath in and then ran towards the cliff.

"Ahh!" Kiriya yelled as he dropped to the base in mid air.

He landed on his feet, it was a hard landing, but Kiriya sighed, just happy that he hadn't killed himself in the jump.

"Kiriya, no time to waste!" Todoroki yelled as he ran towards the battle.

Kiriya then followed after, holding his Koori at the ready as they both reached the battle.

Makamou of all sizes and the oni were in the middle of a large battle, Kiriya noticed that some of the oni had already been slain by the Makamou.

A lone Makamou noticed Kiriya was off guard and rushed at him. It grabbed Kiriya by the neck and kicked his Koori away from his hand. Kiriya gasped for air as the Makamou continued to chock him.

He flailed his arms to get the attention of the other riders, but they were all busy with the other Makamou.

Kiriya's vision slowly began to fade and everything he saw began to slow down, he felt as if he was at death's door right now, there was nothing he could do to save himself or grab his weapons, he would die without even being able to defend himself.

He resigned himself to this fate just moments before he heard Hibiki call his name.

"Kiriya! I'm coming!" Hibiki yelled as he finished off a pair of Makamou he was in battle with.

Kiriya's heart filled with hope that he was going to survive this battle, but it was then taken from him as Hibiki was ambushed by five Makamou.

Kiriya closed his eyes, wishing he would just die, no longer wanting to feel the pain the Makamou was inflicting upon him. He closed his eyes and just waited for the end as his body could no longer move.

"Kiriya! Hold on!" Yelled a voice.

The Makamou holding Kiriya looked around for the source of the voice, as did Kiriya for a moment before feeling the grip on his neck become less and less tight until his neck was finally free.

He gasped and took in a large breath of air as he turned to see what had saved him.

Before him was Eiki attacking the Makamou, Kiriya took in another breath and saw that Eiki was struggling.

He searched the ground for his Koori and upon seeing them, jumped for them and ran at the Makamou. He let out a fierce yell as he struck the back of the beast his weapon and continued drumming away on its back.

"Thanks!" Eiki said quickly as he punched the beast and then, along with Kiriya, called his attack's name and finished off the threat.

"Heh, looks like you ended up having to save me." Eiki with a chuckle.

"Kiriya!" A voice called out once more.

Kiriya looked up and saw the figure out a woman standing at the summit of the mountain.

"I've got it! The saber works now, give it to Hibiki!" She yelled as she threw the Armed Saber straight down, being unable to jump down there without breaking any bones, this was the best option she had.

This caught Kiriya by surprise and he scrambled to catch the falling saber. He had to dive for it as it landed on the floor. He picked it up and glanced at the crimson saber for a moment before rushing to give it to Hibiki.

"Thanks for the help!" Kiriya yelled to Eiki as they both went their separate ways in battle.

Kiriya found Hibiki, being attacked by the Makamou that had sidetracked him from saving Kiriya.

"Hibiki!" Kiriya called out as he waved the Armed Saber. "It works now, Hibiki! Use it!" Kiriya yelled, he then noticed how much this looked like the battle from two years ago.

Hibiki saw the saber and ran towards it as it flew in midair.

"Ha! Got it! Good job, Kiriya!" Hibiki yelled.

He then took a long hard look at the battle and got into his new fighting stance.

"Hibiki...Soukou." He called as his body was engulfed in bright red flames, burning up any Makamou that tried to attack him.

Unlike the Kurenai transformation, the transformation to Armed Hibiki took no time at all.

Hibki once more looked at the battle and saw the countless Makamou and the numbered oni fighting. He knew that if this kept going on, soon enough, the oni would be gone and the Makamou would have won. It was something he knew couldn't happen, not if this was to be a world of peace.

"Now...I hope this works...it has to work." Hibiki said as he took a deep breath.

He took a tight grip on the saber and drove it straight into the ground, he yelled as hard as he could. Slowly, a red ball of energy formed in front of the saber, it then began to rapidly increase in size. The bright light grabbed the attention of all the oni and Makamou, save for one.

Kiriya looked on and in this moment of distraction, a Makamou came at him and slashed him in the back, causing him to fall to the ground.

Kiriya continued looking to Hibiki as the massive ball of energy grew even larger, larger than anything he had ever seen before. Almost as if he were gazing into a sun, Kiriya then heard Todoroki attack the Makamou and passed out. This would be the last time he saw Hibiki alive.

"Goodbye my friends, take care of this world. Kiriya, Asumu...goodbye." Hibiki silently whispered as the ball of energy finally reached its peak sized and exploded.

09-01-2006, 09:00 PM
Noooooooooooooooooooo....you can't kill Hibi-chan!

Great start Blue! Am totally looking forward to this. Although I loved Hibiki, this alternate ending and the places it may lead intrigue me. Awesome!

Aoi Kurenai
09-03-2006, 06:38 PM
Noooooooooooooooooooo....you can't kill Hibi-chan!

Great start Blue! Am totally looking forward to this. Although I loved Hibiki, this alternate ending and the places it may lead intrigue me. Awesome!
Hibi-chan...don't think I've ever heard anyone call him that before. XD And thanks, I wanna try to work different things into the series that I always thought would have been good but were never actually used.


Episode 2: The New Oni, Kagayaki

"Good morning, welcome to Tachibana's!" said an enthusiastic Hinaka as she greeted what she thought was the first customer of the day.

"Morning there, Hinaka." Said Fubuki as he entered the empty little shop

"Oh, Fubuki, it's just you." replied Hinaka, less enthusiastic than before.

"There's the type of greeting I've gotten used to over the years, thought something was wrong when you actually gave me a nice greeting. It's still too early for anyone to be here." Said Fubuki playful as he placed a small plastic yellow bag on one of the many tables in the restaurant. "Here they are, Kogure and your father asked me to give these to you." Fubuki remarked.

"Oh! Great! Thanks a lot, Fubuki! I've been waiting for these!" Hinaka replied as she opened the bag and took out the contents.

"Oranges...?" Fubuki asked, dumbfounded. "Kogure and your dad said that these were valuable items..."

"Oh, there are! These are Kogure's special oranges, we use these in a special type of cake we only sell a few times a year, during the start of summer. They're very hard to grow and that's why they're so valuable." Hinaka replied as she dumped the oranges into a basket.

"Oh, so these are the oranges for that cake? I'd love to have some when they're ready." Fubuki said with a chuckle.

Hinaka took the basket that contained the oranges into one of the many back rooms and returned with a set of clothes for Fubuki.

"No time for that today, Fubuki." Hinaka said as she thrust the typical brown Takeshi garb into Fubuki's arm. "You've got lots of work to do, the new Oni is supposed to be coming today and we're short handed today."

"The new Oni...I forgot that was today." Fubuki said, staring off at the walls, almost day dreaming. "I don't see why we need a new one, me and Todoroki have been able to take care of the area well enough. Plus, Eiki's pretty close by if we ever need help."

"But he's just become a full time Oni, he only left his master a few days ago. It'll be a while before he can fight on his own, even if he doesn't have his master with him, headquarters still wants him to work with other Oni." Hinaka replied as she fumbled around the counter looking for window spray and wash cloths.

"So, how old is the guy?" Fubuki asked as he started to put the Takeshi outfit on.

"Oh, he's only 16 years old. He finished his basic training in under six months, he's supposed to be a really talented guy." Hinaka replied as grabbed a broom and duster from a closet near the counter. "Ah, that's where I left them."

"16...? Wow, these guys are getting younger and younger, even I didn't become a full time Oni until I was 16. Even then, it was only because..." Fubuki paused for a moment. "...because of what happened to Hibiki. If not for that, I wouldn't have become a full timer until I was at least 20."

"Well that was then and this is now, can't change the past, but you can help shape the future by being a good companion to the boy." Hinaka said with a smile. "Now here, window spray, plenty of wash cloths, broom, duster and mop." Hinaka said as she handed Fubuki what seemed like a mountain of cleaning gear.

"Er...I have to do all of this?" Fubuki asked, bewildered by the mountain of cleaning items. "But I just came back from defeating a lot of Makamou, can't I have the day off?"

Sorry, I have to take Shuji to the doctor today and everyone else has the day off. Just ask Todoroki for help when he gets back." Hinaka cheerfully replied as she headed upstairs to get her son.

"Great..." Fubuki remarked with a sigh.

Fubuki set most of the gear down on a chair and began to sweep.

"Hinaka, do you know when Todo will get back?" Fubuki shouted as he passed the staircase and continued sweeping.

"Mmm...he said he wouldn't be back until at least the afternoon, so the new kid might get here before you." Hinaka replied as she came down the stairs, carrying Shuji in one arm and a bag of baby supplies in the other.

"Now remember, take all the customer's orders as fast as you can." Hinaka said as she made her way out of the store. "Oh, and Fubuki, one last thing." She said.

"Yeah?" Fubuki asked as he started sweeping nearby the door.

"The new kid is going to be staying with you." Hinaka said, rushing the entire sentence as fast as she could.

"He, what? Wait...!" Fubuki said.

But it was too late, Hinaka had already driven off in her van.

"Great..." Fubuki said as he shrugged.

"Morning!" Said an old man as he entered the lonely shop.

"Oh, good morning! Welcome to Tachibana's!" Fubuki said loudly.

"Ha, well aren't you a bright kid?" The old man replied as he took a seat.

"At least the day is going to start off slow." Fubuki thought to himself as he went to ask the man's order.

Just then, a group of elderly people entered the shop and soon filled nearly the entire area.

Fubuki dropped his broom as his eyes widened in shock at how fast the small little shop had filled with people.

"Ongeki Zan! Raiden Gekishin!" Todoroki yelled as he stabbed his guitar into the belly of a giant rat like creature.

Todoroki's fingers raced across the cords of his guitar like the master he was. The monster yelled in pain as he continued the rest of his signature attack, giving the monster no time to try and get back on its feet.

Finally the monster stopped its screaming as Todoroki played one last fast cord. The monster shook violently for a couple of moments before bursting into nothing but dust.

Todoroki's human head once again returned to his body as he took in a deep breath and exhaled.

"Wow...there hasn't been a...Makamou this strong in ages." Todoroki said aloud to himself, needing to take a breath for nearly every other word he spoke.

He then took a look at his surroundings, a nearby lake flowed along peacefully as animals slowly returned to the grass field that the battle had just taken place in.

"Time for a cleansing then!" Todoroki exclaimed, before rapidly taking in more breaths as he had forgotten how tired he was. "Guess I overdid it just a bit..." He said to himself in an apologetic tone, almost expecting a reply.

Todoroki paused for a moment and sighed as he noticed that there was no one around. Takeshi had long since dispersed the idea of normal humans helping the Oni directly on the battlefield, this left Todoroki feeling dejected.

"Ah...I wish you were still here, Hibiki-san." Todoroki thought as he began the cleansing.

This cleansing was different than the ones he usually did. Unlike the others, this was a mellow, almost sorrowful tune Todoroki was playing for the cleansing. He continued this for several minutes as he made his way around the dust left by the explosion of the monster.

Todoroki finally came to a stop as the sun slowly began to rise over the horizon. He took a moment to take in the view and stretch his arms before walking back into the thick of the forest behind him.

As he entered the forest, Todoroki returned completely to his human form. He was now wearing a light blue shirt and a pair of dark green shorts, not clothes for walking through a forest as he soon found out. A group of annoying bugs were now picking at some of the open wounds he had received from the battle.

Todoroki tried to slap the bugs away, but it was to no avail as they simply jumped and returned to the wound as soon as he lifted his hand.

"I need to bring bug spray with me next time..." Todoroki thought to himself as he continued his trek through the lonely forest.

"Yaah!" Echoed a voice through the forest.

Todoroki was caught off guard by the yelling and nearly tripped over a bushel of dead tree branches scattered in front of him.

He heard the scream again and rushed into the direction of the noise as fast as he could. He then heard an explosion and another yell at the same time. This time, a cloud of thin yellow smoke was drifting from the cause of the explosion.

Todoroki followed the direction of the smoke, jumping over large rocks and other obstacles in the way, almost without even thinking of just where he was going.

He then finally came to a small field, almost hidden within the forest. There he saw a couple on the ground, shaking in fear and before them stood a yellow clad warrior. He seemed to almost be guarding them from a Kwai-Douji and Yo-Hime standing menacingly in front of them.

The Kwai-Douji then ran at the yellow warrior while letting out a ferocious growl. The warrior dodged the Makamou easily, he then grabbed in from behind and almost effortlessly tossed into into a nearby tree.

The warrior then signaled for the couple to leave as he ran to the fallen Douji and began pulled from the back of his belt, what seemed to be a silver flute. Just as the warrior was about to play a note, the Douji came to its feet and rushed the warrior, knocking him to his knees.

At this point, Todoroki came running into the field as he transformed. The crackling thunder and lightning that covered his body as he ran singed anything around him. Todoroki stood in front of the fallen yellow warrior and the Douji and Hime.

He held his left hand back, as to offer it to the yellow warrior to help him stand up. The warrior took Todoroki's hand and then stood next to Todoroki, facing the Douji and Hime.

"Thanks." The warrior said.

"Any..." Todoroki paused mid-sentence, swiping the warrior's hand away from his shoulder. He poised his guitar now, keeping a close watch on all three figures that stood in the field.

"Did I miss something?" The warrior asked, dumbfounded.

"You may talk like a human, but you're nothing but a foul beast!" Todoroki yelled as he came running to the yellow warrior, swinging his guitar like an ax at the warrior.

"Hey!" The warrior yelled as he dodged the attack. "What's this all about?!"

"You may look like one...but you're no Oni! You've got no horns." Todoroki said as he rushed towards the warrior once more.

"Not again..." The warrior said with a sigh as he prepared to brace himself for the attack.

The Douji and Hime took this opportunity to attack Todoroki, caught completely off guard, Todoroki was brought to his kness without a fight.

The yellow warrior stood before Todoroki, who was trying to throw the attackers off him.

Todoroki struggled, but it was no use, both the Douji and Hime had too tight of a grip on him. All Todoroki could do was yell in pain.

"Great, I supposed I should fix this little screw up too?" The yellow warrior said aloud to himself as he lowered his head for a moment. "Alright! If we're gonna be working together, you're more use to the people with all your limbs intact." He said sarcastically.

He then took his flute and held it as if were a sword. "Hikari no Ken!" He yelled.

The flute then began to glow a bright yellow as a blade of light slowly protruded from one end of the flute until it reach its final length. The warrior then ran at the Douji and Hime with what seemed to by a sword of light.

"Haaa!" He yelled as he cut through the Douji, slicing it in half in mere moments. The Douji yelled in pain as the blade made its way through its body with almost no effort.

The Hime then glanced at the yellow warrior and hissed as it let go of the grip it had on Todoroki and ran off.

"Well you're lucky I'm here." The warrior said mockingly as he offered Todoroki a hand.

Once again, Todoroki swiped the warrior's hand away and kept himself on guard with his guitar as he slowly backed away from the warrior.

"Yeah...we're probably gonna' need to work this out." The warrior said as he began to walk away from Todoroki.

"Oh, I wouldn't stay in this area for too long by yourself. That Hime's gonna pissed that I killed her mate, she'll be looking to make a meal of any Oni she can get her hands on." The warrior said nonchalantly as he made his way into the forest, disappearing from sight as he walked deeper into the forest.

Todoroki stood puzzled for a moment before falling to his knees. He held on tightly to a bite that the Hime had given him. He decided it would be better to take the warrior's advice and leave before any more Makamou attacked him while he was still tired.

In a dark and empty room illuminated by a soft green light stood three figures, a tall and slender man, a short an petite woman and a average sized man. The tall man walked to the single window of the room and stared out into the morning sunrise.

"I despise this sight." He said in a fearsome voice.

"Don't worry, my love, we're going to find those Zi soon..." Said the woman in a sinister voice. "...and then the battle with those traitors will have finally come to an end."

"Master, do not worry, I will gather every last piece of the star before the Oni even figure out what it is. Trust me, with me and my children fighting them, they'll soon fall to their knees, all of them." Said the third figure.

"He seems rather over confident, doesn't he, my mistress?"

"Taio...what the hell do you want?"

A fourth figure, a woman, walked into the small room.

"Oh, come now Senji, we all know you won't be able to defeat the Oni on your own. All you can create are the Armored and Warrior types, they've never posed any great threat to the Oni in the past, what makes you think that's going to change just because you're the one controlling them?"

"Taio...you forget just what he used to be." Said the man.

"An Oni...a student, a traitor to the traitors? No...I remember perfectly. You weren't cut out to be an Oni, so you jumped ship and joined us." Said Taio mockingly.

"You bitch...!" Yelled Senji as he fired off a burst of energy from the palm of his hand, aimed at Taio.


Taio simply glared and froze the attack in midair.

"It may be summer, but that doesn't mean I can't fight." Taio said as she prepared to return the attack.

"Stop this foolishness!" Yelled the man. "Taio, your time will come, when winters comes, but now it is summer and it is time for Senji to lead the attacks."

"Of course...that doesn't mean you can't jump in every now and then." Said the woman slyly as she began to exit the small dark room.

"Senji...do be careful...remember what happened to the man and the woman when they failed." She said as she exited.

Senji grew nervous for a moment as his body tensed up for a moment before the man gave him a quick pat on the back.

"Don't worry, they were weak, my expectations for you are...much greater." He said as we walked out of the room.

"Do you really believe those two are the right choice for this? The woman asked the man as they walked down a dark hallway side by side.

"I do...Jaki...Mujaki...they will be revived and that is when the fall of the Oni will commence."

"Thank you, please come again!" Fubuki said as he held the door open for the last members of the large crowd that had arrived earlier. "I thought they'd never leave..." he said as he let himself drop the floor and took a deep breath in.

"Another tour group?" Asked a light voice with a chuckle.

Fubuki glanced up to see a woman in her early 20's stand in front of him. She came dress in her Tachibana uniform and laid her purse down a table as she offered Fubuki a hand up.

"Mochida, thanks." Fubuki said as he took another deep breath in.

"Are you okay?" Mochida asked as she began picking up the used cups and plates left behind by the group of customers.

"Of course...I'm just a little tired." Fubuki replied, trying to hide his exhausted expression. "So, what are you doing here today? I thought you were going to a concert today." He said as he stood up and helped Mochida with the plates.

The both of them walked into one of the back rooms of the restaurant that held a sink and began washing the dishes.

"It was canceled, one of the band members came down with something and it had to be held off for another week." Mochida replied as she began washing the used dishes.

"I don't see what's so great about that band..." Fubuki commented while drying off the dishes that Mochida handed to him as she continued cleaning. "The Rider Chips...what kind of dumb name is that for a band?"

Mochida simply laughed and continued washing the dishes as Fubuki continued drying them.

"Oh!" Mochida exclaimed as she halted the dish washing. "Did you bring those oranges that Hinaka asked for?" She asked.

"Oh, yeah. She left them behind the counter." Fubuki replied.

"Oh, great! Then I can make that pie!" Mochida said with a smile on her face.

Those words caught Fubuki's attention.

"You mean that summer style one?" He asked with eagerly.

"Yup, that's the one." Mochida replied as she made her way to the front counter to retrieve the oranges.

"Oh, great! Then, think you can save me some?" Fubuki asked, even more eager than before.

"Sure, no problem." Mochida replied as she pulled out a knife and wooden cutting board from a drawer in a room adjacent to where Fubuki was finishing off the last of the dishes.

"I'm back!" Announced a voice from the entrance of the restaurant.

Fubuki peeked his head out from the room he was in to see Todoroki entering.

"Oh, Todo, you're back." Fubuki said as he put the last of the dishes away in a cabinet.

"Hi, Hinaka's left to the doctor already?" Todoroki asked as he waved to Mochida who was busy peeling and cutting the oranges.

"Yeah, she left a few hours ago." Fubuki replied.

"Ah, I forgot it was so early." Todorki said as he went to the main room and took a set to rest on. "Has the new Oni arrived yet?" He asked as he laid his head down on the table.

"Not yet, he won't be here for at least another hour."

"There's a Makamou running around trying to mimic the Oni, I wanted to warn him in case he ran into any problems."

"What's this Makamou look like?" Fubuki asked as he sat down in the chair next to Todoroki.

"Yellow...dark yellow, almost looks me actually." Todoroki said as he lifted his head up. "It would be nearly impossible to tell that he was a Makamou if not for the fact that he has no horns. He tried to fool me, but I knew better than to let that happen." Todoroki said proudly.

"Yellow...looks like you...no horns...that sounds like...never mind." Fubuki said, trying to hold back his laughter.

"That sounds like who?" Todoroki asked.

"It's not important, Todo, you'll find out sooner or later." Fubuki replied as he tried not to crack a smile.

"Oh...and I thought I told you not to call me Todo! It's Todoroki, I'm the leader here and I should be called by my full title!" Todoroki said while trying to sound angry, which ended up looking more over exaggerated than anything else.

"Oh, come on, you know we don't have ranks anymore." Fubuki said with a grin.

"Well...yeah, I know...but still...I'm the oldest and I've been an Oni longer than almost any other Oni in Japan." Todoroki replied, with his head lowered and feeling dejected.

"True...but that still doesn't help if you can't tell an Oni apart from a Makamou."

Both Todoroki and Fubuki turned their heads to see someone standing in the entrance way. There stood a normal looking teenage boy.

"Who are you?" Todoroki asked.

"Name's Kagayaki, and you...you've got quite a temper." Kagayaki replied with a chuckle as he dropped his bags on the floor. "So...this is where I'll be staying?" He asked as he looked around.

"Oh, hi! You must be the new Oni." Mochida said as she came out of the backroom.

"And this pretty face would be...?" Kagayaki asked as he smiled.

Todoroki looked stunned for a moment and then stood up, blocking Mochida from Kagayaki's view.

"Todo, stop it." Mochida said, flustered.

"Ah, so you're Todoroki..."The Great Roaring Demon", pleasure to meet you." Fubuki said as he walked pass Todoroki and shook Mochida's hand.

"Hi, I'm Mochida." She said. "...and I'm a bit too old for you." She continued.

Todoroki and Fubuki both laughed out loud while Kagayaki looked a little taken aback.

"Um...right, anyway, so this is where I'll be staying?" Kagayaki asked, trying to get as far away from the embarrassment on his face as he could.

"Nope. You'll be staying with me." Fubuki said as he leaned against a wall and gave a Hibiki-like wave.

"You would be...?" Kagayaki. asked.

"...oh, you've heard of Todoroki, but not me? Little punk." Fubuki said under his breath.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch that." Kagayaki said with a big grin on his face.

"Fubuki, I'm Fubuki, your new roommate." Fubuki replied. "You're the Oni that has a mental link with the disc animals, right?" He asked.

"The one and only." Kagayaki replied as he took a seat. "Man...this place sure is a dump." He said as he looked around.

Mochida then grabbed a newspaper on the counter and proceeded to hit Kagayaki on the head with it.

"It may be old, but it is not a dump." She said in a stern voice as she walked back into the one of the rooms. "I'll be finishing up the pie if you need me." She said.

"Wow...I don't think I've ever seen her get upset before." Fubuki said.

"Well she has been...and if you do it again, I'll make you eat your words." Todoroki said, trying to act tough, but once again, failing to impress anyone.

An awkward silence then took the room while Todoroki tried to hide his embarrassment.

"Sooo...how does the mental thing work?" Fubuki asked, trying to bring some form of conversation back to the room.

"You'll see when it happens." Kagayaki replied.

"Oh...you're going to fit in just great..." Fubuki said sarcastically. "Whatever, I'm going to get some sleep. Want to get in a few hours before I have to do any Makamou hunting. Have someone else show you the way to my apartment, you can walk, it isn't that far."

"Hold it. You're not going home just yet." Fubuki said as he blankly stared into a wall.

"Oh, and why is that?" Todoroki asked.

"The mother Hime from this morning and her child are attacking a group of people in the mountains right now." Kagayaki said as he stood up. "I'll be back in a moment." Kagayaki said as he walked out of the restaurant.

"I guess that's how it works..." Fubuki said to Todoroki.

"Yeah..." Todoroki replied.

"You okay?"

"Sure...I just have a bad feeling about this."

"Don't worry about it, it's probably nothing." Fubuki said as he made his way out of the restaurant to grab his motorcycle. "You should probably tell Mochida we're going now." He said as he left.

"Oh, right." Todoroki replied as he went into the back room.

In front of the tiny little restaurant, Fubuki unchained his white and black motorcycle a bicycle rack.

"Okay, I'm ready." Todoroki said as he exited the restaurant with Mochida following behind.

"Good luck you two." She said.

"What? No kind words for me?" Kagayaki said jokingly as he came around the corner with a bicycle.

Mochida shrugged and went back inside, ignoring Kagayaki.

"Ouch." Kagayaki said sarcastically.

"I hope you don't think you'll be able to keep up with us on that thing." Fubuki said as he laughed at the bike.

"No, of course not." Kagayaki replied.

He opened a small bag that was tied to the back of the bike and took out a flute. He played a few notes on the flute and the bike was slowly engulfed in sound waves before finally changing into a dark green motorcycle.

Both Fubuki and Todoroki then scrambled in front of Kagayaki and his bike, trying to cover up what had just happen, in case anyone walking by had seen it.

"You idiot! You can't do things like that in public!" Fubuki yelled.

"What? It's not like anyone's going to see it." Kagayaki said with a chuckle as he started his motorcycle up. "Now...follow me boys." He said as he rode off.

"Wha...wait!" Both Todoroki and Fubuki yelled as Todoroki jumped into his van and Fubuki hopped on his motorcycle.

"I'm getting too old for this..." Fubuki said as he started up his motorcycle and followed behind Kagayaki with Todoroki following slightly behind.

09-04-2006, 11:19 AM
Hibi-chan...don't think I've ever heard anyone call him that before. XD And thanks, I wanna try to work different things into the series that I always thought would have been good but were never actually used.

::coughs:: Heh, twas nickname a friend and I came up with. Works I think. :anime:

Btw: Lol. I can see the explosions and confrontations happening already. Kagayaki cracks me up. Reminds me of what Kiriya would've been if he'd been Oni training from young. Todoroki is still todoroki. Nice job on keeping his character portrayal consistent with the series, although I suppose that will change as he's taken on a new roll now. Will we see Asumu?

::Amused:: Rider Chips...lol

Aoi Kurenai
09-07-2006, 04:57 PM
Nice name either way. :laugh:

And yeah, Asumu will show up eventually, but that still won't be for a while.

Aoi Kurenai
09-09-2006, 07:32 PM
Episode 3: A Leader, Todoroki

"I can't believe you attacked me!" Yelled Kagayaki.

"I can't believe you didn't pick up on the jokes..." Said Fubuki with a sigh.

"Well...you shouldn't have attacked me!" Todoroki yelled.

"What?! I only did that because you came swinging at ME!" Retorted Kagayaki.

"Fighting over who's fault it is won't solve anything right now." Began Fubuki as he stood up to a take a look at the flowing river next to the Oni. "Todoroki's Ongekigen was taken by...whatever that Makamou was and Kagayaki has a deep wound on his arm."

Fubuki dropped himself to the ground and stared up into the blue sky. Kagayaki and Todoroki both sat across from him on large rocks adjacent to the river. Kagayaki sighed as he grasped his left arm, which was covered using a piece of cloth as a makeshift bandage. Todoroki just sat on his rock with his head lowered.

"So...I guess I'm gonna have to get the Ongekigen back then." Fubuki said, breaking the silence between the three.

"You're gonna' fight that Makamou on your own?" Asked Kagayaki.

"I guess so...Todoroki's got no weapon, you're down for the count and I'm the only one still in tact."

"You can't go by yourself!" Said Todoroki in a worried tone. "If the three of us couldn't beat that thing with our combined powers, what makes you think that you can defeat it alone?"

"Well, you see, the funny thing about that is...there weren't three Oni fighting a Makamou out there. There was one Oni fighting on his own and two acting like children." Fubuki replied, annoyed by Todoroki's words. "And after all this, you think you can call yourself our leader? You still continued attacking Kagayaki after I made it clear that he wasn't a Makamou."

Kagayaki glared at Todoroki before putting a cocky smile on his face.

"Oh, and what are you smiling about?" Fubuki asked. "You could have done something other than continue that petty fight."

Fubuki then lowered his head, feeling ashamed about having an argument with one of his closest friends about something so small

"It's not my fault, he should have told me!" Todoroki yelled.

"I did...only you were too busy trying to cut me into pieces." Kagayaki said smugly.

"Okay...why don't the both of you shut up and just wait here for me to get back...I'll probably have a better chance at beating that thing than either one of you." Fubuki said as he walked up to a tree and banged his Koori against it.

As he banged his drum sticks against the tree, his eyes grew a dark blue and steam slowly descended upon his body before bursting into blue flames. After letting out a grunt, the flames died down and Fubuki gave one last look back to Todoroki and Kagayaki before walking into the forest.

"It's going to take way too long to get used to him..." Fubuki thought as he pressed through the forest, looking all around him to make sure he wasn't being followed.

Back at the river site, Todoroki and Kagayaki were still sitting on the rocks, not talking to each. Kagayaki looked up at the sky and let out a deep sigh as he closed his eyes and tried to get some rest, his efforts were in vain, the pain from his wound was bothering him too much to even get a few minutes of rest.

Todoroki stood up for a moment to stretch his arms, kicking pebbles into the river as he walked beside it. He stopped for a moment and looked at his reflection in the river as he grabbed a pebble and threw it at his reflection.

"I didn't...I didn't mean to..." Todoroki didn't even bother finishing his sentence. He let himself drop the ground and laid on his back on the rough and rocky ground, looking up to the sky and letting out a deep sigh as he closed his eyes.

"Ah...Hibiki, I'm no good at quelling fights between friends like you were..." Fubuki said with a sigh as he took a break, leaning against a tree. He took his Koori and imitated playing the drums in midair.

"It's just not the same anymore." Fubuki said as he thought back to all the times that Hibiki had been able to settle disputes between Oni. "Gah...some apprentice I turned out to be." Fubuki said, putting his Koori back into their leather holders strapped to his back.

"Oh well...I guess I'll just have to do the best I can...or get myself killed." He said as he began sprinting through the dense forest.

Just moments after Fubuki had began his sprint, he stopped dead in his tracks as he heard the unmistakable growl of a Makamou nearby. He pulled out his Koori and stood poised and searched the scene with his eyes as he slowly began to back away from the direction he was running towards just moments before. Fubuki then stopped moving all together as he heard a voice.

"Oni...little little Oni...all alone..." Said the voice in an ominous and eerie voice. Over and over again the voice repeated these words as if it were a nursery rhyme.

"Oni..." Said the voice one last time before it seemingly died down.

"DIE!" Yelled the voice again.

A Hime then jumped Fubuki from behind, knocking him to his back. The Hime hissed at Fubuki as he tried to hold her, trying his hardest to get her off him before she could bite him. She then began to drool on Fubuki's shoulders. Steam began to rise from where the droll was falling and soon, parts of Fubuki's shoulders began slowly melting away.

"Ahh!" Yelled Fubuki as the acid like drool burnt straight through his skin. "Damnit! Get off me you monster!" Fubuki yelled as he kicked the Hime off him.

Fubuki then quickly came to his feet, holding his wounded shoulder with one hand as he eyed the Hime for a moment before she jumped at him again. Fubuki dodged and just barely missed having the Hime bite into his shoulder.

The Hime then licked her lips and them closed her eyes as her human looking form became a white armored version of a Hime.

"Great..." Fubuki thought as he began to run from the site of the battle.

The Hime then jumped above the trees and landed just inches in front of Fubuki, causing him to nearly trip as he stopped. The two eyed each other for a few moments before the Hime spit a Fubuki again.

The spit caught Fubuki's right hand, causing him to drop his Koori as he yelled in pain from the attack which burnt through his skin with ease. Fubuki backed away from the Hime after getting over the pain. Once again the two eyed each other for a moment before Hime ran towards the Koori stick that Fubuki had dropped.

"Oh no you don't!" Fubuki yelled as he leaped towards the Hime.

The Hime hissed as claws ripped through its fists, which were aimed at Fubuki. Having no time to dodge them, the claws drove themselves deep into Fubuki's wounded shoulder.

"Ahhh!" He cried out in pain for a moment before laughing. "...got ya." He said as he grabbed the fallen Koori and pounded into the Hime's ribs. "Now...let go of me!" He yelled as he grabbed the Hime's wrist using his weak hand.

The Hime hissed again as it tried to spit its acid at Fubuki once again.

Fubuki easily blocked the acid with his Koori, which was completely unaffected by the spit. Fubuki then let out a deep groan as he took his Koori and smashed it into the Hime's hand, ripping the hand off from the arm.

"Good luck fighting with one hand." Fubuki said in a cocky attitude as he grabbed the dismembered hand still lodged into his shoulder and pulled it out.

The Hime then cried out in pain and stood up, slowly backing away from Fubuki.

"Oh no, you're not going anywhere!" Fubuki yelled as he dashed towards Hime. Fubuki pulled his belt buckle out and launched it at the Hime, paralyzing the Hime.

"Shiroi! Koori no Kata!" Fubuki yelled as he slammed his Koori into the insignia of the enlarged belt buckle that was now on the Hime's stomach. Fubuki began pounding away as the Hime cried out in pain.

Fubuki paused for a moment before giving one last simultaneous beat with both his Koori, causing the Hime to burst into dust shortly after.

"Whew..." Fubuki said as he leaned against a tree trying to catch his breath.

He then heard an extremely large growl, the growl continued to draw closer and closer to Fubuki before a gigantic bird like monster appeared over Fubuki, ripping the top layer of the dense forest away with its beak.

"You've gotta be kidding me..." He said with a sigh.

Fubuki then noticed something in the beasts beak, Todoroki's Ongekigen had craved into the beak.

Fubuki then let out a loud groan as he looked around him for something to use to jump towards the beast with.

"Might as well make my own way up." Fubuki said as he threw his belt buckle to the ground and began beating away as hard and fast as he could.

The Makamou took his opportunity to attack Fubuki. The beast flew up into the air and then dived down towards the ground.

"Great..." Fubuki said with a sigh. He then turned his gaze upwards towards the Makamou and let out a roar as a flurry of light blue energy shout out from his mouth like fire, causing the Makamou's feet to freeze. "Okay, time to finish this." He said as he aimed the same attack towards the ground, which was now covered in a thin layer of ice.

"Ahh!" Fubuki yelled as he crashed his Koori into the ground, causing the surrounding trees to collapse into the ground.

The Makamou then crashed into the hole that Fubuki had created. It flailed around on the ground, unable to lift itself back up into the air.

"Great, time to get one Ongekigen back." Fubuki said as he ran up to the monster. "There is no way I'm going up there." He said, standing just outside the crater he had created as he watched the Makamou crash around trying to take flight once again.

Fubuki then took a deep breath and fired his ice energy from his mouth towards the Makamou, creating a long shaft of ice leading from the ground up to the Makamou's beak.

"This better work, I do not want to go get it myself." He thought to himself as he tightened his grip on his Koori and in one forceful movement, let out a gigantic burst of energy, breaking the Makamou's beak in half and freeing Todoroki's guitar.

The Makamou cried out in pain again after its beak had been broken. This time, it freed its feet from the binds of ice and took off into the horizon.

Fubuki ran to get Todoroki's guitar just as he noticed the mess he had created. Trees had collapsed and as he continued looking around at the large area of the forest he had seemingly ruined.

He sighed and dropped his Koori as he got on one knee and punched into the ground with his left hand. He went into a trance, causing the area around him to glow a bright blue, matching the sky above him. Slowly, the crater that he created repaired itself and the trees around him began to spring back to life as a flow of energy ran down from his arm and into the earth.

After minutes of healing the earth, Fubuki pulled his arm out from the ground and began gasping for air. "Damnit...I forgot how much that drains me..." Fubuki said, trying to stand up again, but unable to. He began gasping for air again and let himself fall to the ground as he passed out.

"So that Oni was able to do with by himself...interesting." Said Senji as he examined the wounded bird Makamou that soot before him.

The gigantic bird was still struggling to stay upright, a dry trail of blood stained the bird's enormous Talon from the force needed to break the ice it was trapped in. Senji slowly circled the beast, examining its body carefully. He paused for a moment when he came to the beak.

"Is that the best you can do?" Said a voice behind him.

"Taio...what the hell do you want?" Senji asked sharply as he turned to see Taio sitting on a nearby tree branch.

"Oh, don't be so shrill, I'm just here to watch you fail." She replied. "After all, all it took was a single Oni to take down your birdy, you're never going to get anywhere with weak creatures like that."

Senji scoffed at Taio's words and continued examining the bird, not replying to Taio.

"Touchy, aren't we?" Taio said as she jumped from the tree branch down to the ground. "You can't hide away in your dark little corner of the forest every time you fail, the masters will eventually-"

"What? Destroy me? You've got to be kidding yourself. It's still early summer, if they were to kill me, they'd have to step in to fight the Oni, and we both now they're too weak to do that right now. There would be no one else left to fight them if they killed me, so don't get too full of yourself. You, as a single being may be strong, but it's not winter and you don't have the power to create children. If you even you tried to fight the Oni, it'd be a slaughter..." Senji said, taking a knife from a small brown pouch tied around his waist. "...not that I would mind that." He said.

Senji the stared into the knife for a moment, somehow causing it to glow a dark shade of green.

"Now stand back and watch how a true Makamou fights the Oni."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Taio asked furiously. "I'm a true Makamou, that's a lot more than can ever be said for you."

"Please, don't be delusional...you're just a sick human. I may have wanted to be an Oni at one point, but that just means that I'm a true demon...you're just a human that the masters took pity on."

Before Taio could reply, Senji stabbed the knife into the bird's stomach. The bird let out a powerful screech as its body became paralyzed by the pain of the knife.

Senji then began uttering a strange chant for a moment, finally he pulled the knife out from the beast.

"Now...stand back and learn." Senji said as he shot a sly smile to Taio.

As if out of nowhere, a dense fog descended upon the bird, covering its entire body. For a moment, all that could be heard was the cry of the bird as it tried to escape the fog that brought it unspeakable pain. Slow, the cries of pain from the bird died down and the fog lifted, disappearing just as fast is it came.

The gigantic bird that once stood before Taio and Senji was now gone, in its place, a group of 50 humanoid figures. Each figure was devoid of any markings, save for what looked like a bird's face mask.

"Ookubi Tori soldiers...go, find the Oni and kill them, and don't bother coming back if you can't get the job done." Senji commanded.

The group replied by letting out a large grunt and then all jumped into the air, all going in different directions.

Senji grinned and began walking into the forest, stopping for a moment as he came next to Taio. "Don't you dare interfere with this." He said as he continued walking into the forest.

"Bitch..." Taio said under her breath, jumping back into the trees.

"Ah...what...where...what happened..." Fubuki said as he he opened his eyes, still in a daze from being drained of most of his energy.

"Don't get up too fast, Fubuki, you're still tired." Todoroki said as he rushed to Fubuki's said.

"Why...are we in a cave?" Fubuki asked, dumbfounded.

"Well...after you went off to get Todoroki's weapon, we saw a gigantic flash of blue light and figured that probably wasn't a good thing, so we did the smartest thing we could think of, run straight into it. We found you passed out on the ground and we both felt your aura around the entire forest. So we more or less figured you tried to heal it...and then a group of Makamou jumped us." Kagayaki said as he walked into the small cave and handed Fubuki a bucket. "Water, drink up." He said.

"I got my weapon in time and was able to hold them off long enough for Kagayaki to get you to a safe place." Todoroki said.

"...and then I felt the smallest bit of guilt and went back to help him." Kagayaki continued, plopping himself down on the floor. "We both kind of felt bad about everything that happened and thought about what you said." Fubuki said as he closed his eyes.

"Yeah...I wasn't acting like a senior Oni...much less a leader." Todoroki said remorsefully.

"But as you can imagine, we weren't even close to being a match to those things." Kagayaki said.

"You guys hurt?" Fubuki asked.

"Just our pride." Kagayaki replied sarcastically. "But we're okay, I was able to heal my arm after the fight. So, how'd you manage to beat that bird?" Kagayaki asked.

"Oh...Ki Houjutsu Onibi, Death Fire, I think I finally perfected it." Fubuki replied.

Fubuki's words caught Todoroki's attention. "Death Fire? Isn't that the..."

"...last technique Hibiki was teaching me? Yeah, that's the one." Fubuki said. "Though, I should probably name it something else, it isn't exactly fire." Fubuki said as he slowly stood up, using the surrounding walls for support. "So...how are we going to now when it's safe to leave?" Fubuki asked as he took a quick glance outside.

"Disc Animals, they'll tell me when it's safe to leave. And right now we've got about 20 Makamou around the area." Kagayaki replied.

"Heh...guess that mind link comes in handy." Todoroki commented.

"Yup...it's saved my butt countless times." Kagayaki replied.

Fubuki dropped himself on the ground again and took a deep breath while looking up at the ceiling of the dark cave. "So...just how exactly did you get that? And what about not having any horns? You're the first I've ever seen without any." Fubuki said.

"Don't know...even my old master thought I was a Makamou when I first transformed." Kagayaki replied with a sigh. "The mind link with the Disc Animals though, side effect of a Makamou attack I guess. It was a strange mimicking type that I'd never seen before, it made pretty quick work of me and just as it came in for the kill, my animals took the attacks for me. Gave me enough time to escape, then things just went from there..." Kagayaki suddenly stopped mid-sentence. "Okay, they're gone, we should hurry." He said as he jumped to his feet.

"Wha? They're gone?" Todoroki asked.

"Yeah, hurry up, this is probably the only chance we'll get to leave." Kagayaki said as he gathered up some items on the floor and stuffed them into his backpack.

Todoroki helped Fubuki up to his feet and handed him his Koori as the three left the cave.
Senji entered a small and grassy field as he stepped out of the forest.

"So...it's around here somewhere, is it?" He asked himself as he began searching in the field. "With the first piece, I'll finally be able to shut Taio up, I'll be able to take her power and flourish in the winter..." He said as he continued surveying the area.

Senji continued his search for a nearly an hour before he became fed up with the search. "Damnit, where the hell are you?" He exclaimed. "It's just a damn rock, it can't be that hard to find...and this area is too small for me to have not found it. Unless...it's not here."

He then began walking into the forest, taking one look back at the field to make sure that what he came looking wasn't there. Senji groaned and walked back in the direction of the forest. Just as he was about to enter the forest, he walked into what felt like a wall. There was nothing blocking the way that he could see, but for some reason he could not enter the forest.

"You have entered sacred grounds, you shall not leave until I am defeated." A voice called out from behind Senji.

"Heh...so then it was here all along." Senji thought to himself as he turned to see a green and red Oni standing before him, holding a sword in one hand and what seemed to be a paper umbrella in the other.

"So, you're the first guardian?" He yelled out as he turned to face the Oni.

"Correct." The Oni replied.

"So, what's your name?" Senji asked as he walked towards the Oni.

"My name is of no importance to you." The Oni replied. "If you can defeat me, you wil gain what you are looking for." The Oni said.

"Can't you just give me the thing? I really don't feel like fighting." Said Senji in a tired voice.

"No..." Said the Oni as it dropped the umbrella to the ground and poised his sword, running towards Senji. "You entered here of your own will, and now you must face this task!" The Oni yelled.

With almost no time to react, all Senji could do was dodge the oncoming attack.

Again, the Oni ran towards Senji, swinging his blade towards him with ever advancement.

"If you don't attack me, this battle will surely end in your death!" The Oni yelled, running towards Senji once again.

"Fine." Senji said in a low voice.

Senji then dug his hand into his right arm, deep beneath his skin, he pulled out what seemed to be a sword from within his arm.

The two warriors ran towards each other before their blades met. The two stood face to face, each trying to hold the other with their sword.

"Good, very good." The Oni said. "But not nearly good enough!" He yelled.

Senji was then taken by surprised thanks to a sudden pain in his left leg, causing him to drop to his knees while still trying to hold off the Oni. He took one a quick glance at his leg and saw that the Oni's umbrella had pierced his leg.

Senji then hissed and glared at the Oni for a moment before opening his mouth to what seemed to be nearly half a foot. He took a quick breath of air in and then exhaled fire towards the direction of the Oni.

The Oni yelled in pain, dropping his sword and covering his face to try and ease the pain.

"Too easy." Senji said with a grin as he ripped the umbrella from his leg and ran towards the Oni.

The Oni was still blinded by the fire and couldn't see the coming attack. Senji ran to the Oni's back and slashed him twice, straight across his back.

"And now, you die!" He yelled, preparing to thrust his sword into the Oni's back.

"Ahhh!" The Oni yelled.

Just moments before Senji's blade would enter the Oni's back, the Oni's two misshapen horns grew and like grabbed Senji like a pincer. "Don't take me so lightly boy!" He yelled as he rapidly lowered his head, slamming Senji down into the ground.

The Oni then rose to its feet and ran picked up his fallen sword as he ran towards Senji. "I told you not to take me lightly!" He yelled as his sword came crashing down and sliced Senji's left arm in half.

Senji then yelled in pain, this was a pain that he had never felt before. His body parts have been sliced off before, but never he had felt this type of pain.

"Holy sword..." The Oni said. "Unlike the normal swords used on Makamou...if something is cut with one of these, that body part's gone for good." The Oni continued, preparing to end the battle by stabbing Senji in the chest.

"Die!" Senji yelled as a large claw came ripping out of his stomach and stabbing the Oni in the heart.

The Oni pulled the sword out and slowly backed away, touching his chest he could feel the cold blood dripping. "You've won...it's yours'." The Oni said, becoming less and less visable until he disappeared.

In his place, a small green orb was floating where he once stood.

"The bastard...he actually cut my arm off." Senji said as he came to his feet, grasping the wound. "Oh well...it was worth it for this." He said with a grin as he walked to the orb.

He grabbed it and the blow died down, revealing a green rock.

"The first piece..." He said as he started walking back into the forest.

"Finally...we made it." Fubuki said as the three came to the outskirts of the forest and found their vehicles.

"I don't think I wanna go back to a forest for a good while..." Kagayaki said as he fell to the ground.

"Let's just go home." Todoroki said as he opened the front door of his van and sat down to rest.

"I...don't think I'm all that good to drive." Kagayaki said. "My wound may be gone, but it still hurts a lot."

"You can come with me." Todoroki said. "Both of you, you still seem too weak to get back on your own, Fubuki."

"Thanks, but I think I can make it on my own." Fubuki said as he leaned against Todoroki's van. "I'm not as hurt as the new kid is anyway."

"...thanks." Kagayaki said sarcastically.

"First you can try escaping here alive." Said Senji as he appeared in front of the three out of nowhere.

"Oh, you've got to be kidding...it was never this hard back when with master." Kagayaki said.

"Oh, right, you talked about your master before. I was wondering who he was." Todoroki said.

"Wait...I thought that the Oni didn't have anymore ranks these days?" Fubuki asked.

"Oh, the master-student thing is more unofficial than anything. We really don't have ranks it's just that-" Kagayaki was then interrupted by Senji's coughing.

The three Oni then looked at Senji wide-eyed and asked at the same time. "Who are you again?"

Senji looked shocked, his eyes twitched for a moment before he snapped back to reality.

"Soldiers!" He called.

A dark mist descended upon the area, blocking out the sun and boxing off the area. From the mist, a group of 10 Makamou soldiers appeared from the mist, the same warriors that had been created from the bird Makamou.

"These are the left overs from that bird you sliced up today. Have fun." Senji said as he walked away.

The three Oni then all rose to their feet, standing side by side as they stared the Makamou down. Fubuki picked up his Koori from the ground and knocked them against Todoroki's van, causing the swirling flurry of snow and white fire to cover his body. Todoroki and Kagayaki both activated their henshin devices at the same time, causing a bolt of lightning to crash down upon Todoroki as a bright burst of light broke through the mist and enveloped Kagayaki, revealing their Oni forms moments later.

Each of the warriors then stood poised with their weapons, ready to attack.

"Let's try to finish this up fast, not sure if my arm can take the stress of battle for long." Kagayaki said.

"Be careful." Todoroki cautioned as the three ran head on into the Makamou.

Todoroki ran into a group of four Makamou, swinging his guitar around like a sword. The Makamou all dodged and surrounded Todoroki. "This is not what I wanted..." He said as he looked around at the group circling him.

One of the Makamou was then brought to its feet by a powerful blow from Fubuki's drum sticks. "Thought you could use some help!" Fubuki said as he waved at Todoroki.

"Thanks!" Todoroki yelled. He rammed his guitar into the ground and then punched straight into the ground, causing lightning to shoot from all directions from his fist, knocking the three Makamou that were standing to their feet. "Fubuki!" Todoroki yelled.

"Right!" Yelled Fubuki.

Fubuki went into a short trance-like state before firing a round of his fire like ice, freezing the four fallen Makamou before they could get to their feet again. "Todo! Finish them off!" He yelled as he went to fight another Makamou.

"Zanki! Raiden Zanshin!" Todoroki yelled as he slammed his guitar into the ice and stuck his belt buckle on his guitar. He then began playing notes as fast as he could, not taking any time to stop. "Now, die!" He yelled as he played a final cord, causing the ice to crack slowly and then finally expload.

"Onsaken!" Kagayaki yelled as he held his flute at his waist. A ray of light then began to protrude from the flute before it finally hardened into a blade. "Time to die!" He happiliy said as he ran towards a Makamou that tried to escape the blade. "Ongekisha! Senpuu Issen!" Kagayaki yelled as the blade sliced into the Makamou. Kagayaki then ran his hands across the flute holes as if he were playing it, causing different sound waves to enter the blade and then the Makamou body. "I'm done now..." He said in a sly voice as he sliced his blade out of the Makamou body, causing the Makamou to crumble.

"Shiroi! Koori no Kata!" Fubuki yelled as he slammed his drum sticks into a pair of Makamou that were running at him from both sides. The attack caused the Makamou to stop moving. "Ichigeki Dotou!" He yelled as he pulled his drum sticks back and then slammed each into the Makamou, causing the two Makamou to come crashing together in front of Fubuki.

Fubuki then grabbed his belt buckle and dropped it on the two Makamou and began played as fast as he could. He was already tired from the battles today so he played slower than usual and once he finished and the Makamou were destroyed, he stood out of breath.

Fubuki bent over, trying to catch his breath when he noticed a Makamou jump at him from behind. He avoided the attack, but just barely. Still out of breath, he held his drum sticks ready to attack.

Just then, another Makamou came from behind, causing Fubuki to fall to the ground. Fubuki yelled in pain as one of the Makamou bit into his back.

Both Todoroki and and Kagayki came running to help Fubuki.

Kagayaki's flute sword then became a flute again as he stood behind the Makamou in front of Fubuki. "Ongekisha! Senpuu Issen!" He yelled as he began playing righ behind the Makamou, the soundwaves traveled fast as the Makamou could feel the attack within seconds.

The Makamou turned to face and attack Kagayaki, but soon its entire body burst into dust. "Two to go!" He yelled as he began looking for the third Makamou.

Todoroki came running at the Makamou on Fubuki, not giving it enough time to react and defend itself, he slashed the monster in the back and as it fell to the ground. "You okay?" He aske Fubuki as he helped him up.

"I'll be fine, just finish the thing up." He said.

"Alright." Todoroli said as he threw his guitar straight at the Makamou, who was trying to stand up. The guitar striked the Makamou in the stomach and moments later the Makamou turned to dust.

Todoroki then walked over to pick his guitar up when he heard a scream. He looked around him to see where it was coming from, then felt something grab him from behind.

The last Makamou had grabbed him just before he could pick his guitar up.

"Todoroki!" Fubuki yelled as he watched helplessly.

"Let him go!" Yelled Kagayaki, who came from behind the Makamou and sliced into its back.

The Makamou let go of Todoroki who dropped to the ground and quickly grabbed the sword and pulled it out of its body.

"Okay...this one might be stronger..." Kagayaki thought to himself as he put himself on guard again.

The Makamou hissed at Kagayaki and fired mud straight into his face, causing him to drop his sword as he tried to get the mud off his face. Before he could, the Makamou came running at him and stabbed its hand straight through Kagayaki's shoulder.

Kagayaki dropped to his knees and yelled in pain as the Makamou then took a bite out of his shoulder. Kagayaki yelled in pain again, unable to do anything else.

The Makamou then showed its fangs and just before it could attack again, Todoroki's guitar was driven straight throw its stomach.

"Your sword! It's on the floor to your left, pick it up and strike directly in front of you!" Yelled Todoroki, who was still on his knees, but holding the guitar as firm as he could.

Kagayaki did as he was told and searched around with his hand for a moment before finding the sword and slashing straight in front of him. The Makamou screamed in pain and then burst into nothing but dust.

All three Oni then dropped to the floor as the mist that had covered the area before slowly died away. The three Oni then slowly returned to their human forms.

"Ha...good one..." Kagayaki said as he took a deep breath.

"Thanks..." Todoroki replied.

Fubuki made his way over to the two by crawling and helped them to sit up straight.

"Thanks for the help back there boss, couldn't have done it without you..." Fubuki said.

"Yeah...we'd be dead without you." Kagayaki continued.

Todoroki smiled brightly as in response to what the two had said. For the first time in a long time, he felt that he had finally earned respect. Something he had not felt since he first met Hibiki.

"Guys...not to ruin this lovely moment..." Kagayaki said, trying to take in a deep breath of air. "...but...we're all beat up really badly...how are we going to get home?"

Fubuki opened his mouth as if to talk, but no words came out. Todoroki was caught off guard by the question and just turned his head away.

An awkward silence then overtook the three as they sat on the ground and looked at the van just feet away from them, but even that was too far for them to walk to now, let alone drive home in.

10-04-2006, 09:55 PM
Lol. Way to beat up on the Oni, nonstop. I guess this is going to be an overcoming-all-odds story type thing? And I'm not remembering, but did the Oni from the series have the ability to heal their environment after battle? I know Todoroki purified it of the Makamou presence, but healing? Or was that implied in the purification as well?

Either way, nice. I'm liking Fubuki as a grown up, wiser Kiriya. :anime:

10-06-2006, 09:23 PM
shin todoroki sounds awesome, will you also give us a picture?

Aoi Kurenai
10-09-2006, 06:18 PM
Lol. Way to beat up on the Oni, nonstop. I guess this is going to be an overcoming-all-odds story type thing? And I'm not remembering, but did the Oni from the series have the ability to heal their environment after battle? I know Todoroki purified it of the Makamou presence, but healing? Or was that implied in the purification as well?

Either way, nice. I'm liking Fubuki as a grown up, wiser Kiriya. :anime:It's going to be explained in the second arc of the series. But basically it's a technique that Hibiki intended on showing Fubuki but never got the chance to, for obvious reasons.

And, I kind of want it to be a little of three different types. Overcoming the odds for Kagayaki's half, learning to be on your own, for Fubuki and learning to be a leader for Todoroki.

shin todoroki sounds awesome, will you also give us a picture?Actually, yeah. I've got pictures of the two evil Oni and Todoroki's powered up form.

Aoi Kurenai
12-04-2006, 05:05 AM
Episode 4: Facing the Terror, Fubuki

"Oni-san...We're waiting..." Echoed two voices through the forest simultaneously.

"Just come out of hiding and get this over then..." Said a figure standing in the center of a group of trees. "I hate these games, worst of part of the job." The figure said with a sigh as he grabbed a pair of drumsticks from his back and stood in a defensive position.

"Oni-san...come and find us..." The voices echoed once more throughout the forest.

"My pleasure." Said the figure.

The figure took in a deep breath before raising his drumsticks high in the air and slamming them down into the ground. Vibrations from the motion soon began to make the trees around him shake as if they being unearthed.

Soon the trees began to shake more violently as the figure continued pounding into the ground with increasing intensity.

And then all of a sudden, the figure stopped pounding. Behind him stood a man and a woman dressed in strange white rags, each wearing a black bandanna.

"Oni-san, you found us." Said the female in a deep male voice.

"Shall we begin the game then?" Asked the male in a light female voice.

"Heh, my pleasure." Said the figure in a low voice. "Rokushou Hana!" He yelled as he turned to face the man and woman behind him, slamming his drum sticks into man's stomach and pounding forcefully over and over again.

The female jumped away from the scene and back into the trees, where she watched on as her other half was begin beaten by the Oni.

"I've been at this for years, you've only been alive for a few days, don't get so cocky!" Shouted the figure as he gave one final pound into the male. "Guess that's going to be it for you." He said as he returned his weapons to their holsters on his back.

The male inched away from the figure, trying to call for the female to come help but unable to speak at all. Slowly his hands began to turn to dust and his body changed from the once flesh and blood form to a dirt like body the crumbled upon itself within a matter of seconds.

"So you just left him like that?" Said the figure as he walked away from the scene of the battle.

Crawling through the trees of the area, the female made sure that the opponent had left before she jumped back to ground and walked over to the pile of dust that was once the male. She looked at the pile with disgust for a moment before picking up the bandanna that the male wore. "Oni...you fool." She whispered to herself while a sinister smile crept onto her face.

"Ah...Fubuki, are you home?" Said a man with brown hair standing at the door of an apartment. "Fubuki!" He called out as he knocked on the door, waiting for someone to answer him.

The doorknob began to rattle around for a moment before the it opened with Kagayaki standing on the other side.

"Ah, Fu...buki." Said the puzzled man.

"Nope, he's out right now, I'm Kagayaki."

"Ah, so you're the new Oni."

"And you would be...?" Asked Fubuki.

"My name's Iori Izu-" He stopped as Fubuki interrupted him.

"Ibuki! You're Ibuki of the head family!" Exclaimed a surprised Kagayaki.

"Eh...I was Ibuki, I gave up being an Oni a long time ago." Said Iori, blushing.

"Ah, yeah, I heard about. So what happened? Too chicken to fight or what? Scared of getting hurt?" Kagayaki intrudingly asked.

"Erm...where did Fubuki go?" Asked Iroi, ignoring the questions and trying to hide his surprised face by looking down at the floor. "When did those pants rip?" He asked himself, noticing the area around his feet had torn.

"...right." Commented Kagayaki. "Anyway..." He continued. "He was called out to Chiba, an Ooari has been giving Chishiki trouble, so he asked for help. If he doesn't get ripped apart, he should be back by tonight." Replied Kagayaki.

"Uhh..I wanted to tell him that the head office has ordered us to start work on the Armed Saber again. I wanted to ask him if he wanted to test it out" Replied Iori.

"The Armed Saber? That thing actually survived its final attack?" Kagayaki asked in a more serious tone of voice.

"Yeah, it's really beat up and needs a lot of repair work, but it should be able to work again one day." Iori replied.

"Hmm...how about letting me test it out then?" Kagayaki asked slyly.

"We'd rather have a seasoned Oni working on this one, it's too dangerous for someone like you to use." Replied Iori with a piercing smile.

Kagayaki's head dropped in discontent. "Hey...your pants really are ripped." He commented, acting somewhat dumbfounded. "Fine, I'll tell Fubuki about it whenever he gets back." Kagayaki replied.

"Great, thanks." Said Iori with a bright smile.

Iori began to walk down to halls once again before turning back to the door. "Oh, I thought you might want to know, your master's going to be in town today." He said as he hurried back down the hall once more to catch an elevator.

"Hmm...my master?" Kagayaki thought to himself. "Wow, I haven't seen him in forever!" Kagayaki ecstatically proclaimed as he rushed back inside to clean himself up. "Eiki...wow, it's been such a long time."

"Haven't been here in quite a while, eh Fubuki?" Asked a middle aged man, standing next to Fubuki in front of a moss covered headstone. "It really feel like it was just yesterday..." He said as he ran his hands through his dark brown hair and then tucked them back into his blue jacket.

"Yeah...I've been meaning to come here for a while, but I've been so swamped with work lately." Replied Fubuki.

"Don't worry about it too much, as you get older, your workload gets heavier. Even in moments like this, you should enjoy the free time you have."

"I know, thanks for coming all the way out here, Chishiki, I probably wouldn't have made it out here on my own." Fubuki said.

"No worries, we all miss him, I've been meaning to pay my respects for a while too. I only met him a few times, but he was a great guy." Said Chishiki as he began walking away. "Anyway, I'm off, take care of yourself, and thanks for helping me out."

"Sure, see you some other time." Fubuki replied, still staring at the headstone bearing Hibiki's name.

Chisiki hopped onto his black motorcycle and drove off after waving to Fubuki one last time. The engine of the motorcycle roared for a few moments before slowly dying down as Chisiki drove off and Fubuki began looking pensive.

"Hibiki..." He whispered.

"So...this is the great Hibiki? Not much of a hero, just sleeping there in the ground." Said a voice behind Fubuki.

Fubuki looked down at his feet for a moment and turned to face the direction of the voice.

"And just who the hell are you?" Fubiki asked, trying to keep his anger suppressed.

"Damn Oni...nothing but a bunch of traitors." Said the figure as he walked closer to Hibiki's headstone.

"What did you say...?" Fubuki asked, giving him a cold stare.

"You heard me, damn Oni. All of you need to die already, we've been waiting for too long." He said, stopping next to Fubuki.

"Makamou...?" Fubuki asked.

"I guess you could call me that..." He replied.

"You're part human aren't you? I can feel it in you..." Fubuki said.

"I was human...but that was a long time ago!" Yelled the man as he threw a punch at Fubuki, hitting him in the face.

"Damnit...I am not in the mood for this!" He yelled as he ran towards the man, grabbing him and knocking him down to the ground.

"Heh...What? Mad that your little hero was nothing more than a damn fool? Get over it..." Said the man as he kicked Fubuki in the stomach and rose to his feet. "You know, you Oni really have an annoying knack of pissing me off easily." He said as his body slowly began to change from that of a normal human to a Makamou.

"You...!" Fubuki yelled in shock. "You're the one from before!"

"Right, and I need to finish the job, no hard feelings...not much anyway." He sarcastically said as he rushed towards Fubuki.

Fubuki grabbed a drum stick clipped to the back of his belt and dodged the attack by swiping at the Makamou.

"I'm going to put a stop to this here and now..." He said as he tapped the drum stick against a nearby tree.

"Be my guest!" Yelled Senji as the two rushed at each other, Fubuki's body still bearing some of the burning white flame.

"Shiroi! Koori no Kata!" Yelled Fubuki as he dashed towards Senji.

"Not gonna' work!" Yelled Senji as he smiled sinisterly.

Fubuki ran straight at Senji, pounding his weapons into Senji's stomach as hard as he could. Senji smiled for a moment before Fubuki was launched back by some unknown force.

"I told you it wasn't going to work." Senji said as he laughed. "This Zi Star is pretty handy, don't you think?"

"The what?" Fubuki questioned as he slowly came to his feet. "Damnit...what the hell was that..." He thought to himself, gasping for air.

"Come on, try it again, I'm starting to enjoy this!" Senji yelled while laughing. "Did you seriously think that you stood any chance against me?" He said as he walked towards Fubuki. "You're just a stupid kid, you've got no chance of beating me."

"Okay...now I'm trouble." Fubuki thought, backing away from Senji.

"I'm surprised that the great snowstorm Oni would be this thick-headed. Oh well, I guess it's time for you to die." Senji said as he took in a deep breath and fired an attack much like Fubuki's Death Fire straight at Fubuki's body.

Fubuki braced for the attack, creating a shield of ice as fast as he could, but just as the shield materialized, the oncoming attack as well as Senji had disappeared. Fubuki stood bracing himself for the attack for a moment before he realized that Senji was nowhere to be seen.

"W...what just happened?" He asked himself as he walked around the area, searching for any signs of Senji.

"Damnit, I could have taken him!" Fubuki yelled as his body returned to its human guise and he returned to Hibiki's grave. "Sorry I couldn't stay longer, but I've got to get back home, Eiki's coming by." He said with a faint smile as he began walking away. "Sorry, Hibiki..."

Senji passed surrounding trees deep within the forest. An eiree mist followed wherever he went, warding off any nearby animals.

"So you've found another piece of it, Taio?" Asked Senji as he stopped just before reaching the end of the forest.

"I'm surprised you were able to sense me here. You're usually not that perceptive." Said a voice coming from the trees around Senji.

"Surprised? It would be impossible not to notice you with that vile stench." Senji replied and Taio jumped down from the trees.

Taio gave Senji a cold look as she walked up to him. "If you've come for the Zi piece, you're not going to get it." Taio said as she leaned against a tree.

"I'm not? Remember what the masters said? It's my time right now, you're the servent here, you do what I tell you to." Said Senji, frustrated.

"Heh." Taio smirked and closed her eyes for a moment before. "And I suppose that they'll be fine knowing that you have a plan of your own."

"I...don't know what you're talking about." Senji hesitated.

"Please, I'm not nearly as dumb as you, I know what you're planning on doing. I also know that the masters would exterminate you if they knew."

"If you know what I'm planning, then why do you hesitate on telling them?" Senji inquired.

"Because I'm waiting for you to get the other pieces, then I'll take them and add them to my collection." Taio replied.

"Like I'd ever give them to you." Scoffed Senji.

"Whoever said anything giving them to me? The second you collect the rest, I'm going to kill you."

"Taio... why is it that you don't ever think about what you say before you open your mouth?" asked Senji as she stared in angrily at Taio.

"You should ask yourself the very same thing...!" Taio yelled as she at launched Senji. Her right arm changed into the form of a spear as she attacked Senji.

"You little..." Senji mumbled as his leg was cut thanks to Taio's attack.

"What? Too fast for you, little boy?" Taio said with a sinister laugh as she jumped back and launched herself at Senji again.

"Heh. Hardly!" Yelled Senji, jumping into the trees.

"Oh, please, the trees are my domain, you aren't going to do any attacking from there!" Taio yelled as she pressed her hand down into the ground, causing all the surrounding tree branches to limp.

"Wasn't planning on that!" Replied Senji, connecting a powerful punch to Taio's back. "Just needed them to distract you."

"Dammit..." Whispered Taio as she fell to her knees, trying to clutch her back.

"See? There's no way you can beat me." Snickered Senji as he reached for a brown pouch tied to Taio's waist.

"Touch it and you die!" She yelled as a spike quickly protruded from her shoulder to inches before Senji's hand.

"Both of you! Stop it!" Commanded a female voice.

"Dai-Hime, you're here?" Asked Senji.

"Yes...and I'm growing tired of this feud you two seem to be having." Dai-Hime replied as she walked into sight.

Both Senji and Taio came to their feet and stood still before their master.

"Dai-Hime, he tried to steal the Zi Piece I collected! He's going to try to kill both you and Douji-sama!" Taio proclaimed.

Senji grew nervous as a short silence grew upon the trio with Dai-Hime eyeing Senji.

"I know. We both know. Senji, my dear, do you honestly believe you can fool us? We've known about your plan for ages. I could kill you where you stand if I so wished it...but I won't." Said Dai-Hime. "Taio, give him your Zi piece." Dai-Hime continued. "He can try to be as clever as he wants, but unless all nine pieces are together, they won't be any good for defeating us...and don't worry, if Senji so much as lays another finger on you, I will personally make sure he suffers."

"But..." Taio stuttered, unable to find words.

"Come on then, you heard the lady, give me it." Senji ordered with a chuckle.

"Dammit, Senji..." Taio thought as she pulled the tiny navy-blue stone from her pouch and handed it over.

"Well then, that's all I need! I'll be off now, take care ladies!" Senji said in a condescending manner as he jumped into the trees and out of the forest.

"Do not worry about him, my dear, he is still very much human. As much as he tries to deny it, that fact will never change. You on the other hand, you are from the proud lineage of the Makamou, something that runt can never claim to be true." Dai-Hime said, trying to comfort Taio.

"Mother..." Said Taio softly.

"Rokushou Kodou!" Yelled an aqua and brown Oni as he slammed his two drum sticks into a white Makamou attacking a pair of campers. "Get away from here! Now!" Yelled the Oni as he stood between the Makamou and the campers.

The campers quickly heeded the warning and left the area as fast as they could.

"Alright big boy, now it's just you and Eiki-san." Said Eiki as he ran towards the Makamou.

The white beast growled and spite a green acid-like substance from its mouth.

"Not this time!" Eiki yelled as he dodged the spit by jumping into a stream.

The beast growled once more while it ran towards Eiki.

"Doujutsu RokushouDan!" Yelled Eiki as steam emanated from his entire body, causing the surrounding water to heat up. "Come on, get closer..." Eiki whispered to himself, waiting for the monster to get close enough to him for his attack to work. "Now!" He yelled, jumping from the water the moment the beast jumped into the stream. "Hah!!" Yelled Eiki as two balls of fire shout from his his drum sticks to and hit the Makamou straight on. "Learned that one from Hibiki-san." Said Eiki.

The beast fell to its knees as Eiki prepared another attack.

"I'm getting tired of fighting you low level Makamou, might as well finish you off fast." Eiki commented. "Wait...what?!" He said, startled.

The Makamou's body started emitting steam, just as Eiki's had done in preparation for his attack. The beast breathed heavily as two large lumps grew from its body, causing it to hunch down.

"This can't be good..." Said a shocked Eiki. "No time for this then, gotta do it fast!" He yelled as he continued charging his attack.

Breathing in deeply and focusing all his energy, Eiki was able to use the attack much faster than before. "Doujutsu RokushouDan!" He yelled as he fired off the two fire balls straight at the beast.

The two balls hit directly, causing a cloud of smoke and dust to rise from what seemed to be the ashes of the creature.

"Heh, no way you could..." Eiki tapered off in his sentence as he heard something coming from the smoke.

The deep breathing of a life form could be heard, as the smoke started clearing, a beast could be seen breathing heavily. Something that Eiki had never seen before, the Makamou had changed shapes.

Out of the stream rose a red Makamou, its face and body looked unmistakably demonic, the creature now touted long wings.

"Let's see how you like me now, Oni scum." Said the Makamou in a deep, slithery voice.

"What!? That thing can talk!?" Yelled a shocked Eiki.

"Die!" It yelled as it flapped its wings, rising into the sky and causing a pollen-like substance to fall upon Eiki.

"What...is this? Dammit, getting hard to breath now." Eiki said as he fell to his knees. "What...happened? How did that thing molt?" Questioned Eiki, trying to breathe. "What...no, I can't let this affect me now."

Eiki slowly rose to his feet and staggered off. He walked through the forest for what seemed like hours, his body became heavier and heavier with every step he took. Finally, he reached the edge of the forest and breathed a sigh of relief.

"I don't know how long I can keep these effects from completely crippling me..." Eiki thought to himself as he nearly collapsed at the side of his van on the outskirts of the forest.

12-04-2006, 05:32 AM
didn't really watched Hibiki but this is pretty cool so far.