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Hyro Glific Ranger
03-20-2006, 12:54 AM
The year is 3010...The Earth is being attacked by Chyro-Ton; An ancient WarLord that erupted from the core of Earth several years ago. When all hope seems to be gone.. The Leaders of the Earth try to gather the remains of the old Power Rangers; All forms of them..When they only succeed to gather one, Tommy Oliver they realize that help is needed... Once they made a robotic copy of Tommy O. they gatherd the strongest youth of the earth...
....Will you join the fight...?

Joining Sheet:





Morphing Sequence-

Ranger Apearence-



Zord's Transformation-

Hyro Glific Ranger
03-20-2006, 01:16 AM
Name- Nicholi Dreggerre

Age- 18

Apearence- Silver muffler scarf covering up to mid nose, Shoulder length black hair, Black sleaveless Muscle shirt, Black baggy pants, Has a silver gauntlet with a Golden Crystle on it, Eyes; Red.

Color- Golden

Morphing Sequence- Throws scarf into air, it curls up and becomes a golden ball with symble on it in silver. Ball smashes off ground, it makes a glowing silver body suit made of energy around me, giant Dragon Zord head Attached to a beem of golden energy forms around my head, a halo apears above head,
it goes down, as it goes down Zord head/ silver suit turns into Morphed outfit.

Ranger Apearence- Has Golden armour that covers Chest Abb area and top of
shoulders. He has two Golden Gauntlets on with spikes that go down to elbows, The gauntlets cover fingers and hand. He has Golden boots with spikes going up to knees. His belt has a circle on the buckle thats golden, in silver is his symble. His Helmit is almost a standerd rounded helmit but it has silver "horns" that are strait going up on top, helm color is golden His symble is the eye peice, instead of black its also silver.

Bio- His past is mostly unknown His family was brutaly slaughterd in the begining of Chyro-Ton's attack. He lives alone exept for his mini zord.

Zord- >(((The Golden Sun Dragon)))< & >(((The Serpant Of Light))<
(mini zord is a small Golden Armored robot that can become the Methon Armor

Zord Transformation- The Serpant Becomes the legs and The Dragon becomes
the Torso and The arms, It's head comes off and transforms into the megazord head: >(((The Sertigon Megazord)))<