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07-22-2005, 09:43 PM
One Day Deeply in the Sun a new and great evil person appearedcalled Mr.Fire
and wanted to conquer the whole Galaxy and 9 teenagers from each planet will come together aganst Mr.Fire and his evil plot. Now The Captain ofthe planet Cap.Sanch is gonna need to bring the teenagers together give them their morpher their power will be their planets.




07-22-2005, 09:44 PM
Name-Chris Sanchez
History-His just another boy from Mars, his parents went with him to another galaxy to find a better home but he went back alone to Mars. Later when he returned to find his parents and found out that he was killed by Mr.Fire since then he promessed revenge on Mr.Fire.
Appearance-6'5, blue eyes, light brown hair, teaches martial arts
morphing sequence-he's gonna have a white suit,in the background will appear mars,then he'll jump into in and then come out morphed.
Weapon-Red Mars Tiger sword
Zord-Red Tiger it will transform into the head of the megazord
When it's needed he transform into the the tiger megazord

this is what you need:
Morphing Sequense-
And what will the zord transform into

dragon rider-x
11-03-2005, 03:42 PM
Name- Maximus(Max)Johnson
Age- 17
Ranger- Platinum
History- On his family's journey to Mars Max's ship was attacked by an evil villians spacecraft.Before they're ship dropped into an energy orb the villian's ship blasted his parent's put him in a space pod and he blasted him off.Years later he arrived on Venus.He than plotted to find out where his parents were and who took them.
Appearance-6,5, green eyes, brown hair, A master skateboarder.
Morphing Sequense- Pluto appears in front of him, then he'll jump into it and come out morphed.
weapon- Platinum pluto blaster/blade
Zord- Platinum bison forms the torso of the megazord
When it's needed he transforms into the warrior mode bison megazord.

11-03-2005, 03:59 PM
Name - Matt Hunter
Age - 23
Ranger - Blue Neptune Ranger
History - After his home planet of Neptune was enslaved by Mr Fire's forces, Matt seeked revenge against him. Knowing he could use this to his advantage to stop Mr Fire, the Captain enlisted Matt and with the help of his ancient morphing abilities utilised with modern day technology, he becomes the Blue Neptune Ranger!
Appearance - With shoulder length browing hair, standing at 6 foot 7 and built well, Matt is one of the strongest members of the team. His years of ritual training have prepared him his entire life for a moment like this.
Morphing Sequence - After posing and yelling "Neptune Aqua Power!", Matt connects his two morpher wrist pieces which then surrounds him in a glowing blue light. After which fades and he poses....."Blue Neptune Ranger!"
weapon - Mystic Trident
Zord - Killer Whale
And what will the zord transform into - A leg of the Megazord and it can also transform into a Warrior mode, resembling a Merman.

03-04-2006, 10:34 AM
you two are both in

Hyro Glific Ranger
03-19-2006, 12:36 AM
Name- Nicholi Dreggerre
Age- 18
Ranger- Golden (Sun, I could be on mr.fire's side..)
History- Mostly Un-known. Only thing known is that family was slaughtered by what mr.fire told me were power rangers.
Appearance- From mid nose down is covered by a silver muffler scarf, long hair; black. Baggy pants; black. Sleaveless shirt; black. Eye color, Red 6'4
Morphing Sequense- Takes off scarf, it forms a golden ball with his symble in silver on it. It shatters, turns into a silver body suit, Dragon Zord's head attached to a beem of gold energy goes around his head, halo comes down and forms the rest of his suit, in makes the helmit also.
Weapon- Sword with a golden blade, A silver and golden dragon head on end of handle: The Dragic Blade.
Zord- The golden Dragon, Serpant Of light. Serpant becomes Legs. The dragon head comes off and becomes the Megazord head, rest of dragon forms Torso and Arms: Sertigon Megazord

Drago Halliwell
03-26-2006, 02:57 PM
Name- Drago Halliwell
Age- 19
Ranger- Black Saturn
History- Drago wasnt liked at school at all. He was made fun of by everyone. One day, he was walking home when he heard someone from school screaming. He ran to see what was happening, and he sees a monster attacking her. Drago, who was a master of all martial arts, went to attack the monster to protect the girl. When the monster finally died, he was brought to a building underground where he was told that he was to become the new Saturn Ranger. He was told that because of his good fighting skills, he was to become Second in Command of the New War of the Worlds Ranger team
Appearance-Long white hair with glowing gold eyes
Morphing Sequence-Drago shouts "Saturn Planet power." After doing so, he jumps into the air, and then lands on top of Saturn in a blackish, purplish suit with a Glaive in hand and the Symbol of the Planet on the glaive. The helmet forms with the spin of the planet.
weapon- Saturn Glaive
Zord-Saturn Phoenix zord
And what will the zord transform into: When needed, the Phoenix bird will turn into the Phoenix Megazord

Hyro Glific Ranger
09-22-2006, 10:47 PM
Is everyone gonna quit on this rpg or what?