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Power Rangers: Cosmic Trinity
Episode 1: “Cosmic Rift”
By: Robert J. Wong
= = =
The Beginning of Time…

Flying through the cosmos a million miles per hour were three beams of color, with electricity circling and penetrating through each. Shining brightly they soared among the stars, wandering through space for centuries. Moving past planets, moons, other stars and solar systems, without so much as a brief stop to glimpse at some of the universe’s beauty-the three beams of light continued on their way.

65 Million Years Later…

A bright blue, green and white planet spins about in the midst of this wide, black, open space. The age of Dinosaurs flourishes along. Everything continues its daily routine, for food, survival and the enjoyment of life. Then suddenly the skies begin to darken; the Dinosaurs soon took notice and looked up towards the sky in wonder as the Sun itself was in a state of eclipse.

In the midst of the forest, a T-Rex barged on through running in terror, roaring loudly into the sky. Several Dino’s heard it from a mile away and began to run away from the loud roars of the Carnivore. When all of the sudden everything became silent. It was as quite as a tomb…then it struck. Crashing into the surface, miles away in the middle of the ocean, blasting a large tidal wave followed by a wave of fire so hot that it made the Atom Bomb look like a mere sun-burn, it took out everything within a matter or seconds. Three bright flashes were all that the remaining Dino’s witnessed before becoming nothing bust ash. Each flash happened a millisecond before the burning wave took hold of everything. Including overlapping the tidal wave of water; it too was consumed by the hell fire and evaporated into nothingness. Not even gas remained.

The entire planet was now a wasteland of molten lava-ash, and bones that littered the ground of what was once the Prehistoric Earth.
= = =
PRESENT DAY – Center Field Bay – Canada…

“Yo Center Field Bay University, this is your host Ken Mitchell! Your number one DJ of your favorite ass-kicking University radio STA-TION!” shouted voice over the Inter-com of the Center Field University campus. Echoing through the halls to every class, dorm and study hall including outside on the grounds-there was no way to escape it. But no one minded, since Ken Mitchell was nearly everyone’s favorite DJ. Playing the best tunes which included some of his own for that matter, just to get himself out there in the music world.

“Looks like he’s having a good day yet again…” sighed a young woman with shoulder length, dark hair and sleek, glasses. Sitting on one of the benches outside in the main study area on campus was where she sat, wearing a blue, baggy, t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of white sneakers. Adjusting her glasses she focused back on her book within her hands-a romance novel to be exact.

“Hey my people, one last song and I gotta jet and this one goes out to all the freshmen!” Ken exclaimed with a bit of a laugh before signing off and letting the song take over, it was “Over my head” by Lit.

“Being funny as always Ken…” muttered the girl as she turned a page in her book then continued on reading, though Ken’s sense of humor always brought a smile to her face. It was cute she thought. Checking her watch, she realized what time it was and quickly put the book away into her backpack that she laid beside her. It was navy blue and with grey trim with one strap to go over her diagonally; she put it on and got up from the bench then headed towards the library.
= = =
Spinning out of the DJ center was a tall, bald, African-Canadian male wearing a black with yellow trim, basket-ball jersey and a pair of black and yellow shorts. Ken’s sneakers squeaked on the white tile flooring as he zipped around, pretending to dribble a basket-ball as if he was playing on the court. Quickly dodging people without thinking Ken made his way to the doors to the outside study area. Just like him too, always trying to have fun while not minding anyone else. He was off in his own little world until nearly running into her.

The young girl in blue brought her hands up to stop Ken as he screeched to a halt, unknowingly leaving marks on the tiling. Surprised would be a bit of an understatement, he was more startled then surprised to see her so soon.

“Whoa slow down cowboy,” she said with a southern accent, then quickly walked around while he fell towards the door but quickly caught himself and turned about, feeling a bit embarrassed. She blushed a bit, trying not to laugh at him, covering her mouth with her hand she grinned.

“Lexa, yo girl what’cha doin’ in here?” he asked still a bit startled but soon Ken relaxed and calmed down, although he was curious about her being in the Library.

“I have to get to my locker and head out before five,” Lexa replied adjusting her backpack, “The E-Magazine meet is at five o’clock.”

“Oh…right, that’s tight, that E-Mag thing…,” replied Ken trying to sound like he knew what she was talking about, though Lexa knew otherwise and just ignored him but kept her smile and thoughts focused on the meet. While Ken tried to figure out how to get away quick, he was going to be late for his b-ball game at the courts. “Well I’ll see ya later girl, you gonna still come over and help me with my physics tonight?”

“Yes-yes, I’ll come over tonight and help you study.”
Ken leaned his head back a bit and smiled with a slight nod, “Thanks girl, appreciate it.”
= = =
Deep in space all was quiet. The cosmos continued its activities and the universe went on. Then there was a flicker far out in the distance, barely seeable. It flickered again, again, and again until it became a blinking white light among the sea of stars. Suddenly the blinking exploded in a flash of light, and a green, yellow and purple rift in space/time opened. A big, ripping hole in space was torn by forces unknown…at least to this galaxy.

Slowly gliding out of the tear in the blackness was long, pointed, spear-like object that soon appeared to be attached to this larger, black, metal, gothic vessel. A black metal beast would be more precise as to what it looked like if man were to see it with his own eyes. This thing, this ship was horror in every sense of the word. Bones littered the bow, port and starboard sides, and just about everywhere else. Victims they were, victims of these visitors from another galaxy.
= = =
Wandering the dark, dimly lit corridors of the giant, gothic vessel was a tall being, male. The being wore a navy blue, shining leather suit with black, metallic armor. It covered his upper body, shoulders, gloves and boots. Around his waist was a silver belt with a golden-round buckle that has a crescent moon engraved upon it. In the center near the top of the smooth, black helmet is a golden, crescent moon curved forward, with the bottom end being in the middle of the diamond shaped visor that has bars going across in a diamond pattern as well.

His footsteps echoed throughout the empty corridors. Then the sound of a depressing, lonely symphonic song played somberly into the open hall. A faint light could be seen coming from an open doorway just up ahead. That was the lord’s chamber. Quickly making his way along, he got closer towards the open crack. Peering in, he couldn’t see much of what was going on, except for a vague glimpse of a tall, slender man dressed in black leather suit, lined with silver trim and a rubber looking-black leather, long coat. Hopefully he was unnoticed by his Lord, Vahnrek.

Kneeling upon the steel flooring, Vahnrek stayed there, his eyes focused downward to the ground. Even though he appeared to be in a confused state of mind, his thoughts were clear as crystal. This mission wasn’t the normal kind, but he took it without a second thought. And gladly would do it again, if given the chance. Vahnek’s long, silver hair covered most of his face form view, and dropped a dark shadow over his faint, black eyes while the bright, spot light shone over him with a pool of whiteness.

“I can feel it… Thorcress, why are you spying on me?”

Startled Thorcress backed away slowly, hoping that Vahnek would just think it was a figment of his imagination. But Vahnek was smarter then that, and Thorcress knew better then to do anything rash so he just swallowed hard and turned his gaze away from the room. “I beg for forgiveness my Liege-I didn’t know I was disturbing you.”

“No…you weren’t disturbing me…I was merely curious,” Vahnek replied as he stood up and turned about to face the opening of the door. Slowly taking his time over towards a small table with a glowing, red orb upon it, he placed his hand on top of the orb, then the music died down to a faint whisper. “We are close, are we not?”

“Yes…yes we are my Liege,” replied Thorcress trying to sound sure of where they were, but really he had no clue. He just prayed that Vahnek wouldn’t notice the uncertainty in his raspy voice. But this could end up biting him in the ass, and that wasn’t an option in his book. Hesitantly, Thorcress peered through the crack and saw something glowing, it was a golden yellow, tall and round. Some kind of tube as a matter of fact from what he could make out over the blinding glow. “Curious…,” murmured Thorcress.

Suddenly the doors swung open, causing Thorcress to step back and bow towards his Lord, although that was the last thing he’d rather do. And if the opportunity came up where Vahnek could be overthrown, Thorcress would never hesitate in doing so. A fool was what he thought of his Liege as, a fool who was granted all this power, and doesn’t use it for destruction, or conquering galaxies. What was his scheme in all this? Why was this fool given all this power, just for show? No…there must be a purpose, and Thorcress was determined to find out what that was exactly.

“Thorcress, stop the bowing it’s unbecoming of you,” said Vahnek as he walked into the corridor and stood there looking at his Lieutenant slowly, and confusedly stand straight and at ease. Smirking for a moment, he shook his head and walked around his Lieutenant then headed down the hall as the doors to his chambers closed and locked.

Bewildered and unsure as to what exactly was with this fool, Thorcress watched Vahnek continue on his way down the corridor alone, shrouded by the shadows. ‘A chance to see what was in there…seems to have presented it self,’ he thought to himself while slowly approaching the door so that his footsteps did not echo and draw attention. Just as he was about to grip the handle, a voice coming on and spoke over the inter-com, sounding throughout the whole vessel; starting Thorcress he drew back his hand and continued on his way.

All the while, the horrific ship made its way towards a familiar solar system with nine planets…
= = =
Sitting a black Kawasaki ninja with red trim upon the hill tops of the Center Field Park, was a tall man wearing navy blue jeans, a faded red T, with a black-leather jacket and helmet. His visor was up, and only the light of the moon shined upon his hazel eyes, but something else up there caught his attention. A weird array of faint lights that were far out there, but still visible enough to be seen illuminated the night sky slightly. Except he was the only one who could see them apparently…no one else paid attention or even bothered looking up as they walked through the park.

“They’re here… great,” said the man in an almost inaudible voice, then closed the black visor of his helmet, switched the ignition on and rode off down the street with the screeching tire sending a near ear-splitting echo, forcing everyone else to cover their ears and look up to the hilltops. But there was no one there to be seen…

“What was that?” asked a tall, skinny, Caucasian male with red-spiky hair dressed in a white b-ball jersey and red shorts.

“I dunno man,” replied another as their game came to a halt, “Hey Ken what you lookin’ at?”

“Somethin’ trippy…” was all Ken could mutter out as he too noticed the lights up in the sky, “What da hell is dat?”
= = =
Walking along a nearly hidden path was Lexa with her backpack around her shoulder. As she walked on, she hummed a song to herself, knowing that no one was around gave her a sense of freedom. It was a peaceful night, all to herself until she reached the B-ball court. Ken’s house was just across from it and when she got to the court, it was obvious Ken would be there waiting. They had a study date anyways…hopefully he wasn’t in the middle of a game or something either, otherwise she’d be there all night waiting for him to end it.

It made her smile and chuckle. Going across the underpass, a wind blew by the bushes, causing them all to whish about. Something about this creped her out, where did the sudden gust of wind come from? It was mid-summer after all, and today wasn’t windy at all. Another gush of wind blew, this one being a bit stronger and whooshing sand up into the air.

“What is going on?” Lexa questioned aloud, “What is this?!”

Then all of the sudden something rushes up and pushes her down to the ground. Falling back Lexa tossed her backpack way and rolled back to her feet. Here eyes bounced around the area looking for whoever did that, but no one was there. At least no one in sight…then she was knocked down again, and quickly rolled back to her feet once more.

“Alright, what is going on? Tell me NOW!”

Weird noises could be heard from behind her, to her left, right, and up above. This was just beyond creepy now…As Lexa’s eyes swiftly glanced around, there was no sign of anybody there, but the mumbling noises remained. Now this was annoying and getting creepier by the minute; quickly getting into a fighting stance she readied herself for the next move. But then four beings faded into view before her, to her left four more, right and behind her. Up above was this Bat-Humanoid monster, with wings for its arms and large, sharp teeth that it kept showing off. Its eyes were pitch black, blacker then the night itself, and the body muscular.

Lexa fell back on her but, screaming but with no where to run!

“Lexa!” exclaimed Ken rushing downward on the dirt hill towards the underpass, but not even he knew what to do about this. Sixteen purple and grey, humanoid creatures with golden face-plates with one triangular green eye in the center, surrounded the poor girl covering herself up hoping everything would go away. Ken jump onto one of them and wrestled with it to the ground, then hooked the bugger across the face, knocking it out. “Com’on girl get up!”

She couldn’t, her body was frozen to that spot, and quickly the others closed the gap, leaving no escape now while the Bat-monster watched on, barking a dark and corny laugh. Ken quickly brought up his hands to fight, but that’s the problem he had no martial arts skills…only break dancing moves and his street smarts. Though his tackle worked the first time, he didn’t want to chance it this time, not after they surrounded both of them. Now it looked hopeless, but that didn’t stop Ken from trying to rush them, only to be tossed back over beside Lexa.

“Are you ok Ken?” she asked almost stuttering in fear, then helped him up to his feet as she stood behind him.

“Yeah I’m alright.” Ken managed while taking a defensive posture. Hoping he could protect her from harm as long as he could stay conscious.

“What are these things?”

“Dunno girl, wish I knew…” he replied breathing a bit heavier, wondering who’d be the first to make a move now.

Then they struck all at once towards the two civilians! All Ken and Lexa could do was try and shield themselves from the attack. Nothing happened, except for the roar of a motorcycle echoing past them. Swiftly turning to see what had occurred a biker on a black with red trim, Kawasaki Ninja rushed by, slamming into seven of the foot soldiers. Quickly the Rider spun off the bike and kicked four more down, then drove his heel into one of the fallen, axing kicking the bugger in the face.

As the soldiers regrouped the Rider took a fighting stance, and then looked over at the two people watching him. Staring at them for a moment he could sense something from each of them, what exactly was it? Were they like him or something else entirely? No time for that right now, as the grunts rushed towards him now.
Dashing in at the same time, he took down three of them with one round house then threw a back kick into another’s face. Ducking and rolling under a few kicks, he rose up and hammered away into one’s chest then thrust kicked it back! With impressive speed he took down a few more with combos and counters, none of them saw it coming when he jumped up and delivered a tornado-kick to four of their heads.

Suddenly the Bat lunged down and flew overtop of the Rider, blasting a gust of wind so strong that it sent him flying. He recovered and flipped back up to his feet taking another stance this time his left arm was across his chest, elbow bent. Twisting his wrist there was a bright red, spiraling light that quickly flashed then faded away revealing a gold brace with a black rectangular device. Pointing towards his fist was a red and silver metallic, slightly transparent face-plate of a Dragon. At the back was a rectangular grip, with red, oval gems going up and down it. Quickly he pulled it down, activating a charge up as the gems started to glow; once fully charged in a matter of seconds he released it and muttered: “Cosmic…Trinity.”

Brining back his arm, he held his fist at waist then thrust up towards the night sky with the morpher facing the two civilians and Bat. Suddenly the brace and morpher ignited shooting a blazing, spiraling stream of fire with a dragon-head up into the sky. He swung his arms to his sides and looked up as the blazing spiral struck his body, consuming him all over with the dragon-head covering his face.

“What the?!” gasped the Bat shielding its eyes away from the brightly glowing, Rider.

The flames died down and revealed him in a red suit with white going down on the right side of his body and around the middle of his upper-arms, trimmed with black. The rest of the suit was accented with gold, with golden badge on the left side of his chest; half of the circle was red, while the two rounded-triangle pieces were grey. A gold T shape separated the colors. His belt was gold as well, with a round, buckle and red gem in the center, while on the left side of the belt held a black and gold holster with a small saber sheathed. The saber had a white handled, with gold, V-shaped hand-guards locking it in the sheath. Finally the helmet flashed into full view resembling a dragon, with gold accents and a silver mouth-guard.

Swiftly taking a stance he unsheathed the saber, revealing it to be longer and the blade was silver, and broad-sword based. Quickly he readied the weapon with both hands and aimed towards his opponent, “Ok let’s do this.”

“Well, well, well, it seems that the Cosmic power within you warrior…has awoken,” chuckled the Bat, “Now hand it over!”

“You want it, come get it!” exclaimed the Red Ranger taking another pose.

Now a battle was about to commence, but then groans were heard from the two civilians drawing both the Ranger’s and Bat’s attention over to them, prolonging the inevitable. They watched them as both Ken and Lexa fell to their knees holding their bodies in pain. Cringing they fell on their side as it appeared to get even worse.

“Hey you guys ok!?” questioned the Red Ranger while turning his weapon back to the Bat, awaiting an answer.

Realizing this could be used to its advantage the back swung one of its winged arms towards the fallen humans and fired two purple, beams of energy at them! The Red Ranger gasped and leaped up into the air, flipping to the ground in front of the fallen with his Cosmic Saber in a guard position. “Damn it…” he cursed and then slashed down the two beams of negative energy to the ground on either side of him. BOOM! Dust and smoke exploded up into the air, covering all three people, although the Bat assumed that the impact of the explosions knocked them back and/or possibly killed off the two humans!

The smoke died down to the ground as the final bits of dirt fell revealing three colored warriors… in the middle was Red, to his left Yellow the Phoenix, and right-Blue a Lion.

http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/3684/po...mictriniyk2.png (http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/3684/powerrangerscosmictriniyk2.png)
(pic by: Deku-Link)

‘What the hell?’ thought the Bat, but even the Red Ranger was a bit puzzled about this, hopefully they were on his side. At least they seemed to be as each Ranger took a aggressive, fighting pose towards the Monster.

“Ready to take this freak?” the Red Cosmic Ranger asked. Each one nodded to him and they all took a group stance shouting:


“P-P-P-Power Rangers!” it gasped while backing away, but came to a halt as he realized something, “What the hell is a Power Ranger?!”

“You’re about to find out!” shouted Red as he jumped off the hill followed by the other two. Landing they charged in hard and fast with the Red Ranger coming in first, slashing down the Bat’s body! It spun around stumbling away only to he met by several kicks and punches by the Blue Ranger! Followed by Yellow as he came in with his Cosmic Saber, cutting across the Bat’s stomach! Blue then hacked down the fiends back, driving it forward into Red’s saber once more, and then he spun around and kicked it back.

The Bat tumbled along the ground for a bit before struggling back to its feet while the Cosmic Trinity grouped up and then jumped into the air, somersaulting into three-flying-side kicks. Kicking the monster as one it flew back and hit the pillar of the underpass hard then smashed face first into the ground as the Rangers took another position surrounding him. There was nowhere to run now, the wall was at its back and Rangers on every exit point except up… HA! Jumping into the sky the Bat began the fly way only to be met by three consecutive beams of colored energy! Sparks exploded all over its body, sending the fiend down again!

“NOW!!” shouted the Red Ranger. All three Rangers charged up their Sabers waited for the enemy to rise; It stumbled to its feet again, dizzy and out of its mind as they struck the final blow! Red, Blue and Yellow hacked with a different sword technique each, slashing down the Bat once and for all, followed by a giant explosion of fire and sparks, while debris flew everywhere missing the Rangers.

As the flames died down all three looked at one another unsure of what to do next, Red on the other hand wasn’t one to stick around and quickly left before they noticed, and when the did all they saw was a trail of smoke from the bike’s exhaust left behind. Ken and Lexa both looked on for a moment before suddenly demorphing in a flash of their respected-colored light and dropped to the ground unconscious…
= = =
To Be Continued…

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Good one, the rangers have a nice set of personailties. Loved the sense galactic scale at the beginning.