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12-16-2006, 02:30 AM
B-Jack Hero; an original toku fanfiction created by me. It is centered around a card system similar to Blade and others. Should be a fun series...

B-Jack Hero

The soft singing of a requiem played through the hallow halls of the department store. The store was open for the holidays as the bull rush of money came from that time. Nice workers smile and gave somewhat fake gestures to other guests, wanting to give off the fake impression for their boss.

Christmas Eve was soon approaching and everything needed to be done; from the lights, to the money, to selling out every small doll they had, they all needed to be finished before closing night in a few days. The boss, a big and gruffly old-man walked down the lanes of customers and people working for him, a cane in hand.

He wore a very high-priced jacket and pants, making him look more professional than he really was. In all reality, without the suit, he probably would be another old hermit looking character. A disgruntled worker cried, his head down – another customer running up and asking questions. It was getting to him like most here.

The old man swung his cane loudly at the boy, making him jump back before getting hit. The young teenager screamed, “HEY!” in a loud voice, shaking his head. The elder replied with a shake of his head, a dip into his pocket and pulling out a bottle of American alcohol that he had a weird obsession with.

He drank from it, red appearing on his cheeks after a few gulps. All was fine and dandy for this old man, his cane spinning in hand…until a crashing hand came upon his throat; a white and scaly hand approached his throat, its nails gripping tightly onto his neck. A screech came – no reaction…everyone seemed to go on their merrily ways. But very slowly...it was very strange, everything had clocked down…

Every second of the clock felt like thirty minutes. In all actually it was, time had practically stopped, another white and screwed up hand taking hold of the man's throat. His beverage fell to the ground in slow motion, everything except him and the thing gripping him in the slowed down setting.

The man turned and gave off a soft ‘ugh’, seeing who his attacker was. A face like no other – a white and pale disfigured face, spikes coming off the neck, blood trickling down the sides of its crooked mouth. A slow swing of the fist came from the much older man, it seeming like in slow motion also – it wasn’t, it just was that he had no strength to fight.

After a few seconds…he was dead. His eyes rolled back and fell to the ground; the white figure in front of it, bloodthirsty. Its body crumbled to the ground, the thing's hands slowly go down on the heart section of the chest, the long sharp knives of nails breaking through the skin. A soft humming sound came from its mouth – a Christmas feast to arrive.

“Boring,” said a distant voice, coming through the halls of the Shibuya SALE MONEY Store which seemed all but dead at the second, the only one moving was the monster. From out of the eyes of its eyes, the monster turned, the blinks of its eyes red at the moment, wanting to get a good eat in.

The voice came from a man; a younger man than the elder by many years. Around twenty or so, a black jacket over a red shirt, a belt along that, a slot open for whatever reason as a buckle. His pants were torn and blue, nothing really out of the ordinary with him, except for that bored and not timid look on his face against a creature like this.

A screeching sound came from the thing’s mouth, the flying knives of its body extending. The man still kept on walking down the tiled walkway, hands firmly in his pockets. The monster jumped up, the old man’s body opened up, his old beating heart thanking the young man from the grave.

The long and clear hand flew at the man, his body not moving at all. The man didn’t react enough, the hand hitting him…it seemed. But at that moment his hand went down, shielding himself, the fingers hitting his hand instead. “You lose,” muttered the man in a very bored voice, not in pain at all.

From his hand was a white long right finger…and a steel card blocking it? The card gleamed in the monster’s eyes, the shining light blacking out the darkness that was developing through the once happy-go-lucky store. A shrill laugh came from the crazy thing’s mouth, the other hand going for the mystery guy now.

”LOAD UP!” yelled the weary man, his right hand that was holding the card going near the open buckle. He cleanly locked in that silver card – now developing words on it with the word ‘HENSHIN’ with light red scratching developing it. With that, a beam of light blew through the area.

A red and white armor developed along his body; white armor pants, the same card buckle and a big red chest plate with a card of a screaming demon on it with red and black sparkles coming from his mouth. But most importantly on the top of his head was a mask, or a helmet to be more exact. It was lean and sleek, it all white except for the black streak going across the eye area.

The monster didn’t know how to react, throwing more crazy punches at the transforming man. The tired man didn’t care, not dodging any, each one not affecting him. “Load Up complete,” mumbled the young guy, his right arm painted in white in the air, his fist gripping into a full fist.

“A Joker; Level 3; Victims have said to be twenty-one…and with these, I would say twenty-two. You aren’t that strong, but you can hide well, luckily we found you in time before Christmas. I really didn’t need my damn family to ask me why I had to dump off while giving presents on Christmas Eve.

So yes, I say, I am a very tired and bored man. Throw whatever attacks you have; you will not win. Your speed is low and you eyes do not show any vengeance or fear. I will win. Like I usually do,” A soft yawn erupted from his mouth, the white creature jumping full forward into a jump.

The man in the armor backed off slightly, the fast sword-like actions trying to catch him. He clearly dodged spinning and sticking his hand at the side of his belt. He clicked on the right button three times, a cyber-like voice coming from the belt’s buckle. “Cards Erupt!”

Hundreds of cards flipped out from the sides, rolling into the air and gleaming into the lights; they all surrounded the confident warrior, his left hand softly in the air; the creature flew back from the light, the eyes blacking out at the constant sun to dark contrast. It slowly got up once more, its brain not developed at all, just attacking and attacking.

“Seven Ace: Card Seven – Heart Punch,” muttered the man, one of the cards screaming down from the sky into his hand. The other cards disappeared, the one card the only one awake. Slowly he inserted it over the silver card in the buckle, a small and nonchalant laugh from the helmet.

From the flames came the monster coming over the man. Out of that flames came a look of fear, yes, fear from the crazy monster. And also out of the flames came a punch; a flashing punch coming through the seems of flames, it colliding with the heart area of the monster.

It hit perfectly, it turning inside it and ripping out what looked to be a purple and slimed heart, the goo slowly dripping to the ground. The armor man clutched it and gave a loud yell, gripping it harder and harder until it popped. The monsters eyes fell to the floor, its body melting into the ground with the man he killed.

Both to purgatory, where they would be judged

The man turned, his hand atop the silver card, walking down the halls of the store for a second time. “Load Down,” he said to himself, taking out the card and securing it into his jean pocket, it safe and clean in there. The armor disappeared in cubes, all of them gone as the time sped up once more.

The teenager who was upset about the entire work look dumbfounded, not knowing what was going on. The man in the black jacket clearly and easily, no looks crossed between before the boy asked, “Hey! Uh, what…” The man looked back for a second, a bored expression across his mug.

”Pick up your cards, kid and keep on running. Life sucks when you let things get you down. Quit this stupid job and get a new life. Everyone should be able to have at least one ace in his life,” said the unarmed warrior who had just killed the creature from the darkness.

And with that he left, a slowly mark going through his brain. Seven Ace, mission is complete and all that. Time to go get a damn drink.”