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12-07-2006, 09:04 AM
Short and sweet, just something I wrote while I was bored because I hadn't written in a while. Let me know what you think.


Kamen Grappler vs. Kamen Rider Leangle

The Mountains

“Henshin!” Mutsuki called, fanning his arms out to his sides. The purple and golden buckle against his denim pants parted in the middle, revealing a purple club, “Open Up.” Dark energies sprouted forth, forming the image of a spider. The energy surrounded young Mutsuki, wrapping his slender form in powerful armor of gold and green. As though pulled from thin air, a staff appeared in his right hand, the Leangle Rouzer.
The once still air now blistered heavily through the surrounding trees. Newly transformed, Rider Leangle rushed upon the undead before him. The 2 of Clubs, or “Stab Bee” had escaped his card only a day ago, and had evaded Mutsuki and the other Riders. Until now.
Leaping forward, Leangle put his staff training with Tachibana-san to good use. A brutal crack to the ribs and an immediate follow-up against the side of the head with the Rouzer sent the undead sprawling. Slamming against the nearest tree, Stab Bee shot out blades from his wrists, rebounding for the attack. The Undead came at Mutsuki, slashing blindly. Not evading quickly enough, a few stray shots sunk into Leangle’s chest plate, sparks shooting wildly.
Unfazed, Leangle pressed forward, landing an over hand right. Quickly gripping the Rouzer in both hands, he swung it upward catching the undead between the legs. Knocking it off balance, Leangle quickly reached for his cards.
“Rush!” the Rouzer announced. Leangle quickly ran down the undead, slamming into him hard enough to cause an explosion! When the smoke clears, who do we see but our hero, Mutsuki. Flicking an empty card into the downed undead, it’s quickly sealed before returning to the Rider’s hand.
It was then he noticed the figure standing off in the distance. A young man, just a little older than himself. American, or possibly English, but not Japanese. Mutsuki suddenly became flustered, uncertain as to what to do. “Oi, who are you?!” Leangle barked, though inside he was nervous. Had this white stranger seen him transform? Was his cover blown? Could he understand a word Mutsuki said?
“Don’t worry, I’m not the press,” the white stranger said, stepping closer. He was just a little taller than Mutsuki, when unarmored. He wore a black pea coat over a white shirt that had some obscured design on the front. His jeans where torn at the knees and they draped over his laceless shoes, skulls adorning the toes. He spoke in clear if not oddly accented Japanese.
“Don’t come any closer!” Leangle warned, leveling his Rouzer. The white stranger had close cropped brown hair, and thick silver hoops in each of his ears. He appeared friendly enough, but Mutsuki couldn’t help but have a bad feeling. “Undead?”
The white stranger laughed, “No, nothing like that.” He reached into his coat and withdrew a shiny red and white mask. “I want to test my strength against yours, Rider.” This he said in English, but Mutsuki understood. Taking the mask in both hands, the white stranger quickly pulled the mask down over his face. “Henshin!” he yelled, pulling the two strings at the back of the mask, fastening it tight.
And…nothing. The white stranger now simply stands before the mighty Rider Leangle, as he did before, but with a mask on. Mutsuki can’t help but laugh. “Good joke, but you really should be going. It’s dangerous out here,” Mutsuki informed him, placing his hand on the masked stranger’s shoulder. Beneath the armor, Mutsuki breathed a sigh of relief, thankful he had been worried for nothing.
“You can call me…Kamen Grappler!” the masked stranger growled, snatching Leangle’s arm from his shoulder. Turning his back to the Rider, Grappler tugs on Leangle’s arm, flipping him onto his back. Instead of letting go of Mutsuki’s arm, Grappler plants his heel in the Rider’s underarm and wraps his other leg behind his arm before dropping to his own back.
“Nooo!” Mutsuki cried from beneath the helmet, his arm cranked in such a way the he could feel the tears welling up already. How could this masked stranger be strong enough to overpower a Rider?!
“Do you submit?” Grappler asked, wrenching the Rider’s arm.
“What?!” Leangle demanded.
“Please don’t make me repeat myself, I hate it,” Grappler said calmly, stretching his body out just a little further and tightening his grip around Mutsuki’s wrist. Before the masked grappler could tear off the Rider’s arm, Leangle desperately swung his Rouzer across his shoulder, smashing the end against Grappler’s face.
Grappler’s hold loosened just enough for Leangle to wrench his arm free. Rolling quickly, Mutsuki got back to his feet and once again reached for his cards. “Blizzard!” the Rouzer announced as Leangle launches into the air, a torrent of ice raining down upon Grappler. The masked stranger does his best to guard himself but is overtaken as Mutsuki’s kick connects with his midsection, sending him flying into the trees.
Slamming hard into the trunk of a large oak, Grappler hits the ground with a thud. He stands quickly if not entirely stably, shucks off his pea coat and begins punching the air. “Yep, nice and limber now, let’s do this,” Grappler says in English, but this time Mutsuki doesn’t follow. Except for “Let’s do this.”
The two rush at each other quickly, exchanging blows. The much smaller Grappler proves to be the physical equal of Leangle, each punch and kick thrown with the same power as the ones received. That is, until Grappler slams his heel into the side of Mutsuki’s knee before giving him a double handed slam to the side of the head. Downed once again, Grappler quickly mounts Mutsuki, snaking his legs around Mutsuki’s waist, and his arms around his neck.
“You’re strong, Rider,” Grappler said, “Really strong, but as you can see, so am I. Strong enough to cut off your air supply even with all this armor on.” Mutsuki didn’t doubt him. “Submit, or it’s lights out.”
It was a hard decision. On one hand, he could give up, and possibly find out who this Kamen Grappler really was. Of course, that would mean quitting, and acknowledging this masked man was stronger than him. On the other hand, he could fight to the very end, maybe even wriggling out of his grip. He’d done it once already. Though he had his Rouzer before, which had been knocked from his grasp when Grappler knocked him to the ground.
In the end, Mutsuki’s decision was made up for him, as Grappler took his silence as an admission of defeat and put him to sleep. Standing up, Grappler brushed himself off. “I’m satisfied with what went on here today,” he said in English, but this time Mutsuki couldn’t even hear him.

The End?