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11-23-2006, 03:02 AM
Synopsis: After destroying numerous planets for resources, the violent galactic mafia Montarrz family decide to take Earth's resources for their own benefit. The legendary galactic billionare Torques, once a hero back in his youth, attempts to prevent the fiends but gets knocked down. Feeling he is no longer capable of fighting due to the wounds from his last battle with Grotti Montarr, Torques handpicks five young racers from Earth who can dare outrun and outpower the Montarrz from destroying Earth.

Blaze Racer: Rumble 1 Red/ Takamaru Retsu: The leader of the team. 20, male. An ex-rally racer, He was the first to contact Torques. Charismatic, fearless, and bold, He was a natural pick to drive the Burning Rally and lead the team. Based off a rally car.

Thunder Racer: Rumble 2 Blue/ Amano Gouki: 22. An ex-off-road racer from America. The strongest and the loudest, Gouki is a happy-go-lucky young man with a strong sense of justice. The comedy relief of the group, he once traveled the world to try out various foods. As Rumble 2, he drives the Heavy Stomper. Based off a Off-road truck.

Hurricane Racer: Rumble 3 Green/ Hayate Tsutomu: 20. A shy and collective young man. He looks like a middle school student due to his short height and babyface, and he is frequently getting pulled over by police. Orphaned at birth, he is looking for his lost sister who he believes is alive. Drives the Mach Formula. Based off a F1 racer.

Golden Racer: Rumble 4 Yellow/ Kaneda Himawari: 18. A tough young girl who grew up on the deserts of the Middle East and Africa. Being the youngest, she tries to look mature only to be considered more as a child. She drives the Dune Cruiser. Based off a dune buggy.

Flash Racer: Rumble 5 Pink/ Mitsuoka Kyoko: 20. A calm and collective young woman. Grew up in Germany and was once known as the Shining Princess amongst street racers. Drives the Crystal GT. Based off a sports car.

(Arsenal and gears)

Rumblegear: Wristwatch-type device. When one activates the dial and presses the center button, The owner of the device will be given access to the Rumble suit to be a Rumbleman. Also used to summon and Control Rumble Vehicles.

Keyshooter: Basic armament. Has a gun mode and blade mode.

Tune-Up Weapons: Personal weapons:

Red: High-Beam Blaster: Shotgun.
Blue: V-Crusher: Gauntlets.
Green: Exformula: Sword.
Yellow. Bumper Boomerang: Boomerang.
Pink: Wing Striker: Lance.


Burning Rally: A rally car driven by Rumble 1. Forms the head, legs, and chest.

Heavy Stomper: Off-road Truck driven by Rumble 2. Forms the body.

Mach Formula: F1 Racer driven by Rumble 3. Forms the right arm.

Dune Cruiser: Dune buggy driven by Rumble 4. Forms the left arm.

Crystal GT: Sports car driven by Rumble 5. Forms the upper body.

Rumble King: The mechanoid formed by the Rumble Vehicles. Its main weapon is the tomahawk Rumbling Iron, and its finisher is the Rumble Crash.

(Montarrz inc.)

Grotti Montarr: The head of the Montarrz family. Greedy and cold-blooded, he plans to take over Earth with force. He once battled Torques and was sent to prison after his loss. However, he was freed by his henchmen and is now back again to reclaim his empire.

Secretary Ms. Lustis: Secretary of Grotti. Attractive and beautiful, she gets what she wants using her selection of pheromones. Not much is known about her other than that she is overzealous of her work and is loyal to Grotti only.

Mr. Clonker: Cyborg agent of Grotti. A mechaphile, he loves machines so much that he modified himself with it. Clonker is in charge of building new weapons and mechs. Enjoys scrapmetal for meals.

Mr. Danga: A militant mercenary that joined Grotti in prison. As a cellmate of Grotti, he was hooked on his plans for galactic domination and decided to lend him a hand as his advisor.

Mr. Grungar: A former biker, he joined Grotti to get revenge in Torques. Appointed as field leader, he will do anything to bring Torques down.

Pitstoppers: Field agents of Montarrz inc. Being brainless zombies, they are used as cannon fodder or laborers. Armed with an axtrigger, a combination of an ax and a machine gun, they live only to serve Montarrz inc.

Turbotrons: Biomechanoids created by Mr. Clonker. They are mainly a hybrid of Earth technology and alien technology. Each have their own personality and are named "MT-00 *****" with the name representing their characteristics.

Inmates of Cell-Q: Inmates that tagged along Grotti to have freedom. In hopes of wealth and power, they all assigned themselves as Grotti's men.

11-23-2006, 10:48 AM
Looks interesting...kinda reminds me of Carranger.

11-23-2006, 11:23 AM
Well, I was originally starting off with 3, but 5 just seemed wholesome. And because of the coloring yeah I do admit it will remind you of Carranger hehe. But I'm gonna try make it not too associated with Carranger cause its a whole new story.

Kamen Rider Kumo
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Looks good, I'll be sure to read it.

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Updated villians! :)

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God bored the other day and made a brief icon of what they look like. No I did not build from scratch, I modified avatars from some site.