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This is the long awaited Episode 1 of the Ultra Brothers OVA. It isn't complete. I will be posting it up in parts since it's really long. I haven't really finished the rest of this episode too. Part II next week maybe?

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Ultraman: From The Land of Light
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TokuAsia Presents...

OPENING TITLES: ウルトラマン:光の国から
OPENING THEME: Ultraman no Uta [TV SIZE]


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"Smack!" a digest magazine bearing the title of "MYSTERY Q" was thrown on a table with a loud smack. It had a picture of a woman screaming and running away from a UFO which had landed in her garden.

"This magazine needs a facelift!" screamed the chief editor of the magazine. "Our sales have dropped terribly, I'm sure everyone knows that!"

"Ask the creative department.." one of the board members said. "I do believe that they can come up with something if they are capable enough," he sniggered.

"Are UFOs and screaming women still the in-thing in the new millennium!?" the chief editor barked. "I'm sure those sort of stuff belongs in the 50s!"

"Who's the main artist in the department?" one of the board members asked.

"It's a guy called Huang Chenyang..." a woman's voice said, as the scene changed to a newspaper flipping.


"Huang," a woman called out to the man reading the newspaper. "The chief editor wants to see you."

"Huh?" Chenyang was stunned. "Whatever for?"

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Chenyang stepped into the chief editor's office. The chief editor was at his desk, flipping through a newspaper, his back facing Chenyang.

"You wanted to see me, sir?"

"Come in!" the chief editor shouted sternly. "And close the door behind you," he said, turning around on his swivel chair. "Come over here and sit down boy."

"What is it you wanted to see me about?" Chenyang asked, taking a seat on the chair in front of the chief editor.

"I'm sure you know by now, this magazine needs a revamp," the chief editor said. "We need something new instead of the same, old boring UFO abduction and Area51 stories!"

"I'm not very sure what you mean," Chenyang replied. "Hasn't Mystery Q always been about such things?"

"Of course!" the chief editor replied. "What I want now is the same old thing, but with a fresh, new outlook! Look at how Stan Lee made Marvel Comics famous with Spider-Man!"

"Yes sir," Chenyang replied understandingly. "I've been trying to think of something new but nothing could really come into my mind..."

"You'd better think of something quick," the chief replied. "Now if you would excuse me, I've got an important press conference to attend!" he exclaimed, and hurried out of the room, but not before grabbing that all-important cigar, and his brown velvet jacket.

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Captain Nelson Zheng, the only survivor from the two-man Contender spacecraft flight, the first ever manned spaceflight by the Singapore Space Agency, was called to a secret press conference, on the first anniversary of the disaster.

"Can you explain to us again, what actually happened that day?" a reporter asked. "What exactly happened to Major Gan Meng Yeow?"

"What made you want to reveal this information?" a second reporter asked. "Do you know that this might be considered a breach of the Official Secrets Act?"

"I was initially instructed never to reveal this, but my own conscience was killing me," Capt Zheng said. "I have to respect Mrs Gan, even at the expense of my own job. She has to know that we were attacked by a bird-like alien."

"Alien?" the same reporter looked puzzled. "Can you please elaborate?"

"It was huge, and had something similar to a blackhole on its chest," Capt Zheng expanded his claim. "Major Gan and I were getting ready to put the shuttle on autopilot when something knocked against us from behind," he said, which got all the reporters excited.


"Prepare to put the ship on autopilot," Major Gan Meng Yeow turned to Nelson, who nodded. "I guess we really do need some rest after an entire day's observation," he said, patting Nelson on the shoulder and getting up from the seat. He went towards the pantry.

"Roger that," Nelson pressed a button and entered a security code on the console, as Meng Yeow poured himself a coffee.

"Auto Pilot Mode on," a female computer voice spoke from the system, indicating that autopilot had been turned on. Nelson stood up and rubbed his eyes, yawning. He stretched his arms for a moment, then turned around.

Suddenly, as unexpected as it could be, a violent bump knocked the clear, white lights into an emergency red. Meng Yeow's coffee spilled all over the floor.

"Danger, unidentified lifeform has made contact with the shuttle," the computer system alerted them.

"What the fark," Meng Yeow swore. He dashed forward to the console. "Switch autopilot off!"

"Right away sir!" Nelson exclaimed, scrambling for the headset. He fumbled with the controls for a moment, trying to enter the security code several times, then stared at the console in disbelief as the words 'UNABLE TO COMPLY' appeared on the screen.

"What's wrong?"

"Th..The controls..." Nelson stammered, removing the headset he was wearing. "They're jammed!"

"What the hell is this thing?!" Meng Yeow exclaimed. He was answered by a deafening screech which seemed to travel from back to front. Meng Yeow looked up and saw the attacker. It was a gigantic bird-like creature which had large wings attached fully to its body. It also had a bright yellow, glowing protrusion from its head. "What the...?!"

"It's a monster!" Nelson exclaimed, scrambling for the emergency controls. "And it's huge!" he shouted, as the monster screeched again. "I'm sending out an S.O..."

"Fark that," Meng Yeow shot back with a surprising reply. "Don't we have any weapons on this thing?!"

"I don't believe so sir," Nelson replied, as he noticed another warning flashing on the screen. One of the two escape pods had been destroyed by the collision. Meng Yeow saw the details on the screen, and his eyes widened.

"Nelson!" Meng Yeow shouted at him. "Stop fiddling with the controls!"


"The remaining escape pod," Meng Yeow pointed to the rear of the shuttle, where the pods were located. "Take it!"

"But..." Nelson attempted to argue.

"No buts!" the major exclaimed, pulled Nelson out of the swivel chair, and threw him onto the floor. "Go now! I will provide a distraction while you escape!"

"Sir.." Nelson muttered as he stood up slowly.

"Go!" Meng Yeow shouted back in reply. "Tell my wife I'm sorry," he said his final words, and turned around to launch the escape pod.

"I..." Nelson muttered again, and headed for the escape pod. He knew what the major was thinking - It was better for one to die alone, rather than the both of them die together. He opened the hatch to the pod and sat inside it. Through the window on the hatch, he gave a final salute to Meng Yeow, before the pod was ejected from the shuttle.

"Go back and tell the world what you've seen.." Meng Yeow said to himself, looking on as the pod ejected from the shuttle. He turned to the front, and was bathed in a bright red light. "What is this?" he looked in awe, as the red light absorbed his body completely..

"What's going on?" Nelson was shocked as he saw a red sphere of light bump the bird monster away as it shot through the Contender shuttle.

The red light faded away to reveal a predominantly silver being, with dark red linings on his body, and what appeared to resemble several silver metallic ball bearings on his both sides of his chest and three on each arm, just below his shoulders. He also had a fin on his head, two lighted-up, beige-coloured eyes and a bright, blue orb in the middle of his chest.

"SHIAH!" the silver giant grunted in a semi-baritone, human-like echo voice, and flew towards the bird monster. He grabbed the monster's tail, and flung it towards the direction of the Moon.

The monster regained control of its flight path, and made a U-turn, this time headed towards the shuttle first. The bird monster zeroed in on the shuttle, crashing through it with a huge explosion, and sending its parts spiralling back to Earth. The silver giant relaxed his fighting pose in shock at the explosion.

"SIR!!!!!!" Nelson shouted as he realised all hope of saving his superior was lost.


"Major Gan thought it was better for him to die, than both of us to die together," Nelson said.

"Can you tell us if you know the reason why parts of the Contender landed in the Pacific Ocean, but Major Gan's body has yet to be found?"

"Major Gan never left the shuttle," Nelson said, looking away for a moment. "Maybe, the silver giant saved him, maybe he really died."

"Capt Zheng, who is this silver giant?" a reporter from the back of the function room asked.

"I don't know, really," Nelson replied, shaking his head. Without any warning, the door to the function room was forcefully opened by a squadron of military policemen, easily recognised by their olive green uniforms.

"Captain Nelson Zheng!" boomed a Provost officer who was of the rank Captain. He was of the same rank as Nelson but held a higher appointment as a commander in the Military Police. He walked into the function room, flanked on both his left and right by fellow military policemen.

"What do you want?" Nelson asked, peeved.

"By revealing this confidential information, you have violated the Official Secrets Act," he said. "By violating this Act, you are liable to be court-martialed!"

"I will not take that military bullshit if it goes against my conscience," Nelson replied, standing up. The media began scribbling down and recording the conversation between both Captains.

"Men, arrest him!" the Provost Captain ordered. The military policemen closed in on Nelson and grabbed his arms.

"Get the fark off me!" Nelson exclaimed. Though he resisted strongly, he was soon overpowered by the fitter and stronger officials.

"Take all their notes and recording devices along with us too," the Captain ordered. "I want no leakage of this information!"

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"What does he actually want?" Chenyang thought to himself, throwing a stone into a reservoir. He was at MacRitchie Reservoir sitting by the water, trying to think of a way to save the magazine. He sat down on the grass patch, then laid down, looking at the stars, hoping ofr an answer. "I wonder if the stars will give me an answer..." he thought, then wandered off into dreamland...


Chenyang opened his eyes wide. He thought he had heard something. He turned to his left and right, but there was nothing.

"Ah, whatever," he turned back to look at the skies. This time, he saw a faint blue orb of light coming towards him. "What the?" he stood up and looked on. The blue orb became bigger and bigger. It became evident now the orb was travelling towards him.

Chenyang froze in fear as the gigantic orb shot towards him, burning up as it landed in the reservoir. The water glowed blue for a while, its glow disappearing as the orb sunk further.

"That.." Chenyang ran up to the waterfront, fuelled by his curiosity. "Did the stars really give me an answer?" he thought, and observed the water for any changes. The area around him started glowing in a eerie red light. Chenyang closed his eyes, trying to adjust to the brightness. In a short while, the light completely enveloped him.

"Huang Chenyang..." a deep voice spoke, as Chenyang opened his eyes slowly. He was greeted by an entire room of bright red light. Somehow strangely, the bright red did not irritate his eyes.

"Who..." Chenyang looked up, and around him, but he could only see red. "Are you? How did you know my name?"

"My name is Ultraman. I am an alien from a distant galaxy known as M78," the deep voice continued, as a giant similar to the one who chased the bird monster away, except without the ball bearings and some red lines, appeared to him. "I am part of the Space Garrison, a team of beings similar to myself who protect the universe from evil..."

"Why have you come for me?" Chenyang asked.

"Chenyang, I can see that you have a kind heart," Ultraman began to explain. "The blue ball you saw earlier was carrying the monster Bemular from the Nebula M35 galaxy. I was escorting it to the space graveyard when it managed to trick me and escape to this planet."

"Bemular? Space graveyard?"

"Bemular's arrival on Earth is an ominous sign.." Ultraman also said. "Take this Beta Capsule," Ultraman said, as a metallic, whiteboard marker-like, black-and-white patterned object dropped next to Chenyang's feet.

"What's this?" Chenyang asked, bending down to pick up the Beta Capsule.

"Use this Beta Capsule to transform into me," Ultraman explained. "As Ultraman, you will possess special abilities, but you can only appear as me for a period of three minutes at any one time."

"As in I'll become you?"

"From today, we will be merged as one being...."

"But why?" Chenyang inquired again. "Then what abouty you?"

"To become one with the light..." Ultraman continued. "It is your destiny.."

"My destiny?!" Chenyang awoke, and all he could see was a white ceiling. He took a moment to realise it was his own bedroom. "My destiny? Har?" he asked himself again, getting up slowly. A metallic clanking noise turned his attention to the ground.

It was the Beta Capsule which Ultraman gave to him earlier.

================================================== =====

"Captain Zheng," an elderly man with glasses at the tip of his nose, said. "How did you feel upon returning to Earth?"

"Lost," Nelson, who was lying on a couch, replied. He was receiving psychiatric treatment from a prominent professor in the field, after being declared mentally unsound by the military court. The fees were wholly funded by the military. "I was floating in the Pacific Ocean for a day before a passing ship rescued me."

"Did you find yourself imagining things?" the psychiatrist asked. "Like, gigantic birds flying around in your mind, screeching and devouring spacecraft with their navels?" he continued. Nelson shot him a confused glare. "Maybe even shooting their feathers around?"

"Listen doc," Nelson replied. "I was serious about the gigantic bird," he argued. "But it didn't have any feathers or fur," he said. "Its body looked more rubbery than furry, and it really did eat part of the Contender into a hole on its body."

"Okay..." the psychiatrist nodded, trying to calm Nelson down. "And how about the silver giant you mentioned? Was he a figment of your imagination? Or was he real?"

"I believe he was real, doc," Nelson calmed down. "He fought away the bird monster, then I never saw him again."

"Did he speak to you?"

"I'm not even sure if he could speak at all," Nelson replied. "All he appeared to say were echoing grunts."

"Echoing grunts you say..." the psychiatrist mumbled. "Interesting," he said as he wrote his analysis on a piece of paper.

================================================== =====

"Purple light, in the valley!" a group of Boy Scouts were singing as they hiked through the forest. "This is where, my body lies!" they continued, as they came to an open clearing - the same place where Chenyang met Ultraman the night before. "With my dreams, close companions!"

"Ok guys stop, stop!" the leader of the group shouted, turning around. "Let's all stop and have our lunch here!" he exclaimed. "Just don't go too near to the water!" The boys nodded in excitement and removed their backpacks. Some of them sat down peacefully and looked to the sky while the others took out their styrofoam-packed meals from their backpacks.

Nothing could possibly happen to a group of Boy Scouts having their lunch at the bank of the reservoir, or could something?

================================================== =====

Chenyang walked into the magazine office, looking a little dazed. The clock on the wall displayed the time as twelve noon. Everyone appeared to be busy with their own work.

"June!" he shouted, as a familiar-looking girl zipped past him with a stack of files. She stopped and took a glance at him.

"Huang!" she exclaimed. "Where have you been all night?" she asked. "I was trying to call you on your handphone but you didn't pick up!"

"I was at.."

"Save it," June replied. "The editor's fuming mad in his office right now, and he's been wanting to see you since morning!"

"!!" Chenyang gasped in shock. "What did I do now?"

"He's probably asking for the task he wanted you to do," June replied hastily. "Hey, I'm quite busy right now. Catch up with you later alright?" she winked, and hurried away to do her work, leaving Chenyang pretty stunned.

He walked up to chief editor's office, and stared at the ominous words which read 'CHIEF EDITOR' above and 'AARON HONG' right below it in black with a yellow backing.

"Damn," Chenyang muttered. "I still don't have anything.." he said, reaching into his pocket. He felt the Beta Capsule. "Now where did this....?" he thought for a moment, his eyes darting from left to right, then smiled wryly at an idea he came up with. He grabbed a piece of paper from the top of a nearby metal file cabinet, and pulled out the Beta Capsule from his pocket.

"Cool marker," a colleague of his smiled and said as he happened to walk past. Chenyang looked at the Beta Capsule for a moment, then stuffed it back into his pocket, this time pulling out his mechanical pencil.

"Hope this works," Chenyang said to himself and began scribbling on the piece of paper. He drew the red giant which appeared to him the night before and gave him the Beta Capsule, then drew a random monster. "Godzilla maybe?" he thought, and continued scribbling. "Ok, done," he smiled as he finished up the short sketch with the words 'ULTRAMAN VS GODZILLA'. Chenyang held up his two-minute sketch and walked over to the office door and knocked hard.

"Come in!" snapped the editor from inside the office. Chenyang gulped in fear as he gripped the door handle and turned it...

================================================== =====

The afternoon Sun shone brightly on the surface of the reservoir, its rays appearing to sparkle on the water, which also reflected the surrounding greenery, in a surrealistic quality that almost seemed to appear right out of a well-taken photo from the camera of a photographer. The Boy Scout troop was still having their lunch, relaxing on the bright, emerald green grass patch next to the reservoir.

"Let's see who can throw rocks the furthest!" one of the scouts said, and ran to the bank of the reservoir with a few of his friends. They picked up some small pebbles and started flinging them into the water.

"Hey, you boys!" a fierce voice shouted over from afar. It was an environmental agency officer. "Please don't do that!" he pointed sternly at the pebbles in their hands, as he walked over. "I want to see whoever is in charge of you boys," he demanded, as the water surface began to bubble violently, which caught his attention. "What the...?"

Whitewater began forming on the water surface as a violent rumbling echoed throughout the area. With an echoing growl, a brown, dinosaur-like monster rose steadily head first from the water. It was the monster Bemular, from the blue sphere.

"What is that?" the environmental officer's eyes widened in shock.

"Monster!" exclaimed one of the boys. A friend of his picked up a relatively medium-sized pebble and threw it at the monster. The pebble bounced off Bemular's scaly, spiked body, and seemed to irritate it. The monster growled angrily and turned its focus to the group of scouts.

"Quick, boy!" the environmental officer ran over and pulled him up. A squadron of five Republic of Singapore Air Force fighter jets could be heard thundering towards the scene, in a triangle formation.

"Fighter 1," the leader, who was in the first jet, said. "Missiles in 5..4..." he said, as the view in his cockpit as he approached Bemular showed his hands flipping up the button cover on the joystick. "3...2...1.." he pressed the red 'FIRE' button. "Away!" he exclaimed, as the five jets moved apart from each other in separate directions.

The missiles exploded on the surface of Bemular's skin, sending it into a frenzy. It waved its short hands to rub off the marks caused by the missiles, then opened its mouth, firing a blue heat ray at the oncoming jets.

"Ah!" one of the fighter pilots screamed, ejecting from his fighter jet, just as it was decimated by Bemular's heat ray.

"Damn it.." another one of the pilots cursed, looking behind as he saw his comrade's jet explode. Bemular waved its short arms again and stepped out of the water. It spewed its heat rays onto the forest, covering it in flames. Several tanks rolled into the area and lined up in the grass patches surrounding the reservoir.

================================================== =====

"So what have you got?" the chief editor asked Chenyang, who had his drawing hidden behind him.

"Er.." he hesitated for a while, before stretching out his hand, together with the piece of paper. The editor grabbed the piece of paper and studied it carefully.

"What's this?" the editor asked, pointing at the piece of paper.

"Err... Godzilla?"

"No, no, this!" the editor pointed to Ultraman and tapped on the drawing impatiently. "The guy with the oval eyes!"

"I think you can call him Ultraman," Chenyang replied.

"Ultraman?" the editor raised an eyebrow. He reached underneath his desk and pulled out a box of colour pencils. "Colour him in."

"Oh, ok," Chenyang nodded and started colouring the giant hero. The red went in first, as he coloured in the linings on the hero's body, then the majority of silver, followed by the yellow eyes and blue bulb on his chest. "Done."

"Hmmm.." the editor spun the piece of paper around to have a better look at it. "This looks like the guy that crazy Contender fellow was talking about!"

"What crazy Contender fellow?" Chenyang asked, confused.

"You know the reason I was fuming mad this morning?" the editor asked, to which Chenyang shook his head. "That press conference I went to yesterday," the editor started. "I'm not supposed to say anything but, the fellow claimed that this guy saved his shuttle from a bird monster."

"Oh," Chenyang raised an eyebrow. "Is it?"

"Boss!" June burst into the editor's office.

"What is it?!" the editor exclaimed, feigning irritation.

"You've got to see this!" June exclaimed. "A dinosaur just appeared in MacRitchie!"

"Dinosaur?!" Chenyang thought for a moment. "It must be Bemular!"

"I don't believe this, where?" the editor snapped, getting out from his comfortable chair, and heading out of his office, into the main office where nearly all the workers were crowded around a small 27-inch television. The editor found his way through to the front with June and Huang. The scene being played out on the news shocked the three. Bemular was toying around with the fighter jets and setting fire to the forest at the same time.

"That must be it!" Chenyang thought. He looked around for an opening to slip away.

"What the heck is that thing?" the editor asked. "Its like it came out from Jurassic Park or something like that!"

"The military have cordoned off the entire MacRitchie and Lower/Upper Peirce Reservoir areas," said the news anchor.

"It seems that the army is useless against that thing!" June exclaimed, as the tanks on the ground began firing shells at Bemular, but causing little or no damage at all to the monster.

Chenyang, having managed to slip away without anyone noticing, ran onto the rooftop of the magazine office building. He could see several fighter jets and some Apache helicopters flying towards the direction of the reservoir.

"These men are sending themselves to their own doom," he muttered, as he ran towards the edge of the roof. "Only Ultraman can save them.." Chenyang looked at the Beta Capsule, then back towards the warzone. "Ultraman!" Chenyang shouted to the Beta Capsule. "I know you're in there, come out and save them!"

Nothing happened.

"Oi!" Chenyang shouted angrily. "Men with families are dying because of that dimwitted monster!" he growled. "Come out!" he threw the Beta Capsule onto the ground. The metallic body of the Beta Capsule clanked against the ground, but still nothing happened. "Where are you, you coward!" he shouted. As if it heard him, the Beta Capsule lifted itself from the ground and flew into Chenyang's right hand.

"Use this Beta Capsule to transform into me," Ultraman's voice rang in his head.

"Transform..." Chenyang muttered. "That's it!" he exclaimed, noticing a small red button on one side of the capsule's body. He raised the Beta Capsule into the air...

================================================== =====

The tanks were firing their shells non-stop at Bemular, which never seemed to work against it. The monster blasted a few of the tanks with its blue heat ray, forcing those around it to retreat slowly. Three remaining fighter jets from a newly dispatched squadron circled around Bemular as it trudged slowly towards the ranks.

"Sir!" one of the three pilots called out to the team leader. "There's an unidentified object approaching us at a speed of..."

"Speed of what?" the leader asked again, as he heard a flying noise.

"HYAHHH!" Ultraman landed with a kick on Bemular's head, sending it crashing back into the reservoir. His feet touched the ground first, as he raised his right hand high into the sky, and left hand just above his shoulder, both fists clenched.

"Mach 5 sir!" the pilot exclaimed. "That silver guy.. He was flying at Mach 5!"

"That's impossible!" the leader of the squadron replied. "Nothing on Earth can move that fast."

"It's a silver giant!" exclaimed the excited news anchor from the ground. Nearly the entire nation was glued to their television sets as they watched this stunning development to an already weird encounter.

"Huang," the editor said, nearly dropping his jaw onto the floor. "Your drawing just came alive!" he exclaimed, turning around. "Huang?" he looked for Chenyang's face but he just wasn't there.

"Where did he go?" June thought to herself, fidgeting with her eyebrows as she glanced to her left and right nervously.

Ultraman lowered his hands and saw the area around him burning. He slapped his hands together in front of him and extinguished the flames with a jet stream of water from his hands.

As soon as he was sure the fire was cleared, Ultraman jumped into the reservoir and sat on top of Bemular, and bashed its head continuously. Bemular managed to block Ultraman's attack and turned him over.

The two giants rolled in and out of the water, both trying to overpower each other. Bemular opened its mouth and fired its blue heat ray at Ultraman's head. Ultraman clutched his head in pain and groaned, and was kicked off by Bemular.

"Is this silver guy good or bad?" the fighter pilot from earlier asked. Ultraman and Bemular both stood up and faced each other. Bemular shot its heat ray at Ultraman's feet, but he was fast enough to jump and dodge the attack.

Though he landed on his back, Ultraman was fast enough to recover on his feet. He jumped at Bemular and pushed its head upwards, then went down on one knee and sent a chop right onto Bemular's stomach. The monster staggered backwards a little, then turned around and sent its tail whipping, catching Ultraman off-guard and sending him to the ground.

Bemular trudged and smacked its tail down on Ultraman, not allowing his opponent to stand up easily. The blue bulb on Ultraman's chest turned red and began to blink, with a warning noise.

"The three minutes!!" Chenyang's voice echoed to himself. Ultraman struggled with Bemular's tail for a moment, then raised his lower body and kicked Bemular in the head. Ultraman pushed up its tail and jumped up to his regular, hunched fighting pose.

"SHIAHH!" Ultraman crossed his hands in a plus-style at his wrists, which enabled him to fire a light blue beam from his right hand at Bemular. The Specium Ray, as it was called, burnt through Bemular's outer skin. Sparks began to erupt from Bemular's body as it groaned loudly, falling into the reservoir. A single burst triggered a series of explosions all around Bemular's body, killing it.

"He destroyed the monster.." the leader of the fighter squadron said.

"The silver giant destroyed the monster!" June exclaimed.

"That Contender fellow must have been talking about him.." the editor said. "He is really a hero to all of us," he declared. Ultraman stood up straight as several soldiers cheered him on. He looked up into the sky...

"SHUWATCH!!!" Ultraman leapt and flew into the sky, disappearing from sight just nearly as quickly as he appeared, leaving the world amazed at his fantastic abilities...

================================================== =====

End of Part I.