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09-22-2006, 10:49 PM
Hey guys, figured I'd see what everyone thinks of a story I just started working on, called Kamen Rider Neo. It might be a little rough to begin with, but I haven't written a fanfic in a while, so I'm still trying to fine tune my writing skills. Hope you guys like it :thumbs:

Kamen Rider Neo

Chapter 0: Introductions

The year is 2250. The world has drastically changed over the centuries. Gone are credit cards and ID cards, replaced by subdermal chips called Shepherd Chips. They contain every bit of information about you, and can be scanned at any moment as long as a person has a scanner with the proper clearance for whatever security level is on the chip. The world is now filled with more cities now, filled with taller and more metallic looking skyscrapers. The world has become, in the eyes of many, a colder and darker world. A world still run by a government, but also a world where huge corporations have much control as well. Not much different than the previous centuries, but overall there’s still that feeling of coldness to the world. Especially since days are rarely sunny, more often filled with skies thickly covered by dark clouds.
My name is Josh. I’m 19. Like many other people, I’ve taken a cynical view of the world. I’ve seen so much of the pain faced by people every day. I’ve seen people scarred. I’ve been scarred. But I never knew a day would come where I’d be thrust into a situation where I’d be fighting the very demons I hated. A battle that would change my life forever. A battle that would change the lives of many.

Chapter 1: Truth

Another day of gray, cloudy skies. It was the only thing any of us ever saw anymore. Sunlight was, for some people, nothing but a far off memory. Something we dreamt of night after night. Poets often in recent times used the thick, dark clouds as a metaphor for the dark shadow that corporations and the government cast over us. Each and every day, I started to believe it more and more.
“What I wouldn’t give for just one ray of sunshine to come through my window,” I mused as I rolled out of bed, half dead and ready to decapitate anyone who even looked at me the wrong way. It’s the curse of the college student, or to be more specific, the college student with a chronic procrastination problem, which would be me. I walked over to my computer and waved my hand over the keyboard. My Shepherd’s Chip trasmitted my unique ID code, unlocking the computer and causing the incredibly thin display to light up. It was handy to have something of the sort, kept my father and sister from accessing my computer. I hit a few buttons and brought up my school work from the night before, the work that had prevented me from sleeping at any decent hour. I remotely connected to the school’s server and transferred it all so that I’d be sure it would be there when I was. Then I rushed to the bathroom to grab it before my sister could dominate it.
As I stood in the shower, running my fingers through my short brown hair, I thought to myself how much the commute was going to suck that morning. Taking the bus typically sucked, but that was my fault for not having the money for a car. After five minutes, I figured I had spent enough time in the shower, and climbed out. I threw on a pretty basic pair of jeans and my favorite green t-shirt, and ran downstairs. Just as I did every morning, I grabbed a bottle of water from my refridgerator and mixed in a packet of red powder. It was a mix of many different nutrients along with some energy boosters that helped me wake up before classes every morning. I didn’t have long, so I ran back upstairs, almost winded by then thanks to my less than stellar physique, grabbed my bag, and charged out the door and towards the bus stop.
“Damn it, I better not miss that bus” I said to myself as I ran as fast as I could down the streets lined on either side with cold metal buildings, chugging down nearly half the bottle of the nutrient water. But just as I got to the stop, I saw the bus moving down the street. Cursing my luck under my breath with language that would make a sailor’s jaw drop, I ran down a side street, heading towards a sort of back up stop in my routine, designated for times when I missed the bus at the first stop. Usually, if I’m in a hurry like I was that day, I wouldn’t be paying very much attention to the world around me, as I didn’t want to miss my classes. But for some reason today, I caught sight of some movement down a small alley, and damn my curious nature, because I was drawn to see what all the movement was coming from. As I made my way down the alley, I suddenly became aware that the movement was coming from a man who was lying in a spot where he obviously thought he was hidden from view. And as I got closer, I realized he was seriously injured. I bent down and tried to get his attention.
“Sir, are you okay? What happened?” I asked simply as I pulled out my Universal Communicator, also known as a UniCom, and put it on my ear. Suddenly, he looked up at me as if he knew who I was, with a frightened look in his eyes that struck me all the way down in my heart. It really struck a nerve.
“Take.....this....don’t let Nebiros....retrieve this case....use the belt....” He managed to finally say to me as he feably held up a small metal case. Looking around, I realized that there was no one else around that he could’ve been speaking to. I took the case from his hands, and looked it over. It was a plain, metal case with rounded edges. But I could tell it was some strong metal, probably an alloy, and the lock seemed to be a standard lock that operated by reading the code on the Shepherd’s Chip to verify the person had the right clearances to open the case. I was tempted to try and open the case, but I knew there was no way in hell my ID code would unlock it. I turned my head back to the injured man, and he managed to struggle out one last phrase before he died.
“They....are....coming.....” He said, while obviously suffering the intense pain of death from his wounds. Looking up, I didn’t want to take his last phrase lightly, as he had just handed me a case that originated from Nebiros, one of the largest corporations in the world, and told me with all the seriousness in the world to keep it from them. I ran out of the alleyway, and suddenly heard several sets of footsteps, so I knew it was time to hide. So I ran across to another alley and hid behind a stack of boxes. As I stuffed the case into my bag, I saw several armored men carrying large guns walk down the street and into the small alley. They were followed by a man in what appeared to be the same amount of armor, carrying an ancient looking sword in a sheath on his belt. But as I looked closer, I realized that the armor was actually his body. He was at least partially a cyborg.
“Well, he died just before we got here, that’s for sure,” I heard one of the armored figures call out from the alleyway.
“Search the whole area for that damn case!” The cyborg yelled. “It has to be here somewhere. There is no way we can afford to lose the Neo System!”
Quickly my mind came to the conclusion that shortly they would be searching the very spot I was standing in. I scanned the area around me, and noticed a passageway. Though I didn’t know where it would lead, I knew that I had to try. So as quietly as possible, I made my way down the alley and into the passageway. After a couple of minutes, I found myself on a main street, and not far from my bus stop. Checking my watch, I realized I was miraculously on time for the bus I needed to take. As soon as it pulled up, I climbed in, waived my hand over a console in the front of the bus so that the bus could charge the fare to the account saved in my chip, and I quickly found a seat where I wouldn’t be seen from the side of the street I came from.


As soon as I got to campus, I ran to my first class, and just barely made it. Facing the scowls of my teacher, I sat down and logged into my computer terminal. For the first few minutes I was able to concentrate, but as the class dragged on, it became harder and harder to focus on sociology, as my mind kept drifting to the insanely secured case sitting in my bag. All I could think about was how I was going to crack the locks to see what was so important that it had to desperately be kept from Nebiros at all costs. Nebiros was one of the largest and most infamous corporations in the world. They had been repeatedly accused of performing terrible experiments and trying to influence government officials. But each time they miraculously found a way to bypass the problems and escape them. No one could ever explain how.
Finally, after over an hour of my teacher droning on and on, class was over. As soon as I moved from that room into the hallway, I knew where I was going, and knew I had to get there quickly. I broke into a sprint when I walked out the doors of the academic building and started running straight to the dorms. I made it to the second dorm building in record time. Jogging up the stairs, I made my way to the room of my best friend Kyle. I knocked and immediately “open up the damn door, Kyle!” flew through my mind. He opened the door, and barely had time to move or say anything before I made my way into the room. Before he could even make a sound, I blurted out what I had to say between breaths.
“I....need....you....to....crack....a lock,” I managed to get out.
“What’d you do, lock yourself out of one of your security boxes again?” He laughed, but that laugh was cut short when I pulled out the case and he saw the Nebiros logo plastered right in the center. “You want me.....to crack open a Nebiros case?!”
“I wouldn’t ask you to do something like this usually, but these are special circumstances,” I said as I set the case down on his computer desk. I then proceeded to explain my insane morning to him. A few times I could see the shock on his face. This was one of the few times I didn’t have to ask Kyle how he felt about something. As I finished up, he started to reply, but was obviously having trouble finding the right words. Finally he figured out what to say.
“Let’s crack this case wide open,” He said with a huge grin on his face. Attaching a few cables to the large security lock unit, he logged into his computer and started up a hacking program he typically used. He started furiously punching buttons, trying to figure out how hard it would be to crack. Two minutes later, he frowned and turned to me.
“You’re really not going to believe this, but this is going to be much harder to crack than even I anticipated,” He said, with an obvious look of annoyance on his face.
“How much harder are we talking here?” I asked, slightly worried.
“Let me put it this way. A standard Shepherd’s Chip-based security lock, like what’s on what you usually bring me, has only one firewall to try and prevent hacking. The lock on this case has fifteen,” He explained to me. My jaw almost instantly dropped.
“Can you still at least try?” I asked simply, and he nodded in response. He began hitting more buttons on his computer and started the process of finding the back doors so that he could find the bypass codes. Grabbing my drink from my bag, I sat back and began patiently waiting for the process to be completed.


A half hour later, I had somehow fallen asleep. But I was suddenly awoken by Kyle shaking me.
“Dude, the system has finally been cracked,” He said excitedly as I regained consciousness. “You’re lucky you don’t have any other classes today.”
I stood up and walked over to the case. Waiving my hand over the lock, it beeped, and I heard a few clicks. I slowly opened the case, and found what looked like a slightly larger than small device inside, oval shaped, with what looked like a large, dome shaped crystal in the center and surrounded by four smaller crystals, on gold, scythe-shaped pieces branching off the main crystal. The largest one was a shining blue color, and the smaller ones appeared to be red.
“I don’t understand,” I began, “The guy who gave it to me said it was a belt, but I don’t see any sort of straps on it.” I ran my hands over the device, and it felt cold to the touch, but I could’ve sworn that I saw the crystals glow slightly. Then, within seconds, a hologram of the man who gave the case to me appeared in the upper half of the case.
“Hello, my name is Dr. Andrew Barlow, head of the Neo Project. Either you are the person I have entrusted this device to, or you’re one of the soldiers of Nebiros. Hopefully it has not fallen into the hands of Nebiros. The device you are looking at is the Neo Driver. It is a belt that has deadly powers. With it, you can harness the full powers unlocked in the Neo Project and become an armored fighter known as Kamen Rider Neo. Use the codeword ‘Henshin’ to activate the Neo Driver. Please use the power to keep it away from Nebiros, if they obtain it, they will carry out their plan-” And at that point the hologram cut out.
“Wow....I can’t even begin to describe what’s going through my mind right now,” Kyle stated, his expression deathly serious. “Are you actually going to use it?”
I couldn’t respond right away. I was still trying to work through the feelings of complete and utter shock. I had basically been handed a weapon, if the hologram was being totally honest. A deadly power. But before I could say anything, I heard loud sounds outside. I ran towards the window and looked out on the lawn. The soldiers from earlier were searching, and questioning students. And they didn’t look happy. I had to make my decision so much quicker than I had hoped. But it only took a split second. I pointed out the window.
“There’s my answer. Think about it,” I yelled as I ran from the room and towards the stairs to the roof. I ran up flight after flight, holding the Neo Driver in my hand, and finally, out of instinct, held it to my waist. Within seconds an actual belt formed around my waist. As I hit the rooftop, I crossed my arms over the Driver, and yelled “Henshin!”. Suddenly armor materialized over my body. The armor was a mixture of black and silver, with a simplistic design and moderate protection. A gun was suddenly locked into place on the right side of the belt. The helmet was almost insect-like in design, with two large, red eyes, and a curved, blade-like horn that swooped backwards over the top of it. I only looked over it for a split second before I stepped up to the edge of the roof and looked down, while thinking of the cheesiest line I could say.
“I suppose you guys would be looking for me,” I yelled, grinning inside my helmet. Then, without a second thought, I leapt and dropped straight down. I hit the ground with both knees bent, with my left hand flat on the ground. Reaching my right hand around to the gun on my waist, I laughed and continued, “Let’s see what this can do”.