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Kamen Rider Gate
09-13-2006, 05:40 PM
This is a side thing I was thinking about. If you seen the Mai Hime DVD things, you might get this. The inner thoughts are side parts from the Eps of Kamen Rider Gate. What the person was thinking and that stuff. So enjoy.

Ep 1
Inner thoughts: Haruka Min.
Time of thought: After seeing Kaze for the first time.

"Hi! My name is Haruka Min. I am 17 years old. I am 5 foot 7 inches. My weight is around 140lbs. My three measurements....... I think I am going to keep them to myself. I go to a school called Sakura High. It's called that due to the fact that the school is built around sakura trees. I do the same thing like every other day. Wake up, grab my launch, walk to school, sleep, eat, sleep some more, hang out with friends, leave school, do my job at my families Bath House, do my homework, and sleep some more. That is what I do every day of my life. But today was different, today I ran into some boy in black and all day I couldn't stop thinking about him. I always went the same way to school and never ran into anyone. He seemed different from the other boys. Oh yeah, right Sakura high is a all girl school. So no boys there. Well, any who, at school I have four of the best of friends, Natsumi, Chihiro, Yuna, and Shima. Natsumi wants to be a model one day but right now she has boys in her mind. Chihiro is the nerd of our group. She was the last person in the group I met. But we became friends fast. Yuna is a big freak when it comes to news about monsters and stuff like that. She just loves watching monster movies and stuff. Shima is a pure tomboy. She loves sports and can take out any guy that wants a price of her. Scary right? Any who, it's getting later and I better sleep. Monsters and demons Yuna will believe in anything."