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Introduction: This side project is supposed to be an experiment on how dark I'm going to actually do the Project LEO storyline.

Project LEO is a real Tokusatsu film project I am doing with some others.

Episodes will be posted on an irregular basis.

An interesting point to note is I have written the episodes around the BGM from Kamen Rider Kuuga, therefore there might be some Kuuga elements dropped here and there.

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In the dead of the night, two dark, costumed figures were battling it out on an empty pedestrian mall flanked with tall buildings on one side, and a wide five-lane road on the other. One of them had one pair of distinct lighted-up red eyes, and a pair of antennae attached to his head. He had a white scarf, and wore a black outfit. The other was very clearly another insectoid creature, wearing a similar outfit as the white-scarved being. It had eight eyes, indicating that it was indeed a spider-human hybrid.

"Ha!" The white-scarved being screamed in a human voice as he delivered a powerful punch to the face of the spider monster, which sent him flying and crashing through a pillar, destroying half of it. The white-scarved being stepped forward to observe the outcome of his action. The spider monster stood up in the rubble, growled and dashed forward at the unsuspecting white-scarved being. He wrapped his clawed fingers around the white-scarved being's neck, and tightened his grip. "Hargh.." the white-scarved being struggled as his adversary lifted him off his feet.

"Spsshh!" A fine, white sticky web substance emitted from the spider monster's mouth, covering the white-scarved being starting with its face, then moving downwards, eventually encasing his body in a malleable cocoon of web.

"Stop right there!" shouted a voice from afar. The spider monster turned his head to the right, and saw a squad of policemen in one straight line, with handheld defensive barriers, and their revolvers pointed at the two creatures. He flung the cocoon away, and turned his attention to the policemen. "Don't come any closer or we'll shoot!" the squad leader shouted. The spider monster flashed a smile and leapt high into the sky. The police officers started firing into the sky. The spider monster landed on one of the officers and swiped its claws at his face.

"Gaargh!" the officer screamed, as he fell to the ground, with a deep gash on his face. The other officers looked on in shock, as the spider monster deflected their bullets with his tensile strength web.

"Ugh.." the white-scarved being broke out of the cocoon, slowly tearing away the layers of web. He pulled stood up and tugged away the web from his scarf, then looked at the mayhem being caused by the spider monster. He darted towards the spider monster, and rammed into him, pushing him away from the policeman he was about to strike. The spider monster recovered and snarled at him unhappily.

He was about to attack him again when the sound of loud, blaring police sirens filled the area. The spider monster jumped into the sky, and escaped into the black night. The white-scarved being, newly recovered from his earlier setback, approached the corpses cautiously, slowly tearing away the web which covered them.

"You!" a plainclothes police officer shouted at the white-scarved being, running towards him with a second team of uniformed officers. This time, all of them were equipped with powerful Remington shotguns, ready to take down any inhuman threat.

"Damn it," the white-scarved being swore in human tongue, and began fleeing just as the leader of the police team stood firm and fired a shot with his shotgun. The shots missed as the pallets ricocheted off the ground, but not before leaving a mark on the ground from the impact. The white-scarved being leapt up and landed on top of a building. The team of police officers stopped their advance on a signal from the plainclothes officer. He held up the shotgun and dialled a number on his mobile phone.

"HQ, this is Inspector Gan Meng Yeow," he said, looking at the grim sight of the many injured or deceased colleagues of his. "I need medical support, now," he requested, as he looked up to where the white-scarved being disappeared. The being was still standing there, observing the situation, illuminating the area around him with his red eyes.

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Opening Theme: Endless Love [TV SIZE]

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A man held his motorcycle helmet by its straps and trudged through the corridors of a university campus building. He looked extremely tired and worn out.

"LT23," screamed the plastic sign which hung above a door, attached to the wall on one side, suspended on the other. Above the door was a lighted up white sign which had the words "LECTURE IN PROGRESS" in bold red.

"Blah," the man blurted out, in low spirits. "Late, again," he said, pushing open the door, and entering the lecture theatre. The professor giving the lecture on Molecular Genetics stopped for a while, then continued after he took the man took a seat near his group of friends.

"Hey Bas," whispered a friend from behind. "Why so late?"

"Hangover," Basil replied, faking a blurry face.

"What's that?" his friend asked, pointing to a white substance on his black jacket.

"What's...?" he stared back, then understood what his friend was talking about. Basil pulled the white substance away from his jacket and flung it to the floor.

"It looks like spiderweb to me," his friend said, peering at the substance. "Been bashing through forests and jungles again?"

"Oh shut up Van," a girl seated somewhere across the row called out to him. "You're getting louder by the minute."

"And more irritating too," another girl added.

"That's my trademark!" Van smiled back at the girls, annoying them.

"Easy on the girls," Basil nudged him. "So, what did I miss?"

"Nothing much actually, this Tang guy is just rattling off his nonsense as usual," Van replied.

"Oh," Basil nodded, and looked back towards the front, showing a bored and tired look.

"Technology has not made it possible to reconstruct humans into invincible machines, yet retaining their human exterior and genes."

"Wait," Basil opened his eyes wide. "This sounds interesting."

"What?" Van was stunned. "Why the heck do you want to hear some crap about cyborgs?"

"Van, this is the second time I'm asking you to shut up!" the girl from earlier exclaimed, turning around. The people around them were stunned for a while. She glared at Van, who pretended to be ignorant, then swung back to the front. Van looked around for an opportunity, then grabbed an eraser and threw it at her. The eraser hit the back of her head with a soft thud. "Yaow!" she stood up and screamed, grabbing the attention of everyone in the lecturer theatre.

================================================== =====

Inspector Gan Meng Yeow was in his office, the headquarters of the Specialised Crimes Division. He leaned back in his chair, and thought about the events which happened the night before.

"Why was SCD given this case..." he muttered to himself, staring into the ceiling in thought. His desk was scattered with various newspaper articles speaking of the mysterious appearances of super-powered beings, although there were no pictures avaliable. Headlines such as "POLICE OFFICERS KILLED BY MYSTERIOUS BEINGS" and "WHAT ARE THEY?" occupied the various newspapers and tabloids.

Meng Yeow forced himself back to a busy appearance when he spotted his superior walking into the main office. His superior headed towards his office and opened the door.

"Sir," Meng Yeow stood up and greeted his superior. "This is very unexpected."

"I was curious how you were going to handle this case, so I dropped by to have a look," the superior officer, a certain Deputy Superintendent Ng Hock Kee said. DSP Ng noticed the various newspaper cuttings on Meng Yeow's table. "The media doesn't really have a picture yet do they?"

"Nope," Meng Yeow shook his head. "I doubt there were any reporters on the scene last night, but whether there were eyewitnesses or not, we're not too sure."

"Great," DSP Ng replied. "I don't want the media knowing too much about this until we actually solve the case."

"The only thing I know is," Meng Yeow said. "The one wearing the white scarf spoke in English."

"Really?" DSP Ng asked, interested. "How sure are you?"

"I'm very positive he said something which sounded like 'damn'," Meng Yeow replied. "He could be a human in a suit."

"I have to go now," DSP Ng got up suddenly, and hurried out of the room, leaving Meng Yeow stunned. DSP Ng walked into the lift lobby and pressed the 'down' button, looking to his left and right. Making sure nobody was there, he took out his mobile phone and dialled a number. "Hello? Yes, it's me. He's beginning to get suspicious. Yes. No doubt about it."

================================================== =====

"Do you actually believe this?" Van asked, slamming a newspaper onto the table top at an open study area within the university campus. "Police officers killed by mysterious beings!" he exclaimed loudly, reading off the headline of the newspaper. There were two motorcycle helmets on the table.

"Sounds like really dangerous things," Crystal, a girl sitting next to Basil said. Basil looked at her, then shrugged. "What's up?" she turned and asked him.

"Nothing," Basil replied. "I read the report online this morning during the lecture," he explained. "I still don't get why they are blaming the white-scarved guy. The spider monster was the one who killed the policemen," he said, making his stand. Van and Crystal looked at him, blank.

"Woah. How did you know that it was a spider?" Van asked.

"Uh, I just guessed it, web and all," Basil replied, curbing their curiosity. "Anyway, I don't think I'll be meeting up with you guys for clubbing later. I'm really tired," he said.

"What about the dinner you promised me?" Crystal asked, frowning, at the same time reminding him of a promise.

"Okay," Basil gave in. "We'll have dinner then I'll send you home, all right?"

"I was just kidding," her frown turned into a smile. "If you're tired just go home and rest. I'll go back by myself. We can have the dinner another day."

"I'd rather send you home first," he said, shrugging. "At least I'll know if you're safe."

"Hey, show some respect for me will you two?" Van asked, cutting in on their romantic talk.

"Yeah, yeah," Basil laughed. He pulled out his wallet, took out two $10 notes, and handed them to Van. "Tonight's match, 2-0 Man U."

"You sure you wanna put $20 down on Man U?" Van asked, grabbing the money. "The odds aren't that good you know."

"I'm confident they will win," Basil replied with an air of confidence.

"Okay, okay," Van nodded understandingly, and kept the money.

"And please, don't go and bet $10 for me and keep the other $10 ok?" Basil said.

"Yah lah, yah lah, yah lah," Van nodded. "You repeat that everytime you ask me to buy for you. Why don't you go and buy yourself?" he asked.

"Haha... he doesn't know how to fill in the betting slip," Crystal laughed. "I'd rather you not bet on matches everytime you know," she said, turning to Basil.

"Yes ma'am..." he replied playfully. "This will be my last one ma'am.. If I win I won't buy again ma'am..."

"Stop it!" she smacked him on the head. "You're making me sound old!"

"Did I?" he turned to her, rubbing the back of his head.

"Respect, respect!" Van exclaimed, stopping the couple from starting yet another squabble.

================================================== =====

Inspector Gan switched on a pair of dim lights to his apartment. He slammed the door behind him and dropped into a lounge chair, sighing from a tired day of work. He pulled off his jacket and flung it onto the couch, then stood up and went to his room. The Inspector opened his drawer and threw his service revolver inside, then fell backwards onto his bed.

Meng Yeow stared into the ceiling. He glanced at the clock on the wall. The time was 9.35PM. He then took a short glance at the brightly-lit living room. Wait, it wasn't brightly-lit before. Realising this, he got up from his bed hurriedly and looked into the open drawer. His revolver was still intact. His instinctive action was followed by a loud clang coming from his kitchen. Grabbing the revolver, he ducked behind the door of the cupboard, which was next to the room's door.

================================================== =====

At the foyer of an apartment block, Crystal hopped off Basil's motorcycle and pulled off her helmet. She hugged him happily, but his attention was suddenly focused on something a distance away. It was as if he had sensed something.

"Girl," he said, as she loosened her hug. "I have to go immediately," he said, as he fastened his helmet and started up the bike quickly.

"To where?"

"Later," he said, revving the throttle and zooming off into the night, leaving her wondering...

================================================== =====

"Who or what.." Meng Yeow thought as he took quick but short glances at his living room. He took a deep breath, as eight reflective eyes stared at him from inside the cupboard. Meng Yeow froze in fear, then turned around and was flung across his bed with extreme force. In return, he emptied all five rounds from his revolver, two of them hitting the ceiling. The spider-human hybrid from earlier hissed as he revealed himself. The other three bullets had hit his chest. The monster pulled the bullets out and flicked them away as the dents on his body healed almost instantaneously. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" Meng Yeow hollered in anger.

"Call me Spider..." the spider-monster hissed in reply. He stepped towards Meng Yeow, his eight eyes gleaming menacingly. A dark figure jumped from behind Meng Yeow and pushed Spider away. Meng Yeow got up and recognised the figure as the white-scarved being.

"Are you alright?" he asked, as he faced Meng Yeow while using his back to push Spider backwards. The white-scarved being then turned around and used extreme force to ram Spider through the window and ten storeys down to the ground floor. The white-scarved being looked down on the ground from the window, and saw his opponent recovering. He was about to hop down when Meng Yeow spoke to him.

"Wait," Meng Yeow stopped him. "Who are you?"

"Well," the white-scarved being appeared to shrug. "They called me Hopper," he said reluctantly. "But I didn't like it anyway," he replied.

"How did you find Spider?"

"I came here by bike," the white-scarved being replied smugly.

"Masked Rider..." the Inspector muttered. "Are you good or evil?" he asked.

"Masked Rider.... Sounds good," the Masked Rider replied, as a thin white web coiled around his body.

"Look out!" the Inspector shouted, as the white web from Spider pulled the Masked Rider down. Meng Yeow ran to his desk and loaded five rounds into his revolver, then dashed out of his apartment.

"Argh!" the Masked Rider crashed onto the ground, creating a minor crater in the ground. The thin but strong web of the Spider tightened its grip around him and flung him into the wall of the building, sending him crashing through into the carpark. Meng Yeow arrived at the carpark and saw the Masked Rider recovering from his fall. Fresh, red blood dripped from his right arm onto the ground. "Don't come over!" he shouted to Meng Yeow, and staggered out of the hole made in the wall.

"What's the matter?" Spider sneered at him. "Did it hurt?" he asked, hissing with delight.

"Not any more than this is going to hurt you!" the Masked Rider growled in anger and thrusted forward. Even with his right arm bleeding he stretched it backwards and sent a powerful blow right into the chest of Spider. The impact of the punch forced Spider to the ground.

Two police vans pulled up in the area, and out from them came two squads of riot police officers. Armed with their riot shields, they started marching towards the two superpowered beings. Two of the police officers drew out tear gas canisters from their equipment kit.

"Don't!" Meng Yeow stopped the riot police by running over and flashing his warrant card. "Trust me," he said, as they lowered their shields and canisters.

"Grr.." Spider growled, displeased. He dashed forward at Masked Rider and grabbed his arms, exerting even more pressure on Masked Rider's injured arm.

"Arghh..." Masked Rider groaned in pain as he went down on one knee, trying to break himself loose from the powerful grip of the Spider. He lifted his legs off the ground, and jumped, attacking Spider's head with his left leg, then smacking him down onto the ground with his right leg. This action broke Spider's grip on him, and left him standing on two feet. Masked Rider clutched Spider's neck and carried him up forcefully. "Tell me, where is Thunder Cross' base?"

"Thunder Cross?" Meng Yeow thought. He tried to recall if he had heard these two words before.

"I won't tell you even if you threaten to kill me!" Spider exclaimed. Masked Rider glared at him, then tightened his grip even harder.

"Put him down or we'll shoot!" one of the riot control officers.

"Damn it, I told you people to stop!" Meng Yeow lashed out at the team. "I am Inspector Gan Meng Yeow from SCD!" he exclaimed.

"We are merely following orders from DSP Ng!" the riot control officer replied. The Masked Rider turned to look at the riot control officers, then slammed Spider to the ground. The officers flung the tear gas canisters at the two superpowered beings. Masked Rider backflipped away as Spider was covered in the tear gas. Unfazed by the gas, he staggered out weakly only to be met with a surprise.

"Haargh!" From his backflip, Masked Rider stepped off a wall and somersaulted in the air, landing down on Spider's shoulder with a powerful kick. Masked Rider's foot tore through Spider's chest, sending him into a fit. Stepping off with another backflip, Masked Rider landed on the ground a distance away, as Spider staggered left and right weakly. "Clear the area!" Masked Rider shouted and waved to the police officers. They stepped backwards cautiously as sparks shot out from Spider's body.

Masked Rider stood up slowly as he was engulfed in the explosion of Spider's body. He stepped out of the explosion with his suit burning with flames, which extinguished themselves as he walked away from the scene, towards a fancy-looking stunt bike.

"Masked Rider.." Meng Yeow muttered. "Oi, you!" he shouted to the Masked Rider, running towards him, as he sat down on the motorcycle, starting the engine. Masked Rider turned to face him. "Are you human?" he asked, looking at his right arm. Masked Rider looked at his arm, which had red blood dripping to the ground.

"If you choose to believe so," Masked Rider said, as he revved the throttle three times and sped off. Meng Yeow and the riot control officers looked on as the Masked Rider disappeared into the night. Meng Yeow turned and looked towards the carpark. He caught a glimpse of a familiar shadow in the carpark. It was human.

"Who is that?" he thought as he ran towards the carpark. The shadow stepped away as he entered the carpark. Meng Yeow looked around, but there was nobody. "Just my imagination I hope," he said, stuffing his revolver into his pocket, and wiping the sweat off his forehead.

================================================== =====

A dark room with low visibility, luminated by a lighted green cross, was populated with a few figures which screamed evil. There were several soldiers dressed in black costumes with a single cross on their chests.

"The Great Leader arrives!" One of the soldiers standing at the round-shaped door exclaimed.

"All hail the Great Leader..." all the soldiers in the room echoed.

"General S reporting to you Sir..." said the General who was wearing a Sphinx-like head gear.

"So Spider is dead..." came a voice, as the lighted green cross began to blink constantly.

"Spider was stubborn not to use our soldiers to assist him in his mission!" a gruff voice exclaimed in reply.

"Hopper.. No, Masked Rider has understood his own abilities..." the Great Leader said. "It is time to bring him back so that he can join us in our mission! Wolf!"

"Yes Great Sir..." a werewolf-like being bowed down to the blinking green cross.

"You will carry out this mission, make sure you do not fail!" the Great Leader ordered.

"I won't disappoint you," Wolf replied, and headed out of the room.

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09-13-2006, 04:52 AM
cool, I like conspiracy feel with DSP Ng knowing more than he's letting on from the look of things. Then again seeing how Meng Yeow going to react when eh see Ng again shuld be interesting.