The rules at Henshin Justice Unlimited are designed to provide its members with a relaxed environment for discussing tokusatsu, Power Rangers, and other geek media. In addition to these main rules, be mindful of our signature rules.

Failure to comply with site rules will result in warnings and infractions. If a member continues to break rules, he or she may find themselves temporarily suspended or permanently banned.

Be respectful of all members when posting.

We ask that all members be respectful of one another as individuals while posting. Offensive remarks regarding a person's race, sex, religion, or other preferences will not be tolerated. Insulting behavior, direct or indirect, can earn the offending member a warning and infractions if the behavior is persistent. Do not bash or insult any member of the board for any reason. Do not enter a thread purely to tell people off or flame individuals you happen to dislike.

Note that someone is not disrespecting you simply by hating something you like (or vice versa). Negative comments about TV shows or movies should never be construed as personal attacks upon the people who watch them. Disagreement is an inevitable part of discussion. If you want to post at HJU, you should be prepared to deal with a range of opinions and perspectives that are unlike your own.

No unmarked pornographic images.

Any posts containing pornographic or otherwise obviously not work safe images must be hidden underneath a hide tag and ideally marked as Not Safe For Work (NSFW). Any members who do not comply with this rule can be automatically infracted if circumstances warrant.

Do not harass other members.

HJU defines harassment as persistently posting rude or belittling messages toward a specific user across multiple parts of the forum over a sustained period of time (such as several weeks or months). You can be warned or infracted for harassment even if these messages do not break any other site rule, so long as they are persistently disruptive. When users harass each other, it undermines the ability of any user to have an on-topic discussion.

If the moderators conclude that a given user's behavior toward another constitutes sustained harassment rather than a simple tendency to disagree, that user will be warned and receive infractions as necessary. Warnings and infractions will be handed out at the discretion of HJU staff, along with explanations of how behavior was construed as harassment. HJU will not warn or infract members for harassment lightly.

An example of harassment

User A and User B dislike each other. User B begins angrily replying to User A in almost every thread where User A posts, using the harshest language possible without outright breaking forum rules. User A argues back with language just as harsh. This goes on for several weeks, turning several otherwise unrelated threads into long arguments between Users A and B.

Other users tired of the flaming begin reporting Users A and B for harassing each other. Users A and B have also begun reporting each other, too. The moderators examine both members' post history to figure out how the conflict began and discuss if it constitutes harassment. In this case, it seems that User B always seems to initiate arguments with User A, so User B is warned to stop harassing User A.

If User B leaves User A alone, User B won't get into any more trouble. If User A continues the arguments even after User B has stopped initiative arguments, then User A will be warned to cease harassing User B. If User B ignores the warning and continues harassing User A, then User B will be infracted. If both Users A and B continue arguing with each other after warnings and infractions, then the moderators could end up banning both of them.

Advertising is not permitted outside of the designated forum.

Do not spam the board with advertisements for other boards, services, products, etc outside of the Link Core forum. HJU does not permit the advertising of 900 numbers, porn sites, nude pics, the promotion of illegal activities, or members posting links for referral incentives (i.e. where the person makes money off of clicking a link or signing up for something). Anything the moderators deem inappropriate will be deleted. Users who persistently post spam and other inappropriate advertisements will be banned.

Do not use questionable material in avatars and signature banners.

All avatar and banner images are required to be appropriate for all ages and work safe. Any avatars or banners found to be violating this rule will be removed immediately.

Follow all avatar and signature guidelines.

Having an avatar or signature at HJU is a privilege, not a right. If a user consistently refuses to follow signature or avatar guidelines, such as using images that are too large, that are hotlinked, or that exceed file size limits, then that user will not be allowed to have a signature or avatar.

Bootleg content and links to sites where it can be obtained are not allowed anywhere on this board.

HJU does not allow its members to link to full unofficial streams or downloads of copyrighted material on the main forums. (Brief streaming clips from sites like YouTube are fine, as are official streams and free downloads.) Users may link to fansubs and other non-licensed material only at the Media Matrix forum. You may not directly link the Media Matrix from the main forum, but it will be the first search result if you type "HJU Media Matrix" into Google.

Remember that both fansubs and full raws are copyright infringement. Anything you made yourself or that other fans made, such as a user review, is not Infringing and may be posted in the appropriate forum. Linking to torrent trackers and websites that contain direct download links or streams of full movies, games, comics, episodes or any other copyrighted material is not allowed in any part of the main forum, for any reason. This includes links to the homepages of fansub groups.

Finally, do not request downloads or streams of any copyrighted material outside of the Media Matrix forum. Even in the Media Matrix forum, you should not post direct links to torrents or downloads of any media that is available for legal purchase in the US on DVD or Blu-Ray formats. Full downloads of licensed material only available in official streaming format are permitted at the Media Matrix, as are full downloads or streams of unlicensed material.

Multiple accounts are not allowed.

The account you signed up for is yours for life. We do not allow members more than a single account under the same IP address unless you are sharing a home with another user. Any multiple accounts found will be banned and the member will be warned.

Name changes cost $2.

You cannot freely change your user name at HJU. It is the site's preference that users stick to one handle over long periods of time, so other users can more easily keep track of their identity. You may only change your user name by paying a $2 fee and announcing your name change in the appropriate thread.

All site rules apply to the shoutbox.

The shoutbox that appears at the top of the main forum allows users to chat in real-time or leave brief messages of less than 512 characters for the community. Please remember that all site rules apply to behavior in the shoutbox. You can be warned or given an infraction for shoutbox behavior just as if you did the same thing in a site post.

You may report a userís behavior in the shoutbox if you think someone may be breaking site rules. Click on the user name next to a post and it brings up a list of options. One of them allows you to report the offending post. This flags the content for moderators just as if you had used the forumís report button. You can also ignore shoutbox users through this interface.


Though we do not enforce these guidelines with infractions or warnings, we ask that members adhere to them so as to provide a good environment for posting and discussion. Posts that violate guidelines may be edited by a mod without warning. You shouldnít revert these mod edits, but don't worry about them either. You aren't in trouble unless you are explicitly told that you are receiving a warning.

  • When discussing content that other users may reasonably consider a spoiler outside of The Orb subforum, please use the HIDE tags. [hide*] These are hide tags, please place any spoiler content within them, removing the asterisks.[/*hide] [spoiler*]You may also use the spoiler tags, which require other users to highlight text if they want to read it. [/*spoiler] Use your own judgment to determine what is and isn't a spoiler. It's usually safe to assume that any information about movies that haven't opened or TV shows that haven't aired yet is a spoiler.
  • HJU expects members to police their own behavior to a reasonable degree. If you enter any of The Orb subforum's news and rumor threads, you should expect to see explicit information about upcoming episodes and films. Posts in The Orb subforum will not carry spoiler warnings.
  • Try to refrain from double or triple-posting excessively. Remember that you can use the edit button found on the bottom right hand corner of your posts if you want to add information to a post.
  • Remember that you can use the ignore function to filter out posts made by users that you may dislike or simply find uninteresting. You can find your ignore list functions at User CP -> Edit Ignore List. We would much rather have you ignoring other users than flaming, bashing, insulting, or harassing them. If you want to see a particular post by an ignored user, you can simply click on it.
  • It is possible to make posts that moderators will edit or modify which do not break specific rules but still hamper the forum's usability. If you quote a spam post or post hotlinked images, extremely large images, and/or images that fall into a possibly NSFW gray area, a mod may choose to edit your post quickly. If this happens, you are not in any trouble. You may receive a PM from a mod at most.
  • Report any content that you think may break the rules using the report button found on the bottom left of each post. It's shaped like an exclamation point in a triangle (see the image below). Even if you're not sure something breaks the rules, report it anyway. Reporting posts just flags content so it's easier for moderators to see.

Warning, infraction, and banning policy


A warning is simply a message from a mod letting you know that youíre breaking a rule and should stop. Most users will be warned for behaviors at least twice before they begin receiving infractions. If the mods deem a certain behavior severe or malicious enough, they may opt to skip the warning phase move directly to infractions. Warnings are meant as a way to let a user who is otherwise in good standing know that a particular behavior is unacceptable.

An infraction is a semi-permanent notice that youíve broken a rule. It will appear on your user page even after the infraction expires. An infraction should be taken as a formal reprimand from the mods. If you modify your behavior and let the infraction expire, youíll once again be a member in good standing.

If you accrue lots of infractions, then consequences for rule-breaking behavior will become more severe. Generally, after a member otherwise in good standing has acquired at least two warnings for a given behavior, infractions will be handed out for further rule-breaking

Suspended Members

If you fail to follow the rules often enough, the mods may place you into the Suspended Members usergroup for one week. While you are in the Suspended Members usergroup, you can read the forums and use private messaging functions, but you cannot have a signature or avatar and cannot post in threads publicly. Treat this as your final warning before being banned.


A banned member can no longer participate as a member of the HJU community. Most bans will be for a limited period of time. Attempts to evade bans by creating new accounts or using another userís account will simply result in your ban being extended by one month. Users who assist another in evading a ban can expect to receive infractions at the very least. Users who are on the verge of being banned may receive a last-ditch warning from a moderator.

How many infractions youíve incurred will be weighed when the mod team decides whether to ban a user and for how long. Generally, a user with up to five infractions can expect to be banned from one to two weeks for behavior the mods deem completely unacceptable. A user who is banned and then behaves badly enough to merit a second ban will be banned for longer periods of time, ranging from four weeks to three months depending on how many infractions the user has.

If a user has been banned three times and still engages in rule-breaking behavior, the mods will probably begin discussing whether or not to ban the user permanently. Admins will try to avoid permanently banning a user who was ever in good standing. Users who have clearly joined the forums for malicious reasons or who engage in severely unacceptable behavior may be banned without receiving any warnings or infractions.